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Deepest Desires

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Joann is your typical office worker. She works a 9-5 earning a median wage. She knows something that others don't, though. She has a crush on her boss. Her boss of all people! How will things end up?

Romance / Erotica
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1). Encounter

Joann had walked into work that morning expecting a regular, boring day at her office. She worked at a very high-class company, yes, but her position does not do it justice. As she walks to the Cafe to get her usual, she sees her boss, Seth, outside of his cubical. Or, should she say, penthouse? She wasn’t lying when she said that Seth worked in what would basically be considered a penthouse from a bystander's viewpoint. Joann grabbed her cup of tea, making her way over to her usual seat. It was a window seat, with a full view to the outside. She would be considered a people-watcher. She watched as the people outside lived their lives, not being interrupted by the pressure of work or living, even. She was pulling her computer out of her bag when she got interrupted by a deep voice. “Good morning, Joann.” They said. She looked up to meet her boss’ gaze. She never realized how beautiful he was. His skin was a fresh cacao color. As she was looking, she noticed hints of black leaking out from underneath his collar. Tattoos... She thought. The idea of exploring his body and revealing the full designs brought her in. His eyes were equally as mesmerizing. They were a deep, chocolate brown with flicks of gold pressed into them. She didn’t realize that she was staring until she got interrupted by a cough. “Joann, it would be preferred if you would respond rather than respond by staring. It’s impolite.” She quickly looked away, face flushed with red. “O-oh! Yes, sorry. Good morning, boss.” She says, quickly fixing herself, trying to forget what just happened. She wouldn’t admit it, but she had a crush on him. Nobody knew about it, though. She hadn’t the heart or courage to tell anyone about it. What if he was married? If he found out, she would be in deep shit. "I'd like to talk to you about your performance. If you would, please meet me after work hours in my office." He says, glaring deeply into her eyes while fixing his tie. "Y-yes sir! I'll be there right after my shift ends. Did I do something wrong, if I may ask?" She says with a worried tone. She looked into his eyes, a slow red starting to fill her face. She wore the color well. It suited her. She didn't think so, but the people around her did. Anytime she did something wrong, her face would flush up into a cool red. Same as right now. "I'd rather discuss this in my office. It's almost time for work to start, so I'd suggest heading to your cubical." Seth walks away, leaving Joann in a state of shock and embarrassment. She checked her watch, realizing the time. In doing so, she quickly finished her tea, leaving nothing left.

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