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Chapter 21


“Excuse me! Coming through!” I yelled, pushing through the crowd of people.

‘Damn hallways always crowded! Where is she anyway? Aha!’ I thought. I continued pushing on forward, making my way into the cafeteria where I found Taylor’s group always filled with a bunch of popular.

“Taylor!” I called as I made my way into them. The blonde girl turned her way and waved at me.

“Hey Leylah. What’s up?” she smiles.

Looking around, I found no sight of the Francis so I asked, “Have you seen any of the Francis siblings?”

She too turned to do a quick search on her group and the cafeteria. At last, she pointed towards the tall brunette girl who was talking with another girl in a cheerleader uniform.

“There’s Kristina with Angela,” she said pointing towards their direction.

“Okay thanks,” I said then made my way to Kristina.


“Oh, hey Leylah” Kristina greeted me. Angela did a little wave then grabbed a piece of fry then ate it.

“I was wondering if you’ve seen Jessica? She missed class this morning.”

Kristina’s eyes widen a bit “She missed class? Again?

“Oh, why?”

“Well, she wasn’t in my class last week! That girl has been up to something, I think. I must find out” she chuckled while fixing her hair a bit. “But seriously, no. I haven’t seen her”

“Maybe she got busy,” Angela suggested.

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“Actually no. Maybe she’s busy with someone.” A grin formed on Angela’s face as Kristina’s mouth hang open.

“You’re kidding me, right? I am not letting anyone near my little sister!” Her head started to roam around the cafeteria. “Where’s that girl?”

“Oh please. You’re just jealous you have no boyfriend” Angela teased.

I laughed with Angela while Kristina crossed her arms. I wasn’t really close to them but still, they made me feel as if we were friends.

Nathaniel came into view, along with another black haired boy who soon sent a flirty smile at me. I mean, no. My bad. Past me. I turned around, looking to whoever it was he was sending it too and saw Kristina frowning.

“Ooh babe Lucas is giving you his smiles again” Angela cooed.

“Oh please! Look at his teeth. They’re not fully white. His teeth are quite distorted. Plus his breath reeks the smell of cigarettes most of the time”

Angela rolled her eyes “You’re too picky. Lots of girls say he’s a good kisser.”

“Well according to me, I think he’s a douchebag. And from what you just said, you basically told me that he’s a player. You know I hate players” Kristina said. Angela raised her hands in their as if saying ‘okay okay. I give up’

“I smoke too sometimes you know” Angela mumbled.

I don’t know how this conversation even led to some another guy. So, I just watched the both of them. Or maybe I should leave and look for Jessica again.

“Whatever. You’re an exception. Another thing, he smokes marijuana. Do you know how much I hate that smell?” Kristina’s forehead wrinkled as she thought of it. Then she murmured “I’d rather have a mouth to mouth section with you again than having to kiss him”

That stopped me from going. Did I just hear that?

Angela quickly slapped Kristina on the shoulder and shushed her.

“You two kissed?” I asked, surprised.

“What? No!” Angela quickly denied.

“Yeah, we did.” Kristina proudly announced. That earned another slap in her shoulder. “Ow that hurts!”

“I thought you were straight” I chuckled.

“I am. We were drunk. Plus we got dared by Izzy during Sabrina’s party. Now I know how it feels like kissing a girl, and I must say it was fun-fucking-tastic”

Angela blushed at the comment that was being directed at her since Kristina was grinning from ear to ear. I laughed then did a brofist with Kristina.

“Seriously still straight?” I asked once more time.

“99%” she smiled.

“99%?” Angela brows went up in confusion.

“What? I kissed you and I liked it. That must’ve at least bent the pole by a bit, right?” Kristina grinned, kissing Angela on the cheek.

“Oh please. I have a boyfriend” she crossed her arms, but the blush on her face was too obvious.

“Yeah. That’s too bad” Kristina fake pouted, but I could tell she was trying to hold her laughter.

“Well, that’s a new thing. Very surprising.”

Kristina then turned the conversation around. “Hmm.. how about you Leylah? I’ve known you’re gay for a while. Who’s the chick?”

Well, I was surprised again. I had not actually announced that I was out of the closet in the school. Not like anyone cares. They knew I never dated anyone yet in this school. Plus, it’s not like this school was homophobic so I didn’t care. Maybe some are but then decided to keep their filthy mouth shut for now.

“Umm… how.. how did you know?” I asked

“I don’t know. Just a feeling. I never really saw you give anyone a hotty stare among any of the guys in our school”

“Oh umm.. yeah. No one. I think” Only if you knew I had the hots for your little sister. But I’ll keep my mouth shut for now as well.

She was about to speak again when Nathaniel and the other guy approached us. “Hey ladies!” he greeted.

The black haired boy gave a whistled and said in a low voice to Kristina “And hello to you dear”

Nathaniel glared at him which made him shut up. “You know I’m here right?”

“Sorry. Your sister is just too hot”

“Shut up asshole,” she said then turned around, leaving with Angela. I heard Angela said “Burn” which made Nathaniel and I laughed.

“Well, they left now. I forgot what I was going to say to her. Oh, what’s up Leylah?” Nathaniel smiled.

“Nothing much,” I said. It was kind of awkward having a conversation with the Francis. The black haired dude mumbled something in his ear then left.

“I see. Thanks by the way. I’ve seen you taking care of my little sister and helping her out” he said. Ah, that reminded me.

“Yeah no problem. Actually I was wondering if you’ve seen her?”

To my disappointment, he shook his head and said no. “Why?”

I didn’t want Jessica to get in trouble so I just said “Nothing. Just wanted to see her”

He made a mhm sound. Then after a few minutes, we made our way back to the group table. I didn’t really plan on staying here because I seemed out of place but I needed to talk to Taylor again. The cafeteria doors opened and revealed the person I was looking for. Jessica! – with Sarah. Looking at them, Sarah seemed down. She didn’t look like her normal self. Jessica then whispered something in her ear and gently stroke Sarah’s back. Sarah tried smiling back, then held Jessica’s hand after.

I frowned. When the hell did they get so close?

“Who’s that?” I heard Nathaniel ask. He was slurping loudly in his drink that it kind of annoyed me more.

“Sarah. She’s Sabrina’s cousin” I said

“Oh, you mean Sarah Wilson?!” I heard Tyler, the hockey team captain said. “I heard she’s hot”. Immediately he stood up and the other black haired guy, whom I have learned that his name was Lucas. They both gave a low ‘Wow’

I wouldn’t blame them. Sarah was indeed one sexy hot chick, but she wasn’t my type. She’s got the freaking British accent.

“I don’t think I like her” Nathaniel all of a sudden said. “Look at her, she’s got tattoos all over her body”

“Dude that’s the best part! It’s such a turn on” Tyler laughed.

“Ew gross. Don’t tell me you wet your pants already. I’m not doing the laundry this week” his twin sister said. That made all of us laughed.

“Shut up”

“And I don’t like her either,” some other person said. We all turned towards the other famous identical twins ‘Jace & John’.

“We all know she’s Sabrina’s cousin and you all who Sabrina Carter is. Isn’t that right?” John said.

“Your heartbreaker?” Lucas chuckled “I’d totally do her. You were a lucky man. Except you got the strings attached. But I like Kristina better”

“Shut the fuck up. You won’t even understand” John hissed. “Don’t even talk about her again. Her name sickens me. Nat, I suggest you watch out for your little sister. You never know if that girl is the same as Sabrina. She’s a Carter. She might badly influence Jessica. What’s worse is if she ever hurts her. You never know if she’s a lesbian”

“You have a problem with gay people?” I heard his brother asks.

“No. I only hate people who play with other people’s feelings.” John said.

“Damn, I’m hated” Tyler chuckled. Taylor giggled since she was the same as her brothers.

“Why are you guys then friends?” I asked.

They all shrugged.


“Thanks,” I said to Jessica as we both take a seat towards a table beside a window. I put my head down, not wanting to eat. I had lost my appetite since this morning.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I heard her asked. I could hear her zipping her backpack open and taking out something, which I think her food.

“No food. No money. Not really. But too lazy and no appetite” I said.

“You have to eat” She halved her sandwich and passed it to me.

“Jessica, you’re small. Not to mention, really slim and sexy when you were at the party. I bet if I carry you, you’d be light as fuck. So, you eat this” I said, pushing the sandwich back to her.

She blushed at my bluntness and whispered an okay.

I sighed “Thank you for today though”

She smiled and nodded.

While she was eating, I looked around and saw some people from the what so-called ‘popular table’ looking at our direction. I see Leylah talking to a blonde girl though. I just ignored the other people who were staring at me and looked back at Jessica.

“What?” she asks as she slowly took a bite of her sandwich.

“Nothing. Just watching you eat”

“Oh,” she bit her lips and continued eating. I sighed and looked away.

She’s a friend’

That sentence kept chanting over my head. I didn’t need feelings. It was the wrong time to get it, so I pushed it away.


After I ate the last bite of my sandwich, the doors swung open. Everyone stopped and looked. Nicole’s head was bandaged and she holding onto two of her mates.

She groaned and yells “Stop fucking look at me”

Everyone did but some people’s eyes stayed.

Around me, I could hear the gossips and questions starting already.

“Wow. What happened to her?”

“Who beat her up?”

“Pssh. Serves her right”

“Karma!” some laughed quietly.

“Someone finally taught her a lesson,” another said.

Sarah kept her eyes glued down to the table and her hands were in her ears as if trying to block the murmurs away.

“I’m thankful to whoever did that to her”

“Must be another psycho bitch”

At last, Sarah rose up from her seat. Her face red and angry. She took long stride walks to whoever said that then grabbed them by the collar

“Shut your fucking mouth you little twit twat. No one wants to hear your fucking opinion so keep it to yourself. And before you say you have the fucking human rights, don’t” She pushed the guy down into the floor and gave him a nasty look before walking back to me.

“Let’s go Jessica” she took my arm, while I tried to catch up.

On the way, we passed by Nicole and her gang. I swore they had this like slow motion stare between Sarah and Nicole.

I was for sure I heard something like.

“You didn’t need to do that. You’re one of them after all” Nicole said.

Sarah just stared at her and then shook her head. She was about to get near Nicole but she stopped.

“You don’t understand Nicole.”

With one last look, she grabbed my hand we both headed out of the cafeteria doors.

We were both silently walking out. I didn’t know what to say so I kept my mouth shut. Sarah didn’t say anything either. We were both lost in our own thoughts. I wondered, why hadn’t she told her the truth? Maybe Nicole would understand.

Sabrina came into view and waved at us, but we kept walking forward. I was going to wave at least but Sarah pulled me closer to her and fastened her pace. I then saw Sabrina frowned after.

We ended up in the back of the library. Sarah kept her head down throughout the whole time. She hugged her knees and kept sighing all over again and again. I, on the hand, was looking through the shelves looking for anything interesting, but I didn’t feel like doing so, so I just kept searching for nothing in particular.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” I found myself asking.

“I don’t know” she mumbled.

“Sarah. You’d need to talk to her eventually” I said.

She looked up to me, her eyes teary-eyed again. “Oh fuck. Look what you’re doing. You’re making me cry again. I’ve never cried by this much before. I bet you’re laughing right now”

I shook my head and sat beside her.

“I’m scared” she whispered after.

“Scared of what?” I asked.

“To face her. To hear what she would say. I made a fucking promise to Kevin and I didn’t do it. What would you do in my place?”

I thought about it for a while. Soon, I ended up being stuck too so I just told her “I.. don’t really know”

“See? I don’t get why saying it is so fucking hard but it is.” She chuckled.

“I really think you should talk to her though” I insisted.

“And say what?” she snapped.

“Oh, Nicole! I’m so sorry for not taking care of you as I promised your brother before he died.And just to let you know I didn’t really kill him, cause like some guy that I planned on shooting moved so I missed and hit your brother instead” she said sarcastically.

I laughed and said “No”.

“Just tell her the truth”

“The truth?”

I nodded.

“My mother once said ‘Only the truth can set us free’,” I said.

“Once? What happened to your mother?” she asks.

That made me stopped. The tables have turned. I didn’t even know why I just said. So, I stood up and looked at her curious eyes before saying

“She’s dead and it was all my fault.”

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