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Chapter 17


The party was a mess. Everyone was sprawled out on the floor, either really drunk or has passed out already. There were plenty of empty bottles, used tissue, a pair of socks, chip bags, and other junks. Half of the girls were asleep already and the others, eh, let’s say drunk and not looking good. I found Daniella sleeping beside the cat’s bed, both sleeping very peacefully. I laughed at that and took a quick picture. Izzy and Marie were using the cards to make a pyramid. Casey and Georgie’s faces were funny because their make-up was messed up.

I stumbled across the room, picking up pieces of trash, then throwing it off the garbage. It was around 9:30 when I’ve noticed that Jessica wasn’t around so I went back to the kitchen to look. I saw Kristina there standing in front of Angela.

“Hey… w-where’s Jessica?” I asked. I was half drunk so it was hard for me to keep my voice steady. I was pretty sure I drank more than 3 bottles tonight.

She shrugged then bent down.

“What are you doing?”

She smiled then picked up Angela’s body, holding her like bride “Taking her to bed”

I made a face. Was she too drunk to realize what she was saying? I mean, she just told me that she was about to take my best friend to ‘bed’.

“Idiot, I don’t mean that. Whatever you were thinking is not what I’m going to do. Dude, I’m straight. She just looked exhausted” she said while chuckling.

“Oh damn. That would’ve been hot though” I whined looking at her then to Angela. I mean, two hot girls going at each other. That would be fantasy.

“Can you look for Jessica? We’re leaving in half an hour. I don’t think she likes partying plus I’m also a bit tired” she said while placing Angela’s body down the couch.


I was about to run off when she spoke again “Do you have a blanket?”

“Up the stairs, just barge into any room or ask the maids for one,” I told her.


I left the room then searched the main floor, looking for any light brown haired girl. For 10 minutes I ran around looking for Jessica - 7 false alarms and no Jessica. I groaned and continued searching. Then all of a sudden my fist clenched when I saw a guy hovering some browned haired girl. I swear if that was Jess-

“Hey you” I grabbed his shoulder, ready to punch him but was shocked to see Dexter. Who invited him here and when did I open the door for him? He was the one chasing me in the library the other day. Looking over at his body, I smirked to myself, remembering why I played with the football’s quarterback.

His eyes met mine and soon a smirk formed on his face. I raised my eyebrows at him, crossing my arms. The brown-haired girl wasn’t Jessica but it looked like she was being pressured because she looked like a nervous wreck.

“Jealous?” he grinned widely then throwing over a shoulder at the girl “This is Yelan”

I looked over at Yelan.. hmm she was pretty good looking. I would go for her… but not right now.

I scoffed “Umm no”

“Oh come on baby, I know you still miss me” he insisted. He bent down and gave the girl a full kiss on the mouth, while I pretended to gag over at them.


He pulled back and smiled cockily “You’re just jealous”

I put my hands in front of me to stop him and said “Trust me, I never want to see your small dick ever again. Now shoo, who let you in?”

He shrugged so I pushed him towards the door and had the guards kick him out. I smiled feeling contended then remembered that I still have to find Jessica so I asked Leyan… or was that her name?

“Hey, Leyan!” I called her. She was pouring herself a fruit punch on the table.

“It’s Yelan”

“Whatever, did you see err.. a darkish light brown hair girl?” I asked.

“What kind of hair color is a dark and light brown hair?” she asked me as if not believing what I had just asked.

“I don’t know okay. Her hair is like dark on top then fades into light at the end. Um, she was wearing a hat, some short shorts, has blue eyes, and her skin is pale” I described Jessica to her, hoping that would help her visualize who I was looking for.

“Oh! Is it that girl who screamed earlier?”

Scream? I didn’t hear any. Oh my god, I swear if something happened to Jessica, I’d kill whoever violated her and feel guilty for not being there.

“What?! When? Where did this happen?” I asked almost shouting. I was now freaking nervous and I was pretty sure that the effect of the alcohol I drank earlier was now gone.

“I don’t know. I think it was somewhere there” she pointed towards the opposite way where the game room and dining was.

I thanked her then rushed towards the hall, opening every single door – ‘disturbing’ a lot of people, but when I opened the door to the bathroom, John screamed like a girl.

He was half naked and his back facing my way “I swear Jessica if that was you aga-“ he stopped when his head turned around and looked at me.

All of a sudden his eyes darken and his hands clenched into a fist as his gritted his teeth and asked me bitterly “What are you doing here?”

I remember John. He was a good guy but I turned out to be a bitch at him during my freshman year. During that time I was in the process of getting my reputation in this school. Of course, that included doing pretty good and bad things. And at that time, John sadly turned out to be a victim. A popular senior dared me to date him then break his heart. He was my very first victim, the very first person I played with. I was a beginner in dating back then so I turned out to be a good girl at first but as I started to learn more from the seniors, I manage to gain some skills and turned my heart into a stone so I wouldn’t get affected by his sweetness. We dated for 6 months until it was time for me to end it. After that boosted up my reputation by a lot. I was known as a player after I started breaking more hearts after a week of our breakup.

“This is my house, what are you doing here?” I countered.

He huffed “Yeah I know. I’m part of the basketball team so I had to come here. It’s not like I wanted to.”

I shake my head, already knowing where this conversation would go so I asked him straightly “Have you seen Jessica?”

His eyes snapped back at me fast as he gripped the sink beside him “Why? So you could continue playing with your games? Is it one of your dares again? Don’t you ever put Jessica into this. You have no idea what or who she is so if you ever touched I swear I wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you even if you’re a girl”

I was shocked to hear the seriousness in his voice. Not only that but did he really just accused me of playing with Jessica? Silence filled the room for about a minute until I decided to say something.

I was about to speak up when he cut me off “Look I know what you did back then. I get it okay? You just wanted some popularity, that’s why you took the fucking dare from those assholes. Bitch please if you ever wanted it, you could’ve done it the right way. Jessica is my friend. I know who she is and you don’t. You don’t care about people, not their feelings or opinion. You play them like tissue paper. You don’t know what she went through. You don’t know how fragile she is right now. So just please, don’t get her involve with your games because I never want to see her hurt ever again.

After he told me that, he left and closed the door leaving me alone in the bathroom. I stood there for probably about five minutes, his words repeating in my head. I sunk down sitting on the cold floor.

It was weird. When he told me that if I were to play with Jessica, he said he’d hurt me because usually, John is a sweet, gentle guy. But what made it weirder was when I felt that there was no way I was going to play with her. I know I’ve had interest in her since we met in the library but after it seems like my plans and actions subsided. And now my past actions are making me feel one thing I’ve never thought would feel until now – regret. However, there was more into what he told me that caught my attention. Two things: I don’t know Jessica. It’s true. I only knew her name and that her siblings were Kristina and Nathaniel. And that she was shy, but that was it. So why would I bother looking for someone I don’t even know much?

I sighed in frustration.

You don’t know how fragile she is right now. So just please, don’t get her involve with your games because I never want to see her hurt ever again.”

Those words made something click for me. Questions like were John and Jessica close? What did he mean when she said she was fragile? Who hurt her? What happened? Is it related to the scar on her side? More importantly, I noticed that John and Jessica only hanged out when Jace was there. I don’t see them two alone together, talking or doing something.

So that only meant one thing – did John knew Jessica back then?

Turns out I took longer than usual in the bathroom, thinking about some things. Someone barged into the room and they asked me if I was okay but I shooed them away.

“Are you sure?” they insisted.

“Yeah,” I said tiredly. My head was down and I was hugging my knees. This was so not me. I feel like some child who got beat up.

“Okay” I heard the footsteps turning around but quickly, I grabbed them by the foot which made them shrieked.

“Sorry” I looked up to see some girl I never noticed before. She looked half Asian and American – black hair, chinky cat eyes, light skin, and long legs. I stood up brushing off whatever dirt and dust got into me. She was a few inches taller so I frowned. I was really never the type to go for someone taller than me. They turn out to be the dominant most of the time.

I asked her where Jessica was and described what she looked like when she told me she doesn’t know who Jessica is.

“Oh! There was this one girl. I’m not sure if it’s her you’re looking but the way you described I’m pretty sure it was her. She went up the stairs. I heard she was looking for a bathroom.”

“Oh, thanks! By the way, I never saw you before.” I said.

She smiled nodding “Yeah, some friend invited me over. I’m new to the town.”

“Welcome then. I’m Sabrina” I offered her my hand

“Victoria.” she laughed and shakes my hand. I said goodbye then left the bathroom quickly going up the stairs and searching for Jessica on every bathroom in the house. I went through the second floor then third but found no one. However, when I was close to the rooftop door, I heard someone speaking so I decided to peak in.

I walked up the stairs then slowly opened the door and was shocked to see what I saw. Sarah grabbed Jessica’s face and leaned in kissing her. Jessica shut her eyes trying to get her out of Sarah’s grip. I saw Sarah whispering something to her but I couldn’t make out the words. That was when Jessica gave up and let Sarah kiss her. She wasn’t kissing back but she was letting her. And that shocked me. It shocked me enough that I didn’t notice that the bottle I was holding all along left my grip and fell to the ground.

It let out a noise when it shattered causing both of their heads to look at me. Jessica’s eyes widen but Sarah looked tired. Her eyes seemed watery but I didn’t have time to think about why.

The sight of seeing them angered me. I was pissed at myself for feeling this way. I don’t know why but never have I ever felt so sad, angry, confuse, but mostly hurt? I knew that feeling, so I took a step back and left quickly, not muttering a word to them. I quickly closed the door and rested my head while I supported myself on the railings. Wasn’t she supposed to call me after I left? That’s what happens in movies.

Oh yeah I forgot, this is a reality.


After Sabrina left, I didn’t know what to do or feel. Sarah passed out on my arms and I was trying to hold her up but my arms weren’t that strong so I laid her down. I managed to drag her body down halfway the stairs when some random dude decided to help me out. He was too drunk as well so we just dragged her body into the nearest empty room.

“Girl, this ain’t a good idea. Sabrina’s going to get pissed” he told me.

“But she passed out,” I said.

“Whatever man. Don’t get me involve in this.” He left, closing the door behind him. I looked over at Sarah, her face was a mess. With my remaining energy, I got her body into the bed somehow. I sighed then left the room.

I pass by a maid and quickly I called after them. It was a girl around her 30s. Her face looks young but the wrinkles on her hands showed how hard working she is.


“Um, do you have any warm water and a towel?” I asked

“I’ll get it right away. Follow me.”

I followed where she went. We went inside what seemed like the laundry room or something. She gave 3 towels and a big bowl. I thanked her and apologized for disturbing. Quickly, I went back to the bathroom I went into earlier and filled the bowl with warm water. After, I went back to where Sarah was and wiped her face and fixed her hair. I laid some pillows between her body so she wouldn’t fall. She was sweating so I took of her sweating, blushing whenever I look. I noticed the tattoos on her neck then into shoulders and awed at the quote that was written: “Keep living because there’s a reason why you exist.” When I finally finished, I threw the covers on top of her body then turned off the lights before leaving.

Saturdays. I’ve never ever felt so tired in my life. Not because of running, doing sports or house chores. I came to a conclusion that parties would drown every energy you have and leave you hanging the next day. I didn’t have a hangover cause I never drink but it felt like it. After tucking in Sarah like a mother to a daughter, I went to look for Kristina then left with her along with Nat. We literally had to drag him away from some girl and because he was too drunk. I had to drive because both were exhausted and drunk. I basically stood up like a mother to 3 people yesterday and I was thankful that my aunt had trained me all the time. I never saw Sabrina after. I felt like I needed to see her but I couldn’t find her.

I yawned again then buried my face more in the pillow. My head was pounding and my body ached. I didn’t want to think about what happened yesterday. Yesterday, that the fact Sarah kissed me and that I didn’t do anything and Sabrina’s shocked face. I didn’t know what to think nor what to do right now. So basically I sulked and stayed in my room for the rest of the day, not bothering eating cause I was too busy thinking about how I’m going to confront the both of them since my dad did invite them over for dinner tomorrow.


Life was never this complicated.

On a Sunday afternoon, dad called that he would be coming early from work because he was going to go grocery shopping with Caelie to prepare for dinner tonight. He didn’t fail to remind me that Sabrina, Sarah, and Carly were coming. Throughout the afternoon dad, Caelie, and Nat cooked. I prepared the plates and cleaned the house instead because I told them I couldn’t cook. That, of course, gave Nat something to tease me with.

“Not even eggs?” he asked in disbelief after I had just told them than me in the kitchen was not a good idea.


He laughed so loudly that his stomach started to hurt. He started teasing me and showing me how to cook, in the most sarcastic way. I frown while he laughed. We actually had fun and I learned some basic things in cooking thanks to him. I guess this is how it feels when you have a brother.

It was almost six in the evening when everyone finished. I watched TV, waiting for the visitors. Nat left to go watch movies with his friends. Kristina hung out with her friend Jane. The doorbell rang and I lazily hopped off the couch to answer it.

“Hi~” Carly smiled after I opened the door for her.

“Hello.. umm.. come in?” I stepped back and let her in. She looked surprised when she saw our house.

“You have a nice house.”

“Mhhm” I didn’t really know what to say.

“Where are your parents?” she asked. I pointed towards their room which was really down the hallway where it wasn’t really visible from where we were standing at.

We sat down the couch and the awkward silence filled in. I forced my eyes into the screen but in the corner of my eye, I could see Carly looking at me.

“W-what?” I asked, looking at her since I started feeling uncomfortable.

“Are you feeling well?” she asked.

“…Yeah, why?” She scooted closer then brought her hand up to my forehead. I blushed then looked down muttering “I’m not sick”

“You’re not but you were just really quiet and tired,” she said then scooted back giving me space.

“Yeah, cause of the party,” I said quietly, mostly to myself. I sighed in relief then went back to watching TV. But I guess she head that because she looked at me with wide eyes.

“You went to a party?!”

I nodded not really knowing why it was a big deal.

“Whose?” she asks

“Sabrina’s” Her face fell when she shook her head.

“Of course. What did you do? Did something happen? Cause you usually a lot of things happen to her parties?”

Trust me, a lot of things happen but I didn’t tell her that. “Nothing really. It was just loud and a lot of people came”

“Mhhm…did you drink?”

“Oh no” I immediately said. “I mean… umm. I don’t drink..”

She chuckled then told me “Yeah you’re too young to drink.”

Too young to drink? Then why do the other do it? Well, I bet she drinks. The doorbell rang catching both of our attention.

“I’ll get that,” I said. She nodded then started munching on the chips I prepared on the mini table earlier. I got to the door feeling nervous. My hands started to shake when I held the doorknob. I slowly opened it to see Sabrina and Sarah. Sabrina looked pissed and was at least a meter in front of Sarah. Her face changed when she saw me though.

“Hello!” she pulled me into a hug which really surprised me.

“Er.. hi,” I said, then pulling away. Sarah looked at me but I look somewhere else. I didn’t know what to do or what to say.

“Come in”

They both walked in slowly. Sarah laid her eyes on me while she walks by. It was if she was saying something about yesterday but I decided to shrug it off. Dad came into view and greeted them.

“Hello and thank you for coming”

“Hun, you’re not into some business meeting so please make it casual,” Caelie said. She said hello to Sarah, Sabrina, and Carly, while they said replied the same.

“Okay, let’s eat. I’m hungry” My dad led us to the dining room. There were about seven chairs on the table. Sarah sat first, while Carly sat on the opposite side facing her. Unexpectedly, Sabrina sat beside Carly which of course gained a low grunt and a glare from Carly. Sarah looked confused then to angry. I could already feel the air thickening around here. I hesitantly sat down beside Sarah. Her face changed, then she smiled making me sigh in relief. Throughout the whole dinner, dad kept asking them questions. Whenever he would ask something about the cousins, Sabrina would cut off Sarah then answer the question. Then I would hear Sabrina huffed when Sarah helped me pass out the plates. Carly also gave death glares when Sabrina tried to be sweet as well like Sarah to me.

“You’ve got some sauce over here Jess” Sarah pointed towards my mouth. I tried removing it but I couldn’t see much so she leaned in which caused me to heartbeat increase. I heard someone coughed. We looked towards Sabrina.

“Oh I almost choked on the spaghetti,” she said.

“Tch” I heard Sarah say. She wipes the napkin from my mouth taking off the sauce.


After dinner, we went to the living room and watched television. Sarah sat beside me on the couch. Sabrina was on the single couch while Carly ate chips on the carpet. We were watching some sci-fi movie which bored the hell out of Sarah because from time to time she would play with my hair, snuggle close (which made my palms sweaty and feel nervous), or feed me chips.

Sabrina was looking at us the whole time. I know because her head would turn every minute. Carly though, look so entertained by the television that she didn’t notice that the two cousins were now starting some death glaring contest. After a while Carly went to answer a phone call then finally excused herself.

“Thanks for having me here Jessica”

“Yeah. Thanks for coming. I.. I mean yeah, thanks for having dinner with us. I didn’t want to sound like my dad” I said

I led her towards the front porch and waited until her ride came.

“I’ll see you in school!” she shouted. I nodded.

When I came back into the house, I saw Sabrina and Sarah arguing. They didn’t even notice me come in I just stood there watching them fight.

“What is your problem?!” Sarah had her hand in her head while pacing and looking at Sabrina who went back to watching the movie.

“Okay, so you’re going to ignore me.” She walked towards in front of Sabrina, blocking her view.

“Hey, I’m watching!”

“What is your problem? Why are you constantly avoiding me than giving these glares or whatever you call it?”

“Nothing okay?”

“Psh nothing.” Sarah scoffed then crossed her arms

Good thing, Caelie, and dad were in the backyard right now.

“Oh, how about you act all touchy with Jessica earlier? Why, are you guys dating now? I mean, I guess yeah because you’ve finally kissed her!” Sabrina rolled her eyes when Sarah’s eyes widen.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember. I saw you kissing her”

Sarah was quiet for a while. It looked like she was thinking about something or about yesterday. She retreated when she told Sabrina that she was leaving. I guess that might’ve triggered her to remember why she was crying yesterday.

She bumped into me then looked sadly

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t looking”

“Sorry, but I have to go Jessikins. I’m not feeling well. Thanks for having me over” she didn’t even let me say goodbye because she left fast.

“Don’t mind her, she has her period” Sabrina said when I sat back down on the couch.

Okay, now so it was only the two of us. What do I do now?

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