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The Magnate's Island Bride

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One sultry night, a sense of familiarity - with stolen glances, guilty smiles, insatiable desires reawakened and broken promises of crazy love; sparks shameless dreams of an unsure future between secret royal magnate Nicholas Lovette and well-respected, small-town entrepreneur Steffie LeBeau. Along the coastline of a ruggedly beautiful Island, love unfolds amid misunderstandings, ill intent of others and a cunning stipulation. Amidst adventures and unleashed passion, can they find their way through these unresolved issues, grow in love and convince those against that they are meant to be?

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A New Chance

Twittering birds welcomed the splashing beauty of the rising sun along the horizon, of this idyllic hamlet. While the blazing ball of heat, dancing along the sapphire abyss, gently weave words within waves that break softly against the white crescent shoreline protected by the largest barrier reef on the island.

The offshore rocks, Gate of Hell stood proudly like the treasured feature it is within the community as soft swells splash along its rocks, making the scene tranquil and comforting.

Standing in the corner of the newly completed office, with its open space, floor to ceiling bay view windows and luxurious setting fit for comfort, I stared out at the exquisite view before me.

It was unbelievable the things or situations we as humans found ourselves. Situations I’d found myself. The bitter tragedies and painful situations faced determine how strong we become. Then there are times misunderstandings just step into our lives and rip apart our carefully made plans, leaving one to handle the fall out, leaving me to readjust to changes and consequences that determine a new path forward. Or sometimes life gifts us situations and circumstances that bring about a new direction of hope that forges a new peace within us.

In my case, life gifted me a second chance at a dream I long thought would never come true, ever again. It was the reason I found myself here in the enclosure of this open space office space, with two of the most important people to me, analyzing the best choice of direction to move forward.

I’ve been through so much within the last fifteen years. From having the happiest moment of my childhood life, being ripped apart by a misconception. A delusion the love of my life ‘witch’ of a mother harbored for me. To losing something of importance that left me feeling depressed – changing my life as I once knew it. Then to a barely existent love life that ended with another misconception just because I failed to give in to the pressures of life and their un-reflected need. And now to this moment where I can grab onto this with both hands or watch it slip away and with it my chance at happiness.

But sometimes, like almost in all situations, the individual caught up has decisions to make and consequences to face for actions taken. Nothing in life - no decisions or actions, are free from consequences.

Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, I leaned against the wall beside the window, crossing my right ankle to the back of my left and inserted a finger between soft pink lips.

A little creak from the chair beside the large mahogany desk reminded me that I wasn’t alone. For a moment, I almost forgot I had company with me. Company in the form of two gorgeous women that has always been there for me through all the down moments in my life. It was these girls that helped me find direction when all I felt like doing were to give up on life. It was these girls that sounded off my ideas and helped me become the success that I am today, and it was these girls that were with me on the trip last month which landed me in the predicament I now found myself with a consequence that could change my life for the better.

Or not.

Change our lives.

Like the voice of reason in all things, there was one conscious about precautions in every situation, and I knew before she spoke who was going to broach the topic first. She never failed to amaze me or disappoint me with being levelheaded.

“What are you going to do about this?” Lissa asked, the concern in her voice jolting me back fully to the present where it was much safer, away from the edge of memories that could swallow me with their dark emotions.

“About what?” I asked, lost for a moment at what she was asking. Yet, knowing exactly what she meant. My mind had wandered far for a moment to things I wish never to give thought to.

“Steff, we’re talking about the consequences of our girls trip a month ago.”

“I’m not going to do anything about it.” I said defensively. Though I knew they were just curious as to how I would deal with this situation I couldn’t help but have my defense up like they were judging me. This was probably also going to be my last chance at creating a dream I’d have since long ago. One I thought would never be possible again. Maybe it wasn’t how I’d planned this, but plans tended to go awry for me. Turning away from the view and towards Lissa and Jules, I glanced at each of them.

These girls didn’t deserve my defensive response, when they knew me all so well. These girls deserved the truth about my thoughts, even what I hoped this could mean. Slowly I decided to voice my stance on the situation to them. Taking a deep breath, I let it all out, afraid if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have the nerve to do so again, observing their reactions as I spoke.

“Maybe this is a gift. One that gives me a new direction in building the dream I once had. One that I should grasp firmly and not let go. You know, like a wish come true.” It came out more like a question than a statement, but I got it out.

I held myself silent for a moment, not even taking a breath. Watching each to see how they process what I’d just revealed. For a moment they sat quietly with their thoughts, then looked at each other as if they’d come to an agreement telepathically.

“Are you sure about this decision?” asked Jules, wanting to ensure that I was thinking this through clearly, that I was ready for this, and it was what I wanted. That the decision wasn’t being made hastily or rashly. “This is a big move, a big decision that affects all our lives. We want you to be sure about this.”

Giving them a small smile, a smile that was totally genuine, a smile that held hope for the future. “Yes. I want this. I want to do this. I need, to see this through.” I whisper softly, knowing that all will be okay, just not knowing what the future holds.

Nodding their heads, and looking at each other, the girls came together in a group hug. One thing I knew was that I had their support and love.

“We have your back no matter what decision you make, love. We will help you wherever you need us. Always!” confirmed Lissa, as if she’d heard my thoughts.

“Yes, you have us. We’re all on this journey together, no matter what.” Jules chipped in with a grin.

The girls were the best support group that a girl could ask for. The best friends one could need. This time around I was more than grateful for their love and support. I could do this.

I was doing this!

I’d survived so much before. Misunderstandings that brought about pain, hurt, loss and hate that had cost me everything.

A misunderstanding that cost me my very future dreams and plans. My happiness was taken away from me, leaving me feeling doubtful, feeling like I wasn’t worth the love of others. But this new direction was a fresh start.

A new chance.

A second chance at the happiness I always wanted. And I was more than determined to hold on to it and see where it led me.

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