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Chapter 16


I don’t get it. It’s actually funny. Is this how you were supposed to feel when you’re struck? Better yet, amazed, surprised, and shocked? The Jessica in front of me was way too good to be true. Maybe she had a twin? But no that can’t be it. Whatever this feeling right now was indeed scary. My heart was beating way too fast. Palms sweating, eyes widening. The familiar feeling I have with Carly was happening, but this time it was a different person. My mouth was probably opened way too long as I admire the beauty in front of me because soon I heard someone cleared their throat.

“Are you going to let us in or are you going to continue eyeing my little sister?” Kristina asked, breaking me from the spell that Jessica caused. A playful grin was plastered on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

I rolled my eyes and gave way for them to enter. I couldn’t help but stare at each of their asses as they walk in. Damn, these sisters are way too good.

We made our way into the kitchen and throughout the whole walk; I noticed that Jessica practically glued herself to her sister. She was like a cute little-lost kitten, gripping into her sister’s arm. A few boys on the way stole a look at Jessica, rudely checking her out. I, of course, gave them a warning glare and that made them go back to whatever they were doing.

As soon as we came into view, Angela ran towards the captain and gave her a long hug. “Finally! We were about to start without you”

After they both pulled back from the hug, Angela gave a long look at Jessica. “Not to be rude, but who’s she?” she asked pointing at her.

I swear I would’ve laughed my ass off right now but being the newly proud sister, Kristina introduced her. “Girls, meet my new little sister, Jessica. You guys saw her once already but right now, I’m properly introducing her to you guys”

Of course, Kristina never knew that Angela had met her already. Angela’s face was so funny I had to laugh at her reaction. She basically mirrored the same expression as mine earlier.

“Jessica? As in Jessica Francis? The one from my math class?” she asked in disbelief. She took a step closer to Jessica and touched her face, examining every part of her. I notice how Jessica started to get really uncomfortable so I pulled Angela away.

“Yes, that’s Jessica. Now stop, look what you did to her.” I laughed when Jessica blushed and hid more behind the kitchen counter.

The girls in the team introduced themselves as well. There were about 13 girls in the room, excluding Jessica. Introducing our cheerleading team, there’s captain obvious, Kristina Francis. She’s basically labeled as one of the top athletes and was always on top of the honor rolls. Next to it was Angela Jones, the brightest and most hyper girl on our team. She’s basically the battery of the team, giving of energy every time we feel down or not motivated. The shortest was Daniella. There’s also Taylor, famously known because she and her brother was a twin. The other girls were May, Julien, Casey, Izzy, Katherine, Harley, Marie, Clarissa, and Georgie.

After they’ve all properly introduced, Kristina plopped herself up on the counter and comfortably crossed her legs. Jessica followed as well but she preferred to sit near the corner. So now, we were all spread out around the kitchen. Angela was cross sitting on the floor with 3 other girls. Taylor was talking to herself while hitting the fridge. Apparently, she got drunk after drinking a few bottles already. I also heard she was grounded or something from Tyler so that’s why she was sulking.

“Okay, let’s start!” Harley yelled, raising up her red cup. “We’ve been for an hour already.”

“I need to leave in 20” Clarissa announced. “I have a date” she smiled and apologized for the short visit to my house. I told her it was okay.

“Oh wait, hold on!” The girls looked at me confused as I hurriedly went to the garage and pulled the blue cooler from the huge fridge into the house.

“What is that?” Julien asked while walking towards me and helping me lift the cooler up on the table. She grinned once we opened the cover.

“I got Maverick to get this,” I called the girls and they all took a bottle of beer happily. It was a Corona drink so it wasn’t too strong. If they ever wanted one, there were some in the basement that my dad always saved.

“Not drinking Jess?” I asked while taking out a bottle and passing it to her. She shakes her head no and covers up her nose with her sleeves.

I frowned “The drink doesn’t stink, okay?” Still, she shakes her head no. What’s the problem with one drink?

“Whatever then, let’s start!” I announced. I smirked and grabbed one of Tay’s empty bottle.


I was stunned to see Sabrina when she opened the door for us. Actually no, I shouldn’t be surprised since I already knew whose house were we going into but damn. She just looked way hotter earlier in school. Right now she was wearing a similar pair of black short shorts and a loose shirt white shirt that exposed her shoulders on the side. The shirt was cut right below her bellow button so you could practically see her abs showing. Her eyes seem to appear bigger than before because of the eyeliner and mascara she had on. There was also that full pink luscious lip that was curved into a smirk while she was talking to Kristina. And when our eyes met together, it was as if I was in a daze.

Dear lord, take me if this was heaven. I know how cliché it is in books but the way she looked at me made me froze in my spot. My heart beat quicken and my breath was caught behind me as I took in the goddess that was looking at me. It was the same feeling that the main characters would feel when they see their potential mate on books. When a werewolf met its mate, it’s like an automatic pull and spark. No, we didn’t touch hands or anything, but I could feel it. It’s the same feeling when your love at first sight. Now, was I?

I shake my head getting all the weird fantasy thoughts that were creeping in when Kristina cleared her throat. I shouldn’t compare fiction books into the real life. There was a reason why they call it ‘fiction’

When we finally got inside, I was twice shocked by the size of her house. It even surprised me when I some familiar faces. We passed by the living room I caught some faces that I know. There was Jace, John, Nat, Tyler, and the other people whom I met before. I also saw a drunken David who was flirting with one of the girls on the couch. That sight was just gross when they started tonguing each other.

After finally getting to our destination, which I think it was because we stopped walking. The kitchen welcomed us by the smell of beer and girls. Now I know how you’re probably thinking how the hell can you smell girls? Perfume. I could smell it everywhere. And it sickens me because there were probably about 10 different scented perfumes that were sprayed in this room. What made it worse was the smell of beer. Ugh, I couldn’t take it.

Now remember this but me plus alcohol is never a good combination. It’s like mixing oil and water together or gas and fire. Not a very good idea.

Kristina introduced me to the group and I shyly introduced myself as well. I manage to not stutter at some when each girl came forward. Some just told me their name, some hugged me, and the others shook hands with mine. I tried not to be rude by covering my nose so I held my breath but when Sabrina came in with that blue cooler, it officially got 10x worse.

What made me almost come to the point where I would run out of the room was when Sabrina offered me a drink. There was no way in hell was I getting involved with beer or any alcoholic beverage.

I shook my head and gladly refused her. She just frowned and pouted at me, insisting that I have it but I just kept shaking my head. I couldn’t stand the smell so I just had to cover my nose.

“The drink doesn’t stink, okay?” she tried again, but like also again, I refuse so she gave up “Whatever then, let’s start!”

She walked towards Taylor who seemed half asleep and was resting her body beside the fridge and grabbed an empty bottle beside her. Then she told all the girls to get in the center.

“Jessica, come here!” she called at me. I was the only one who didn’t get in with them. There was no way I was getting with that game. I know what that game is and I don’t like the result of it.

Now you’re probably wondering what they were about to play? Or maybe you already knew cause you wouldn’t be so stupid to realize that they were about to play spin-the-bottle.

“Umm… no… thanks..” I said, shaking my head.

“Give it a try Jess” Kristina tried but I just gave her an apologetic smile. They continued to try to get me in the game but I manage to stay out of it.

“Okay then, let’s just start!” some short blonde hair girl said. I forgot her name.

It was insane. They were so drunk they didn’t even know what they were doing right now. I’m not even sure if this was the same team I’ve looked up to during the game. They were a drunken mess. Kristina fell asleep into Angela’s lap. Taylor seemed still in a daze and was whispering things to herself. I don’t know to you but it darn looks creepy. It was as if she was reciting some spell or making a plan to kill someone. What made it scarier was when I looked at her in the eye, she looked back then she smiled. Like evil smile. Not even kidding.

I don’t where Sabrina’s body was but I think she went somewhere else. Some girls were still playing, well kind off. Harley, I think her name is, was just spinning the bottle. She would just keep spinning in until it stops, then spin again. Two girls were playing cards. The other continued drinking while the others made fun of themselves. They were giggling, telling embarrassing stories, putting makeup on together, and other unbelievable things you would even manage.

“Kitty kitty kitty!” Daniella cooed into the cat that walked passed her. Then she started crawling and following it too. After she started imitating the cat by meowing.

“Meow~ Meow~ Meowwww~”

“Oh my god, shut that up,” someone said. I saw a flash and saw Katherine who was not drunk at all, taking pictures around her.

She turned to me and said, “I’m excited about what they would say about themselves when they see these”. She smirked and continued taking pictures.

“Dude that’s a fucking Joker! That’s not a Jack” Izzy grabbed the card that Marie was holding and showed her the words Joker in it.

“It’s a Jack! Can’t you see it’s a J?” Marie countered. They continued arguing until Jullien tripped over them.

It was a freaking mess. The smell started to worsen as more people started to come in and out, grabbing bottles of beer. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ran out and looked for the bathroom. I looked everywhere but when I manage to find one, I opened and saw John almost half naked. I screamed and so did he. I immediately slammed the door close and heard him groan. I probably hit him on the noise. I eventually got lost and just continued going up the stairs. I manage to find an unoccupied washroom so I decided to fix myself a bit.

Once I was finished, I got out and was about to make my way downstairs when I saw a door upstairs. I shivered when I saw the door open. It looks like a rooftop so I decided to check it out. I didn’t want to stay here and get uncomfortable plus I needed some fresh air. I smiled once I caught sight of beautiful night clouds and stars. The moon was not too far to see, but you could tell it was there. I breathe in a whole load of fresh and exhaled. It was refreshing.

“Came here to smoke?” Someone spoke behind. I got startled by it that I jumped back. I cocked my head sideways trying to identify who this person was.

The girl’s hair was a bit messed up and her make-up was ruin. There were leftover tears on her face and I could tell that this person had been crying. She ran a hand through her hair and blew out a smoke. I coughed remembering I didn’t like the smell of it.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You don’t smoke do you?” the girl asked in a British accent. That was when I realize that it was Sarah.

So I made sure “Sarah?”

She looked at me surprised. “How do you know me?”

“I-I’m Jessica.”

Her eyes widen more and her jaw hanged open when she saw me. Of course, people would be surprised to see me as well. I mean I was hella surprised at what I was wearing too. “Are you kidding?”

I shake my head no, then curiosity peeked in so I asked, “Why are you crying?”

“It’s… It’s nothing.”

“There’s nothing behind if you cried?” I insisted.

“It’s nothing big. Actually, it’s none of your business”.

“Actually it is” I fought “You’re… you’re my friend”

At that, she looked up at me and smiled. Tears then freely ran down to her face as she pulled me into a hug “I’m so sorry. But I didn’t mean to kill him. It was my fault”

It was my fault.

The sentence repeated inside my head. It was the familiar sentence I told myself the past years ago and I look at the girl in front of me and wondered if she was the same.

“I-I… she hates me. He hates me. I’m sorry” her grips tighten and it was becoming hard to breathe as I feel myself slowly blacking out as the images started to appear again. The same accident and history years ago that haunted me.

“Sara – “ but before I could finish, she pulled back and surprised me when she slammed her lips into mine. I was overly stunned that I didn’t know how to react. She gripped into both sides of my face as her lips started to move but I couldn’t respond. Her mouth tasted bitterly sweet, mixed with alcohol and cigarettes. The kiss was rough but the way she moved her lips was so soft and secure as if she never plan on letting go.

“Sa – “ I mumbled through her lips.

She was doing this because she was not in her usual normal state. I saw the beer bottles on the ground, the cigarettes, and whatever or whoever she was apologizing into right now was making her do this. She wanted to forget, just as I wanted to forget. So I let her do what she was doing because I knew how she felt. It was my first kiss and I didn’t know how to respond, so I stood there shut my eyes. But slowly I pulled back and took in as much oxygen as I could because my breathing became hard. She rested her forehead against mine and continued sobbing.

Then all of a sudden we heard something drop. It was the sound of shattering glass. That’s when I turned around and saw Sabrina looking at us.

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