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Chapter 15


“Uhhh… what are we doing here?” I asked dumbly. We were at the mall. Well, of course, you’re going shopping you, idiot.

“I need new clothes. Plus, we need it for the party.” She said grabbing my hand towards the entrance of Forever 21.

Party? Who said I was going into one? I never partied. I was for sure there’s going to be drunk people who will then shamelessly make out or grind themselves on the public. Plus, don’t party also involve smoking and drugs? The thought of that just scares me.

I stopped walking and so did she. She looked at me confused.

“W-what… um, kind of party is it?” I asked. Again. She probably thinks I’m annoying now.

“Oh, it’s just an after party for the team. Many of our schoolmates are going to be there. You’re coming, right?”

Shaking my head, I answered “Umm…n-no”

“What? Why? Don’t you want to celebrate Nat’s game?”

It’s not that I wanted to. I mean, I’d probably be a loner there. I sighed and just shook my head again.

“Aww come on! Please~ I want to celebrate with siblings and YOU and Nat are part of it” She pleaded, emphasizing on the word ‘you’ which made me flinch. She also gave me those so-called puppy eyes that I’m for sure even I couldn’t resist. She just had to make me feel guilty and use the sister card against me.

“Come on please little sissy!” she said, her voice louder than before. Now people were looking at us, so I immediately agreed.

“Fine” I chewed inside my cheeks and sighed.

“YES! Now let’s go look for some clothes for you”


Me? Clothes? Forever 21 ‘girly’ clothes? Never! I wear dark clothes.

“Yes, clothes. You’re not going with that, right? It’s not that I’m saying your fashion or your taste in clothes is bad. But when you go to a party, you have to look good.”

I frowned. Wow, jeez. Way to say I’m ugly.

Her eyes widen “And no, I’m not saying you’re ugly!” she corrected herself.

“I-It’s fine.. umm. I have some clothes at home.”

“Nonsense! Oh my god, look at this Jessica. This would look so cute on you” She held up a white tight dress and smiled at me. I was horrified! That would never fit me. I have a body of a pig. Plus that thing was expensive.

I started shaking my head and tried getting out of her grasp when she started pulling me towards the change room.

“Noo” I tried getting away but she was too strong. Psh, pros of being a cheerleader I guess. I used to be a basketball and soccer player, what happened to my strength? Disappeared like a smoke.

She pushed me towards the change room and closed the door. I tried getting out but she was on the other side, where she was using her body weight to lean on it, so that made it harder for me to open the door. Five minutes later, I gave up. Looking at the dress in my hand, I twitched. Yeah, my eye twitched.

Never was I going to wear a dress like this.

’Jessica, you’re not getting out of there if you don’t wear that!”

“What?! I-I can’t wear this… it’s… not my style.” I admitted.

I heard murmurings outside. Creepy.

“Oh come on please!”

I sighed and muttered ‘fuck’ in my head.

“I heard that!”

What? Did I say that loud? My eyes widen.”W-what?”

“I heard you curse Jessica, and here I thought you were a good little sister”

“Sorry,” I said in a low voice. There was no denying that, she heard me. And I’m no liar. Well, I just lied to you. I’m a liar. Only on a special occasion.

“I’ll forgive you if you wear that then,” she said chuckling.

“What?” I nearly yelled. She’s blackmailing me, or is that how you call it?

“I’ll tell dad that her precious oh daughter curses” Yep, she’s using that against me. She’s such a bad sister.

I groaned then she laughed. When did I start groaning in public? Self-note: Low profile Jessica and people won’t notice you.

“I’m not kidding you know”

“Ugh fine!” I surrendered and raised my hands up in the air as if getting caught by a police. But of course, she didn’t see me. If she did, she might laugh at me again.

Staring at the dress, I sighed and started putting it on.

Fuck this dress.

Fuck my life.

Self-note number 2: Stop cursing.

“Oh my fucking Jesus Christ… god!”

Kristina’s eyes widened in shock. Like her eyes are literally the size of a gold ball and it looks like it’s about to pop out.

“Oh my god. Oh my god” she pushed herself into the dressing room and locked it from the inside. I raised my eyebrow at her and looked at her confused.

Her eyes started to roam over my body. Twice might I say. Maybe more. Then I saw her frown.

Right, this doesn’t fit me. This dress doesn’t like me. So I’m ugly with this thing on. I sighed and was about to pull down the zipper to change back when she stopped me.

“What are you doing?”

“Ummm… changing?”

“No! We’re not done yet. Holy fuck man, you’re gorgeous”

Did she just say ‘gorgeous’? Or did she meant ‘humongous’?

“Wow, I didn’t know you had such a body like this. Oh my god, do you do sports? Holy shit, it took me years to get that” she said pointing to my stomach.

Now I feel insecure. Everything about me scares me. Whenever people complimented me, I always think they’re lying. It’s their way of trying to brighten me up or making me feel good.

“Umm... it’s nothing.. really. I just…”

“But oh well. That’s too bad you’re not wearing that” she concluded.

Yep, hooray! I knew it.

“I don’t want my little sister getting eye fuck so let’s go. Take the dress to the cashier. I’ll wait for you there”

I was confused “But I thought we weren’t going to buy it?”

“You’re going to need it one day.”

“But I don’t have mon-“

She glared at me so I stopped. “I’m paying so don’t worry. Now hurry.”

Sighing I replied with an “Okay.”

Three hours later of shopping, I swear my feet could no longer hold me up for another 5 minutes. Kristina was a shopaholic, and I would never ever plan on shopping with her. We had stopped by almost every store in the mall. I had managed to buy my own stuff while she was shopping by some girly shop where she took about thirty minutes minutes. I had gone through Zumiez and bought a few shirts and hats. Stopping by at the apple store, I bought myself a new iPhone6, thanks to me for learning how to save money. I’ve also gone through a random shop and bought myself a pair of shades since I was planning to use that on the party. It was going to be my disguise.

Kristina was texting on her phone once we got inside “Hmm… it’s nearly 8 now so I guess we could. I bet there are a lot of people already. I texted Nat and said that he reserved a table for us. Oh, by the way, I never got your number Jess.”

“Oh… umm... I just bought a new one” I said, holding up the new iPhone 6 box case in my hand.

“Woah! That’s huge man. But ahh.. I prefer android better”

“Yeah… I’ll… just set it up” I said.

During the ride, I finished setting up my new phone. I looked through my bags and saved people’s numbers on my contact list. I had put Jace’s, John’s, Leylah’s, and Sarah’s. Dad’s number was the first priority though. Then I noticed, I actually had no number of Sabrina. That…kind of saddened me. I mean we hung out.

Oh pssh, that was once. Guurrrhh stop Jessica!

“Are you okay?” Kristina asked


“You looked like you were battling within yourself. It’s kind of cute” she turned towards me and smiled. I blushed and just told her to face forward.

“You know I had fun today. It was my first bonding with a family. Nat hates shopping with me so he never shopped after I invited him once”

Oh trust me, Kristina, I would do the same.

“Y-yeah… thank you too”

“You looked good though. I think you should wear those kinds more often”

“I uhh…I’m just not comfortable with showing my body” I admitted.

True. Actually what I’m wearing right now is so my dream style only. Curse Tumblr for plaguing my brain with weird fashion.

“Alright we’re here” She parked the car in front of a huge mansion house. Wow, it’s bigger than ours, or just the same size.

“Whose house is this?” I asked.

“Amazing cheerleader and beauty queen of school, Sabrina Carter”

Well, fuck.

Music was playing very loudly into heavy bass speakers. The song “Stay High by Hippie Sabotage” was on and it was very clear to the whole neighborhood that the mansion on the middle of their street was having a party blast. A bunch of teenagers was coming into the house. Their cars filled the street and the others. Just after the team had won, Sabrina had called her maids to set up the house into party mode. Her parents were on a business trip in France and they never cared whether their house was being invaded by a bunch of teenagers.

About quarter to seven, Sabrina’s cousin Sarah was the first to come. No longer than ten minutes later, more and more people started coming. Those who were invited were from the school’s boy basketball team, along with their girlfriends. The cheerleaders, along with their boyfriends as well, and lastly others who were also enough to categorize themselves as a ‘cool person’ – that includes the soccer players, the student council, the band, other fellow classmates, and surprisingly even Nicole’s gang came. There was no certain invitation that was given out. Anyone who has heard of the party and wanted to go came.

“Hey!” Sabrina greeted to all of the people who were entering from her front door. She wanted to make sure which people were she going to let in and if they qualified the certain rules of her party.

That, of course, was her famous 10 don’t-break-these-rules. Because if someone ever did manage to break one or more, they are totally kicked out and banned, meaning they can never enter her party again.

1) Enjoy the party, have fun.

2) Don’t spike the drinks and don’t bring drugs.

3) People who smoke should smoke on the rooftop or outside (at least 15 meters away from the house)

4) No sex on one of the guest rooms unless given permission or asked.

5) Never start a fight or get into one.

6) Clean after your mess after the party or just tip the maids with at least a hundred bucks if you don’t like cleaning.

7) Any furniture or other things that has been damaged must be replaced for the next 24 hours, or else will need to pay.

8) Don’t ever hit on someone else’s girl or guy.

9) No sleepovers except those who are given special permissions

10) All guests must be gone by 2 AM.

Each of the people who came was required to sign their signature into a paper where the rules where listed. Each rule must be strict, but that is because Sabrina never liked drunken parties or waking up with a terrible mess in the house. She doesn’t like the smell of weed or smoke because she used to have asthma when she was a kid.

“Dude, shoo. No smoking man.” Sabrina exaggerated her cough and shooed Sarah away, who was now by the way smoking inside the house.

Sarah shrugged and took a step back “What? I never signed those stupid papers with your stupid fucking rules.”

Sabrina shot her a look and said “Just go”, pointing towards the kitchen.

“AHEM!” a loud obnoxious sound coming from Sabrina’s left caught their attention. Sabrina was surprised to see Nicole and her gang into her house. Nicole was rolling her eyes and demanded them to let her in.

“Excuse me bitch, but who invited… you?” Sarah turned around and crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow to the rude person, but then the words coming out of her mouth trailed off once she saw it was Nicole

She has heard of Nicole a lot of times. In fact, they had known each other a long time ago when Sarah was still young and not living in UK. They were both middle schoolmates. Nicole’s brother, Zack was best friends with Sarah. Zack introduced his younger sister to Sarah when they were playing basketball outside their school. However, things changed since then.

Nicole’s eyes widen when she saw Sarah. She hasn’t seen her since what… 4 years? “S-Sarah?”

“Nicole.” Sarah gasped as if she was seeing a ghost in front of her. They stood there for a while, staring at each other until Sabrina caught the thick atmosphere in the air.

“You two know each other?”

The color on Nicole’s face drained when she really knew that it was Sarah. It was the same old Sarah Davidson. She immediately took a step back from the front steps.

“I.. I gotta go” She hurriedly turned around and left, leaving her mates behind. The others didn’t know what else to do so they just looked at Sabrina.

“Are we still allowed to go in?” one of them asked.

Should she or not? “Just read the rules and tell me if you’re going to follow them our not” Sabrina handed them each the paper. Their reaction was quite funny – some boys’ eyes widen as if this was really party, some just nodded, and some looked confused.

“Do we really have to follow all of this?” another tall guy asked. His hair was curly and had tattoos all over his arms. It was also clear that he was a smoker since Sabrina could see the cigarette pack in his pocket.


“Well, I’m outta here then.” He walked away while some followed. The rest stayed and was given the opportunity to enter the house too.

After they happily left, Sabrina turned to look at her cousin who was now still in a daze. “What was that?”

When her cousin didn’t respond, “Sarah!”

Sarah flinched and stuttered “W-what?”

“What was that with Nicole? How do you know her?”

“She was.. umm.. we used to be schoolmates when I was still in Queens,” she said.

“You mean that middle school you attended before you left?”

She sighed and nodded “I’m going to smoke into the rooftop. I’ll be down later.”

Sabrina watched as her cousin cautiously and slowly walked up the stairs. She could tell something was wrong with her. This, Sarah, was not like this. It was rare for her to be in a mood like this. So, she knew that Nicole or whoever it is earlier… was part of Sarah’s change of mood.

She sighed and continued welcoming her guests.

It was almost 8’oclock now and the party was just getting started. The whole basketball team was here and so was the cheerleaders. The school band was playing music into the living room. They had managed to set up a mini stage for themselves and was blasting rock music. Matthew, the school’s soccer captain volunteered to DJ. He was also one of the popular people because he was really good looking. He had managed to attract the girls with his innocent look – blond brownish hair with matching brown eyes, tan colored skin, and a good body, thanks to his continuous hard work on the soccer team. Nicole’s group was already drunk was trying to hit on some of their classmate just to have someone to have ‘fun’ with them for tonight, but unfortunately they were horribly failing.

Sabrina watched as the basketball team started drowning on their drinks. They weren’t drunk to do stupid things, but enough to have a few unnecessary words slip out of their mouth.

“This… is… for hard work.. Congratulations to the whole team!” David slurred and then held his glass high up in the air.

“What the fuck?” he cursed when he brought it down to drink it. Apparently, when he held his cup high, the contents fell on his back. “Where the hell did my drink go?”

People started laughing and shaking their heads looking at David who looked like a stupid kid. The cheerleaders were gathered up in the kitchen. Each of them was having their own drink as well. Every now and then a guy would bravely come up and confess to one of the cheerleaders but all were turned down. They had made a game on who was to get the most confession the most.

“Sorry… but I’m not really interested” Angela sadly smiled at the guy who immediately left after getting rejected. When he was nowhere to be seen, the girls started laughing.

“Did you see his face?”

“Hey guys, don’t be mean” Angela jumped out of the counter and landed on the floor. She grabbed a can of pepsi into the fridge and opened it. “Anyone want some?”

All shook their head no.

Sabrina then came into the kitchen after doing her usual every hour checkup around the house.

“Seen anything?” a girl named Daniella asked. She was the shortest, her height around 5’2”. She had dark brown hair with dark brown eyes.

Sabrina chuckled and shook her head “Nope. All good. Let’s start!”

“Wait! The captain isn’t still here. We can’t start yet”

“Well, it looks like she’s not coming. It’s nearly 8 and that’s when we usually start”

“Come on, just wait for another 5 minutes.” Angela looked at her watch and saw that it was almost 7:57. “Damn, she’s never late”

The girls continued to talk for another 3 minutes until the doorbell rang. Sabrina yelled that she would get it. She passed by drunk teenagers, some who tried talking to her, but she all ignored them. She got in the front door and opened it.

“Who is it?”

Kristina who was wearing plain black ripped jeans and a white nirvana tank top appeared in front of her front steps. Her hair was usually straight but she was wearing a make-up this time. She was on heels and looked very sexy for tonight. Sabrina smirked remembering that she once hit on her senior teammate, who ended up being her captain. But right now, that was not their relationship. They had a real friendship, close to becoming sisters since Kristina had always been scolding her about breaking people’s heart.

“Well hello, sexy” Sabrina smirked and roamed her eyes all over Kristina’s. Of course, that still didn’t stop her from flirting with her senior.

“Stop that. That’s rude.” Kristina rolled her eyes and shot her a death glare. “I have someone with me so try not to be rude”

“Oooh is it your boyfriend? I’m so scaaareeeed~” Sabrina faked being scared and bit her lip from laughing, but failed.

“No, actually not” Kristina moved over where Jessica appeared.

“Yeah like they match me…” Sabrina got caught in her words when she saw Jessica. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if it was Jessica. Was it her?

There stood a girl, not the shy one but damn. Jessica was wearing jean short shorts that exposed her pale long legs. She was wearing a tank top that gave a hint of her lower stomach, in which Sabrina was sure that there were abs down there. A checkered navy, gray, and white long button sleeves covered the rest of her shoulders and body. Her dark, light brown hair was wavy on the end. She was wearing a hat backward which made her look like a hipster. A couple of bracelets were on her wrist and a beautiful necklace lay on top of her chest. Her hands were timidly hiding in her jeans pockets while looking down. When she looked up to see Sabrina, she gave a little wave and quietly said


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