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Chapter 12


Here I was, in front of Tiffany’s house, contemplating whether I should go and knock. As I battle with my inner self whether to go for it or not, the door swung open and was surprised to see Mrs. Watson.

“Leylah, is that you?” Tiffany’s mother, Theresa was on her usual clothing. A gray blazer with a white V-neck inside, along with a matching gray skirt. She always wore clothes that a typical old woman would wear, but Theresa was a young woman. At the age of 48, many people would’ve mistaken for being in the mid-30s instead.

“Y-yes… Mrs. Watson” I shyly smiled.

“Oh, my dear! I haven’t seen you for long since Tiffany left. I miss you” she pulled me into a hug while I hug her back. I’ve missed her as well - her baked pastries, cookies, and other goodies too.

Theresa owned her own bake shop somewhere on downtown. I haven’t been inside but I have ordered some before.

“Yeah it’s been long,” I said as I pulled back.

“Are you looking for Tiffany? I’m sure she’d be glad to see you again,” she said then moved aside to let me in.

“TIFFANY!” Theresa called as she went upstairs while I was left alone inside.

“Coming!” I heard. When I turned around, Tiffany was struggling to put on her combat boots. She looked quite surprised when she saw me.

“Leeeeeeeyy!” she came running down the stairs not bothering if she was dragging her feet and boots with her. She jumped at me and hugged me tightly. “My Lil playmate”

“Hey!” I slapped her back playfully but still hugged her with the same strength as hers. I could already feel my bones cracking. Not really, but yeah.

“Oh my god, we should hang out today. What are you doing here anyway?” she asked, now fixing her boots.

“I came to see you of course,” I said while smiling.

“Damn, we’re missing out a lot. Let’s go shopping today, I need new decorations for my bedroom. All that was left in there when I left were my play toys.” she chuckled while brushing her hair with her hand.

I said goodbye to Theresa and made our way to Tifanny’s car. It was a simple Red 2013 Honda Civic.

“So, how have you been?” she started.

“Good. I mean, lots of things change when you left. I was all alone you know! I got picked by many kids.”

She was laughing the whole way as I told her the story about a boy named Xander who made fun of me during my 4th until 6th grade because I was dressed to girly. It was because most of the time I was wearing a dress and my hair would mostly be put into a ponytail. He also turned out to be the person who stole my first kiss because of a dare. It was gross.

“Oh my god really? What’d you do?”

“I punched him duh! Like really hard in the stomach. He cried after. When the teacher came, we were both crying. She asked all the students what happened here but everyone was telling her their own version of the story.”

We pulled off the mall and got out. We went from to store to store. I didn’t know Tiffany had that amount of money to spend on clothes and mostly shoes! She nearly spent like a thousand.

“Oh wait.” she stopped immediately causing me to bump into her.


“We should tell Jesse to come and hang out too? It’s like friendship reunion although the last time we played together was like when we were kids. I miss her too you know!”

I didn’t know what to say to that. This weekend had consisted of me thinking of possibilities if Jessica or Jesse really doesn’t remember us. Tiffany then pulled out her phone and started searching for her contacts.

“Oh, I forgot. I only gave her my number. Do you know hers?”


“How could you not?” she raised an eyebrow at me. “You guys went out last time?”

“Well, umm.. “ I sighed. I decided to tell her everything that I came aware off, starting from when Jessica started going to our school, her siblings Nathaniel and Kristina (since every news about them was mainly a big deal to our school, and when she looked at Tiffany as if she was some crazy chick girl giving her number.

“Wait! So you’re saying Jesse is not the same Jesse anymore? I mean I kinda felt it too”

“No. Actually, I don’t know.” I told her truthfully.

“Hmmm… she did actually really change. Her personality, behavior and even her clothing. I don’t know about this Ley man.” she looked down as if thinking.

“What do we do?” I asked.

“I don’t know about this man” she started scratching her forehead. “But we just have to wait or ask”


Lately, I been, I been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be

Don’t you mean ‘lately I’ve been, I’ve been really pissed’.

The song Counting Stars was ringing from Sarah’s pocket. Yeah, so lately I’ve been pissed because…

Number one, I haven’t got laid. I needed one so bad.

Secondly, I haven’t seen Carly lately. But even so, if I had seen her, I wouldn’t be able to talk or be near her.

Lastly, Sarah had been bugging me about watching today’s basketball game. I don’t know what’s her deal with it but never have I been into one and would I never plan to go.

“Yes sir, I’ll be there on Saturday” she ended the call then turned her attention back to me.

“Who was that?”

“Nothing just my boss. I have a shift this weekend. Now Ccome on! Just once, please~ please please please” Her puppy eyes never worked on me because even if she tried, her right eye would twitch and it’s disgusting.

“No! Yuck. I don’t want to smell guy sweat. Why are you even going?”

She rolled her eyes at me and said “You know it’s my sport. If I had enrolled here earlier I would’ve made it to the team.”

“But that’s the boys’ basketball team. The girl’s basketball team are finished. They just had their last game 2 weeks ago.”

“Shit, that sucks”

We were skipping our second class which was English. I mean who wouldn’t? That old Mrs. Q was annoying as fuck. She always gave us assignments every day that was totally pointless. Whenever she tells us to write essays, it would have to be the minimum of 5 pages. I just die every time when I’m inside that room.

Sarah then yanked my arm, grabbing me before we turned the corner. I gave her a ‘what-the-fuck’ face before she shushed me.

I peeked my head out a bit while she pointed to something, or someone “Pst, hey isn’t that Carls… and Jessica?”

Squinting my eyes just to get a better look, I tried looking at the two figures that were walking down the hallways. It was indeed Carly and Jessica.

Carly was talking to Jessica while smiling and laughing. Jessica, on the other hand, was just giving small nods and only talked for a bit. I noticed because I was observing how her mouth would only make a few words.

What made me twitch was when Carly started playing along with Jessica by bumping into her hips. I might’ve gotten Sarah’s twitching eye disease if keep doing this. Well, we’re cousins after all. I guess we share the same genes.

Sadly, Jessica nearly fell because of her off balance. Good thing, the wall was there to catch her. Carly then looked like as if she was apologizing. Jessica fixed herself up, making herself look like she was okay but I knew she was hurt a bit because that wall was hard as fuck. Man, I know what it feels like being shoved into that hard wall.

When they both disappeared around another corner, Sarah and I came out and continued our way towards the outside door.

“Are they… close?” Sarah asked all of a sudden. I pushed the doors open and just shrugged. “Dunno.”


Carly had been a really good help to me. She was helping me out with almost everything even if we didn’t have that many classes together. Just like today, Mrs. Q had asked me to take a list of books from her at the library. When I got there, Carly saw me and asked me what I was doing so I explained that the teacher just gave me some errands to do.

“I’ll help you out” she insisted for the 3rd time.

“No.. um it’s okay really” I shyly replied. There were only 8 books to carry and it really wasn’t hard. Okay, I lied maybe it will be since I do not have 8 hands but that really depends on the thickness and size of the book whether I’d be able to carry it or not.

“Don’t worry, I have a spare. Now come on” she took my hand and directed us towards the computers.

“Uhh.. we’re supposed to be getting books?” I asked. I wasn’t really sure what a computer had to do with collecting books?

“Silly, no. We’re going to find where those books are. What shelf they are in so it’s easier for us to find them.”

She pulled out a seat next to her and told me to sit down so I did. “Do you have a login already?” she asked as she started typing into the computer.

“I don’t think so”

“Well, a login is what you need in order to get in the computers. Don’t worry I logged in at my account already. We can talk to the librarian and asked for your login later or we could go to the office”

For the next 15 minutes, we spend the time on the computer searching for the books by author and title and looking for its code. During that time, we also got a bit distracted when a couple of books caught our eye.

“Have you heard about Gayle Foreman?” Carly asked.


“Well check these out. I’m currently reading these. It’s called ‘Where she went’. It’s not available since I took it out but you can read this instead. It’s called ‘If I stay’. It’s the first book of Where she went.”

“What is it about?” The book cover looked interesting so I was curious what the story was about

She smiled then said “It’s about a girl named Mia. Hmm… let’s say she has everything she wanted - a handsome boyfriend, a loving family, and her future music career that’s been waiting for her.But then.. one day everything disappears”

“Disappears, how? What happened?”

“It’s a secret. You have to read it” she winked and then turned off the computer. “Come on let’s get those books for you”

After getting all of the books that were needed to get and a copy of the book called ‘If I stay’, we started heading back. I was carrying 4 books while she held the other 4. The book I took out was already in my backpack so I didn’t need to carry it. I really didn’t want to bother her anymore but she still insisted to help me out.

“You know that librarian was strict. I never liked her. Did you see how she was practically glaring at you and me?” she chuckled.

“She thought you were skipping,” I said.

“Oh my god, I know right. That oldy didn’t believe me. I’m glad you were there to explain it out. I didn’t have my schedule so it was hard for her to believe me. Thanks.”

I blushed and nodded, acknowledging her appreciation.

“So, I heard that a boy name Mark has been talking about you…?” she started making these teasing sounds, which I really didn’t find irritating or annoying since I practically have no relationship with that Mark boy other than possible friendship. He did help me out when I first came here.

“He’s the library student you know. The one who organizes all of the books. I was looking for this particular book but he told me that you reserved it already, and I asked him about you and he said ‘It’s the new nice girl’.”

“Oh” was all I said before she continued teasing. What caught me off guard was when she bumped her hips with mine. With my little strength, I nearly fell but was not lucky when I hit the wall.

I cursed on my head when my side made in contact with the wall.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” she pulled me up. I nodded but she still examined me as if I was lying. I tried playing it cool when in reality I was cursing out a million of words.

When we reached Mrs.Q’s room, I thanked her and she bid me goodbye and left. After class ended, I excused myself into the washroom.

Gladly it wasn’t occupied by any students at this time. I lifted my shirt up to see a bruise forming on my scar. I frowned when it had managed to form a small cut right next to the scar that had changed my life years ago.

I jumped and almost felt a heart attack when someone walked into the bathroom who looked very pissed.

“What’s that?”

It was none other than Sabrina who had always managed to scare me half to death. However, her mood since to worsen as she pointed towards me.

Which was now directly pointing at my bruise and the scar.

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