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Luna: The Curse Eclipse

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"Help me..." "If you want my help…" Domhall, in his demonic form, squatted in front of Louisanna as his long, dirty nails lightly caressed her neck, creating a shallow wound in it. "Beg for it." Domhall Palmer was living his life to the fullest as a multi-billionaire CEO, not until something strange happened after the last eclipse of the year. In the middle of the night, when everyone was intoxicated and insane, he suddenly vanished into the world… and without his consent and consciousness, he became the demon king. When he found out that Luna, the one he had the last connection with can bring his old life back, he forced her to bound a contract with him as he wanted to make his plans achievable by keeping his prey closer… not knowing that he was the one being trapped. Would he fall in love with her for another time? Or decide to end all his suffering by killing the woman who started it all?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

People do look at the moon to feel relaxed, admire the breathtaking scenery of the moonlight shining on every corner of the world, or just because they are finding something to stare at— but not for Domhall Palmer.

In the back of his mind, he’s cursing the beauty of it.

“Ah, damn,” he muttered, exasperated, as he threw away the cigarette that was the same size as a highlighter used by students in school.

Sinners, his people, were just looking at him as he was standing in front of his throne, unmoving. No one dared to speak nor interrupt his alone time as the fire surrounding the place gave him the calmness he never had before. Together with the intensity of his emotions were the fire growing bigger— and wilder.

“Bow down, peasants,” Domhall said in an authoritative tone as the sinners caged in different rooms knelt before him.

He could feel their agony, their fear… and it gave him the strength he needed. Their negative thoughts and evilness, which is the reason why they ended up here, gave him the fuel he must have to survive in this chaotic place.

In inferno, where his authority and power were unquestionable, he always had his demon form whether he liked it or not. Every time he stares into his reflection on the mini-fire lake inside his territory, he couldn’t help but whimper as he couldn’t bear what was in sight.

A gigantic beast with deeply burned red skin, long and dirty nails, fearful red eyes, and imperial horns which are only given to kings like him— it was purely horrible.

“Stand up,” he commanded as the sinners immediately obliged.

The fire didn’t stop from growing. It also meant that his power was increasing as he sat on the throne and felt the mysterious energy surrounding his body. It felt like the fire and his body became one, and he was made to rule this territory.

What he hated before became his sense of comfort zone.

Back in the days when Domhall was a human— A multi-billionaire CEO who had lots of money but nowhere to spend it, he hated the sunlight and heat as it made him feel hot-tempered and decreased his level of productivity.

Now, he’s living with it.

And it’s because of the moon.

For Domhall, it was a curse. The moon gave anyone the light they needed to cope with the dark, but it was the opposite for him. It brought him into the darkness… the reason why he became the demon king.

“Fuck that moonlight,” he even added, almost in a whisper, as he remembered how did he end up in this unlikeable situation.

In a blink of an eye, camera flashes were surrounding the place as Domhall went out of his Rolls Royce car. As one of the youngest bachelors in town with a million-dollar net worth, no one would wonder why his entire life, even his agenda, was all over the news almost every day.

Wearing a three-piece blue suit, black leather shoes, and his infamous Rayban sunglasses, he waved his hand at the reporters as he went inside a bar, and the whole media industry became chaotic because of it. The flashes of the camera became aggressive as the reporters were desperately asking him questions, from his biography down to his least liked topic— His love interest.

It’s not that he wasn’t interested, but he liked the fact that he’s single. He can bang people he wants. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he’s committed to someone else. He doesn’t even plan to marry at the age of thirty-one.

“F.uck, man. I am not even sure if you’re a businessman or an artist!” Clark, one of his friends, teased him as he sat on the couch. “You’re the popular talk of the town,” he even added before raising the bottle of wine and pouring it into the wine glass.

Clark gave it to Domhall, and he immediately accepted it as he drank it in one sip. Like before, they plan to stay in this bar until tomorrow, get wasted while drinking different kinds of alcohol and spend their money on it, and find someone to bang until he reaches their pleasure. Life, for him, was boring because there was nothing he could ever ask for.

There’s no challenge because he’s already successful in all aspects of his life.

“As I will always be,” Domhall answered confidently before placing the glass on the table. “It’s a win-win situation for both of us. My businesses were prosperous, while your bar is getting popular, too.” He pointed at himself before continuing his sentence. “It’s all because of me.”

Clark didn’t bother to answer as he raised both of his hands, looking like he was surrendering to the police. Domhall just chuckled as they waited for the real party to start— The happy hour.

“Here’s your shot!”

A girl named Lory sat on his lap as she planted kisses on his neck. He can feel how her lips lick every part of his skin, as he groans hard because of her expert tongue swirling and traveling onto his earlobe, nibbling it a bit.

“How was it, Sir Domhall?” Lory asked in a seductive tone.

“Just… perfect.” Catching his breath, Domhall’s left hand immediately went to her hair, pulling it a bit, as his right hand went onto her mound and massaged it.

She’s one of his favorite escorts in this bar, and the only thing he doesn’t like is when she’s becoming clingy when he’s with other girls.

That’s the reason why he hated commitment in the first place.

“So, you like this, Lory?” Domhall asked as he pinched her nipple with both of his fingers. It was rough... yet pleasurable.

“Ooh!” Lory’s moans confirmed his thoughts.

He wasn’t just extraordinary in terms of personal appearance and his financial status, but he was also an expert in bed. He had too much experience in terms of pleasuring someone, so caressing mounds was a piece of cake for him.

People don’t mind them in their business. This is what he liked in his friend’s bar. There weren’t any reporters here, and people here couldn’t take any pictures of him, post about him on their social media sites, or even strike up a conversation with him unless he’s the one who’ll initiate it. One wrong move and they’ll experience how to live in hell.

Domhall couldn’t hide away his smile because of Lory’s body reactions to him. He really likes girls who are so reactive. It makes him feel so superior… and worthy. Despite his achievements, he wasn’t able to feel it for a long time.

In the middle of his thoughts, Domhall suddenly stopped moving when someone entered the place. She has long and wavy ash-white hair that complemented her snow-white skin, deep black eyes, and a slim body that was enhanced by her flowy white dress.

It was enough to make him feel hard.

“Hey, why did you stop?” Lory noticed that Domhall was staring behind her, and when she was about to turn around, Domhall suddenly pushed her to the side as he walked in Clark’s direction, who was also flirting with someone else.

“Clark…” Domhall sat beside him. Clark instructed his girl to wait for him as he was going to talk with a friend. “Who’s that chick?”

“They’re everywhere, Domhall,” Clark immediately responded before chuckling. “Be specific on who you’re pointing at.”

“The one with the white hair,” he answered without hesitation as he watched the woman walking inside the staff room intently.

She looked unbelievably gorgeous. In fact, it wasn’t just him who was looking. She caught everyone’s attention without her knowing.

“Oh, are you talking about Louisanna?” Clark pointed at the girl just to make sure they were on the same page.

Domhall nodded. “You know her?”

“I do. She’s been a waitress here for a long time already. It’s just about now when she requested to change her shift,” Clark explained to him, but after a while, he looked at his friend as he narrowed his eyes before raising a brow. “Domhall, you can’t fuck with her. You can bang anyone here, but not my employees. I’ll kick you out of this place if you do.”

Domhall laughed sarcastically because of Clark’s warning. He thought it was just a joke. It was the first time he showed this kind of interest in anyone, but when he saw that Clark was being serious after a minute, he cleared up his throat as he crossed his legs and leaned onto the couch.

“Ah, fine. How selfish,” he even muttered, but loud enough for Clark to hear. “Lory, come here and continue what you’re doing.”

Domhall tried to enjoy the night, although Louisanna filled up his entire mind. He couldn’t stop his boner as he was thinking about her delicate skin. He wonders how beautiful would that be if she were under him, but he made a promise to his friend so he needs to release the heat on someone else... but sadly, no one caught his attention like what Louisanna did to him.

He walked onto the bar like he was strolling at a park. He wanted to calm down his body, the same as his thoughts. Clark and the other people they’d been with were intoxicated. They couldn’t stop dancing as the alcohol spilled onto the floor.

When he looked outside, he realized that it was already midnight— And an eclipse was happening. The last eclipse of the year.

“Oh— I’m sorry!”

Domhall almost jumped out of shock when she felt a sudden sensation sent onto his spine. It felt surreal as the woman he was thinking about throughout the night was already in front of him. She was wearing a black t-shirt partnered with a pencil-cut skirt. Her hair was tied in a messy bun, and he almost lost his control when his gaze traveled onto her delectable neck.

“Are you alright, sir?” the woman asked in a gentle tone as she held onto his hair a bit, trying to observe if he’s fine. “I guess you are. I’m sorry for my clumsiness, sir!” she even added as she bowed down a bit, trying to beg for his forgiveness as she quickly escaped after that.

Domhall wanted to make the conversation longer, but Louisanna immediately went to the other side of the bar to do her job. She seems like a busy woman, but that’s exactly his type. He was about to follow her, but he wasn’t able to do that when he realized he couldn’t move his feet.

Time stopped as the eclipse finally happened.

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