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The Lost And Forgotten Memories

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Chapter 2: Fame Doesn’t Mean Everyone’s Love

The next day, Terrence, Edward, Daniel, and Peter are going to appear on one of the most popular morning shows in the United States. As the band is going to release their album very soon, they attend shows, give interviews, tell more about their music, share some impressions, and perform their first single.

Behind the scene, the people are working on the shooting very hard. Except for “Against The System,” many famous people were invited to the show. Someone is famous around the world, and someone is just getting their desired piece of fame. And while one celebrity is busy shootings on the show, the others are in the dressing room, trying on clothes, shoes, and accessories. And girls are waiting for stylists to do their hair and makeup. Operators, lighting technicians, producers, and other people, who are working on the shootings, have much work and do not almost sit with anything to do unless they have a little break.

The members of “Against The System” are sitting in the dressing room and warming up their voices. The truth is that they do not do it all together. Only Daniel and Peter are sitting in a spacious and light dressing room, in which many bags are placed on the floor. The bass guitarist and the drummer do not feel bored without Terrence and Edward, loudly singing the song that was released some time ago and has become very popular. Despite being a drummer, Peter plays guitar very well and does not stay behind his bandmates. The blond is confidently playing guitar, as he is sitting in a black spinning chair next to the table, on which many things are placed, and singing along with Daniel sitting comfortably on the soft brown sofa with one leg put on it, clicking his fingers to keep the rhythm and shaking his head.

After ending to sing this song, Daniel and Peter decide to take a break and let the people, who are in the closest dressing rooms, spend time in silence, without their singing. Even if it’s incredibly harmonic.

“I hope the people wouldn’t come here in a few minutes with a wish to kill us for annoying them with this song,” Daniel chuckles.

“Yes, and the MacClife brothers are gonna be the first ones to do it,” Peter laughs quietly, still pressing the guitar to himself. “They do hate this song because we sing it anywhere.”

“They always say we’ve dinged this song into their ears. I personally love it, though! It’s so energetic and cool! It gives me some energy and helps me wake up. Forget that I wanna sleep.”

“I couldn’t disagree. It’s not amazing that it has become so popular in a few days. The lyrics are memorable, and the music is super energetic… I wanna listen to it and play it again and again. Besides, it’s quite easy to memorize.”

“I will never get sick of this song.”


“But I’m afraid that they wouldn’t pity us if we play it again,” Daniel laughs quietly, pulling down his black jacket.

“Because we annoyed everyone with this song?”


“Okay. Then let’s take care of people’s nerves and take a break.”

With these words, Peter puts the guitar aside, on the black spinning chair that is standing next to him, and looks around, while Daniel clears his throat and glances aside.

“Hey, where did Terrence and Edward go?” Peter asks, smoothing his gray, sleeveless shirt. “We’re gonna go on the stage soon, but they are hanging around somewhere!”

“I can’t say anything about Edward, but Terrence might definitely be somewhere next to food,” Daniel assumes thoughtfully. “There is a cool cafeteria where you could buy lots of delicious things.”

“We should’ve told everybody to hide food as far as possible. If MacClife sees at least one pie, you can think it doesn’t exist.”

“I think he has lately eaten especially much.”

“It’s true,” Peter laughs shyly. “Is he so excited before his wedding?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s the case when you eat stress down.”

“When we met him, Terry held himself down somehow, but now he eats everything he sees.”

“I’ve gotta confess he’s a real devil,” Daniel says confidently. “Because that rooster eats much, but he doesn’t get fat. And he doesn’t know what a ’diet’ means.”

“Terry would say he doesn’t need any diet and would be perfect and irresistible with any weight.”

“Oh, yeah, there would be many people to wish to pinch him by his big cheeks,” Daniel laughs quietly.

“And soft belly.”

“And it seems like it’s gonna happen so, because Connor is definitely sick of bringing him food.”

“Yeah…” Peter leans back in the chair and runs his hand over his face, getting a little gloomy. “Blake Connor… Our walking trouble that showed up like out of the blue.”

“Yeah, he’s a kid yet, but that creature is full of shit.”

“We’re very unlucky to have him as our assistant,” Peter says tiredly, stroking down his blond standing hair. “Seriously. He’s been working with us for two months, but he annoyed us so much that I’d love to strangle that asshole.”

“I agree, that boy annoys me, too,” Daniel agrees, spreading his legs a little wider. “He does never answer any simple question without being a badass! He always finds a reason to insult us.”

“The most important thing is that we’ve never done anything bad to him. But he behaves as if we’ve done many dirty things to him… Even George can’t do anything with him…”

“I don’t understand, couldn’t Smith find anyone better? He found a pizza face kid that does nothing! We have an assistant or don’t – it doesn’t change anything!”

“That’s why we may regret thinking George was a terrible man many times.”

“That’s right!” Daniel exhales sharply and glances aside. “I thought George was a heartless scumbag that thought only of money. But when we met Blake, my mind changed because George is an innocent angel, unlike that asshole.”

“I can’t wait to find someone to replace him… You know how much I wanna tell him he’s fired.”

“I can’t wait for that day!” Daniel smiles slyly. “I wanna happily wave a hand at Connor and tell him to get out as far as possible.”

“If they don’t find anyone, we’ll do this.”

Silence settles in the air for two seconds, which might be broken by Daniel and Peter’s quiet laugh. And then they hear the female voice that announces that the episode with “Against The System” starts in forty minutes. Being a little nervous, the men look around quickly, check their clothes and hair, and shake something off their almost black and dark blue jeans.

“Oh, perfect!” Daniel exclaims. “The airing starts in forty minutes, but we don’t know where Edward and Terrence disappeared.”

“C’mon, dude!” Peter chuckles kindly. “They won’t have a choice! They’ll show up soon! The band leader and our little motor!”

“I dunno… If they saw something delicious, they might get stuck in the cafeteria for ages. And if the MacClifes wanted to fight, we could wake them up by only hitting every one of them on the head.”

“Okay, let’s walk and find them?”

“That’s good they change their clothes, and stylists got their hair done.”

“Agree. We wouldn’t have to take them to the stage in their underwear.”

“Huh, MacClife, Sr. would be happy to show up this again,” Daniel chuckles loudly.

“I feel the younger one doesn’t mind it, either. If he said he wouldn’t mind acting in a bed scene and walking naked in front of a camera.”

“He’s taking after his brother.”

“That’s bad that he’s imitating him not in the best situations.”

After chuckling quietly, Peter and Daniel get up slowly and decide to walk into the studio. But when the friends come to the exit from the dressing room, the door opens suddenly, and they see the young boy at the age of eighteen-nineteen with dirty-blond hair, a choppy bang, cold gray eyes, and a grin on his face, some areas of which are covered with acne. He is much lower than Daniel and Peter, who have almost the same height with a difference of a half or one centimeter, and is also very slim and does definitely not have a perfect physical education. After he sees the friends, the boy chuckles quietly with contempt in his voice, as he is chewing gum and slurping. While Peter and Daniel, who are not very happy to see this boy, roll their eyes and moan silently.

“Oh, hello, clowns!” the boy pronounces loudly with mockery. “I knew I’d find you here!”

“Get out of our way, Connor!” Daniel replies coldly and clears his throat. “We don’t have time to talk to you and listen to your bullshit.”

Daniel and Peter want to leave the dressing room, but the boy does not let them go, closing the exit with his body.

“Are you looking for MacClife and his bro?” the boy asks with a sly smile. “Aren’t you?”

“None of your business, Blake!” Peter says coldly. “Get outta here while you have a chance!”

“Or what? What would you do to me?”

“Listen, pizza face kind, you don’t better stand in our way. In forty minutes, the guys and I are gonna go on the stage, and we don’t want to make our mood worse because of you and your words.”

“Calm down, Rose, don’t start insulting,” Blake says confidently. “Or I will tell you everything I think of you. Not only you. But also your whole fucking band.”

“Don’t make us wild,” Daniel throws rudely. “Either you leave at your wish, or we use a force!”

“I have nothing to do now! I did everything one proud peacock and his fucking gang asked me about. At least, you will eat very much soon.”

“Wonderful! Then, get out of here!”

“Fuck, how rude you are!”

“We do not wish to waste time on you, Connor!” Peter says confidently. “We have so much to do! Move over and let us go!”

“Come on, guys,” Blake pronounces with a sneer, putting his hands on his hips and looking at Daniel and Peter with contempt from head to foot. “Stop pretending to be kings.”

“You heard what we told you? Or you’re stupid? Deaf?”

“You won’t get off me in the nearest time because today you have a very busy day. The shooting of the show, an interview, a couple of photoshoots, and a meeting with your managers to solve some questions.”

“As if we didn’t know!” Daniel rolls his eyes. “What a fucking surprise!”

“So, guys, you’ll have to see me, and I will have to see your faces that make me feel sick.”

With these words, Blake claps Daniel and Peter on the shoulder, but they quickly move it off with a sharp movement of the hand.

“Listen, kid, what do you want from us?” Daniel asks coldly, exhaling sharply. “Why did you come here? To make our mood worse? Again! Show your stupidity?”

“Oh!” Blake smirks contemptuously. “I’d bet who’s stupid.”

“Don’t ask for trouble, Connor,” Daniel clenches a hand into a fist tightly.

“Calm down, Perkins, don’t show your teeth. Stop, doggy! Stop! No!”

“Listen, bastard, get out of here at your wish and do what you should do,” Peter demands rudely. “You’re an assistant of the band! So, do what you must do instead of showing off and insulting us constantly.”

“Oh, Peter… I haven’t even started it. But if I start it, I will have great pleasure to remind you four of your sins. And say that you’ve been pathetic and will always be like this.”

“Alright, stop, you annoyed us!” Daniel throws sharply and points at the door. “Turn on one hundred and eighty degrees and go to the exit! Now!”

“Ah, guys, guys…” Blake shakes his head with a sly smile. “How much you don’t wanna see the truth clearly. Confess who you really are.”

“You heard what Daniel told you?” Peter asks rudely. “Get out of here! Do your fucking work!”

“Listen, guys…” Blake enters the dressing room slowly with his head proudly up, pushing off Peter and Daniel, who look at each other and roll their eyes. “Let’s be honest. Maybe, you’ve got a little talent and use it very well. You have the brain to use a part of it. But your band is popular because of the simple reason that you know about it very well.”

“Yes, yes, you’ll say a couple of dirty things to us because you just envy us,” Daniel rolls his eyes.

“Envy?” Blake wonders. “Why, Perkins? The fact that more than half of your fans are teen girls, who are still obsessed with MacClife, Sr.?”

“Not only does Terrence have fans, but we also do,” Peter says quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. “Yes, he has more fans because he is a famous person. But we don’t feel worse because of that. We also have fans that love every one of us. To your disappointment.”

“Exactly! He’s a famous person! But you both and MacClife’s sucker are people known by nobody. If MacClife hadn’t decided to start a band with you, you would’ve been sitting somewhere in a dusty garage, playing guitars and dreaming of getting famous around the whole world.”

“So, do you think we use Terrence’s fame?” Daniel hums and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Well done, Perkins! As it turned out, you aren’t as stupid as I thought.”

“Actually, we worked hard to get what we got,” Peter says confidently. “And trust me, it’s not the end.”

“Yeah… Recording videos and publishing them on the Internet with the hope that you’d get noticed is such hard work. Aren’t you, poor guys, too exhausted? Maybe, would you take a break?”

“Stop doing our favorite thing just to please Your Highness?” Daniel rounds his eyes. “Not for anything!”

“Because of people like you, we will be working much harder and proving to the world that we could do much more than everyone thinks,” Peter says with his head proudly up.

“Okay, okay, I will pretend that I believe in your painstaking work,” Blake says with coldness in his voice, laughing contemptuously. “However, a fact is a fact: you three are nobody without Terrence. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you remained the men, who’d always be the reason why teen girls run saliva and go crazy because of you. How many artists and bands have been doomed to this fate!”

“You won’t believe it, Connor, but many adult people also love our music,” Daniel says confidently.

“Don’t comfort yourself, Perkins. The only adult people that might like your fucking music are your mommies and daddies.” Blake says nothing for two seconds and smiles slyly, putting a finger on his lip. “Ah, yeah, I forgot! You are both orphans. You have no parents. The parents of the first one died by themselves. But the daddy, who he didn’t have, and the alcoholic mommy didn’t need the second one.”

“You will ask for trouble, pizza-face bastard!” Peter exclaims loudly, barely holding himself down. “Another word before you regret it!”

“Wow, wow, calm down, Rose, calm down,” Blake simpers evilly, raising his hands up. “You aren’t the only one to be an orphan. Your pal also stayed without his parents. I don’t know if they praised him or despised him as well as you were, but a fact is a fact. Only the MacClifes are lucky ’cause they have both parents yet.”

“Listen, did you decide to do everything for us to get the fuck ashamed of the people and not to be able to perform well?” Daniel asks rudely. “Because one little bastard with a pizza face decided to make our mood worse and get us enraged.”

“Trust me, everything will be over soon. I’m ready to bet that your career would be over after a few songs and albums. People forget even the most famous and favorite celebrities. Even after their death, great ones are remembered one or two times per year in the best case. And you won’t do anything for people to remember you many years later.”

“Dream as much as you want, boy!” Peter says confidently. “Our band will reach very much and won’t stop after what we’ve gotten to make haters like you angry.”

“We have great plans for the future,” Daniel says. “So, try not to choke from jealousy that you’re gonna get obsessed with when you realize you wanted our career to be ruined for nothing.”

“We will see, guys, we will,” Blake smirks evilly. “A too great self-confidence has never given anything good to people. And you won’t get it, either.”

A few seconds later, Edward enters the dressing room where Peter, Blake, and Daniel are, as he smothers the shoulders of his black waistcoat and straightens the sleeves of his gray t-shirt.

“Fuck, fucking kid…” Edward moans tiredly when seeing Blake in front of him. “I got off you five minutes ago!”

“Oh, here’s the main MacClife’s sucker!” Blake exclaims with an evil sneer, turning on Edward and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Here’s the greatest fan of ’Against The System!’” Edward shows quotation marks.

“Hear, snotty boy, where’s your brother? Did he go to eat for the thousandth time and didn’t call his entourage with him?”

“What’s your fucking business?” Edward throws rudely.

“But he isn’t worth anything. A pathetic, talentless actor that nobody remembers. Though, he pronounces himself a king that everyone must bow at.”

“Listen, Connor, could you not make our mood worse with your pretense and dirty tongue? We’ve gotta get ready for a show, but you don’t let us do it!”

“Oh, why you should get ready! You will screw it up! And lots of little girls will pretend that they don’t see your mistakes.”

“Huh, don’t meddle in what you don’t actually understand! Better go to find a girl and seduce her! Or have you already snuck around with all the girls, and there’s not a candidature for you? There is nobody you could fuck? Is that why you walk here, doing nothing? If it’s so, I will personally find work for you!”

“Easy, MacClife, I know your tongue is too long, but don’t pretend to be tough as well as these two idiots do.”

“You’re told to do nothing hard,” Daniel meddles. “Just don’t stand in our way and let us quietly get ready for the performance.”

“Okay, okay, if you like being suckers of such a famous man like Terrence MacClife, you can do what you want. Just remember that only teen girls, MacClife’s fans, would be listening to your bullshit that you’re gonna release soon.”

“Just shut up and get out of here!” Peter says louder, pointing at the door.

“Okay, blond, I will leave. But we will meet again. As you lost your lord somewhere, I will walk into the studio and find him. And say his obedient doggies are already waiting for him.”

Blake opens the door with a contemptuous laugh and leaves the dressing room, leaving Daniel, Peter, and Edward alone. Then the first one puts a hand on his forehead and takes the guitar from the chair, the second one exhales loudly, grabbing his hair, and the third one growls irritably.

“Oh, if he had played on our nerves for two more minutes, I would’ve taken the guitar and hit his head,” Daniel says tiredly. “Or I would’ve thrown a drumstick at him.”

“I hate that pizza face rat,” Edward throws coldly. “When I thought I got away from him, he came and started to wash my brains again.”

“Someday that bastard will ask for trouble, and I will strangle him with my own hands,” Peter says confidently.

“Agree. Oh…” Edward, exhaling quietly, sits on the spinning chair, while Daniel stays where he has been standing, and Peter comes to the mirror and fixes his hair slightly. “He’s got a perfect talent to suck energy and wish to do something outta you.”

“Yes, like a dementor from Azkaban…” Peter replies thoughtfully. “That boy makes us feel empty inside after we begin talking to him.”

“I still can’t understand, why does he behave like this? What did we do to make Connor treat us so rudely? He must be happy that we still take him and ain’t gonna fire him ’till we have someone to replace him!”

“He’s just envying!” Daniel assumes confidently, clearing his throat. “We’ve reached such great success, but the only thing he learned to do for the years of his life is to fuck girls and be rude.”

“Honestly, I’m sorry for his parents that educated that monster,” Peter confesses and puts his hands in the back pockets of his jeans.

“And I’m sorry for those, who befriend him.”

“Ha, which friends could that egoist have?” Edward scoffs loudly. “Connor loves nobody! I doubt that someone would love to befriend a stinker that could easily frame and humiliate someone. Even big money wouldn’t help him.”

“Nobody doubts it,” Peter agrees.

“And the more he calls us suckers or something like that, hinting that we wanna get famous by using Terrence’s fame, the more I wish to strangle him,” Edward says gloomily.

“But we know that no one of us talks to Terrence for a benefit,” Daniel notices, puts the guitar on the small sofa, and puts his hands on his hips. “We’re united because of the common business that we love.”

“He’s like everyone: when someone gets easily famous, people say that person slept with someone, paid someone, and something like that,” Peter replies, gesticulating actively. “Nobody thinks you can get success with your talent, even if you have famous friends or relatives.”

“Alas, you can’t explain it to everyone,” Edward sighs tiredly, stroking down his standing, incredibly soft-to-touch hair. “Especially that fucking kid!”

“I don’t also feel nice that he says things like these, but…” Daniel says confidently and looks at Edward and Peter. “Guys… Why do the heck we excuse ourselves and try to prove something to him? Connor is one of our band’s haters. We shouldn’t give up because of one nineteen-year-old boy that hates us nobody knows why!”

“Yeah, but you know how much he irritates me! Even Terrence doesn’t irritate me as much as that little bastard. Though, my bro does love playing on my nerves.”

“Early or late, we will have a wonderful assistant. But now let’s forget about him and remember what we should do. And be happy that our sweet girls and loyal fans support us. Our contingent is not only young girls that go crazy from Terrence, as Connor wanna believe. We’re loved by many adult people. So, let’s try to work for them. For those, who expect good music from us.”

Daniel is speaking so confidently that it gives Edward and Peter a belief in themselves and makes them smile.

“Nice words, Daniel!” Peter agrees with a slight smile. “Let’s just do what we love and try not to pay attention to Connor, even if it’s gonna be madly hard.”

“Yeah, you’re right, guys,” Edward says confidently. “It’s gonna be madly hard ’cause Connor is unbearable. But if we wanna get much more famous, we should put our doubts and fears in our asses.”

“Sort of,” Daniel nods slightly. “We’ve gotta keep moving even with the great pain in the ass like the pizza face rat.”

“In this case, let’s focus on the band’s business,” Peter suggests. “On our upcoming performance.”

“But first, it would be great to find Terrence,” Edward replies thoughtfully. “I can’t find him anywhere. He literally melted in the air.”

“Weren’t you with him?” Daniel asks.

“We went together to the cafeteria to eat something. But later I had to leave and answer the call. And I lost my bro. I asked some people, who told me Terrence had left the cafeteria a long time ago.”

“I hope, didn’t you decide to get your family in trouble again?” Peter asks hesitantly. “We do know you can’t stay quietly in the same place. And your brother has to slow you down.”

“Calm down, blond, nothing criminal! It’s about the wedding stuff. They just asked to make something clear.”

“Oh, I see Natalia, Terrence, Raquelle, and you are getting ready for the wedding so hard,” Daniel notices with a slight smile. “As if it’s gonna happen today or tomorrow.”

“No, not today or tomorrow,” Edward laughs amicably. “But we need to get ready now. Who knows what we’d have to run into during this process. People get ready for a wedding a few months before the one for the reason. Besides, we’re getting married on the same day. It’s a much harder mission.”

“Anyway, you have Perkins and me,” Peter says thoughtfully. “As the best men of the grooms, we’re ready to help. And we’ll help you with everything we can.”

“I know, guys. We’re gonna need your help.”

Edward, Daniel, and Peter’s talk stops by the female voice that says “Against The System” will be on-air in twenty minutes.

Twenty-five minutes?” Edward wonders. “Fuck, how time flies!”

“Okay, bros, let’s talk about the wedding later,” Peter jabs. “Now we’ve gotta find MacClife.”

“I thought he was supposed to find us,” Daniel crosses his arms over his chest. “A fucking band leader.”

“Okay, come on,” Edward says quietly. “Let’s not waste time.”

Edward, Daniel, and Peter turn around and leave the dressing room by one. On the way, the men continue talking, as they walk down the long halls where there are many open and closed doors and people being busy with something.

“Hey, it seemed to me that he was kinda tired,” Edward says thoughtfully. “And even a little absent-minded.”

“Really?” Daniel frowns slightly.

“Yup. If only he didn’t mess up everything during the performance. I had to repeat something a couple of times when we were at the cafeteria.”

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen,” Peter replies. “Despite nothing, Terrence is a very responsible man and would never let anyone down.”

“That’s right!” Daniel exclaims. “The band is very important to him.”

“Anyway, get ready that we might probably have to get him outta trance at times today,” Edward warns.

“Actually, we always do this to you. Because you always dream of something and have your head in the clouds.”

“This time, it’s gonna be otherwise.”

Daniel and Peter say nothing and just shrug. And then silence settles in the air, during which the young men are quietly walking down the long, well-lighted halls where they can see many people, who have to do with the shootings of the show. But some time later, the friends hear the voice of Blake, who is standing afar from them and checking out something on the phone.

“Hey, clowns!” Blake exclaims loudly. “If you’re still looking for MacClife, he decided to take a nap in the restroom. I found him there a few minutes ago!”

“That kid again!” Edward growls irritably.

“I’d hit him in the face,” Peter throws gloomily. “So, he doesn’t meddle in what he shouldn’t.”

“Calm down, bros, don’t pay attention to him,” Daniel says quietly, pushing Peter and Edward in the back. “We’d waste much time if we started fighting with him.”

Edward and Peter listen to Daniel and decide not to waste time on their helper and to keep walking down the hall quietly. Blake gets surprised that none of them tries to snap him back, rounding his eyes that he sets on the members of “Against The System”, who are ignoring him.

“Okay then!” Blake scoffs loudly. “I wanted to help you, but you…”

Blake says something under his breath and sets eyes on his phone again, while Edward, Daniel, and Peter keep walking down the long halls. And some time later, the three men come to the room that the young boy meant.

“Listen, something tells me we should check this room,” Peter says. “Although Conner annoyed all of us, I’ve gotta admit that he does good things sometimes.”

“Oh, yeah…” Edward replies thoughtfully. “For example, give us food, find out something…”

“But Peter is right,” Daniel says confidently. “Let’s check this room.”

After shrugging and sharing a look with each other, the young men come closer to the door, near which they are standing. Daniel opens it carefully, enters it slowly, and looks around carefully. And two seconds later, he sees something that makes him chuckle.

“Hey, guys, come here!” Daniel crosses his arms over his chest. “You just look at the frontman of our band!”

Edward and Peter quickly enter the room and see Terrence, who… Fell asleep on the comfortable sofa, wearing the clothes that he put on to perform with his band: a black waistcoat, dark blue jeans, dark shoes, and a gray t-shirt.

“Great!” Peter chuckles quietly after he sees Terrence, who is lying on the sofa with his hand put under his cheek, and puts his hands on his hips. “We have to be on the stage in twenty minutes, but he fell asleep!”

“Yes, friends, I have nothing to say!” Daniel shakes his head, laughing shyly.

“You say Terrence is a very responsible man?” Edward smiles slyly.

“We didn’t think this peacock would go to sleep a few minutes before the shooting,” Peter throws his hands up.

“Hey, MacClife, wake up!” Daniel exclaims loudly. “Stop sleeping! We’ve gotta go on the stage soon! MacClife!”

But Terrence does not wake up, just moans quietly and slightly changes the pose he keeps sleeping in.

“Nothing!” Daniel exhales sharply. “He’s sleeping like a log!”

“Maybe, do we splash cold water over him?” Edward chuckles quietly. “He’d run on the stage in only his wet underwear!”

“Yeah, but before, your brother would get our heads into the water and kick our asses for daring to do it to His Highness,” Peter says confidently.

“Yeah, but how do we wake up this pretty boy?” Daniel throws his hands up.

“Maybe, do we send him to hell? Go on the stage without MacClife and rock on!”

“Aha, and what would we tell the folks?”

“Truth! That MacClife refused to go and decided to go to sleep! But if he wants, he can come to us, of course.”

“And kick our asses right before our fans.”

“Oh, c’mon, the people would love it!” Peter says confidently. “They do love these things. When someone kicks the ass of someone funnily and generously gives slaps on the head.”

“Well…” Daniel thinks for two seconds and smiles slyly. “You know… You’re right! I think they’ll really love something like this. And you and I would have some fun.”

“Hey, bros, I have another idea,” Edward says with a sly smile.

“Oh, MacClife wanna have fun and mock his brother again,” Daniel laughs quietly.

“I’m serious! Just imagine how much Terrence would be surprised if he checked out Twitter or Instagram and saw photos of sleeping him.”

“Listen, kid, that’s the idea!” Peter exclaims cheerfully, putting a finger on his lip. “Let’s really take a photo of him and share it with the signature, ’We’re ready for the show and go on the stage soon!’”

“Let’s think we have nothing to do,” Edward says confidently. “So, we can only play the fool and mock my beloved brother.”

“Alright, stop talking!” Daniel exclaims. “Let’s take a couple of photos while he’s sleeping deeply.”

Edward and Daniel laugh quietly with their mouths closed with a hand not to wake Terrence up. Then Perkins checks the pockets on his black leather jacket and moans disappointedly when he does not find his phone.

“Fuck, why did I leave my phone in the dressing room when I need it so much?” Daniel wears. “I’m missing a chance to take priceless shoots.”

“I’m ’lucky’, too!” Peter exclaims, trying to unlock his phone. “I have the phone, but it’s charged at point zero!”

“It’s okay, I have it!” Edward says with a sly smile, taking his phone. “Charged.”

“Who would doubt!”

“I literally felt I should’ve taken my mobile phone. And here’s the chance to mock my bro.”

“Your day would be worthless if you didn’t kick each other’s asses,” Daniel laughs shyly.

Edward unlocks the phone with a quiet laugh and opens the camera app, while Daniel and Peter hold themselves down so hard not to laugh very loudly. The three men smile slyly and carefully come to the sleeping Terrence to take some photos. His younger brother managed to take a couple of shots from different sides, barely holding his laugh down. Then the happy Edward shows Peter and Daniel the result, and they laugh quietly.

“Hear, it’s very cool!” Daniel smiles widely. “Terry is so cute! Girls are gonna be thrilled.”

“Now post it on Twitter,” Peter says quietly. “On the band’s account!”

“It’s gonna be a surprise for MacClife,” Daniel rubs his hands with a sly smile.

“We’re ready for today’s show!” Edward says, still laughing and typing something on his phone. “Watch the episode of ’America, Wake Up’ featuring ‘Against The System’ in twenty minutes.”

Daniel, Peter, and Edward laugh again, and the latter is still typing something for a post with the photo that he is going to post on Twitter. The men try to laugh quietly, but later they make a loud chuckle, which wakes Terrence up, after all. The black-haired man opens his eyes slightly with a quiet moan, rubs them quickly, sits up, and moves his half-sleepy look to Peter, Daniel, and Edward standing against him and laughing so hard, as they watch something on the phone of MacClife, Jr.

“Hey, guys, what are you doing there?” Terrence asks in a little hoarse, sleepy voice.

After hearing Terrence’s voice, Edward, Daniel, and Peter turn on him and distract themselves from the information on the phone of MacClife, Jr., who has already published the photo of his older brother.

“Oh, look!” Daniel exclaims happy, raising his hands. “Our Sleeping Beauty is awake!”

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Edward says happily.

“Do you actually know we’re gonna go on the stage soon?” Peter asks. “Twenty minutes before we go out, but you went to sleep!”

“Yeah! If you’re kicking us, be nice to move your ass, too. Or would you start showing off by saying your name is Terrence MacClife, and you can do anything?”

“Hey, hey, the riot began in my henhouse again!” Terrence exclaims. “You’re clucking again!”

“C’mon, c’mon, get your gorgeous ass up!” Daniel jabs. “I do hear loud whoops of your fans waiting for you to show up on the stage from here.”

“Aha, don’t disappoint them, bro,” Edward says with a sly smile. “Otherwise, you won’t get your everyday piece of love and admiration.”

“Oh, guys…” Terrence shakes his head and looks at the three men disapprovingly, standing up from the sofa slowly. “Don’t you think you speak too much? You’d better get ready for the performance and think about making it perfect.”

“We’re kinda ready!” Daniel exclaims, crossing his arms over his chest. “What about you? Why are you the fuck sleeping here?”

“And you better say why you decided to fall asleep?” Peter frowns slightly.

“Erm…” Terrence stutters and runs a hand over his little white face. “I just didn’t get enough sleep… Didn’t sleep all night… Fell asleep only when I had very little time to sleep.”

“So, I was right when I said you looked like you didn’t sleep all night?” Edward frowns slightly.

“Yeah…” Terrence replies hesitantly, glancing aside, and massages his neck. “I had insomnia all night…”

“But why?”

“I don’t know… So, in order not to be a vegetable, I decided to find a quiet place and take a nap, at least for five minutes.”

“Nothing happened to you?” Daniel frowns slightly. “You look kinda exhausted!”

“Nope, it’s okay.” Terrence rubs his hands nervously, while his eyes run from one side to another. “I just didn’t get enough sleep… So… Don’t be surprised if I sleep sometimes. The day is gonna be long and busy.”

Terrence’s not very confident answer and his tired look make Edward, Daniel, and Peter believe that he does not tell them the truth and suspect that something happened to him. But after looking at each other quickly, they shrug and decide not to torture their friend with questions.

“Okay, we got it,” Peter shrugs. “We won’t ask anymore.”

“But let us know if you have problems,” Daniel adds.

“It’s okay, guys,” Terrence smiles slightly. “I just found a quiet place to hide and take a nap.”

“Well, as for a quiet place, I’d also run away where I wouldn’t see Connor,” Edward sighs tiredly, running his hand through his hair. “He can annoy and make you get tired for one minute.”

“Oh, Connor…” Terrence runs his hands over his face. “That pizza face shit starts to needle me more and more.”

“He’s already washed our brains,” Peter confesses.

“I also ran into him and had to listen to his fucking jokes.”

“There are people that could get energy outta you,” Daniel exhales sharply, putting a hand on his forehead. “After talking to him, I feel terrible.”

“I agree. And that’s bad it doesn’t let us perform well. Connor strikes us down.”

“Oh, fuck, I wish we found another assistant,” Peter moans tiredly. “Find a good person instead of that shorty.”

“Yeah, but there’s nobody to replace Connor yet.”

“Why did the fuck George actually persuade us to hire that deadbeat?” Edward wonders. “Didn’t Smith see what that shit was made of?”

“Alas, but we’ve gotta take it somehow. I see no other choice. I know it’s very hard, but we have to.”

“Someday I will hit him on the head with a guitar…”

“We all would hit him with something heavy,” Peter says quietly. “Slap him in the face or hit him on the balls, so he shows off less.”

“Be happy that he doesn’t at least frame us and just behaves like he is tough, and we’re nobody,” Daniel notices, clearing his throat.

“No, he won’t frame us,” Terrence assumes. “If Connor isn’t a moron, he knows we could easily fire him if something went wrong because of him.”

“I’m personally surprised that he hasn’t put poison in our food,” Edward crosses his arms over his chest. “We could expect anything from that rat.”

“You’re exaggerating about poison. Of course, Blake is a real bastard, but he won’t go too far.”

“Who knows, Terrence…” Daniel says tiredly, putting his hands in the back pockets of his dark blue jeans. “Who knows…”

“And actually, he only thinks about how to charm a beautiful girl and fuck her.”

“But there’s nobody around to pick up,” Peter notices. “And he wouldn’t love to spend time with adult ladies. He only wants girls younger than eighteen.”

“Sorry. Maybe, he’d get off it for a while.”

“And fuck a one-hundredth girl,” Edward laughs quietly.

“Oh, yeah,” Terrence chuckles quietly with his mouth closed with a hand. “I don’t even remember how many girls we’ve seen next to him.”

“Yeah, that little horse fucks any young girl,” Daniel says confidently.

“It’s the only thing he can do.”

Edward, Peter, Terrence, and Daniel laugh quietly and look around, saying nothing for two seconds. And then Blake enters the room, where he sees the four. The men do not even have to turn back to understand that the young boy literally chases them like a crazy fan.

“Fuck, Connor, what kind of talent to immediately end up where people talk about you?” Edward wonders with his eyes rolled, not even turning on Blake.

“Ha!” Blake crosses his arms over his chest with a contemptuous sneer. “MacClife, do you have eyes on your ass if you realized that I was standing here without turning to me?”

“That’s hard not to guess because you walk like an elephant!” Peter throws, turning on Blake along with his friends.

“I’m not a girl to walk like a model on a runway. From a thigh, shaking my ass.”

“No, you must not be allowed to go on a runway,” Daniel says confidently. “Such short, clumsy folks with a pizza face like you aren’t expected there.”

“Oh, oh, six-foot-tall closets came together!”

“I often notice that all short people show off too much,” Edward notices, putting his hands on his hips. “They try to compensate for their short height.”

“You know, boy, a six-foot height doesn’t stop your brother from showing off so that MacClife annoyed everyone by saying he’s irresistible, sassy, sexy, and something like what makes him feel literally God.”

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