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A love story which starts with a simple text and leads to far more than friendship between a pop star and a fan but will she know who he really is? Liam is nursing a heart break and Louis suggests that he should create a fake account on Twitter and find someone better, someone who likes him for him, not for fame and money and this is the only way he can do so. By having a fake account, no one will know it's him and he can truly see if she likes him for him and so, Liam listens to Louis and texts Ella. Who is the girl that Liam ends up texting? What's her story? Will Liam find his true love? Or will something or someone keep them apart?

Romance / Fantasy
Aime Borg Duca
4.9 8 reviews
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Chapter 1

Liam’s Pov

Lately Louis has been trying to get me to do stuff to get me over my heart break.

We have tried clubs, parties and even skydiving. My last breakup was pretty rough on me and I’m thankful to have the guys by my side. Louis however made it his mission to bring a smile to my face and just seeing how thoughtful he is, is enough to make me happy for what I have and forget what I lost.

His last attempt was to get me to do a fake account and start talking to people on it secretly just so that he can show me that there are better people in this world rather than gold diggers.

Obviously, the point of the fake account is so that if I get to find a girl that I like and that likes me, she would like me for me not for my name, fame and money.

Sometimes I hate being on the spotlight, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m doing what I love I would rather quite this job and have a normal life but I know that it wouldn’t be rational to do that. I have to do it for those who look up to me and see me as their role model, if not for myself and for my mates of course.

I know my past wasn’t that great and that fame did help me prove to people that I am successful, but if I had to go back I wouldn’t have handled situations like I did but I guess everyone says that right?

If this is what will help me feel a bit normal, then that’s what I will do. There’s no harm in trying now is there?

I clicked on the create account button and immediately started thinking about a fake name.

Something that won’t reveal who I am but still resembles myself. If I’m going to do this so that I will feel normal then I have to be myself, that’s the whole point.


Not that bad. I created a password and put a picture of myself where my face isn’t recognizable and one that I’m sure was never on any social media.

I uploaded other pictures which I had on my phone but never uploaded because they were too dark, I guess they finally came to use.

I was pretty satisfied with them so I created the account and went to my real account and clicked on the followers button.

I started snooping some of my followers and see if any of them seemed interesting enough to talk to.

There were many crazy fans which I personally didn’t want to get involved with because the point of all this is to find someone who will like me for me. I don’t want to end up with another girl who only wants to go out with me for money and fame.

As I was scrolling I stumbled upon a girl who seemed intriguing. Her user name was @ellalovesmusic. Well that’s a start, first thing we have in common, music.

I clicked on her icon and opened up her photo, she looked so beautiful yet her face wasn’t even shown but I could tell.

I don’t know why but she seemed to be at peace, somewhat like her comfort place. Maybe she combines the place and the music together.

I don’t know how I concluded to this from just a picture.

I swiped to the right to see more of her. I want to see her face, there is something about this girl that is drawing me in.

There were various pictures of her looking away, they were so beautiful yet I longed to see her face.

Finally scrolling through many photos of her I came across what I was looking for. It still wasn’t what I was looking for but it was still something.

Unluckily for me she didn’t have any other photos that showed her face but from this photo I could still see that I was right. She was truly beautiful.

Her eyes looked full of light and happiness, she looked intriguing. She is following my real account but from her profile she seems like she’s not some super fan, one that you can’t even talk to because she’ll scream in your face. Defiantly what I was looking for.

I quickly followed her and looked at who else she follows and who follows her. She barely had 20 followers, and those who followed her were companies who follow you for advertisement. She seemed to follow only celebrities, didn’t she have friends?

She’s making me more curious with each second that passes. I really want to get to know her, she seems like a girl with a story.

I sighed and locked my phone, I can’t expect her to follow me instantly and what if she won’t follow me because I’ll seem like a stranger to her? A girl in her right mind wouldn’t follow me but then again I’m hoping she does.

I can’t get her out of my head. Gosh Louis what have you done?

I got out of my bunk and walked into the kitchen area and found Niall. Obviously.

“Hey man.” I said as I walked in. He smiled at me with his mouth full of chips and another hand already filled as well. I shook my head at him and made a cup of coffee for myself.

“Is Catherine coming later?” I asked and he nodded grinning widely. Niall’s other obsession after food of course, is Sophie. They have been dating for a while now and he seems rather happy.

Catherine is a great girl, I like her a lot. She met Niall at Nandos when he went to get us takeout one night. He ended up eating all our food with her and we got nothing except a happy Nialler.

I shook my head at the memory and sipped my coffee.

My mind was drifting to many things, mostly that girl which I’m assuming is called Ella.

I wonder if we ever get to meet in person. If I get the chance to see those beautiful eyes up close and kiss her lips.

“Liam?” I looked around and saw Louis calling me from the table. When did he get here? Was I that deep in thought?

“Hey, Lou.” I said as I sat next to him and Niall.

“Did you do it?” I nodded and he smiled. “Find someone yet?”

“Yeah, sort of.” I replied and he gave me a confused look. “I scrolled through my followers on my real account and found someone who’s decent enough to talk to and stumbled upon someone intriguing.” I said as I whipped out my phone.

I frowned when I saw no notifications but then mentally slapped myself for it. It’s been what, 10 minutes? Chill.

I showed Louis her photos and he smiled at my phone.

“Well, she sure is pretty.” I nodded and he continued to swipe through the photos.

“I don’t know why, I got curious to get to know her story.” I mumbled and Louis hummed in response, Niall was looking over Louis’s shoulder at my phone, nodding and munching.

“Hey guys what’s up?” Harry asked walking in.

“Look who Liam’s got a crush on?” Louis said as he showed him my phone, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Nice, mate.” He said winking at me and I rolled my eyes at him but deep inside I was grinning like an idiot.

“Who said I have a crush?” I said and they all raised their eyebrows at my statement.

She is pretty and I am pretty interested in getting to know her, maybe it’s a crush. I don’t know it’s too soon. It’s been 15 minutes, Jesus.

“Whatever, let’s go get ready for the show.” I mumbled as I got off the bus and walked to the arena.

I can’t wait to see if she’ll follow me and if not I admit I would be a bit disappointed but again who would follow some unknown person?

I wouldn’t blame her if she even blocks me but I do wish she’ll follow me back, I want to get to know her more. There’s something about her that is drawing me in.

I got to the arena and grabbed a mic, I walked to the centre of the stage and soon the guys followed behind.

“Okay, let’s do sound check really quick and then you guys can go get ready.” Paul said from the seating area. We all nodded and the music started.

Everything seemed to work well but I wasn’t that much focused on that stuff. I just wanted it to be over so that I could get tonight over with. Maybe till the show is over she would have followed me. Yeah maybe.

We got off stage and went to our dressing rooms to get ready.

“Hi babe.” I turned around and saw Louis hugging his girlfriend. She’s one of our background dancers her name is Eleanor. She’s my best friend, the only girl in my life that hasn’t failed me yet besides my mom and sisters of course. I love her, she’s awesome and she’s perfect for Louis. He’s really happy around her.

“Liam, did you do it?” She asked as she jumped excitedly in front of me like a little girl in a candy store. Eleanor is the most hyper, energetic, lively girl I have ever met. I do admit sometimes I regret combining her with Louis because they will make your head spin but they’re too cute together and they’re both happy.

“Yeah I did.” I said but Louis cut me off. “And he already found someone.” I rolled my eyes and kept on walking until I sat down on the sofa in the dressing room. They both followed me and sat next to me, Eleanor bouncing in her seat. “Show me, show me, show me.”

I laughed and shook my head at her, getting my phone out of my pocket. “Will you please calm down?” I asked but she only bounced on her seat even more, grinning widely. “Why do I ever ask?” I mumbled and Louis laughed as Eleanor got even more impatient and started hitting my arm. “Show me.” She whined and I chuckled. “Who gave you chocolate?”

She giggled and shrugged and I finally opened Twitter. “Here.” I said and she screamed. I flinched and locked my phone, putting it back in my pocket. “You have to stop doing that. Although I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming?” I said more to myself. Louis just sat there laughing his ass off.

“Ah, I can already see the wedding.” She said sighing, propping her elbows on her knees and resting her head on her palms. I rolled my eyes at her and scoffed. “You’re a dreamer. She hasn’t even followed me yet.” I said shaking my head. “I just have a good feeling about this one. You know I’m always right.” She said winking and I sighed and put head back, resting it on the back of the sofa.

I ran my head over my face and looked at Eleanor again. “Yeah, I know.” I mumbled and she grinned, patting my knee. “No worries love, she’ll follow you. Just remember to let me name your babies for you. It’s only fair” I laughed and got up from the sofa, stretching. “You’re too cute El.” She giggled and cuddled up to Louis.

“That she is.” Louis said as he kissed her. “I love you babe.” Eleanor rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Yeah, Yeah. I love you too.” He laughed and I left the room before they start to make out as usual.

“Hi Lou.” I greeted as I walked into her hair and makeup room. “Hi Li.” I sat on one of the chairs and let her do her magic while I was lost in thought until my phone cut me off.

I got it out of my pocket and grinned widely. Now I know I’ll have a great concert.

@ellalovesmusic followed you.

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