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Requiem of The Queen book two of DeLuca Mafia

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This is the sequel to DeLuca Love Story. If you haven’t read the Queen book one I would recommend to read that first. This book will make no sense unless you read book one. She rose from the ashes after being banished by her first love and arranged marriage to Matteo’s DeLuca. What happens when the two meet after 3 year? Will it be love or death?must read to find ou

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Emma POV:

Three fucking years... three years ago I was banished as a mafia wife that was supposed to take her spot as queen in the two combined families and run the underworld with my husband next to me. What a fucking joke! Then a little over two years ago the best gift of life came and that was my son Liam. He just turned 2 years old in October which of course is the same day as his father's birthday. Liam is my saving grace and the joy of my life! Here we are it's Febuary but, that doesn't mean anything when you live in a fucking jungle on the beach in Vietnam. Liam loves to play and run on the beach every chance he gets. Jules, Na, and the boys are our family. Although aunt Jules is the god mother and sadly we lost Khoi over a year ago. He was shot and died in Jules arms. It broke her but, she is recovering and tries to not let it bother her. Rocco is Khoi's brother and he moved up to take over the family. Jules didn't leave her bed for 2 weeks after Khoi passed away. I don't blame her one bit I remember when I was in the same boat.

Everytime I see Liam he is identical to his father. Only difference is he's 2 not 29 and he is not loaded with tattoo's and muscles.

Since I gave birth to him, I became what Jules calls me "a bad bitch." I trained and worked harder than I ever have before. I learned every type of training. Now I am lead with Jules and the family. Na is my nanny for Liam. I am no longer the sweet innocent mafia princess I once was. I would say thanks to Matteo for making me this way. I am cold hearted, my filter has slipped away, and you could say I am identical to Jules. We complete eachother. I have killed over 50 men since doing missions and working with the Cheung family. I was inducted as a member and got the Cheung family logo tattooed on my left shoulder. No matter what happens they will always be my family. I also got a huge monarch butterfly tattooed on my left foot. I got my body back rather quickly and even got more built than before. I have my tan and Liam got his father's skin tone.

Jules and I party hard but, I am always a mother before I am anything. I haven't dated anyone well... other than two blind dates that Jules set me up on. The first one had a studder could barely look at me. The second one was such a guido. I had enough of guido's seeing as if my brothers are all guido's. We have so much fun as a family. We grill out on the deck, we have massive parties after we finish work. I guess I have grown into the mafia queen I will be here. I have kept my hair long and in layers I had golden blonde highlights put in, and I feel good. I feel free. I have wanted this for a long time. However I still feel the hole through my heart. The one that burns everytime I think about the ocean eyes that caused it which makes me bitter.

I work part time for Dom at his practice and sometimes I feel like he looks at me differently. He has dark brown eyes, clean cut, has some tone to him but, nothing like the heart breaker Matteo. Dom, is sweet but, I can't force myself to move towards that end of a relationship. Coming out of my thoughts as I sit in the beach chair drinking my beer I hear Jules yelling at me.

"Bitch! You started drinking without me!!! And is that my suit?"

"Here hussy! And no I bought this on amazon last week. Do you like it?" Handing her a beer giving her a cheesy smile.

"Ha! I think it's two pieces of cloth barely covering shit. I think there is a special doctor that might like to see you in it? Oh maybe you should wear that the next day you work."

Wiggling her eyes at me.

"Jules... Dom is sweet but, it just wouldn't work out."

"Why? I mean he already saw the goods and even stitched them up after you birthed my chunky monkey! Which he is having a blast in the water I see?"

"Jules... it just doesn't feel right, and You know Liam loves the beach."

We are sitting in our beach chairs sipping on beer in the hot sun watching my sweet boy play in the water.

"Well I think you should try and see if there is anything between you two."

"Thanks for the advice mom! What about you? You don't want to give it a go?"

"Naw I still miss him Emma. I am not ready for all of that."

"And I am?"

"Tell me your still not hung up on baby daddy?"

Rolling my eyes behind my black shades.

"I loved him Jules, I think on some fucked up level I will always love him."

"Have you tried to ever look him up? I mean it's been three years."

"No, I think it would break my heart all over again. Plus, he's a ladies man I am sure he has moved on from me since then."

"Well maybe you should just hook up with a random to blow those cobwebs away! Damn girl!"

"You have no room to talk. What are we doing tonight?"

"Ahhhh what if we go get our nose's pierced? You could get that tight little belly button done?"

"That will hurt."

"Bitch it won't hurt as bad as your tattoo's. Or birthing your child."

"Uhg fine. But your paying!"

"Fine! Cheers bitch!"

The life of freedom. Not having anyone control or yell you what I have to do for the family or hide here or there. Always being prim and proper for events. I guess I have gone off the rails a bit in the last few years. But... fuck it! I am happy and I have a beautiful son, a sister I aways wanted, and we run this shit.

Two days later...

"Liam come on! Aunt Na is waiting for you."

"Coming mommy!"

He comes running down the hall with his Transformer toy. I have to work tonight and Na is going to take care of him. She still lives in the mansion with Jules and sometimes it almost seems like the place is too big. We walked down the sidewalk in the middle of the sand. I came into the house where Liam ran up to everyone giving hugs and kisses. Jules and I took a shot of liquor and lit cigarettes before we did our run. We have a bunch of heroin coming in and we are selling it to the Cubans.

"After work you want to go to the club or get fucked up here at the house?"

"I don't know Jules, I have to get back for Liam."

"I know bugger will be passed out with Na, she's like his everything other than you."

I smiled. He really did love Na and our family. I took a drag of my cigarette before stubbing it out. Another habit I picked up other than tattoo's and drinking.

"Ok maybe we just chill tonight but, we are going out one night this week!"

I nodded as I heard my phone going off in my skinny black jeans back pocket. I looked at who was calling me. It was Ben my brother calling me. I haven't talked to him much and after Liam was born he came and saw him one time. If he calls it is usually a check in, or one of my nieces or nephew did something cute.

"Ben what's up my brother?"

"Emma... something has happened."

"Well what happened everything ok?"

Something about the tone of his voice had the hairs on my neck standing up.

"It's mama and papa."

"What about them Ben? What happened?"

"Popov blew up the mansion killing them and all of papa's men. They are gone Em. They were killed at the hands of our enemy."

I heard blood rushing in my ears as I listen to his words. My parents are DEAD?! I went into mafia mode. At this moment no way could I break down. This is it! This is the time I take back what's mine and get rid of this fucker who ruined my life.... Popov... ha! Everyone is so threatened by him. To me he is a ghost and figment of the imagination. However, he just killed my parents and blew up my family home. Knowing that my mama had told us that one day that she was arranged to him, I am honestly suprised that he didn't take out our parents before hand. Shaking my thoughts and staying strong.

"I am on my way! I need a place to stay for Liam and I."

"You can stay in the guest house but, know that I can't protect you from Matteo. He is out for blood for this and he will stop at nothing to take Popov down. If he knows your here and staying with me... Emma just be prepared ok?"

"Ben... Matteo is the least of my worries! I want Popov and I want him dead now!"

"Just be safe Em. And do I need to send the jet?"

"Yes and arrange a vehicle for us! I need something with some power."

"Ok be safe and I will see you soon. The funeral is in two days. Are you going to make face?"

"I will be there but, not in the open eye. I think I have the right as a mafia princess to say my farewells regardless of my dickhead husband who banished me."

"Just be careful, and Liam can be looked after by Molly."

"Molly! She works for you now?"

"Yea, after you married Matteo mama told her to come work for us. Stacey may not be super excited about you being here but, she will get over it."

"Well I am sure staying with Luca and Claudia would be so much better!"

"It's fine Emma, I will text you the details."'

"Ok brother I love you."

"I love you too Emma."

I hung up and Jules was looking at me like I was a monster. I wanted to break down and cry. I wanted to go on a killing spree. I wanted blood. But... mostly I wanted to kill Matteo for this because he kept me from my parents that never got to see thier grandson. I never got to say goodbye, I never got to talk to them again....

I fucking hate him.....

This is Jules.

This is Liam DeLuca at two years old.

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