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The Lost And Forgotten Memories

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It seems like just recently Daniel Perkins was rocking the stage on alongside Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, and Peter Rose and thought he was unbelievably lucky to date a girl like Anna Seymour. But one fateful day, he loses his memory after an unknown incident and does not recognize his best friends. Any attempts to bring his memories back lead to failure. Moreover, the men and the girls have to rescue Anna, who refused to help Daniel for some reason and got in touch with the one, who abuses this girl cruelly but pretends to be an angel in the flesh for her parents.

Romance / Drama
Estrella Rose
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Chapter 1: Another Story About Us

The time is getting closer to the evening. Two folks in love are living in a wonderful residence far from the city life. Many people around the world know them, because they are Raquelle Cameron, the famous model, the one all the men love, and the role model for teen girls, and Terrence MacClife, the former popular actor and now the lead vocalist and the rhythm guitarist of the musical band, “Against The System.” He acted in many movies when he was a teenager and got his first role ever. However, an acting career is not what Terrence really loved. The soul of the black-haired, six-foot-tall handsome man with blue slanting eyes has always been attracted to music.

At first, he got failed at trying to get famous in the musical world. But after he met Daniel Perkins and Peter Rose, they decided to try to start their own band. It’s impossible to say their business was doing fine, and they became successful immediately. But the men managed to solve everything and even expand their band by inviting Edward MacClife, Terrence’s younger brother, to join it. Singing and playing guitar was the dream of the young, talented guy. But he did not accept the offer immediately because he was terribly shy about showing his talent and was afraid not to meet the expectations of the men. Nevertheless, Edward got over his fears and decided at least to try and do it for his own pleasure.

The band recorded its first album a long time ago. Now Terrence, Edward, Daniel, and Peter are promoting it actively and performing their debut single at different shows. It takes much strength, but none of them complains, because music is what they love. The music video for the debut single of “Against The System” was filmed two months ago. The men wanted to make it special and important. That’s why they asked their beloved girls if they wanted to guest star in the music video. And they happily agreed to star in the music video for fun to support their beloved men, who put their hopes on them.

Everybody was happy with the final result. The men did not regret getting their girls involved in this work. And the girls got many unforgettable emotions and a good experience. Maybe, not everything was easy. Something took more than one attempt to come true. But the shootings in the first music video ever of “Against The System” are definitely going to be the best and the most important memories. Now all the stars of the music video are sitting in the living room at Terrence and Raquelle’s home and watching it on the laptop placed on the coffee table. It’s possible to see happiness on the faces of the men and the bright gloss in their eyes. Every one of them is a perfect addition to each other and gives the band something special. Thus, something unreal and incredible happens in the end and makes people smile truly.

It’s possible to see the two black-haired men, siblings, in many music video scenes. If they had the same height and the same clothes, it would be hard to find differences because the MacClife brothers look too alike, despite the two-year difference. However, it’s actually possible to find differences between Terrence and Edward, because they have different features, and the last one is a little shorter than his brother and has slightly rounded gray eyes. Both of them have a fridge, but in the music video, they are brushed up, while the eldest of the brothers always wears it in real life, and the younger one lowers it down at times. Daniel and Peter perfectly play guitar and drums and sing, and look pretty good in the music video. The brown-eyed brunet with chocolate hair and the blond with wheat-blond hair and amber eyes complete each other and their bandmates. But these two seem so different that people sometimes wonder that Rose and Perkins have befriended for ages.

The voices of the four men are high-pitched, clean, fascinating, and pretty strong but different. For example, Terrence has a much stronger, much louder, and higher one. Edward’s one is more melodically and ringing and a little lower. Though, he and his brother can take higher notes than the other members do. While Daniel usually takes only low notes and has a very nice voice, which is the lowest one in the band. And Peter’s soft and little hoarse voice gives a charm that makes the song differ and memorize it much easier. And how wonderful the men play the instruments! Even though they learned to play with a professional, the guys can make everyone fall in love with their talent, which only the greatest haters doubt.

On the shoots, the young members of “Against The System” look serious and confident, definitely knowing how to make tender girls’ hearts beat much faster. Nevertheless, it does not stop them from having fun at times and giving everyone a good mood. Watching the music video, anyone can relax, think about something good, and smile truly. That’s what the band’s members wanted when reflecting on the music video’s idea. All the bad takes and much funnier moments were included in the behind-the-scenes video that was released a little later than the music video. The friends make fun of each other with pleasure, laugh at some funny moments, and told about the process of work.

The girls chuckle kindly at times, and the men watch themselves with shy smiles, getting blushed at times or holding down not to laugh too loudly. Every one of them cutely hugs their beloved people, shares a tender gaze at times, and does not refuse a wish to give their second half a slight kiss on some part of the face or the head. For example, Daniel cutely embraces Anna Seymour, the short red-haired owner of the bright green eyes, while she presses herself closer to him with pleasure, holding him under an arm with both arms and sometimes snuggling her nose in his shoulder because of blush, as she watches herself at by far not very awkward moments.

The soon-to-be spouses Terrence and Raquelle, who turned twenty-six two days ago, are sitting next to them. At first, the girl’s head is lying on the man’s knees, and he is stroking the dark brown hair of the skinny, gray-eyed beauty. But when they have to play the behind-the-scenes video after watching the music video, the girl just cutely presses herself closer to the man, locking his fingers with her ones, and he tenderly hugs the girl around the shoulders with a slight smile. Peter is standing behind Helene Marshall, who is sitting in the armchair. She is a black-haired, sympathetic short girl with slightly bronzed skin and hazel eyes. He tenderly puts his arms around her neck and sometimes snuggles his chin on her shoulder with a shy smile. While she smiles shyly, feeling a nice feeling that the blond gives her, caressing his hand or cheek at times and running fingers through the soft blond strands of his hair. Edward installed himself comfortably on the sofa with his fiancée Natalia Rochester, whose naked knees he sometimes caresses. The man smiles tenderly every time he looks at his beloved blue-eyed owner of fabulous long golden hair with love. While she is sitting on his laps with her arms wrapped around his neck and stroking his thick black hair, pressing herself closer to him with a cute smile, and hugging him tightly enough, as if she is afraid to let him go.

At the end of the behind-the-scenes video, everybody sees the shots from the music video. To be clear, the performance of the chorus, which everybody sings along with pleasure, because all of them learned it by heart. The men silently admire themselves, and the girl smiles tenderly when looking at their sweethearts, who look so good in the video. A few seconds later, it ends, and the screen gets black. At first, everybody just smiles shyly and looks at each other. But later, Raquelle becomes the first one to break this silence with a slight smile:

“You know, guys, I’ve seen so many different music videos, and I’ve even shot in some of them. But this one is the best.”

“That was really awesome!” Terrence agrees with a wide smile. “The emotions that I got at the shootings of the music video, were much better than those I got when I was acting in movies.”

“I would’ve never thought I’d star in a music video,” Edward confesses with the same wide smile. “And actually – act in something.”

“Yeah, listening to your own music and watching yourself in a music video is something incredible,” Peter notices, jumping on the sofa next to Helene and embracing her. “Listening to someone’s music and watching someone’s music videos is one thing. But listening to what has been created by you and your band is different.”

“I agree!” Daniel replies confidently. “When I saw myself for the first time, I felt kinda strange… And listening to my own songs was something new and wonderful to me. But now I’m starting to understand that I look very good in the video. Such a pretty boy…”

“Not as handsome as I am,” Terrence meddles with his head proudly up. “I am obviously imitable. When I saw myself, I literally fell in love again.”

“Oh, yeah, finally I’ve heard it!” Edward chuckles kindly. “I didn’t recognize my bro. I was waiting for him to finally call himself Apollo.”

“Right!” Peter laughs. “If your brother doesn’t praise himself at least once, that’s not our beloved Terrence.”

“But I’m really Apollo,” Terrence smiles innocently. “I’m more imitable in the video than in real life.”

“Oh, yeah, I already hear the shouts of your fans, who smile widely when staring at the screen, watching the music video, and seeing scenes with you,” Daniel laughs quietly.

“And get excited after watching a hot love scene of him and Raquelle,” Edward adds.

“Oh, yay, that was really hot!” Peter agrees with a wide smile. “Moreover, they didn’t even have to play, ’cause everything happened in reality.”

“My bro made his dream come true ’cause he ran naked in front of the camera and showed his torso that he’s so proud of again.”

“I am proud of it as well as everything nature gave me, Edward,” Terrence says confidently. “Everything Terrence MacClife was given.”

“Yeah, but don’t forget that not only did you and I act, but also everybody to be here,” Raquelle notices. “Let them wear a crown.”

“Yes, MacClife, don’t be so arrogant,” Anna agrees. “And don’t forget that the fans admire not only you, but also all the guys. Someone has a crush on Edward, someone liked Daniel, and someone isn’t indifferent to Peter.”

“I remember, guys,” Terrence says cheerfully. “And I’m gonna say we did a great job. I’m really happy with everything.”

“And our sweet girls’ pretense made the work on the music video much nicer,” Edward says with a slight smile.

“Yeah…” Terrence, Daniel, and Peter pronounce with a slight smile, looking at Raquelle, Anna, and Helene tenderly, who answer them back with a feeling of shyness and move their eyes down for a moment.

“Our beauties became a real gem of our music video,” Daniel says confidently, embracing Anna tighter and pressing her to himself.

“The thing I will never regret is that I agreed to become a part of the shooting process,” Natalia says with a wide smile. “I liked acting so much that I’d be happy to do that again.”

“Honestly, I was a little worried about how it would’ve been over,” Helene admits. “I didn’t use to have any experience and was far from this world. But everything was pretty easy. I didn’t expect everything would be so good.”

“I think we all were a little worried,” Anna says with a slight smile. “For me, Daniel, Peter, Edward, Natalia, and Helene, it was the first shooting in a music video. Also, this is ’Against The System’s first music video and song ever. And we wanted to make everything as good as possible. As the memory and something very important…”

“I believe we perfectly completed our mission,” Daniel replies cheerfully. “People do like ’The Story About Us’ and adore the music video.”

“And the single got very popular within a few hours after the release,” Terrence notices, while Raquelle puts her head on his shoulder. “First place on iTunes and Spotify in a few countries.”

“And if you read the comments to the video on YouTube, you’d see that people are delighted by it.”

“Listen, men, we’re getting more successful!” Peter exclaims cheerfully with a slight smile. “I think that’s a good official start to our career.”

“So, I believe we have a reason to be proud of ourselves,” Edward says proudly, caressing Natalia’s knee softly, while she runs her fingers through his luxurious head of hair. “Our first single is successful, and people accepted the music video very nicely. I’d say, too nice!”

“Yeah, I agree! So, lads, we can be proud of ourselves ’cause the first step to fame is taken.”

“You’re just our incredibly talented and too hard-working guys,” Natalia replies confidently. “So, you got such amazing results for such a short period of time.”

“That’s right!” Helene agrees. “Comments on the Internet speak for themselves.”

“And it was a great honor for us to work with our sweet girls, who made the music video much better,” Peter says with his head proudly up, hugging Helene around the shoulders.

“Yes!” Terrence, Daniel, and Edward agree.

“Good job, guys!” Terrence encourages cheerfully. “You’re all fine folks! Bravo!”

Edward, Peter, Terrence, Daniel, Helene, Anna, Raquelle, and Natalia applaud quietly, and then the men give a five to each other, congratulating themselves and each other on getting success. Then Raquelle starts browsing the YouTube page of the music video on Terrence’s laptop, using the touchpad.

“But I must confess that the behind-the-scenes video has much more views than the music video,” Raquelle notices and chuckles kindly. “It seems like the fans wanted to get a story about how the music video was filmed. Not the music video itself.”

“I think it just has much more interesting moments,” Helene assumes thoughtfully. “The guys are more… Alive… Natural…”

“Actually, we are ourselves in the music video,” Daniel notices. “Yes, we did some of the director’s orders, but Edward, Peter, Terrence, and I didn’t play someone not to be us.”

“Yes!” Edward exclaims. “We just tried to be serious and tough guys performing rock music.”

“Goes without saying, you’re all imitable in the music video,” Helene replies confidently. “Even more than just imitable.”

“You just look good when you act like idiots,” Natalia smiles slightly. “But not always!”

“Well, we do really love playing,” Peter laughs quietly.

“Aha, especially our MacClife bros,” Daniel chuckles kindly. “They never miss a chance to kick each other’s ass.”

“I’ve gotta keep my bro in sharp,” Edward smiles innocently. “Or our Terry would feel boring if he didn’t get kicks on his ass and wasn’t made to run a little.”

“You, kid, must be kept on the leash,” Terrence chuckles kindly. “If you don’t slow down, you may do something bad.”

“I’ve been a very good, obedient boy over the past few months.”

“Oh, yeah! Obedient! It could be just a dream!”

“We definitely should live for these moments,” Peter says funnily.

“I must confess that I love that they often make a video about how something films,” Helene confesses. “I like watching something like that. It’s always good to look at some things from a different side.”

“I think people would agree with you,” Natalia replies confidently. “If you scroll the Twitter feed, you can see how many people find some shots and make screenshots and GIFs. And I even saved some of them on my computer.”

“I saw it,” Daniel nods with a slight smile. “I downloaded a couple of them. And I found very many shots with Edward and you. Your cute moments.”

“That’s right!” Raquelle agrees confidently. “My soon-to-be brother-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law aren’t less popular than Terrence and me.”

“Oh, yeah, a family battle time!” Anna replies funnily. “I don’t even know who could win: the people, who are full of fire and passion, or the people, who are considered madly cute.”

“It’s a hard choice for me,” Helene says thoughtfully.

“Yeah, these lovebirds aren’t definitely leaving us behind,” Terrence chuckles, putting Raquelle’s head on his shoulder and caressing it. “They got too busy with each other and totally forgot that someone was filming them. As if there was nobody around them.”

“Aha, I barely slowed you down when you wanted to get into a shoot and disrupt their idyll,” Raquelle recalls.

“How could I resist?” Terrence smiles mysteriously. “Moreover, I should’ve let them know they weren’t alone in the Universe and the set. And revenged ’cause you and I had to film our love scene several times because of my brother’s stupid jokes.”

“But there were two magical words that made them come back to reality and realize that they weren’t alone,” Peter says cheerfully and raises his hand to the shoulder’s level. “Stop, cut! Everybody did it!”

“Right, right!” Daniel nods energetically, clicking fingers of the hand, and clears his throat quickly. “And then MacClife asked, ’Wait, were we filming something?’ With his widely open eyes!”

“If we hadn’t been on the shooting, I would’ve kicked the ass of all of you!” Edward says confidently. “For not letting me give attention to my beloved beauty.”

“Yeah, and you, girls, took an example from these idiots,” Natalia notices. “Joked at us, as well.”

“We just kept you in a sharp,” Raquelle smiles innocently. “So, you didn’t forget where you were.”

“That’s right!” Terrence agrees. “Or our engaged lovebirds would’ve decided to act in an unplanned bed scene.”

“If the director told us to do it, I’d act in this type of scene with pleasure,” Edward says confidently, hugs Natalia tightly, who smiles much wider, and cutely kisses her on the cheek. “With my beloved girl. It would be very hot on the set thanks to us.”

The men laugh quietly, and the girls shake their heads, watching their sweethearts not very kindly.

“C’mon, guys!” Helene exclaims. “You did also forget where you were when the time to shoot cute and romantic scenes came.”

“And because of your stupid games and attempts to joke, we all had to shoot the same scene several times,” Raquelle notices.

“Oh, yeah, I thought we wouldn’t have completed it until the evening,” Natalia smiles shyly.

“C’mon, girls!” Terrence smiles innocently. “We just wanted to watch everybody.”

“You know, Terrence, you could watch it silently,” Anna says quietly. “Without interfering with the shooting and getting into a shot when you aren’t asked. And making stupid faces.”

“We just wanted to encourage each other,” Peter says with an innocent smile, putting his arm around Helene’s neck and hugging her cutely. “And that’s why we caught the right wave. The result met all of our expectations.”

“Exactly!” Terrence exclaims. “One of the secrets of success is the right wave. As we should’ve been positive, we did our best to do that.”

“I personally had a lot of fun. I didn’t have so much fun since the times when Perkins and I laughed at our imitable Ms. Marty Patch.”

“I’ve gotta support it,” Daniel agrees with a wide smile. “What happened then can’t be compared with it.”

“Oh, yeah!” Edward rolls his eyes. “He had fun…”

“Don’t dare to say you didn’t have,” Peter says confidently.

“I had fun. When you sneaked up from behind and scared me so that I almost died! Nobody was around! Absolute silence! And then this blond-haired dummy showed up from nowhere!”

“I’ll never forget that!” Daniel says cheerfully with a grin. “You must’ve seen your face! That was something priceless! I hardly held myself down not to laugh loudly.”

“Oh, that was cool!” Terrence says with a quiet chuckle.

“I was laughing at his reaction, too,” Peter laughs quietly.

“Listen, bros, did you hear how he cried? That was awesome! Such a loud, piggy cry! My bro was squealing like a girl and almost peed in his pants!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Daniel jabs funnily. “Right!”

“Oh, bro…” Edward chuckles kindly, shaking his head and looking at Terrence with a sly smile. “You must’ve seen your face when Daniel stole a burger from your hands and ate it right before your eyes. I couldn’t stop laughing when seeing those big eyes you had.”

“Yeah, I almost killed him for that…” Terrence scratches the back of his head. “And you and Rose. When you were eating in front of me and slurping.”

“You were like a child, from who someone stole a favorite toy.”

“I was freaking hungry, but this jackass shamelessly stole the hamburger from under my nose and ate it, moaning constantly and saying that it was very tasty!” Terrence cries and scoffs quietly. “And he thanked me for giving him food. And added that I was very careful! Though, I was running saliva, and my stomach was rumbling. While I was watching Perkins eating that fucking burger. I wasn’t gonna lavish this creature.”

“You wanted to lavish me?” Edward smiles widely.

“Keep dreaming!”

“I was also hungry, just saying!” Daniel exclaims and smiles slyly, locking his fingers on Anna’s chest. “But you kindly gave me the hamburger that was delicious and appetizing and saved your beloved friend from starvation.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t offer you the one.”

“Who cares? The important thing is that you fed me up. I’ve always known you’re a ducky.”

“Get ready that you’ll have to run saliva next time when I steal your food and start eating it before your eyes with pleasure and teasing,” Terrence raises his head proudly. “And I’m already imagining your widely open eyes.”

“I do know you’re a peacock that wouldn’t leave it unnoticed,” Daniel replies with a sly smile. “What the heck! One guy dares to do that to Terrence MacClife himself! Damn, that’s unforgivable!”

“Glad you get it.”

“I do, but I ain’t gonna succumb to you.”

“Dork, then!” Terrence chuckles kindly.

“I love you, too, friend!” Daniel smiles innocently.

Terrence growls irritably, as he leans his head back. And before saying something, Natalia shakes her head as if she does not approve of it, while everybody laughs quietly.

“Listen, guys, you’re acting like babies!” Natalia says gloomily. “You’re kinda adult men. Settle down already!”

“Friend, I’ve said many times that these four must not come together,” Raquelle says confidently, looking at all the men in a judging way. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t avoid trouble.”

“Yeah, and they started their own band,” Helene laughs shyly.

“Hey, that’s a joke!” Peter replies with an innocent smile. “Why can’t the guys and I have some fun? Moreover, we must kick MacClife, Sr. a little, so he isn’t too arrogant.”

“Yeah!” Edward exclaims. “You know well how I adore educating my bro. I love this thing as well as spending time with Natalia.”

“I’d bet who’s educating!” Terrence exclaims.

“Aha, we’re literally living to watch our MacClife bros fight with each other,” Daniel laughs quietly. “The blond always says it, and I support him.”

“I call it one of the excellent ways to have some rest after a long day on the shooting,” Peter notices confidently.

“Yeah, if only you learned to bring stuff back after taking it,” Edward smiles innocently.

“Get stuff back? What do ya mean, MacClife?”

“You haven’t given me back the t-shirt that you stole during the shooting of the music video.”

“What?” Peter rounds his eyes. “I didn’t take your T-shirt! I’ve got too many ones at home!”

“Yeah, but I got you caught checking my bag with clothes.”

“I just confused them! I thought it was mine and started searching for my clothes!”

“Okay, Rose, just give it to me, so the question is solved.”

“Hey, I did say I didn’t take your T-shirt! And yeah, you better ask your brother. Or Daniel, who really loves stealing everybody’s clothes and not giving them back for weeks and months.”

“Hey, when I take someone’s clothes or something else, I always ask for permission!” Daniel protests and clears his throat. “And I didn’t take Edward’s T-shirt!”

“Yay, but it didn’t stop you from stealing half of my clothes that you haven’t given me yet!” Peter replies confidently.

“Not half! Just a couple of T-shirts and some jeans. Well, maybe also a couple of bracelets, a hat, and a bandana.”

“And you promised to give one month ago.”

“When do I remember that if we’ve been lately busy? All my thoughts are about how to perform well and not to forget the lyrics.”

“Okay, I’m gonna accept this excuse. But now I wanna remind you that the time is up a long time ago!” Peter holds out a hand with an innocent smile. “So, my imitable buddy, it’s time to give me what you took.”

“Ha, no problem!” Daniel chuckles. “Come to me today and take your clothes!”

“I will. Don’t doubt, Perkins. When Daddy MacClife wanna stay with his cutie and tells us to go home, I will go to your home with you.”

“Deal, Rose!”

“Thank you for that.”

“Don’t worry, Peter,” Anna says confidently. “Come to us today or at any other time, and I’ll give you everything personally.”

“Thanks, Anna,” Peter smiles amicably. “You’re just a gem. I’ve always known I could count on you.”

“Everyone must have what they own.” Anna shrugs with a slight smile and looks at Daniel. “So, if the time is up, you must give what’s not yours immediately.”

“Okay, okay, I got it,” Daniel raises his hands up. “Gonna give everything ’till the last underwear. I promise.”

“Much better,” Peter raises his head proudly.

“Yeah, sweetie, I know what it’s like to have many clothes that people always ask from you,” Helene chuckles shyly, softly caressing Peter’s knee.

“So true, Helene…” Peter exhales sharply and shakes his head. “Ah, guys… You can’t imagine how it’s hard when you and your friend have the same cloth size, and you have tons of them. And it’s much harder when the friend, having two more friends, who have very good clothes, loves stealing clothes from you.”

“Maybe, I like your clothes more,” Daniel smiles innocently. “And your closet is like a shop: you can take anything you want, and anything would look cool.”

“But I don’t have a shop at my home.”

“But I know you wouldn’t refuse your old friend and give him clothes when he has a critical situation.”

“Yeah, a critical situation is when you rip your jeans or dirty your T-shirt so hard that you’re ashamed to go outside,” Peter chuckles kindly. “When you spoil your clothes.”

“Oh, why? Maybe, I just love something from your clothes and would like to wear it for some time? I don’t personally know anyone to have such a rich choice of clothes. Even Terrence doesn’t have it!”

“I can give you the address of the shop where you can find everything I have. Well, or check out the website of their online store if you’re too lazy to go outside. They’d bring everything to your home. You should only pay for everything with a card, so your stuff is in your hands in a few days.”

“It’d be cool… And it’d be much better if you bought everything I loved.”

“Huh, keep dreaming! You’ll get the address, but you’ll buy clothes by yourself with your own money. You have a computer and access to the Internet… You know how to use it. So, do it!”

“Okay, Rose, I got it,” Daniel raises his hands.

The others laugh quietly after Daniel and Peter fall into silence for two seconds.

“At least, we have a different shoe size,” Daniel notices with an innocent smile. “Your shoes would be too small for me.”

“Thank God!” Peter exclaims. “I’m at least madly lucky that I don’t have such big flippers of size 12 like yours! And I don’t actually understand how you actually can find something for you.”

“C’mon! I don’t have the biggest shoe size! And it’s not slippers!”

“Anyway, my shoes are in safety. Because they are small for you and these two black-haired handsome guys.”

“The shoe size is small, the fingers are as long as a spider’s legs or drumsticks, and the legs are slim as two sticks,” Daniel notices with a chuckle and clears his throat.

“That’s what I was born with.”

“I say nothing. I’m just stating the fact. And I bet that girls envy too hard, ’cause your legs are much better and slimmer than theirs.”

“Maybe,” Peter replies proudly. “I’m gonna take an example from MacClife and say there is something to love me for. Resisting such a pretty guy is impossible.”

“Oh, yeah, and when you’re undressed, girls start screaming from happiness and getting excited after just looking at your body.”

“Sometimes I fall in love with me, too.”

Anna, Natalia, Helene, and Raquelle listen to the talk, share looks with each other, and shake heads with quiet chuckles. And Terrence and Edward laugh quietly, embracing their sweethearts tightly. Silence settles for two or three seconds, after which MacClife, Jr. breaks it, frowning slightly and moving his eyes to Peter pressing Helene to himself and caressing her knee:

“So, fools… Confess, who’s one of you two to steal my T-shirt?”

“It wasn’t me!” Peter and Daniel say confidently at the same time.

“Actually, I took it,” Terrence confesses with an innocent smile.

You took?” Edward rounds his eyes.

“Well… I just thought one of the lads left or lost it and decided to give it back later, and… I eventually forgot about it.”

“So, did you make it yours when nobody saw it?”

“I didn’t even try! And if I wanted to take something, I would ask anyone of you for permission.”

“Okay! Then you must give it back to me tomorrow. Without a word.”

“No prob. If it’s yours, take it. I don’t need what doesn’t belong to me.”

“Excellent then, brother.”

Terrence nods with a slight smile, and then silence settles in the living room for two seconds, during which everybody shares a look with each other.

“But still, there are a couple of pluses about the fact that Edward’s t-shirt disappeared,” Natalia smiles mysteriously.

“Because Edward was walking shirtless on the set?” Raquelle laughs shyly.

“Well, it is…”

“I think Natalia means the fact that we finally managed to look at Edward’s tattoo on his back much better,” Daniel assumes thoughtfully. “Which he decided to say nothing about.”

“And you need to know everything about everybody,” Edward chuckles kindly. “I don’t have to come to everybody and brag about my tattoo.”

“That was such a terrible secret?” Terrence wonders.

“Nope. I just didn’t think I should’ve bragged.”

“Wrong!” Peter exclaims. “The tattoo is really cool.”

“Edward was planning to get it for a long time to hide the scars that he got after the wound from Michael’s pals,” Natalia confesses with a slight smile. “But he did it before the music video’s shootings.”

“And did you allow?” Helene asks.

“Why should I forbid him to do what he wants? I won’t have anything against it if it doesn’t hurt him anyhow. And I can’t ban Edward from doing something. And I won’t do it.”

“But you might get a bad tattoo,” Anna notices. “Or a tattoo master might give you an infection if he is bad and works in adverse conditions.”

“No, no, that master is an experienced man,” Edward replies confidently. “Before I decided to get the tattoo, I had seen where he was working. And I looked at his works. They were incredible.”

“Did you find that master on the Internet?” Daniel asks.

“No, Chris recommended him.”

“Chris did?” Peter gets surprised. “Did you and Chris decide to get a tattoo together?”

“No, Christopher’s buddy often visits the tattoo master. He loves tattoos and often gets new ones. And he refreshes those he has.”

“Ugh…” Anna winces. “Of course, I don’t have anything against one or two tattoos, but having tattoos on the whole body is too much.”

“I agree,” Raquelle agrees. “I don’t like when the body is covered with paintings. Even if they’re beautiful.”

“I wasn’t and am not gonna get tattoos on my whole body,” Edward replies confidently. “I just decided to hide the scars that I have on the small of my back. It didn’t look beautiful. And getting a tattoo was the first idea I came up with.”

“And weren’t you afraid?” Helene asks. “You felt hurt?”

“Nope, I wasn’t afraid, but the pain was pretty tolerable. Moreover, I have a high pain barrier… Well, high… Enough to overcome a strong pain.”

“And weren’t you afraid to get an infection?”

“I trusted Chris and was sure he wouldn’t advise anything bad.”

“You know, sometimes a master may be bad,” Helene slightly fixes her hair gathered in a ponytail. “I just recalled a colleague at my work that has a teen daughter. Somehow, she wanted to get a tattoo and persuaded her mother to take her to a salon. At first, that woman minded, but the girl made her sure to do it later, and they went to a master. The truth is that they later found out that the salon where she got a tattoo was illegal. Masters didn’t have an education, and the one to make her tattoo infected her with something with the needle.”

“Oh, God, poor girl…” Raquelle pronounces with sadness in her eyes. “And what happened to her?”

“I don’t know,” Helene shrugs. “Her mother left the job a long time ago, and I don’t speak to her at the moment. She just told me this story before she left.”

“Yeah, it’s all very sad…” Anna sighs heavily.

“Too sad…” Edward replies thoughtfully. “But I’m lucky… My tattoo is perfect. That was what I wanted to get. I explained my idea to the master, and he made it come true.”

“And how much did you pay?” Peter asks.

“Actually, I paid less money than the tattoo master usually takes.”

“Oh, why did he show this sort of outstanding generosity?” Daniel laughs. “He liked your pretty face?”

“First, that guy often gives a discount to those, who visit him after the recommendation. I told him I came to the salon at the recommendation of Christopher, who he knew. And second, he recognized me and said he really loved my band’s single.”

“Really?” Anna wonders.

“Yeah, and he even asked me to take a photo with him,” Edward replies with pride. “And I couldn’t refuse.”

“Yes, bro…” Terrence laughs, leaning back on the sofa. “It seems like you’re getting first benefit from the fame. You felt like a star, and you use it skillfully.”

“Don’t say that I was asking for the discount. I didn’t say a word about who I was and about my older brother, who is a famous person. He did recognize me.”

“Everyone knows you’re a relative of Terrence MacClife himself. The most handsome man in the world.”

“Likely, the most gorgeous peacock,” Edward chuckles kindly. “Or rooster.”

“Shut up before you get a kick.”

Silence settles in the living room for two seconds. After this, Daniel coughs, and then Peter moves his eyes to Edward.

“Hey, Edward, can you give me the contact of the tattoo master?” Peter asks thoughtfully.

“Contact of the tattoo master?” Edward rounds his eyes.

“Yeah… Maybe, I’d love to get a tattoo someday…”

“Taking after Edward?” Terrence asks. “He got a tattoo, and you want it now?”

“Sometimes I think about it. I’d like to get a small tattoo on my wrists. Though, I don’t know which one.”

“You wanna hide the scars?” Anna asks hesitantly.

“Yup… It’s been a few months, but the scar on my left hand hasn’t gone.” Peter moves his sad eyes to the wrist, on which there are a few slight scars and a clear one. “It would be great to get rid of what happened in the past… Or just get a tattoo, so my scar doesn’t remind me of that…”

Maybe, it’s been much time since Peter tried to commit suicide, but this scar makes him remember everything he had to overcome and the reason why he actually started doing what almost brought him to death. His friends and girlfriend guess that Rose thinks about those terrible times and about the people, who almost made him die. They know that he sometimes thinks about it, but they never speak about it because they know it would give him strong pain. However, the blond also tries to avoid talking about the worst time in his life. And instead of saying something and asking questions, Helene cuddles Peter, puts her head on his shoulder, and presses herself closer to him, kissing him on the cheek at some moment cutely. He smiles shyly and presses the girl to himself, silently thanking her for making him stop thinking of the awful things that do not let him calm down at times.

Nobody says a word for some time, and everybody thinks about something. Not very pleasant, judging their little sad faces. But a few seconds later, Edward decides to break the silence, cleaning his throat quickly, running his hand over his hair sharply, and looking at everybody:

“Erm… Listen, guys, don’t you think it’s very late?” Edward glances at the watch on his left hand. “It’s almost eleven, but the guys and I are gonna have the shooting on the show and perform the single tomorrow. We need to get enough sleep. Otherwise, we’d screw up everything and fall asleep somewhere because of tiredness.”

“Oh, yeah,” Terrence says quietly. “I think you all better go home and have a good rest. And we’ll meet tomorrow morning at the place of the shooting.”

“Good idea,” Peter replies, scratching the back of his head and running a hand over his hair. “Of course, meeting fans, performing, and promoting the album is very interesting, and I do all of it with pleasure. But we’ll hardly do it well if we don’t get enough sleep.”

“Oh, I’m definitely gonna be a sleepy zombie if I don’t get enough sleep,” Daniel says confidently. “I need a very good rest to rock on the stage, show what I can do, and give my everything.”

“If only I get you up from the bed,” Anna laughs shyly. “Because someone loves sleeping until twelve noon or much longer. Right, sleepyhead?”

“You all know well that I hate waking up early and do curse everything if I’m woken up very early.”

“You won’t get enough sleep tomorrow,” Natalia notices confidently.

“I know… We’ll have to get up at a very early time when even roosters don’t wake up…”

“It’s okay, Dan, if you don’t get up in time, the lads and I will go to your home and take you with us, no matter what you’d wear for sleep,” Edward promises with a loud chuckle. “Even if you’re wearing underwear with hearts on them.”

“Settle down, MacClife, I won’t let you down!” Daniel replies confidently. “I’d sacrifice my sleep and get up at any time for my favorite business. Moreover, my beloved beauty Anna won’t let me sleep very much.”

“Then, we’ll meet tomorrow in the early morning,” Terrence says confidently.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow,” Helene says goodbye amicably.

“Alright, my children, now it’s time to sleep. I’m not happy that you aren’t in your bed yet. It’s almost eleven, just saying!”

“Listen and obey, daddy!” Peter laughs shyly.

One second or two later, everybody laughs shyly, and the girls also shake their heads with their mouths closed with a hand. But some time later, Terrence and Raquelle say goodbye to Edward, Natalia, Anna, Daniel, Helene, and Peter and take them to the door, telling them to get ready for tomorrow and think about good things, so everything goes like clockwork.

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