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Chapter 22

Sarah watched as Jessica gave a shy smile and a small wave before entering her class. She sighed heavily as soon as the door slammed shut right in front of her. Looking at her surroundings, she noticed that she was now alone. Afternoon classes had started and she wasn’t prepared so she decided to skip again. Shoving her hands into her jeans, she turned her heels and started walking away.

On the way, Sarah passed by numerous paintings on the wall. She stopped when she saw a painting of a familiar mermaid. The painting was entitled ‘Pretty Ariel’ and was drawn by an elementary student named April. The painting was remarkably done very well. It was very colorful so it was very easy to see.

Sarah hummed to herself as she traced her fingers around the painting and smiled.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Sarah was surprised to hear a voice behind her. She turned around and looked at the familiar girl with brunette hair.

“It’s simply creative. This young girl is surely talented” Sarah said while observing the other paintings.

“Yep. What are you doing here?” Carly asked the taller girl.

“Hmm… nothing. I don’t even know why I came to this place” The taller girl ended up mumbling the last few words to herself but Carly had heard everything and hinted something.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked concerned. Carly considered Sarah as a friend so it was normal for her to worry, especially if you knew that Sarah was usually the cool, calm, collective type.

“Nope” Sarah simply said, averting her eyes somewhere else so she couldn’t look directly at Carly’s. Even so, it was clear that she was lying.

“What are you doing here?” she asked instead, avoiding any more topics about her.

“Oh, I’m supposed to be checking for any students lurking around the hallways skipping” Carly answered. Her eyebrows then suddenly raised and quickly she turned to Sarah.

“You’re skipping!”

Sarah chuckled and nodded “Obviously. Now, what’s my punishment?”

A cocky grin formed her face. Carly just rolled her eyes at her. Despite knowing Sarah for many years now, she still throws flirty jokes at many people. She was surely like Sabrina but unlike her cousin, the comments she gives to people are only friendly.

“I’m supposed to take you to the office and have you signed a sheet on why you are skipping plus a detention after school for an hour.”

Sarah nodded in understatement. “Where to then?”

Carly shook her head and smirked, “Oh and here I thought you were going to run away.”

“I would but I don’t have the energy”

Carly examined Sarah’s face. Her friend was surely going through something. Her hair wasn’t that combed as neatly as the other days. There were bags under her eyes and it was obvious that the girl didn’t have any sleep any last night. Though Sarah tried to cover up by putting more make up on, you can still see the tiredness on her eyes and her body.

She was about to asked what really happened when Sarah spoke first.

“How’s you and Sabrina?”

Out of all the questions she had to ask, she just had to choose that one, Carly thought. The past days had been a heck with Sabrina trying to talk to her. What even made her angrier was that she would also talk to Jessica when she tries to approach her. Not to mention their dinner during on Sunday at Jessica’s house, she felt like she left out. Sabrina acted like a bitch throughout that whole night. Constantly touching her and being friendly. It was obvious that she was trying to make Jessica jealous because she and Sarah were close. It annoyed her that Sabrina hadn’t changed for the past years. And now somebody new who can actually resist Sabrina’s charms, Jessica, had brought a new challenge towards the player of the town. It scared her of what might actually happen.

“Carls” Sarah repeated. She noticed the brunette girl had gone quieter. It wasn’t probably a good idea to bring the topic up.

“She hasn’t changed one bit” Carly’s voice became colder and her hands curled in anger.

“Yeah, I know.” Sarah chuckled.

“You have no idea what she became when you were gone. It was like someone had taken my best friend and replaced it with somebody else! I hate her so much!”

Sarah just nodded and watched Carly as she shaken. She gave an apologetic smile. She knew that her cousin was deeply in love with her now ex-best friend. Though she and Sabrina were fighting, she couldn’t break the promise. Her mouth was zipped shut, not allowing her to tell the poor girl why Sabrina had become the way she is now.

“I’m pretty sure she has her reasons”

“If she has one, I’m hoping it’s reasonable”

Sarah chuckled and rested her hand on Carly’s arm. “I’m hoping you two will get along soon”

“Thanks Sarah.” Carly smiled. The announcement went off, paging Carly to go back to the office.

“I have to go but if you ever need to talk about anything at all, you can talk to me. I know you’re having problems right now. We may not be as close as before but I will for sure be your friend at any moment”

“Thanks, Carls” she gave her a quick hug before Carly jogged off to the opposite way.

The rest of the day went quickly and so did the next day after. Jessica had managed to hang out with Leylah yesterday lunch, catching up with her assignments and classes. Since she was a smart student and was a quick learner, she immediately catches up with the class. She thanked Leylah by agreeing to go for a quick breakfast on a coffee shop nearby.

Jessica waked up earlier than usual. She made sure to not become late because Leylah was going to pick her up around 7:30. It was now 7 o’clock in the morning and Jessica had already showered, dressed up, and got her stuff ready. She went down the stairs and told her parents that a friend would be picking her up. They simply nodded and bid their daughter a goodbye.

A honk was heard outside the house and Jessica went out to greet her friend Leylah. The guards opened the gate for her, followed by a good morning in which she returned. Leylah got off the driver side and quickly jogged to her,

“Good morning,” she said and opened the door for Jessica.

“Morning and thanks” Jessica mumbled. She slowly got in, trying not to get her shoes leave a dirt anywhere else on Leylah’s car.

When Leylah returned to the driver seat, she leaned close to Jessica’s face which immediately brought discomfort, followed by her heartbeat increasing and eyes widening.

“I.. um.. I” she stammered through her nervousness.

Leylah managed to laugh inside her head. It was really a surprise and awkward to see her old childhood friend to be all shy. She was used to Jesse being all quiet, sometimes cocky, and confident.

“Seatbelt first” she smiled at Jessica. She then pulled the seatbelt next to her and attached it to the connector. A blush crept in Jessica’s face while she mumbled another thank you.

The coffee shop was near their school so they took their time having a conversation. Since Leylah knew something was wrong with Jessica, she had tried to open up a conversation about Jessica’s childhood and past. But eventually, Jessica would always avoid anything about her childhood. All that was remained in her memory when she was young was the death of her mother. And she couldn’t bring herself to talk about it to others.

They parted ways when they were in the school already. Jessica became quite a bit distance and wasn’t much-paying attention to class. Her mind drifted off years back when she used to play soccer. This would bring up old memories that would automatically leave her sad and depressed.

When the last bell rang just before lunch, the teacher asked for her after. The teacher complimented her for good grades but also said she should pay more attention to class. This was the first time she was getting lectured by her teachers. She simply apologized and promises not to do it again.

After walking out of class, she was surprised to see Sabrina waiting. Sabrina’s hair was identical as Jessica’s. They were both had their hair in a bun. The blond-haired queen bee was in a red tank top with extremely tight black jeans that really shaped her firm ass. Sabrina smiled as soon as she saw Jessica come out of class with her eyes focused on her body, stopping at her chest.

“Jessica!” Sabrina opened her arms wide and engulfs Jessica into a hug.

Jessica stood there speechless and motionless. She was immobilized as soon as Sabrina pulled her into a hug. Not only because of that but the fact that her breasts were touching her chest. It was uncomfortable and comfortable at once. She shakes her thoughts and pulled back after. She still wasn’t used to getting hugs and getting all touchy.

“H-Hi. Umm…”

“I came here because you owe me something” Sabrina stated now looking serious with her hands brought to her hips. She held her laughter as soon as Jessica’s eyebrows moved in confusion.

“What?” the shorted girl asks.

“Remember the bet?” A grin formed on Sabrina’s face as soon as Jessica realized and remembers it. The girl simply nodded and blushed when Sabrina was looking directly at her.

‘God get it together. What can she possibly do to me?’ Jessica panicked in her head. ‘Okay, now I’m sounding some girly teenager who gets all squeaky and nervous whenever they see their crush’

‘Wait oh god. Crush?! No freaking way’

Jessica quickly dismissed the thought of having a crush on a girl and proceeded to try and focus on whatever Sabrina was saying but all she heard was “- are you going?”


“I’m asking you if you want to… actually no, I’m telling you to come with me to theaters after school. There’s this really cool movie I want to watch” Sabrina said then twirled her leftover hand strands on her bangs while smiling at Jessica.


“Yep. Your treat”

“Oh,” Jessica pocketed her wallet behind her pants and was relieved to find that it was there. It was unexpected to have her own money spend, especially when she had just bought her own phone. She was just wishing that there was enough money left to buy two movie tickets for them.

“Yeah. There’s this scary movie called Anabelle and I’ve wanted to watch it but I don’t have a friend to bring with me so I thought of you. I’ll come and pick you up after school in the parking lot.”

’Scary movie did she just say?!′ Jessica screamed at her head. She was praying she did not just hear that. When it comes to anything scary, she would easily get freaked out and the image of it would probably stay in her mind for a long time.

Jessica remembered the time when Emmie first brought her to a movie theater. They watched this movie called Final Destination. She couldn’t really call which one was it but it was the one where the people died on a roller coaster. It was really scary to the point where she was unable to sleep. The next week consisted of her sleeping beside her aunt or with Emmie. Emmie would simply just laughed at her and call her scaredy-cat.

Before Jessica could say anything more else, Sabrina’s phone rang and she excused herself before disappearing into the hallways.

“Great” Jessica mumbled to herself. She just hoped she would survive after school.

Jessica tried not to look as scared as she was. They were just in line to get her tickets but the movie posters around them just frightened her, especially the one that said ‘Anabelle’. Just looking at the person or what it was on the image freaked her out. She tried and avoided it by looking at the others.

“Next!” the person on the ticket booth called for them.

“Hi umm…Two tickets for Anabelle please” Jessica said quietly. The guy working looked at her for awhile before accepting the money and giving her the tickets.

He chuckled and said “I hope you’re not getting forced to watch this miss. I can already tell that you’re going to get scared. Maybe even worse”

Jessica didn’t say anything else since it was true but just simply thanked the guy.

“Umm.. do you want any popcorn and drinks?” Jessica asked. Sabrina looked at the counter and said sure. After ordering for a large popcorn and two drinks, they quickly went to the room where Anabelle was screening.

They seated near the back so they could easily see the screen. The room was surprisingly filled with many more teenagers and adults. Jessica could feel her heart beat faster as soon as the advertisement came into play.

“Have you seen the trailer?” she heard Sabrina asks. She shook her head no but when she remembered that the lights were now off, she thought she probably wouldn’t see her so she voiced her answered and said “no”.

“Oh. You should’ve seen it. It was thrilling” Sabrina smirked knowing that she had already figured out that Jessica was scared. She’s probably going to get end up hugging her, snuggling like some other couples out there who were now cuddling, or hold hands. Just any physical contact is what Sabrina wished.

“There’s going to be a lot of blood” As soon as the word blood came out of her mouth, she noticed Jessica’s breath stop quick before the girl let out a quiet sigh. It was getting funny so she took hold of Jessica’s hands which made the girl look at her.

“If you ever get scared, you can hold my hand” She winked at the now blushing girl before Jessica pulled her hand away, probably now drying her hands because she soon paled as soon as the movie started.

During the movie, Jessica would mostly close her eyes when it a really scary scene comes out. It wasn’t long before she found herself gripping the life out of Sabrina’s hands. When those scenes would pop out of the screen, her grip would tighten. At some point of the movie, she noticed the discomfort on Sabrina’s eyes because she was biting her bottom lips while Jessica grips her hand. She mumbled a sorry while Sabrina released a breath and quietly said that it was no problem. Even if she had told Jessica that she could hold her hand, she never really expected that she would be that strong to drain out the blood from hers. Her hands are probably either red or pale right now. The blood circulation probably messed up and went into other directions.

The rest consisted of hearing Jessica whimper or hold her breath. It would sometimes bother Sabrina for she would think of other things that consist of Jessica whimpering and breathing. And it wasn’t really a good idea, considering the fact that it was dark and crowded. It bothered her for the temperature on the room quickly went up especially when Jessica’s hand all of a sudden gripped Sabrina’s thighs. That made her breath stop and look at Jessica whose eyes were focused on the screen but the fear in them was obvious.

When the scene popped out again, Jessica couldn’t help but feel Sabrina’s warmness again. She felt safe when she held her. Her breathing came short when the bloody screams continued. Sabrina was still staring at Jessica. Her hands still ducked underneath the popcorn. Jessica probably ended up grabbing her thighs instead of her hands because they were too busy getting popcorn to eat.

Soon after, Jessica’s hand slowly slipped away and the disappointment caused Sabrina to frown. She just hoped more scenes of it would pop out.

The movie ended hours later. People started getting out of the room but Sabrina and Jessica stayed. Jessica stayed immobilized in her seat. The movie was on repeat in her head and it scared her because she probably wouldn’t get any sleep at night. She would probably need to check underneath her bed ten times before going to it. She probably would need to check her bathroom, her walk-in closet, then close the windows and sleep with the light on.

“Let’s go” she heard Sabrina say. Her hands automatically Sabrina’s arms and gripped it.

“Wait” Jessica breathes out. She closed her eyes and took a couple of breathing exercises before opening it again.

“Sorry… um... I kind of hurt your hand”

Sabrina chuckled and held her hand out “No problem, see? It’s still functioning. Though I really love it when you hold my hand”

And she didn’t fail again to make Jessica blush. Jessica followed and walked beside Sabrina really close. After the movie, she just couldn’t feel safe when she’s a meter away. So their body stayed close, their shoulders brushing at each other.

“Sorry. I should’ve picked a different movie. I didn’t know you were going to be that scared” Sabrina said. Psh, she wasn’t really sorry for it. She just loved the fact that she could hold Jessica’s hands. But other than the only thing she was sorry for was when Jessica got scared.

Jessica let out a nervous laugh and said it was no problem.

‘Yeah right. I’ll have a problem sleeping tonight’ she thought.

“I’m kind of hungry. Want to eat at Subways?”

Jessica nodded.

When they arrived, Sabrina ordered for them. She didn’t know what to get for she only went to Subway twice so she let Sabrina order for her. Jessica walked around finding a seat for them. When she found one, it was near the corner. A table with two chairs.

While waiting, Jessica checked her phone to see if there are any messages. All she received was a text from her dad, wishing her to have fun with her movie date with her friend. She laughed at the text and replied “It’s not a date dad. The movie was scary though”. She then opened her Snapchat and found Emmie send her a whole load of pictures of her high school in Ontario. She smiled at each of it, remembering her classmates and her teachers.

Looking around, she noticed no one was looking at her direction, so she took a quick selfie and wrote ‘At Subway with a friend’. After she sends it to Emmie, she shut her phone and saw Sabrina walking towards her.

“Here” she placed down a five feet long sandwich in front of them. “I couldn’t really eat one whole thing so I figured we’d share.”

“I figured since I paid for this, I was hoping to get something back since it is my day after all” Sabrina smirked when Jessica looked at her confusedly.

“I saw you a take a selfie with a smile and was wondering if you can send me one too”

Jessica blushed really hard and bowed her head down. “I.. umm.. I just snapchat my friend Emmie”

“Oh. You have snapchat? Add me then” Sabrina smiled then took her phone out. “What’s your user?”

“Secret” Jessica replied.

“What kind of username is that?” Sabrina laughed. She hands her phone over and let Jessica type in her user and found a profile picture that consisted of a younger Jessica with another friend.

“Emmie made it up for me. She wanted to know how I was doing here. ”

“That’s… unique. I hope I have a best friend who I could chat with”

Sabrina did wish she could do that with Carly. She was Tom and Carly was her Jerry. The famous mouse and cat show back then. It was their favorite.

They continued to eat after, a comfortable silence between the two until someone called.


Both girls turned around to see an employee. They stood up ready to leave because they had just finished eating. It was a guy with a curly coppered hair and bright green eyes. He had freckles and was as tall as Sabrina. His eyes widen as soon as Jessica turned in his direction.

“Jessica is really you?” He asked in surprise. He was holding a spray in his hand a cloth. He was cleaning the tables when he noticed the familiar brown haired girl. He was sure that it was her.

“Um… who are you?” Jessica asked. Sabrina just looked at him suspiciously.

“Jessica Francis, right? He asked once more time just to make sure.

The girl nodded. He exhaled loudly and whispered a wow.

“Remember me? Carlo Dominguez.”

Jessica tried to remember his face but none of it registered her memory so she shook her head and apologized. They were about to take a step when he insisted.

“I was on your soccer team. You were my captain. Miguel was my friend back then. JC”

At the mention of the word soccer, captain, and the famous nickname of JC, Jessica couldn’t help but her eyes widened in shock as the memories rushed into her brain as if a tsunami had just hit her face. Her face paled as she remembered the boy who hid and cried for help when she was young. She remembered him. And before even her brain can process or think, her eyes started to blurry as the tears form again and soon passed out.

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