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Bad Boy Alpha Mate

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Life is a struggle for eighteen-year-old Olivia Larks. Not only does she battle with her maths grade, she also has to keep up with Gabriel Cain's antics. And he lives for thwarting all her plans... **** A cliche, light werewolf romance with mature content (+18), a bit of violence and gore. It contains skin-to-skin / fur-to-fur contact, so if you're not into that, please skip this novel. This is a first draft, so read at your discretion.

Romance / Fantasy
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I. The Bucket Incident

“Liv, trouble!” Rita called, propping her tiny hands on her legs while trying to catch her breath.

A few of the nerds threw her hateful glances - accompanied by hissing shhh and meaningful looks pointed at the sign reading ′Studying in progress. Please remain quiet’ - but the girl couldn’t care less. Hardly anything moved or affected the fourteen-year-old once she deemed something “troubling”. And that happened more often than I was able to count. Sometimes I regretted saving her big overfed cat - the devilish Mr. Whiskers - from drowning in the drain a few months back. As I quickly came to learn, the very day of my heroic outburst became the exact day I got shackled to the ball and chain that Rita was.

And she had a remarkable talent for sticking herself to a person like Velcro. Especially when she found something “troubling”.

Which was why, I didn’t take her too seriously at first and continued putting the books from the pile forming on the heavy-looking oak desk back onto the row of shelves crowding the wall - as befitted an honorary member of the Stonebridge High School Library Club (SHSLC for short).

Still, my curiosity got the better of me, so, though a bit reluctantly, I asked. “What’s the big deal this time?”

“Gabriel’s... murdering... Jacob...” The girl huffed, brushing her curly black hair out of her eyes.

She had my attention now.

“What?!” I cried out, almost dropping the particularly thick textbook on my foot. I shoved it back just in time to avoid getting my toes smashed by the volume, which landed with a loud thud on the wooden block floor.

This time, I was at the receiving end of the spiteful glances and fervent “silences!“. But just like Rita, I ignored them, too worked up to care.


“The Gym,” Rita uttered in a single breath. “Gabe’s so out of it, nobody can stop him, and Adam is nowhere in sight.”

Adam Bells - Gabriel Cain’s best mate and right-hand man - was the only teenager dominant enough to stop Cain or talk some sense into him once Gabriel went bat-shit crazy. And frankly, I wasn’t sure what Rita thought I could do to help because, honestly, I didn’t have a smidgen of influence over our young alpha. But Jacob was her older brother, and I had to do something.

Though truthfully, even if the two weren’t related, I still had to save Jacob from Gabriel’s clutches - my life depended on it. The boy was my math tutor and the only guarantee for passing the goddamn subject. I simply couldn’t do it without him. I was shit at maths. So, if Gabe put Jacob into the hospital - and he was more than capable of doing so unless stopped in time - I would surely get a fail. And that was out of the question. I would not let the dickhead destroy my GPA.

Without further ado, I left the books as they were and rushed towards the doors, feeling Rita’s hot breath on the back of my neck. We ran onto the, thankfully, empty corridor and headed straight for the gym.

The sound of our thudding footsteps and the uncomfortable screech of the rubber soles of our trainers echoed through the hall as we battled with time.

Just before we arrived at the gym, I spotted a bucket full of dirty water by the janitor’s closed. Suddenly enlightened by my death wish, I picked it up by the handle, sloshing a bit of its contents over the sides.

I squealed in disgust when the cold, muddy water drenched my uniform socks, making them uncomfortable and clammy.

“Yuck,” Rita commented, wrinkling her nose as she rushed to open the doors for me while I prayed for the sludgy water to at least spare my uniform’s white shirt. It was the only clean one I had left, and it wasn’t even Wednesday.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” The girl asked skeptically, eyeing the bucket funnily as I slipped past her, hugging the thing to my ample bosom.

“Do you have anything better in mind?” I bit back, but Rita just shrugged.

We rushed inside, and I regretted it instantly, my sensitive nerves immediately assaulted by hollerings and wild excitement. I wavered and glanced at Rita, who froze on the spot, her rather submissive nature making her shy away from the commotion, the pungent odour of old socks, testosterone, battle rage, and blood lust, which got plastered to our skin like slime.

I shuddered, overwhelmed by the excess of stimuli, and took pity on the girl beside me.

“Go find Mr. Stone,” I prompted, snapping her out of her state of petrification with a soft nudge.

She gulped and turned on her heel, skedaddling without a second thought, leaving me alone with the clusterfuck in front. I was my own man now.

Inhaling deeply, I shook my head, outraged. No wonder Gabe couldn’t stop.

His aggression fueled the teenagers’ emotions while their overheated response fed into his blood lust. I could already feel the taste of alpha pheromones on the tip of my tongue, the sudden invasion making my wolf stir.

Thank goddess females were a bit more impervious to battle rage than males, otherwise, I would have already found myself pulled into this madness.

Angry, I started elbowing my way through the chanting mob of students, only to be spat out of the circle just in time to see Cain throw Jacob onto the hard wooden floor like a rag doll. And Rita’s brother wasn’t actually that weak, hovering somewhere in the middle of the pack’s hierarchy ladder.

The black mane of my tutor’s unruly curls met the dirt with a sickening thud, but stupid Gabriel wasn’t satisfied. He leaped onto Rita’s dazed brother and started to punch him in the face. One deadly blow after another until Jacob’s face became a bloodied mess.

Shamefully, I had to admit that the sight - combined with the smell of alpha’s pheromones, blood, and aggression - finally broke through my defenses and incited the animal in me.

A shiver ran down my spine.

I licked my lips, admiring with morbid fascination the strength behind Gabriel’s taut, rippled body, honed like a weapon, his agility, and that pure, undulated power of his alpha’s nature. I involuntarily got lost in the sweet smell of his sweat and battle arousal - I couldn’t help it. It was like the most delicious, doom-laden aphrodisiac that called to the most primal part of my wolf, thrilling me to bits and causing the butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

I swallowed a soft purr that was trying to leave my mouth, shaking my head in order to tether myself from Gabriel’s ridiculous pull.

I hated myself for this moment of weakness, but I couldn’t exactly steer clear of it - like every other female wolf, I was irresistibly drawn to dominance and power. It was in my nature.

Before I could get dragged back into Cain’s mojo again, I swung the bucket, then sloshed its contents straight onto Gabriel’s feverish face with a firm, angry, “Enough!”

Suddenly, everything went very, very still.

Cain blinked a couple of times as if trying to understand what had actually happened and why he was drenched in water. He slowly regarded his busted knuckles covered in - mostly - Jacob’s blood, and then his gaze flickered to my tutor’s smashed face.

At this point, it was barely recognizable anymore, and that realization made Gabriel twitch. Or maybe, it was just the water streaming in abundance from his matted, dirty blond hair that made him shiver a tiny little bit. I actually didn’t care.

In the complete, eery silence that engulfed us, Jacob came to, groaned, flung his limp arms pathetically in front of him, and let them fall at his sides.

“Really, Gabe? Fighting in a school packed with humans? That’s the newest low, even for the likes of you,” I snarked, drawing Cain’s attention.

Gabriel’s head snapped to the side as he finally noticed me, and his amber, wolf-like eyes met with mine. As always, I felt the full force of his gaze as it pierced mine, threatening to swallow me in its depths, sucking the air out of my lungs. I gulped, noticing recognition and something similar to regret flickering in these two glowing orbs before Cain briefly shut his eyelids, fanning his face with the long, dark brown lashes and freeing me from his daunting stare.

Serves you right, bastard, I thought, furious at the dickhead for beating the leaving thing out of Jacob and having such an effect on me.

Almost as though he had heard me, Cain swung his eyes open, and our gazes locked again. I should have looked away. Getting into a staring contest with one of the strongest wolves in front of other pack mates wasn’t extremely wise. It was perceived as a challenge, especially by the likes of Gabriel, but it didn't deter me. I crossed my hands over my chest, and Cain curled his mouth upwards, flashing me with his canines as a low guttural growl left his mouth. I felt it vibrate inside my chest, forcing my quaking wolf to tuck her tail between her legs and show her neck. But even though the image was becoming increasingly intrusive in my mind, I only fisted my hands at the sides, refusing to look away. I was not going to submit. Gabriel overstepped the line.

I wasn’t sure what would have happened next - whether Cain’s wolf would finally feel provoked enough by my boldness to put me in place - but I had never found out.

As I prepared myself for the attack that never came, Mr. Stone’s voice bellowed in the gym. “What the hell is going on here?”

So Rita did manage to find him in the end.

Thank the fuck.

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