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A Stranger's Baby NOW ON GALATEA

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Cassie Green met a young Billionaire, Brad Damon when she turned nineteen. She was young naive and a virgin. After a night of drinking went to bed with him, and when she woke up he was gone and had left 500 dollars on the nightstand. Feeling hurt and angry about the money fled the hotel, leaving the money behind for the housekeeping staff. Brad Damon, was rich, young and played the field, bedding women and dumping them. He met Cassie and knew he was going to have her in bed before the night was up. He was intrigued by her youth and beauty. Before she fell asleep told him she loved him, that scared him as he didn't want a relationship so he left quietly and left money on the nightstand. It was years later when he ran across her and she was with a child close to four years older. He knew it had to be his so he was determined to find out for sure.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Only four chapters, the rest are on Galatea:

Brad Damon, a Millionaire playboy was attending one of those boring fundraisers on his grandmother’s behalf. He stood with a group of others sipping on the finest champagne that money could buy. He stood out from the others, tall, with dark hair, and kept himself in great physical shape.

Under his tux, it was obvious, more so to the female that he had a toned and muscular body. Every woman had their eyes on him, hoping to catch his attention, each one wanting to sleep with him.

Brad was bored, he looked at his Rolex. It was given to him by his grandmother when he turned thirty, two days ago.

He was considered to be an arrogant s.o.b. He treated women with no respect and had no regard for their feelings. Yet women flocked to him, wanting whatever he was willing to give them, wanting to sleep with him.

Brad stood with a scowl on his face, wishing he were anywhere but there. These fundraisers were his grandmother’s thing, not his. But the poor dear was home nursing the flu and she convinced him to go in her place.

How could he say no to the woman who raised him, the one who put up with his wild ways? Waiting till he grew up enough and giving him his grandfather’s company to run, making him a very wealthy man. He soon became well known as the highest sought-after Investment Broker, making his clients very rich. And with his own investments could now sit back and enjoy life.

He bought a ranch in Texas and built an amazing house where he had servants. He also hired a live-in nurse to take care of his grandmother, though at times she seemed fitter than anyone else.

Brad would have given anything to be back at the ranch, he thought as he loosened his tie a little. Well, this was enough for one night, he decided to pick up a woman and take her back to his hotel. Tomorrow he would head back home.

As he looked around the room, sizing all the women up that was when he spotted her. Cassie, a petite slender blonde with an amazing body. His heart began racing, palms sweaty as he watched her walking around with a tray, serving drinks. She was the woman he had slept with over four years ago, she was nineteen years old at the time, and he was twenty-five.

His mind drifted back to that night they spent together in his hotel room just over four years ago. He first met her when she was working at a law firm he was doing business with. She was only nineteen at the time, quiet and shy, and wouldn’t have anything to do with him when he flirted with her. She wore dark-rim glasses, hair was done up in a bun on top of her head. Her clothes were conservative, but he knew under those clothes and glasses was a sexy and sensual woman.

He made it his mission to break her down. His goal was to get the straight-laced Miss Green into bed. It took a couple of days but he managed to talk her into going to dinner with him.

Brad booked a table at the best hotel where he also had a suite. She showed up wearing a little black dress, her hair falling down her back and over her shoulders. She was drop-dead gorgeous and he felt the fire in his body and knew he had to have her.

Brad ordered champagne and they drank and ate, the more Cassie drank the looser she became. He ordered a second bottle of champagne.

They ended up in his hotel room where she proved to be anything but frigid. Somehow he knew she was a little scared so he took it slow. The next few hours were spent making love in different positions, she was a willing student as she gave herself to him over and over again.

He liked how wet and tight she was, the way she arched her back, moaning. It was the best sex he had ever had. Then during sex, she told him she loved him, freaking him out. So in the morning while she slept he grabbed his suitcase, tossed money on the nightstand he slipped quietly out the door.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about her, she had gotten into his head, so a year later he went back to New York where she worked. There he was told she didn’t work there anymore and hadn’t left a forwarding address. He tried to find her but without any success gave up, but she never left his thoughts over the years.

And here she was, her long blonde hair flowing down her back. Wearing a black skirt and a white buttoned-up blouse, serving drinks to a bunch of stuffed shirt Billionaires.

He was frozen to the spot as he watched Cassie turn her head in his direction. Seeing her face turn a ghostly white shade, he knew she had recognized him. She turned and dashed out of the room, he went to follow but a busty redhead stepped in front of him, preventing him from leaving.

His head turned in every direction trying to spot her. The woman kept on talking to him and he didn’t care if he was being rude when he lightly shoved her aside and walked away.

Finding his way into the kitchen he asked everyone if they knew where she went. No one had noticed if she had left, so he asked to see the manager. “I need Cassie Green’s address.”

“Sorry Sir, I can’t give out that information.” The little man shuffled his feet, he appeared angry.

Sighing Brad took out his wallet and handed the man a wad of bills. It never surprised him that people would say or do anything if you waved a fistful of cash under their noses.

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