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Chapter 2


The sounds of the annoying birds outside and foreign voices woke me up from my peaceful sleep. I opened one eye to see that I was sleeping in an unfamiliar bedroom. Everything was a blur so I moved my hands around trying to find my glasses. I manage to see the black framed glasses sitting on top of a small table right beside me, so I grabbed it and put them on quickly. The room was bigger than I thought. No, it was like the size of the whole apartment that I was living on back in Ontario. Lights escaped from the big glass windows on my side, blinding my eye sight. I saw my baggage beside a closet right around the corner. The room was painted light blue with a white border on the walls. I like it because the colour makes me feel calm. The floor was carpeted with plain white. There was also a mirror and a huge flat screen TV, in which I already like. What caught my eye right away was a book shelf right under the television screen.

‘Check out the books’ I mentally noted.

I was still in bed admiring the beauty of the room. Then I thought, is this my room? I finally remembered what happened last night. Dad and his new wife picked me up at the airport yesterday and I think I fell asleep in the car.

“Right, I’m living with him and his new family” I murmured.

I groaned and threw myself back in bed. Looking at the ceiling, I thought of how I’m supposed to live a new life in Colorado. That means... new house, new family, new school, new friends, perhaps? It’s going to take a long time... long time for me to get used to it. The thought of moving here really scared me since I heard from Uncle Ron that dad would now be taking me to live with him. It was saddening to leave all of my family behind. It’s been years and I feel like the closeness between dad and I have slowly vanished within the past years.

I closed my eyes again, attempting or trying to sleep one more time cause I still feel jet lag and my head is throbbing like crazy. I think I might have a headache. Then, I heard voices once again. This time I concentrated on trying to hear it.

“Nat! Get your lazy bum down here and tidy up your mess”. The voice sounded familiar. Oh it’s from Caelie’s. But who’s Nat? My sibling?

“Mooooommm... no. I have a hangover!” yelled another voice. It was a guy’s voice. Pretty clear it was a guy’s voice because the voice came from somewhere near my room. Yep, it’s probably my new brother. Wait, did he just say hangover? I really hope he’s not much of an alcohol drinker because I wouldn’t stand the smell of it.

Then there was a sudden knock on the door.

‘Uh oh. Here comes drunken stepbrother!’ I quickly hid under the covers and pretended to sleep once again. I heard the door creak open and light footsteps when I heard Caelie’s voice once again. This time it was clearer.

“Kristina! What are you doing?” Caelie half yelled and half whispered.

“Mom. I just wanted to say hi to my new little sister” It was a girl’s voice. Kristina is her name and I’m thinking she is my older sister since she referred me as her little sister.

“Kris. You plan on saying hi yet you’re sneaking in like a criminal. Don’t tell me you plan on ambushing her sleep” said Caelie. Kristina giggled... cutely. God, that’s just annoying really.

“Sorry” whispered Kristina and then left. Caelie followed her and closed the door quietly.

When I heard no more footsteps and thought that it was finally safe to come out, I jumped out of bed and fixed it. I went to the window and admired the sun rising. I’ve always done this. Every morning, I would look out the window and admire the beauty of the sun and Mother Nature. It was my way of thanks to whoever created this world. I looked down and saw a convertible red Ferrari parked outside the gates. It honked once and I saw a girl with long dark brown hair waving at someone. I couldn’t really see the girl’s face but I saw Kristina waving goodbye at Caelie. Neither did her face was blurry in my eyes so I can’t really make up what she really look like.

“Mom I’m going to Jane’s house! Bye” yelled Kristina.

“Okay. Have fun dear” said Caelie.

Caelie watched as Kristina and her friend leaves, and then she went back inside the house.

I quickly went over in front of the mirror and grabbed the comb that was sitting neatly in a box and fixed my hair. Just then, the door opened and Caelie came in. I turned around and looked at her. None of us said anything for a second until she spoke.

“Good morning dear. I prepared breakfast downstairs. You can come down anytime”, she said. I smiled and nodded. Caelie left, while I continued fixing my hair. I tied it up in a messy bun like I always do and then I noticed that I was still wearing what I wore yesterday.

‘Hmm. A shower would help right now’ I thought. Then my stomach growled.

“Food first,” I told myself. I searched for my phone in the bed and then quickly grabbed it and put inside my back pockets. They always fall off when I sleep. I grabbed my suitcase and digged into a bunch of pile of clothes till I found my toothbrush. When I found it, I went downstairs and was merely amazed by the house. It was like a mansion... no it is a mansion. Damn, I thought.

Caelie interrupted my thoughts when she saw my jaw hanging open while I was still mesmerized by the beauty of the house.

“Sweetie, you can take a tour around the house later. For now, let’s have breakfast” said Caelie.

Though I knew she said something, I quickly ignored her for I saw a door that’s slightly opened revealing a hint of huge shelves of books.

“Breakfast?” she asked. Nope I’m still looking there.

“Food?” she asked one more time. I totally forgot that my stomach was begging for food already.

“Jessica!” This time I finally snapped out and looked at her. Then I quickly looked down and mumbled sorry. Gladly, she smiled and gestured me to follow her into the dining room. Holy smokes were the first thing that I thought. Do we have like a feast or party or something? Cause even if it’s just breakfast, there was already lots of food on the table.

“I didn’t know what you’d like so I made a lot. If you have anything specifically that you’d like to eat, I can either make them or order it” she said.

I was still speechless. How can she say that? All of these are my favorites. Never had a breakfast like this in my whole life! She probably thought I didn’t like it since I was just looking at it. I quickly told her that it’s okay.

I was about to sit down when I realized that I was still holding my toothbrush.

“Oh. Where’s the washroom?” I asked.

“Go down the hallway and turn to the left. The second door”

I made my way to the washroom and left my stuff there. After, I went back where I found her sitting already. I sat down and started eating. We both ate in silence and it was really awkward. We just shared smiles and pass down plates. I didn’t want my new mother to hate me so I started an actual conversation.

“This food is great,” I said. I quickly mentally slapped myself for saying that in a small voice. She probably thought I was lying and had to force myself to say it.

“Thank you. You had me worried there. I thought you didn’t like it.” It’s like she just released the breath that she was holding.

I smiled and asked where my dad is.

“Your dad is at work right now. It was supposed to be his break during the weekends but there was an emergency meeting. Sorry honey”

I was still not used to being called honey, sweetie, or darling, so I just nodded. Now that I think about it, what does dad actually do in real life? He never told me what his job was, so I decided to ask.

“Umm.. do you know what father does?” I asked.

She smiled and talked about how my father is actually the project manager of a big company. She said that she works there too as a secretary and works for 2 people. Then our conversation seemed to drift of off topic where we talked about ourselves. I figured out that she likes art and really likes to paint. Well, that explains all the paintings I’ve seen in the hallways. It must be hers. She also told me that she enjoyed sports in her youth. We didn’t know we sat there for a long time talking to each other. I really felt comfortable with her. She’s easy to talk with and it’s fun being with her. I finally realized why my dad fell in love once again.

I’ve been bothered for a while since we started talking about her so I just had to ask.

“How did you meet my dad?”

She blushed and started smiling. I bet she’s remembering some things.

“I met him out in the park. I think it was 2 and a half years ago. I was taking my dog for a walk. I saw him sitting on the bench with his hands on his head. He really looked sad and depressed at that time. I just stood there for a moment, thinking whether I should talk to a stranger or not. But somehow he didn’t look like a stranger to me.”

I smiled and nodded, waiting for her to continue.

“Then he saw me staring at him and he smiled. That’s when I noticed what your dad really looked like. Then my dog ran off and he helped me run after it. When we both caught it, I thanked him. We went back to the bench together and started talking about ourselves. I asked him why he seemed down and he said it’s because he missed his daughter.”

“He said he hasn’t talked to you for like 2 years and he really misses you. But he felt like a fool if he had tried to call you, so I encouraged him.”

Right, I remember when he called me for the first time. I was really angry back then so I slammed the phone down and hung up on him. Now, I regret it.

“We talked and met up a lot. Then that’s when we realized we both fell in love.”

She finished her story and smiled at me.

“I hope you don’t feel like I’m replacing your mother, Jessica. I really want to get to know you and have me love you like how you loved your mother. I understand if you won’t love me as much as you loved your mother, but please give me a chance” she said. I could see how serious she was when she looked me in the eye. She held my hand and gripped it tightly.

I nodded and said “I’ll try” my voice cracked at the thought of me loving another person other than my mom. I never want to replace her. But Caelie is nice. She wants me to give her a chance, so I accepted it, even if things have to go slowly.

When we finished breakfast, I offered to help Caelie to wash the dishes but she insisted on me not too. I told her I was going to unpack my stuff and just relax a bit.

I went up the stairs and started unpacking. I neatly organized my stuff into the closet and dresser. When I finished, I noticed that the room includes a small seating area, beautiful views and an interior hallway to the master bathroom & closet.

Wow, how stupid of me. I didn’t even notice that there was a bathroom. I went inside and took a long shower and then got dressed in a baggy t-shirt that has a picture of the Eiffel tower and a text that says J’aime la France and short shorts. I decided to let my hair dry by itself so I just combed it neatly.

My phone started ringing and saw that my friend Emmie from Ontario calling me. I quickly answered it.

“Emmie?” I asked.

“Oh my god! Jesse! I miss you so much! How’s Colorado?” she asked

“It’s okay. The family is really nice though I haven’t met my siblings yet.”

We talked for hours about how my day went and hers too until she said goodbye cause she had to go to her uncle’s house. As I was about to place my phone back into my pocket, it slipped and fell into the toilet.

“Shit!” I grabbed my phone from the toilet and checked if it was still working. Disappointingly, no. I cursed more into my head and threw my phone back into the bed,

Caelie toured me around the house. Our house included an indoor pool, a huge library (which dad built for me, according to what she said), a theatre, total amount of 8 bedrooms, 4 washrooms (excluding the washrooms inside each room), an outdoor pool, a huge garage that filled in at least 4 cars, 2 motorcycle, and 5 bikes. There was also a game room! It took me 7 walks around for me to memorize where all things are.

After lunch, I spend the rest of the day inside my room reading a book. I just started reading Hunger Games my favourite character so far is Katniss. Lots of people have recommended this for me to read and so far it hasn’t disappointed me. It was really good and it was easy for me to visualize on what was happening. The vocabulary was also not extremely hard. It was easy for anyone to understand it.

When I finished reading up on the part before the game started. The next day I spend the whole day in my room cleaning and organizing and finishing off book 1 of the Hunger Games. I didn’t see Nat or Kristina today since Caelie told me that they went to a friend’s house once again. Dad was at home today as well but he stayed in his office doing some paper works and stuff with Caelie.

When it was finally night time, I went downstairs to tell Caelie that I won’t be eating dinner and that I would just be sleeping early so I could get ready for school tomorrow.

I made sure to set the alarm clock beside me and then threw myself on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

School. A place designed for students to learn. Crap that. I’m going to be a transferred student moving into a new school as a sophomore. Just thinking about it makes my head hurts. I decided to let sleep take over me.


I groaned and opened my eyes. I didn’t move a single muscle on my body and just stared up at the ceiling. My alarm clock kept ringing but I ignored it.

Monday. Oh, I hate Mondays. You know why? Cause it’s the start of the weekdays. It also means school. God I hated it

I grabbed my phone and read the alarm clock that says 7:00 AM. Classes start at 9:00 AM so I have 2 hours to get ready. I shot myself out and ran to the bathroom to have a shower. When I finished, I dried my hair and put it in a bun. I quickly got dressed in loose white sleeves and black skinny jeans. I washed my face and brushed then quickly grabbed my bag and my glasses.

When I went downstairs, I saw my dad leaning in to kiss Caelie. I quickly covered my face with my hands, feeling the blush creeping into my face. Way to start a day! I stealthily head over to the kitchen and grabbed a toast on the plate and went back to the dining where I found them, making out.

When they saw me standing there and watching like a kid who just saw live porn, with one hand on my hands, slightly peeking and the other on a piece of bread, they quickly jumped out of each other. Caelie looked extremely embarrassed and walked away to the kitchen. I took a seat and silently ate my toast while dad continued to pretend as if he was busy.


“W-what?” he stuttered. He looked at me, afraid that I’ll have to say something bad about what I had just seen.

Oh, how I wanted to say “Get a Room”, but I just said “I’m not going to say anything, but please keep your things privately. It’s really embarrassing too you know”

Caelie came back with a plate filled with more toast and eggs and sat beside dad.

“Nat and Kris left early today, hun so you have to drop off Jessica at her school”, she informed dad.

Dad groaned, and so did I. What? It’s a father and daughter connection, isn’t it?

“Where are they?” I asked.

Caelie turned to me and said “Nat has a basketball practice and Kris has cheerleading practice. Both left at 6 in the morning. ”

Basketball eh? So I’m thinking that he has muscles and really good looking. Kristina seems to be more of the popular girls but I hope that she’s not one of those gossips, super girly, types of people.

I sighed and mumbled okay. When I finished, dad and I went over to the garage and we hopped on into Acura RLX. Caelie waved goodbye and then we left. The ride was about 15 minutes. We’ve arrived in front of the school and dad dropped me off.

I opened the door and shut it. Just as I was about to walk away into this horrifying place, dad called for me. I walked back to him and raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, kiddo! I forgot to say but... Have fun!” he said.

“Is that it?” I asked, crossing my arms and tapping my foot.

“Aw. Don’t be so cold dear. Don’t worry. You’ll earn lots of friends”

“Dad. I don’t need friends. I just want to graduate this school silently. Hoping that no one would interrupt my high school life.”

He laughed and said “Don’t worry honey. You will have to make friends.”

I groaned and rolled my eyes at him. “Whatever dad. I’m leaving” I turned away and started walking toward the doors when I heard him yell “I love you”. Man, how embarrassing is that!

I looked at the 3 story school building in front of me, then sighed really loudly. I let my body relax for 5 minutes since I was really nervous.

“Oh. I hope no one bothers me. I hope I’ll do great at school. I hope I won’t get lost and end up being an idiot. “I prayed in my head. Then I took one more breath and stepped my way into the school. Right away, there was already a huge crowd of kids running around the hallways. Different kinds of people. Tall, short, pretty. It’s like a busy street here!

I opened my bag and grabbed the school map. I was thankful that Caelie gave it to me this morning. I made my way to the school office and stood in front an old gray-headed woman. She looked at me asked what I needed.

“Umm... I’m a transferred student here and my name is Jessica Francis.”

“Oh. Hold on, I’ll print off your schedule” she said. She started typing on her keyboard and then went to the printer and handed me my schedule. I glanced at my watch, 8:00 AM. I still have an hour left so I sat down in the chairs and read my schedule.

Day 1: Chemistry, English, Math, Health, and Physed

Day 2: Biology, Math, History, Physed, and English.

I noticed that Day 1 classes seem to repeat on Day 3 and Day 5, while Day 2 repeats on Day 4 and 6. I guess I just have to memorize odd and even. I went to the office lady again and asked what day it is and she said that it was Day 4.

I looked at my schedule once again “Jessica A. Francis, Grade 10, Student number: 0039284, Locker number: 345B” It took me 20 minutes to find my locker. Luckily, it was near my Biology class. As I was walking my way to my locker, someone bumped into me. I hit one of the lockers and fell to the floor.

“Watch it bitch!” he yelled at me. His face was red and so is his eyes. He really looked mad and furious. He started walking away when I saw the girl behind him grabbed his wrist and slapped him hard on the face. Woah!

“You fucking asshole!” she yelled. Tears were already streaming down her face. My guess was her height was somewhere around 5′8” ft. She had long flowing, black hair that was decorated with small braids at the ends. She was wearing a fresh plaid cropped shirt that exposed a little bit of her flat stomach and a small mini frill back skirt. She had heavy make up on.

“You cheated on me!”

“Look we’re over Cara! I said we’re over”

“Yeah, we are. I don’t want to see your face ever again” she said. Then she turned around and looked at me with a confused face that turned into an angry one. She grabbed my hand and push me into the guy.

“You can have her instead.” Then she walked away leaving me behind with this guy.

“Sorry,” I mumbled and started walking away when he suddenly grabbed my wrist and threw me into the lockers.

“Look woman. You haven’t even apologized to me yet.” I could feel his spit on my face and it was seriously disgusting. Ugh! I wished for a quiet school life, yet the first day seems to be my horrible day already!

“I already did,” I said in a small voice. It came out to be more like a whimper to him cause he chuckled and pushed me harder into the lockers. I looked over to the side and saw a crowd forming in around us. I closed my eyes, praying for what to happen next cause he pulled back his hand and it looked like he was about to either slap me or punch me.

Then I suddenly felt his body being pulled away from me. I opened my eyes to see a guy holding the dude who was on me on the floor.

“David. One more time and I’ll beat the crap out of you” he hissed. The dude left and so did the crowd.

I blinked a couple of times and saw that the guy who helped me out was approaching me. He had blond hair with green emerald eyes. He was wearing a jersey with the number 15 on it.

“Hey I’m Nathaniel,” he said. He held out his hands and I hesitantly took it. Nathaniel sounds familiar.

“Jessica”, I said.

“You’re new here, right? I know everyone in this school and you look very unfamiliar”

“Yeah. I- I’m n-new” You’re doing great Jessica. Let’s make friends, shall we?

“Sorry about David by the way. He’s an ass. By the way, can I see your schedule? I’ll walk you around” Then he took his phone out and said “We still have 20 minutes left”

I handed him my schedule and his eyes widen.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Y-you’re Jessica Francis” he said. I nodded and he looked at me confusingly then smiled. “You’re my new little sister, right?!” he asked happily.

“My name is Nathaniel Francis. Caelie calls me Nat though”

Oh my god. My brother Nat. In front of me. Shockingly, hot!


“Anyways, I’ll beat the crap out of David later. I can’t believe he hit on you!” he said angrily. “Come on I’ll show you around”

He took my hands and we went down the hallways. I could feel eyes at me and I looked down avoiding people’s gazes. Great! My first day just went bizarre.

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