Tales Told Out Of School. 2. A Mind Of Her Own

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Susan awoke. She sat up under the mosquito net, feeling and seeing that she was naked. She recognized nothing; did not know where she was. She remembered some of the previous night and began to panic. Deke watched the soldier slip a pill into Susan’s drink while she was distracted, knowing at that moment what that man planned for her; a clusterfuck of epic proportions with half of the barracks entertaining themselves in her little grotto. He almost hadn’t recognized her when she had first come into the bar the way she was dressed. She was uncomfortable, out of place, and did not want to be here, but her friends had somehow tricked her. She meant a lot to him, so he would see that she came to no harm. If anyone got fucked, it was going to be that soldier, and the two girls who had brought Susan here. A few hours later, Susan awoke. She sat up, looked around the room, seeing that she was under a mosquito net, but feeling as though she were enclosed in a protective cage, a spider’s web, recognizing nothing. She was not even sure where she was. She felt, and saw, that she was completely naked. It began to come back to her what had happened to her the previous night, and she began to panic, except she also knew that Deke had rescued her, and that she had not been either groped or fucked. Deke could do that to her, but no one else.

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A Shocking Introduction

Deke stayed in town longer than he'd intended.

He'd worked until almost seven o’clock that evening at the local College for Young Ladies, and was hungry. He would get dinner at Molly’s, the local Roadhouse, and head home after that. His dog, left with old Mrs. Walker, would be okay, and so would the other one, which had full run of his property.

Molly’s place was a hangout for soldiers, and a certain kind of woman, once the evening advanced, but he wouldn’t be here that long. There was only one young woman who interested him and she wouldn’t be seen dead in a place like this.

It would soon become too noisy for comfort, but he was a people watcher. It was interesting to study others when they did not know they were being watched. He liked to see and understand their expressions, gesticulations, and their body language toward each other as the beer flowed, and the inhibitions loosened. The competition to latch on to the prettiest, or most uninhibited and unattached female in the room, heated up in proportion to the noise and the crush of bodies. Words were unimportant in this place. Everyone knew why you were here after a certain time of the evening. You were here either to get laid, or to do the laying.

The room began to fill up from the army base before he had finished eating almost half an hour later. That was when he noticed two women who seemed out of place. They were too young to be here, and probably were under-age, but they looked to be able to handle themselves. And then he saw a third. She, the last one, was uncomfortable, did not want to be here, and looked to be very much out of place. This was not the place for her, and she didn’t want to be here, didn’t want to be seen, and kept out of the way, anxious to leave. She was unsteady on her feet, having difficulty focusing, and may have been drugged. She didn’t look the type to take drugs. She also looked vaguely familiar in that poorly lit environment.

Deke watched and waited. They were all heavily made up. Too heavily. It fooled no one. Some of those girls from the college, which was where these three came from, were worse than whores, and too expensive to mess with, though they were free for the taking. Some of them, a handful of them, were whores, morally, if not professionally, but there were bad apples in every barrel. The first two fitted into that category. The third didn’t. They were jailbait; but only if you got caught with them, or they complained.

They were from the nearby New Bristol College for Young Ladies. Though not all of them in that College were ladies, as he well knew considering the mischievous and personal tricks too many of them sometimes tried to play on him to tempt him while he was working around the school. He knew enough not to respond in any way on those occasions, and not to allow himself to get trapped in any isolated place with any of them without a teacher, or a trusted pair of older girls to guard him. Some of them were man-crazed and sex-mad. The rest of them were just curious about him. He was the only young man in the college, and he worked there at least two days a week on their security systems, rewiring the entire school to bring the electrical system up to code, and spent the remainder of the week on other things throughout the building as they were brought to his attention.

He usually ate in the college cafeteria each lunch time, along with the few other, older men who looked after the school, so he thought he should recognize these three girls, and he thought he did.

One, of the three, her again, was out of her depth, uncomfortable and obvious, while trying to stay back and out of sight. She had come in a few minutes after her friends and just wanted to leave. She was animatedly telling them so, but they ignored her, wanting to hear none of that. He could lip-read them, as well as observe their body-language. They were arguing. She wanted to get out of here and go back to the college, but she couldn’t leave by herself. They must have come in the car of one of them, or a taxi.

No, they'd not come by taxi or she would have got the driver to take her back to the school. Her school clothes would also be in their car, so she would have to stay and tough it out until they decided to leave, which might not be for a few hours. Or longer. She was trapped!

He soon recognized all three of them with some surprise after a few minutes of observing them, but couldn’t put names to the first two. As he'd guessed... they were all from the college, just eight miles away.

The one of them that regretted being there, despite her maturity, and whom he easily recognized now, looked uncomfortable. He eventually saw the young woman beyond the dress and behind the make-up, though it had taken him a few minutes of watching her. She was Susan Arnhold.

He knew her name; knew her well; very well, and was surprised to see her here. He stood up immediately and was about to go over to her to extricate her from this awkward situation for her, as she clearly wanted, when he hesitated and sat down again. There was more happening here than there should be, and he'd better be cautious.

She knew him too, but she had not yet seen him, and she would be shocked and embarrassed when she saw him here and would know that she had been recognized. This was the last place he would have expected her to be, or that she wanted to be, he knew that, and he would not judge her for this until he knew more, but he also knew that he had to get her out of here and rescue her at any cost.

This, where she was now, was somehow beyond her control, he already knew that, and it had not been of her choosing.

He’d had lunch with her in the cafeteria not eight hours ago. They had sat and relaxed next to each other as they usually did as they talked, their legs touching, an occasional light touch on a knee or a hand. If they sat opposite each other, they sometimes allowed their feet to touch, and to linger.

Their eyes, as they met, told each other, and those who were able to observe them, more of the same timeless story. They were in love, but had not yet spoken openly about it to each other. The restrictive college environment was not a place where they could speak openly of such things or be more demonstrative with each other-- as it was obvious they soon would be-- but that time was fast approaching.

It was daring enough, and was already pushing the boundaries that they dared have lunch together, but with the entire school as chaperone and closely attentive to them, what could they do? They had to be patient.

She was shy, as he was, but neither of them were as shy with each other as they had been almost a year ago. It had been a particularly difficult event that had taken them both decisively beyond that, thrown them together in a memorable and revolutionary way, and set them on a track of getting to know each other better, and being able to talk to each other.

That memory seemed unreal now. They had been thrown together so intimately, but that same event had also forced them both to step back from the precipice they both teetered upon. They understood what had come so close to happening between them; what actually had happened, but they also knew that it must get back to that first step, rather than that they both leap off into free-fall into the unknown abyss after giving in to total, continuing intimacy. They backed away from that moment, but had never forgotten it, and had never lost touch with that moment or their feelings for each other.

Their friendship had grown steadily from there. He often spoke with Susan now as he joined her in the cafeteria for lunch, or she joined him; their shared secret, where they had almost made love in the heat of that memorable moment.

Almost made love?

They had made love. There was no mistaking what they had done with each other, but it had not gone to completion as they'd both wanted--where they could speak about it and see that it continued from that moment-- and it had been too soon for them both. They'd backed off and had put it behind them, knowing that there would soon come a time when they would have to speak about it with each other, and could let it pick up from where they had left off.

In just a few days time, when school finished for the year, they would go back to that moment in time and speak fully about their feelings for each other, which had only grown, but not yet. Not until she finally graduated and left the college, which would be in a few day's time when term, and the school year ended.

At that time they would both be free.

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