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One Night Only

By cshinard All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


A one night stand turns out to be more than Scarlett can handle when it morphs into an unplanned pregnancy and she can't find her new baby daddy anywhere. Its been two years now and she's trying her best to balance a kid, a secretary job at the most popular magazine, and barely making ends meet to pay her rent. It was just a normal day at work and then he came along. Prince Dalton George Hathaway of Ravenburg England also known as Scarlett's baby daddy. If you thought it would be hard to tell a random hook up that he's a father now, try telling a confused Prince he's a father, and disapproving Queen and a testosterone filled King that their grandparents.


Pearl State University, home of the mighty Lions, was pretty peaceful at night. The grass sparkled with dew and the fountains flowed in sync. I walked along the plaza in front of the student union waiting for my boyfriend Harold Evergreen to pick me up for our 3 year anniversary date. I’ll admit it was a long three years filled with a lot of emotion. When we first met I thought he was a just a meat head jock who only cared about being head quarterback and smashing every girl that walked by. To my surprise he was the total opposite. He was kind of sensitive, not much of a party goer, and determined to get his physical therapy degree to make his parents proud. Harold was everything I ever wanted in a man kind, strong, caring, determined, humorous, and oh so great in bed.

We rarely ever fought until recently when he started to get a bit more distant with me. Midterms were coming soon and homecoming too so I knew this was a stressful time for him right now. As head quarterback the entire school depended on him to win the big game so the undefeated streak could continue. I was certain he would forget our anniversary but when he called and asked me to meet him tonight, the day before our anniversary, I was ecstatic. I put on my fanciest of dresses. It was a long electric blue dress with silver sparkles all over. It had a low back but the front was heart shaped. The zipper was lined with rhinestone as well at the edges of the dress. Could you believe I found this at the local thrift store?

It wasn’t long until Harold pulled up in his Jeep. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his face. Those big beautiful blue eyes, the subtle stubble on this face, and that long flowing blonde hair. My God he was fine and he was all mine. But wait, what the hell was he wearing. He had on blue jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt with our mascot Pete the lion on it, and a letterman jacket. It certainly was not anniversary date attire or was it and I was just over dressed. But the thing that stood out the most to me was the person sitting in the car. I couldn’t tell if they were male or female but I did know that they shouldn’t be here.

“Hey babe. What took you so long I was thinking you were going to stand me up. “I said with a smile. I couldn’t wait to start our date. More importantly I couldn’t wait for the sex after.

“Hey. Sorry I’m late I had to pick someone up. Let’s take a seat first we need to talk.” he said running a hand through his hair. He only did this when he was nervous or stressed but he had no reason feel that way around me. Unless he was nervous for some other reason. The only thing that came to my mind was a proposal. O.M.G. is he going to propose. I don’t think I’m ready for marriage but at the same time I didn’t mind spending the rest of my life with him. Maybe I was ready for marriage. Maybe I was ready to be with him forever.

We sat on the nearest bench in front of the student union. Fall had just started so it was a little cold out. He stared at me for a while lost in his own thoughts. I held his cheek in my hand trying to sooth him but he pushed me away. Wow well that was weird.

“The reason I asked you to meet me here was to tell you something,” he started. “For the past couple of weeks I feel like we’ve been kind of drifting apart. I’m not blaming you because I’m at fault too. I’ve been busy with classes and practice and you’ve been busy writing papers for your journalism classes and for your blog.” he sighed. He ran another hand through his hair this time leaning over with this elbows on his knees. I reached to rub his back to help calm him down, like I had done so many times in the past, but before I could he suddenly hopped out of his seat nearly giving me a heart attack.

“Look there’s no easy way to say this so I’m just going to say it. I’m seeing someone else.”

“I’m seeing someone else.” Those words ran circles around my head. What did he mean he was seeing someone else? He barely had time to see me so where did all this extra time to see this other woman come from.

“Um, you okay Scarlett. Please just say something. Anything?” Harold said staring at me looking a little scared. He had every right to be scared, he knew that sometimes I could get a little crazy. And by a little crazy I meant a lot of crazy. My instinct was to tackle him to the ground and twist his arm until he told me her name so I could go beat her ass next, but times had changed me and I was slowly learning to become a lady with a not so easily triggered temper.

So instead I just asked him a simple question. “Why?”

“What?” he said looking dumbfounded. That look use to be cute to me but now it only made me want to kick him where the sun don’t shine. Calm down Scar. You’re a lady act like one.

I hopped from my seat just like he did but mines scared him way more than his did to me. “I said why. Why would you cheat on me? Is there any plausible reason for you to cheat on me? And to end things with me the day before our anniversary. I gave you three long year of my life and this is how you repay me.” I said getting louder with every word and taking one step closer to him. For every step I took towards him he took two steps back.

“I was there for you when your stupid little ants in your ant farm died. I even went to the freaking funeral you had for them. You cried for three weeks over them and I was there for you through it all. Oh and News flash your mom killed them, yeah she opened it up and sprayed raid all in that and paid me twenty bucks to keep quiet about it.” The shocked look on his face was enough to make me happy for a thousand years. I mean honestly who in their right mind in their 20′s still has an ant farm? Who in the world at all has one?

“How dare you bring them up. Those Polynesian ants were my friends for five years. They meant everything to me and I had every right to mourn them.” he said as tears started to build up in his eyes. How could someone so cute be so dumb at the same time?

“Oh screw you and your dead ants. What I really want to know is who you’re leaving me for. Is it Brittany from your Microbiology class or Tameka the Burger King cashier? Oh God please let it be a girl because if you are leaving me for a guy I promise you I will castrate you both before I take the reputation of turning guys gay.”

“Ew no I’m not sleeping with a guy. I’m not going to tell you-” he said before he was interrupted by the blow of the horn in his truck.

“That’s her isn’t it? You brought her here to see us break you? You sick bastard.” I said rushing in the direction of the Jeep. Harold followed behind me trying to make it to the door before I could open it but he was too late.

And who was it you may ask? Drum roll please. Rebekah Wilkinson. Rebekah was Harold’s girlfriend in high school. They were each other’s first for everything and Rebekah made it perfectly clear when Harold and I first started dating that she would get him back at any cost. I thought we had gotten her out of our lives after we nearly got into a fight last year but apparently I won the battle and she won the war. That smirk on her face told me everything I need to know, so instead of slapping her like my burning hand wanted to do, I closed the door and walked away.

“Scar I’m so sorry” said Harold sounding genuinely apologetic but my anger wouldn’t let me accept it. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. It all just happened so fast.”

“Right. I’m sure you are but sorry doesn’t change anything. I hope you two are happy together.” I said walking away with so many thoughts and emotions running through me. I was happy because now I didn’t have to worry if I was the cause of all the dysfunction. At the same time I was so angry that I could bite through a brick wall. For three years my whole world circled around him and with him gone everything was falling apart.

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