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Chapter 18


I’m now wondering and asking myself how we both ended up in my room, alone, sitting in my bed. My body cringed in both nervousness and excitement on what’s bound to happen. The dim light in my room didn’t help me but instead, it also added to the sexual atmosphere right now. Sabrina slowly leans up to me, her eyes meeting mine before giving her signature smirk and closing the distance between us.

Just kidding! Pfft, you think we’d do that? But seriously, we’re in my room at this moment. I was awkwardly standing near my door while she enters and takes in the room around her. Earlier, we had finished watching a movie and I ended up giving her a tour of the house. And right now, we’re on the second floor looking around and checking each room. Sabrina got curious and pleaded me to show her my room. After a few struggle, I gave up and let her in.

“Damn” she whispered while her eyes roam around the posters I had put this week in my room. They were mostly band pictures of music that I listen to. Couples were pictures of my friends and family back in Ontario.

She walks over to a familiar picture frame and asks “Is this your mom? She looked over at me, a smile on her face.

I smiled a bit then nodded. The picture was me and my mom during my first soccer practice. I was young back then. In the picture was me wearing a soccer jersey that I had pleaded my mom to buy because kids who play soccer at our school don’t get to wear any school jerseys yet. My mom was really young and beautiful. Her hair was a darker shade of brown and was long. You could feel the warmth in her hazel eyes and her smile. I was holding out a peace sign while I sat in her lap. It was one of the happiest times of my life and I’m every day wishing that I could take her back. To have her around me, once again.

‘I miss my mom’

“Jess?” I heard Sabrina say. I snap back and look at her, a sad smile forming on her face. She shakes her head then continues to look at more photos.

The picture of Emmie and I caught her attention. It was during my junior high year where Emmie and I’s faces were painted red because there was a gym riot. The other classes were our enemies and they all represented a different color. I learned that Emmie was very competitive back then. She would yell, and push her strength to the limits so she could win the prize. She taught me how to be independent. She was really nice and kind, that’s why she became my best friend. She helps me put myself back to pieces together when I was broken. She was there whenever I needed her, and I’m thankful that God had sent me an angel to guard me forever.

A memory flashes in my head as I remember the time where Emmie taught me how to do a pinky promise. She also forced me to promise her something and to be sure to hold onto it. Even after years and were now getting old and mature, I still remember it.

“Sica!” Emmie called while running towards me in the hallways. School had just finished and it was winter so I had to make sure to get home early. Uncle doesn’t like me getting home sick from the cold.

Emmie had started calling me Sica since she said it was nicer and faster to say. Emmie might be a hardworking, competitive girl but one thing you should know about her is that she’s extremely lazy. And if you’re wondering how can she be hardworking when she’s lazy? Well, I’m always there to cheer her up, her family, and sometimes she gets motivation from her teachers, her crush, or whenever she thinks about how important her future is,


“You promise me this morning you’d wait for me!” She stopped when she got to my locker and was panting very hard as if she just ran a mile.

“I didn’t promise you anything Emily,” I told her.

“I said don’t call me Emily! Emmie, okay? We’re best friends now” she swung her arm over me and hugged me tightly. I wasn’t used to calling her Emmie yet and I would sometimes flinch whenever she says the words best friend.


“Now now, you promise me! Tskk, you can’t break a promise Sica.”

“Why? People tend to break their promises anyway. That is why the famous quote ‘Promises are meant to be broken’ is very popular.” I said. She looked at me as if I had two heads then laughed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… but” she took my hand while I look at her weirdly “this is why we make pinky promises”

“Uhh…. What is that? Some sort of contract?” I asked confused, now that she was taking the smallest finger on my hand and entwining it with hers.

“This is.. how you do a pinky promise Sica. You take your pinky finger and hold it against the other person, then after you tell each other your promises”. She explained while smiling.

“What exactly does it do?”

“No need to make it more complicated Sica. Just do this whenever your promise someone. But do make sure it’s an important promise. Although promises are always broken like you said, do this as a memory. It’ll sometimes help”

I looked at our joint fingers and smiled as if the two were meant to be together. We then looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“Jessica. I promise you – whether, whenever, whatever, wherever you are. I don’t if that makes any sense but in any cases remember that ‘I’ will always be here for you. I’m your best friend remember that. If you get into any trouble or in need of any help, take your phone and dial 1.”

“Dial 1?”

“Oh oops. Sorry I kind of touched your phone and put my number on speed dial.” She giggled when I gave her glare.

“Sorry.. not really. Anyways, this is a lifetime promise. So, if we happen to be separated somewhere in the future I promise you that I will always find a way to look for you, be with you on times you need a friend.” She finished her speech with her smiling the whole time.

And when we vowed to that promise, I learned to trust Emmie. I learned how to depend on someone, befriend, and be myself even for a while.

“Is this a friend?” she asks taking the picture and showing it to me. I smile at the picture. We were so young back then.

“You look happier and prettier when you smile. You should do it more often” Sabrina said. I looked up to her since she was a bit taller while a blush crept into my face. I don’t know if she was just saying that or if it was true.

“Uhh.. yeha.. umm thanks” I whispered the last part. “This is uh. Emmie. She’s my best friend”

“Back in your country?”

I nodded “Canada.”

“Cool, I heard Canadians have that yummy fries. The one with the gravy.”

“Poutine?” I guessed

“Yeah! Oh my god, those fucking taste so good!” she moaned quietly as if she was tasting a poutine, which made me think about a thousand inappropriate things in my head.

“You’ve been to Canada before?” I asked curiously.

“Yep! But we went to Vancouver. It was pretty nice there. I like the mountains.”

I took the picture and clipped it back to where it was. Next thing I showed her were some of the books of I read in which I discovered that Sabrina is not much of a reader because she was just nodding and looking around. So, I decided to show her some of my entertainment areas. I pulled off the curtains from the other side of the wall, where the huge flat screen television was sitting on a table. A ps4 and a xbox360 were sitting just below it. Huge speakers on each side of the wall. You can also enable the other speakers around the room when you’re watching a movie on the television to make it more feels like as if you were in the cinema.

Sabrina’s eyes bulged out when she saw a hundred piles of cd games into the CD rack. They were neatly organized from the genre and alphabetical. She ran up to them in excitement and started looking through the CDs.

“Holy fuck shit! Oh my god you have this game too?” She pulled out a C.O.D. game. I don’t really know what type it was but seconds later, the next thing I know is that she already had the game inserted into the PS4.

“Well.. uhh I like video games,” I said. I watched her take the CD and inserted into the console.

“Jessica! Sit here, I wanna play this” she said patting the seat next to her on the carpeted floor.

“Ermm... I don’t play… much shooting games” I said honestly.

“What?! How can you not? It’s like fucking man” she said, then she frowned after and corrected herself“ I mean, you know… the addiction is there. Whatever it’s fun, come sit here”

She pulled me down next to her and gave me the other controller, not giving me chance to refuse her. She took the remote control and turned the television on, and preparing the game.

Ten minutes later, we started playing. And I was a complete noob in this game so I kept dying and whenever I see blood I’d look away, not really wanting to see any red stuff and remind me of some things. Sabrina was the only one who was so into the game. She even complained!

“Come on Jess! Don’t die again. We need teamwork. Here I’ll show you” She scooted a bit closer, now invading my personal space. Her shoulders touched mine which brought goosebumps down into my arm as I felt her bare skin into mine. Her breath was just inches away and the way she explained how the controls work got me into a trance because all I could focus was how soft her hands were.

“… is when you reload okay?”

“Huh?” I look at her and she sighed. Damn, I was so not listening.

“You weren’t listening, were you? This boring must be boring to you then” she said, sighing again. I didn’t mean to upset her or anything.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll try hard. Let’s just play!” I quickly said. Her mood completely changing in a matter of seconds.

“Good.” She started the game and once again, it seems like I’m ’bout to lose anyway. I’ve only killed 2 at the first 5 minutes while she killed 5 already.

“Jess,” she said while in middle of the game where I’m trying to sneak into an enemy in front of me. I was starting to like it because the controls were now memorized into my head. It took me a few minutes to familiarize them but I was still not fond of killing the soldiers.

Seconds later, a soldier behind me crept in and took a knife, stabbing a part of my character’s leg, which made me hiss in frustration. I quickly ran away from the place and just hid somewhere so I could reply back to Sabrina. I turned my head over and looked at her, her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were straightly looking at me.


“Want to make the game even more challenging?” she asks after she noticed that I was getting better at it.

I nod, not really wanting to refuse and upset her in any way. Plus the game was okay and I was slightly improving.

“Okay then. Whoever wins gets to do anything to the loser for a day” That made me pause the game and look at her crazily. She just smiled evilly at me while a challenging smirk forms on my face.

Who won? Obviously not me. It was her game. What do you expect? Take my 0.00001% chance to win? Hell no. I only felt confident on the first 2 rounds but after her character was all jumping and killing soldiers from time to time, that’s when I lost all of my hope.

Sabrina was laughing the whole time after while I sulked. Well not really, but I still looked tired.

“It’s not funny you know,” I said while crossing my arms at her. She stopped then looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“It is. You lost. Your character was so dumb cause you kept pointing your gun down and you keep moving… a lot.” she said then laughed once more time.

I sighed “It’s not funny… to see people dying” I said the last part really quiet, and more to myself but I guess she heard it. I stood up while she froze and just looked at me, reading my face.

I had watched my friends get hurt that’s why I’m really sensitive when I see people getting hurt.

“It’s just a game Jessica, don’t worry,” she said

Silence filled the room and I heard her sigh quietly. She scooted closer, her body now turned to face me.

“It’s getting late I should go” She then held out her hand as if asking ‘can you pull me up please?’ She gave me the puppy eyes and pouty lips which made her look cute.

Cute? Excuse me.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. But sadly, me being the weaker person struggled and lost my balance on the back while Sabrina gasped when her body collided on top of mine. We both look up to each other’s eyes. Our faces were dangerously close, to the point where if I were to pull my head up by a bit my lips would be touching hers. I could feel her warm body and my heart threaten to spill because its beats were gradually increasing. This time I noticed her face, and it was even better closer. Her blue eyes were really bright and I could smell her perfume. The sight of her was getting even addicted and the more I see her, the more I feel weird when she’s around. Maybe she really does have that affect anyone.

She’s a really really good player. A heartbreaker” John’s words popped out into my mind. A frown forming on my face. She’s nice to me but is she really that? I don’t think John would lie to me.Whatever it is, I plan to forget it right now because all I could think of was how we were so close right now. We stayed there for a moment until she finally got off and mumbled a sorry.

A few seconds later I finally found my voice and apologized too. My face was probably really red. Sabrina’s foot tapped on the floor and her eyes roamed around avoiding my eyes. She offered me a hand but me not really trusting myself to have a body collision with her again just grabbed the side of the table and pulled myself up.

We walked down the stairs while Sabrina got her stuff and bid goodbye to me and my parents.

“Good night Jessica. Sweet dreams. Oh and be prepared tomorrow.” she waved then winked before taking off into a sprint, disappearing into the end of the street into the darkness.

I mumbled a yeah to myself and brought my hand to my chest, feeling my heartbeat going fast. The feelings were scary and now constantly I’m asking myself “Do I like her?” I’ve never really thought of me liking girls. It’s probably because I never dated anyone before or so. I’ve only complimented some of the appearances of good-looking people whom I came across with. And now I have to follow her all day tomorrow?

Stupid game. Stupid Sabrina. Stupid me.

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