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Reverse Harem Alien Abduction # 1

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When Clara awakens on a random spaceship, she has no idea the future that awaits her. This is a reverse harem alien romance.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Clara woke up in a haze, feeling more comfortable than she ever had. Stretching above and around her and feeling soft, silky sheets and a warm fuzzy blanket, she realized she was no longer home, and her eyes popped open.

It took Clara a few seconds to process the sight in front of her. While the room was very dark and hard to see, what Clara could see shocked her. A bigger than her own apartment, very futuristically fancy looking, room with three, looming, king size 4-poster beds taking most of the space, surrounded her. One of the beds she was sitting up on as she took in the beautiful, pastel, rainbow-colored cloths draping majestically atop them.

The beds took up three of the four glowing, intricately decorated walls, the fourth one partially covered by what looked like an ultra-clear Television. It was so realistic, it almost looked like Clara was flying at a high speed through the stars. This had to be a dream. Unless she was somehow really in space.

Yeah, right Clara, too many fucking late-night movies.

Clara pinched herself, willing herself to wake from what was obviously a dream. After three pinches, Clara decided she might NOT be dreaming, and her heart started to race. Hearing sounds from one of the other two beds, Clara sat up a little straighter, listening intently.

“ALO? ki moun ki isit la?” Clara couldn’t understand the language but knew by the sound of the voice it was another woman panicking just as much she was. Confusion, mixed with fear and a little anger, gave Clara the courage to get up and walk over to the other beds. Glancing between the two, Clara could see the most beautiful, curvy, Indian girl she had ever laid eyes on sleeping in one, and the woman she had heard, an extraordinarily dark, gorgeous Haitian woman, also very curvy, awake, and sitting up in the other.

Clara was embarrassed to think that they all had one thing in common. Their large, curvy, body types. Clara being the largest and palest of them all, her plain brown, who knows when it was washed last, shoulder length hair looking so pathetic in comparison to the beauties next to her. That was one thing she didn’t feel they had in common. There was no way she looked as good as these two women did.

After a few minutes, Clara realized communicating was going to be very hard, as she only knew English, and this girl, whom she finally figured out was named Islande, kept waving her hands and speaking frantic, what sounded kind of like French. After a few more minutes, the woman in the other bed awoke, speaking what Clara guessed to be Hindi. Clara watched a lot of Bollywood movies, and this dark, beautiful woman, spoke some words that Clara could recognize. “Namaste. kya aap jaanate hain ki ham kahaan hain?” The Woman looked at them both with inquisitive eyes, with Clara responding with the few words she knew. “Namaste. mera naam hai Clara. Do you speak English? Or French?”

Before the frightened girl could respond, they all heard a noise to the left of the large, windowed wall, drawing their attention. A light above flashed on, the brightness causing the girls to cover their eyes in shock, waiting for them to adjust. A moment later, a door appeared from nowhere in the corner of two of the walls, and three large beings walked into the room.

Clara’s eyes grew wide with disbelief, taking in these what she could only think of as aliens, with the evidence provided so far.

They ranged in height from probably 6 and a half to 7 and a half feet tall, their shadows looming over the girls as they stood before them, their light green skin glistening from the light of the open door, almost as if it were made of small shiny scales. Their faces were very similar to humans, except for the large horn growing from one side of their head to the other, looking almost like a handlebar of sorts.

They also all had the same color eyes, a light, flaming blue, making them almost magical looking as they stared back in wonder. Thick, muscular looking, hands led to the pad of their fingers having what looked similar to octopus suckers, one on each fingertip. Strange, though it did not deter from their movie star handsome looks. They wore sleeveless outfits that looked like what Clara always saw monks wear, long, with a cord fastened around their tight middles, though the color was a dark, deep purple. Their arms, light green and bulging with muscle after muscle, were very hard for Clara to look away from, as she had a very real fetish when it came to big muscley guys.

They aren’t guys Clara. They are obviously aliens that have taken us for whatever reason..

Clara’s eyes finally leave the muscles, her thoughts still racing as she allowed herself to look further down below the waistline of the tallest one of them, seeing a large bulge that makes her slightly wet, and a whole lot embarrassed, as she sees she was caught looking, with her tongue practically hanging out. The alien who caught her looked extremely pleased, standing a little taller and thrusting his hips out just a bit more, as if to accentuate his already unbelievable bulge. Looking at the faces of the other two aliens, they looked jealous, as if him getting attention from her was something they had all dreamed of, and only one had gotten the pleasure of receiving.

The door closed behind them as they silently headed towards them, one for each girl, and Clara could see they held something that looked similar to a phaser from Star Trek in their hands.

Oh God, are they going to rape us and then murder us?

Clara wanted to run, wanted to fight, do something, but she couldn’t, as if her feet were frozen in place. Before she could look down to investigate, the alien she had been caught checking out, was right up on her, using his scanner on the back of her neck.

He smelled of sweet Vanilla spice, and something citrusy that she didn’t recognize but adored the smell of, and she found herself taking a large whiff despite herself, feeling that same burn of embarrassment at the resulting rush she felt down below. The phaser burned slightly on her neck, causing Clara to pull away sharply and push as hard as she could on the unrelenting muscle mass in front of her.

“Dude what the hell? Can you at least talk to us before you murder us?”

Reaching up to the back of her neck, Clara could feel a small circular spot where her skin was waxy and different, as if it had been slightly melted.

“What the fuck did you do to me?”

Clara was angry, she had spent a lot of her childhood feeling so out of control of things, that as an adult, control was the most important thing to her. If she couldn’t control the situation and people around her, she felt rage.

Still unable to move her feet, Clara flipped off the now retreating monk aliens as they walked backwards out the door, bowing at the women as if they were royalty, and not the slaves Clara felt they were.

I swear if I ever see those fucking handsome mutherfuckers again I will...

Clara’s thoughts stopped, as she realized she had no idea what she would do, or could do even, considering her short 5 foot 6, and their towering, brick wall bodies. She noticed her anger was not stopping her from still fantasizing about their bodies though; the muscles being straight from Clara’s sexiest dreams.

Finally, remembering she was not alone, Clara focused on the two other woman with her. Hearing a strange hissing sound, Clara looked down to see the strange boots she had somehow not noticed she was wearing until that moment, released from whatever hold they had on the ground, freeing the girls to walk again. They were soft and black, almost like ultra-thick socks, and while so much more comfortable than Clara wanted to admit, she didn’t like the control they had over her movements.

“You guys okay?”

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