WAGSD Chapter 1 draft

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Sher's happy, she's loving her job, she's loving her life, what could possibly be missing?

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Chapter 1


Chapter One

Finally this gig has ended, after three years I’m still loving it. I never realised modelling would end up being the occupation, that got me loads of money to leave my home at the age of twenty….yes the age of twenty and my birthday is coming up in a week.

I have so many people to call, my two best friends Hannah and Marissa, my best friend Jake and his cousin Mike, and Amy… I think that’s about it.

Finally summer, I’m excited to go home. I have been working with this website for months now, I’ve had to stay in Manchester and I’m finally finished, Hannah is meeting me in Birmingham town centre to help me buy my birthday outfit, she’s the only one I can trust to tell me the truth.

So far I must say I love my life, I’ve had some serious good luck, someone up there must love me. The only thing I feel I have to admit, I really miss my sex life, my love life ha…I don’t have one at all. I don’t even have a crush to crush on, aww that sounds cute but seriously I absolutely miss it. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time, about two years, and I haven’t had any well… let’s not even go there. My ex kind of messed me up with wanting to date anyway. When we broke up, I cried a few times, I cried a lot to the point my mum had to give me a stiff drink on some nights to shut me up. It was to help me compose myself for work the next morning. I escaped and went clubbing a lot with my friends, but that was when I wasn’t left in my room binge eating and getting bigger than I wanted.

I mean do I really want that mess in my life all over again? No thank you. Too much of a rollercoaster really, one minute I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me, and the next I would want him in my bed, in my arms and not want to let go it’s ridiculous. I have to be a 100% honest… he was a brilliant liar, I found it so hard to tell even though my gut told me that he was. You see there are various types of liars, as far as I know.

Well it is summer and my birthday, I’m sure I’m entitled to have something, meet someone new, someone new for benefits…we’ll get to that later.

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