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Chapter 26

Carly smiles at the girl whose hair was disheveled due to the strong impact of the wind. Her hands were wrapped around the girl’s torso while her hair flew behind her. She closes her eyes, enjoying the wind that was hitting her face.

“You better make yourself not too comfortable. You never know when we’d fall.” The girl said, chuckling.

Carly glared in return, then hit the back of the girl’s body. “Shut up Sarah. Look straight, I don’t want us to crash”

“What was that?! I can’t hear you.” Sarah yelled back. She couldn’t hear Carly due to the insane honking of the cars behind and between them. One of the drivers even dared to yell at them, telling them to slow down and not pass.

“Holy shi- ah!” Carly gripped harder when Sarah went pass in between two large trucks.

“Calm down. I got this!” Sarah chuckled then even accelerated faster, zooming past around everything.

After they’ve reached their destination, Carly couldn’t help but get off as she could and stepped away from the bike and its owner.

“Remind to never EVER ride with you again.” She laughed. “You should be lucky there weren’t any cops”

Sarah smirked then patted her motorcycle “The baby and I are always partners in crime.”

Carly shook her head in amusement and laughed. Sarah then takes Carly’s hand. “Let’s go. I’m already late, because of you”

“Excuse me, but you should be thankful I’m here!”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Well if you didn’t insist on coming. Because of you waking up late, now I’m late.

“Whatever. Let’s just get this over with”

Once they made their way inside the building, Carly took one of the seats while Sarah approached the receptionist.

“Hey, I have an appointment with Leah”

The woman looks at her then asks “What’s your first name and last name?”

“Sarah Wilson”

After a couple mouse clicks and hands typing, the woman instructs her to sit and wait for awhile before her name was called.

“So you decided to come here and talk to a therapist instead of telling me what your problems are,” Carly said after Sarah took a seat next to her.

She then just nods while grabbing a magazine from the center table.

“Wow, I can’t believe you. We’re friends, how can you not trust me?”

“I can’t let anyone tell you or anybody.”

“But that therapist is a stranger!”

Sarah then looks at her and raises an eyebrow “No I’ve known Leah for years. If you’re here to complain and babble then just shut your mouth and go home”

She didn’t mean to sound harsh but that’s just the way it came out of her mouth. Carly shrugs then just look away as if looking unaffected. After a couple of minutes, Sarah name was then called. She stood up and made her way over to the woman whom she felt she trusted for many years.

“Sarah, comment allez-vous? ” The woman engulfs Sarah into a hug while patting her raven hair.

Sarah pulls back and gives the woman a sly smile. “Bien, et vous?”

“Bien, merci. Now follow me. We have a lot to catch up.” Leah says in a very heavy French accent.

“Ooh yay” Sarah rolls her eyes playfully, then raises her hand to add in the effect of sarcasm.

When the door closes to the room, Sarah made herself comfortable by making herself a cup of coffee from the coffee maker Leah had on her table.

“I miss this. Oh! You even got me chips, thanks!” She reached in for the bag of potato chips only to be slapped by Leah.

“That’s for my son idiot!”

“Oh come on! I’m sure Jacob wouldn’t mind. I miss that little old buddy. How is he by the way?”

“He turned five a week ago.”

Sarah’s eyes widen in disbelief and then points to herself “And you didn’t invite me? I feel hurt”

“Oh shut up. I didn’t even know you came back here in Colorado,” Leah said. Sarah just shrugs then pops a chip into her mouth. Leah then looks into her clipboard and reads the information and data that was mostly about Sarah.

“Now I’m guessing you’re coming back here because of the same issue?”

“Yeah but there’s added drama into it.”

“Okay. But before we start discussing, I want to know how you’re doing. Tell me, do you think coming back here will make your situation better? Do you feel uncomfortable or what? Is there-

“Oh cut the damn questions off Leah. You know damn well I hate these shit but you’re the only one who knows everything about me so yes I am comfortable with you. But not in this office”

Sarah’s hands pointed everywhere around the room, then looks into the coffee maker “Though I don’t mind your coffee”

Leah chuckles “Alright. Sorry about that. I just kind of get used to it since I always have to make sure the patient is comfortable before any discussion happens.”

“Okay. So I don’t want this session to last one hour because that means I’ll have to pay seventy-five bucks. Can I please start talking now? I know you have a little clock there ticking every second.”

Leah then gives her the go signal, indicating that she was ready to listen.

“Wow you haven’t even stayed for long yet you created so much drama in your life already”

“I know. I fucked up so much. Leah, I think I’m becoming like him” The pain was heard in Sarah’s voice.

“You are not like him, Sarah. You will never be. Let’s not talk about the hard situation first. We’ll talk about it another day. Now tell me who is this Jessica you are currently having trouble with?” Leah’s eyes glint in excitement as Sarah’s face turned into a shock expression, but with blushed cheeks of course.

“Oh god. Don’t tell me you’re going to make fun of me!”

Leah laughs uncontrollably when Sarah groans like a child.”Come on do tell me.”

“You know for a therapist, you sure don’t work as professionally as others.”

“Oh cut some me some slack off, Sarah. We’re friends” Leah says.

“Ooh! Does that mean I get 50% off for today’s session?!”


“Aw come on Leah. Please!” Her eyes plead for Leah to say ‘yes’. Her earnings weren’t that big yet. She only had a minimum wage at the moment.

“20%, only if you tell me about this girl.”

Sarah chewed on her bottom lip, debating whether to tell Leah or not. After for a while, she gives up and puts her hand on her face.

“I’m friend-zoned” she mumbles

“What?” Leah asks once again

“I said I’m friend-zoned, or I think I am”

Leah bursts out laughing. “You?! Friend-zoned? Why and how?”

“Well, I think she only sees me as a friend. Plus I’m starting to think she likes Sabrina.” she sighed. Of course, that damn motherfucker always gets the good ones.

“It’s not a big surprise since Sabrina is clearly as good looking as you” Leah stated. When she first laid her eyes on that girl and her cousin, she thought they were twins or siblings or something.

“But still..” Sarah’s eyes traveled down into her lap. She sighs.

“Okay. Well tell me about this Jessica... like what she looks like, how is she, hmm... when and how did you meet her.” Leah leaned back into her leather chair and watched as Sarah groaned and ran her hand through her hair. A playful smile appeared on her face as Sarah gives her a glare.

“I’m starting to think that you’re making fun of me, Leah”

“Oh come on, Sarah” Leah chuckles.

Sarah sighed. “Well, I met her on my first day at school. If we’re talking about outside appearance then you can say that the first time you would see her, you’d think that she’s a nerd. Like serious fuck man, she wears this fucking bun that looks so cute with her cute face. Then she has these black-framed glasses, which I’m pretty sure she’d be fine without it. Oh damn, her eyes. Like when she looks at you, you’d feel all weak and defenseless cause her eyes says almost everything about her. She looks so fucking innocent! Like a damn lost puppy.”

Leah watched with an amused face as the Sarah continues to ramble about this Jessica girl. It was surprising to see one bad ass rebel kid be all over one girl. It reminded her so much of her past.

She pauses for a bit then looks at Leah, whose face was completely surprised by Sarah’s sudden outburst. “Oh my god, I want to kidnap her. Did you know I kissed her?”

Leah shakes her head slowly. “What happened after it? How did she react?”

“The first time I kissed her I was drunk. I even forgot about it. Sabrina started acting all strangely after. That’s when I figured everything” Sarah says then places her coffee mug down the table.

“Wait you said the first time. Was there more after?” Leah asks.

“No. But I’m hoping there’s more. But that’d be totally impossible cause I know she’ll just be a friend.”

“How are you sure about that?”

Sarah looks at her intently then spoke “You know the answer to that Leah. I’m Sarah. And that Sarah is someone whom you would not want to associate or get involved with.”

“Oh honey, but this is different.”

Her eyes furrowed in confusion “There’s no difference. I’m not involving Jessica into this and I made my decision”

They were both quiet for a while as Leah finishes her notes into the pad. “Well, your hour is up. Tell me, is that Jessica girl the one whom you came with?”

“Ah hell nah. That’s Carly.”

“Oh Carly, as in your best friend’s ex-best friend?”

“Yeah. Oh before I leave, do I still get my 50% off?” Sarah grins. Leah shook her head and chuckles, shooing her away from the door.

“That was an hour Wilson. You would only get 50% off on your first half hour. The rest are full payment”

Sarah begs then clings into Leah “Leah come on! I’ll babysit Jacob for free. Please. I’m broke.”

“No. My husband is there for him,” she says.


“Oh fine.”

Sarah jumps then hugs Leah tight while screaming ‘Yes’ but then suddenly stops at Leah’s words.

“But you have to go to this foster home and volunteer”

“Leah!” Sarah whined. “I’m busy”

“It’ll be on the weekends so don’t worry” Leah assured. She then makes a note to the foster home about Sarah and such things.

“But I have work!”

“What time do you work?” The woman asks, her hands on her hip while looking at Sarah.

“6 am until 3 pm”

Leah nods then rip the paper out of her notepad and hands it to Sarah who immediately rejected it. “It’ll be after your work”

“But I’ll be tired!” Sarah tries again. But to no avail, the woman dumps the note into one of Sarah’s pockets and zipped it closed.

“It’ll be around 5:30 pm so you’ll have plenty of time to rest. If you want you can bring Jessica or Carly.” Leah smiles then direct Sarah into the receptionist. Sarah sighs then went on to pay for her session. But before Leah takes in her next patient, she went to hug Sarah once again.

“See you next week and have fun tomorrow” Leah laughs as Sarah gave her the bird, but using her ring finger.

“So, are you going to tell me what happened or no?”

The two girls stopped walking as soon as they reached Sarah’s motorcycle.Sarah grabs two helmets then throws the other one at Carly.

“No, not now, and never. Stop butting into my business Carly if you don’t want to see my bad side”

Carly just rolls her eyes then hops on into the motorcycle with Sarah.

“Do you want me to take you home now?” Sarah asks while taking the standoff the motorcycle and balancing it with her two feet.

“Yeah sure”

The next day Sarah got off early in the morning to go to work. There weren’t many people in the tattoo shop. But then by lunch, she was surprised to see Carly walking in from the front doors.

“Ugh, I’m starting to think you’re stalking me or something”

Carly chuckles while fixing her hair and straightening up. Her hands were wrapped around a guy who seems a little bit older than her liking.

“I didn’t even know you work here. My cousin here wants to get tattooed.” she gestures towards her cousin who tall and lean.

He hands out his hands to Sarah, who then took it and shook each other’s hands. “Nice to meet you. I’m Raymond”

“Sarah. I suppose you have an appointment?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Alright. Well let’s get you down.” she says, but then stops when Carly followed as well “No appointment? I suggest you go sit there”

“Ugh,” Carly groans, stomping her way to the waiting area.

Raymond and Sarah chuckle at Carly’s childish behavior. After a while, she started working on Raymond’s arms. Carly watched and was surprised how good and artistic Sarah was. When they finished, Carly insisted on staying for a bit longer, but Sarah refuses so.

“Come on. I have nothing else to do!”

“Well, I’m going home after and the-. Wait, go home. Shoo”

“Please!” Carly begs. She was no way coming back into her house. Her cousins were over and she didn’t want to babysit.

Sarah thought about it. She actually needed someone to come with her to the foster home. She didn’t want anyone to see her volunteering ‘alone’. Not to mention she was Sarah Wilson after all. If by any chance some classmate or schoolmate sees her, she’d be ruined.

“Actually okay. But you have to come with me later on.”

“Yes! I’m going with Sarah. You can go home now” Carly tells her cousin, then sits down and waits for Sarah to be finished.


Children. Children. Fucking Children. Everywhere!

“Oh my fucking god” I look down to see one little blonde guy clinging to my right leg. “Carly get him off of me.”

Carly just laughs at me, then took a picture using her phone

“He’s pouting,” I said. His blue eyes, similar to Jessica’s. Also his pout. All the innocence of this little kid had her reminding of a certain someone. This was not a distraction at all! And here Leah thought volunteering would help me gain self-control, and to keep me away from my problems and…. feelings.

“No shoo, Bad boy.” I whacked the boy’s hand which causes the little boy to start crying. He was crying so loud that I had to block my ears using my hands.

“He’s crying!” I started panicking and picked him up.”Carly!”

“Wh-what? You just look so fucking funny” She brought the phone up to my face and a flash causes me to blink. “This is going to sell fast”

“Ugh fuck you” I groaned.

“Language please.” The old woman warns. She was the head of the foster home and was really really ugly and mean.

Fuck you too, I said mentally.

Apparently, I was given the job to take care of 3 little kids whose names were Roger, Faith, and JR. The one whom I was currently holding was Roger. He was blonde hair, blue eyes, while his brother JR has brown curly hair with big matching brown eyes. Faith, who was the eldest by the two, has dark brown hair and green eyes. According to their records, these 3 were found walking alone in the streets for almost 2 days without food and water.

“Up up” JR held out his hand looked at me cutely.

“I’m holding your damn brother can’t you see,” I said. He didn’t understand but instead, he started crawling, pulling my shirt down with him.

“Up up”

“Ouch. Damnit! Carly get your ass here and get him”

“What’s the magic word?”

I glared at her while swapping JR away but he was stubborn and kept holding on.

“No. No shoo. Ew, remove your disgusting hands.” I said to JR. His hands were dirty because of the clay he was playing with earlier.

At last, Carly stood up from her seat, holding Faith’s hands then walked towards. She picked up JR and cleaned his fingers using a wet tissue.

“Oh my god finally. Whew, my back hurts”

“You don’t like kids?” Carly questioned. I glared at her as if she was stupid.

“I fucking hate them”

Thirty minutes later I had them quietly drawing onto the floor. JR went back playing with his clay, with a paper in front of him and some pencils, just in case he got bored or whatever. I still held onto a sleeping Roger. Sighing, I went to sit beside Carly who was now engrossed in a TV Show.

“I will never ever listen to Leah again. This so fucking tiring” I said.

Carly laughed then offered me some chips that she was eating but I refused and said no thank you. “You’ll get used to it.”

“Hell no. I’m not coming back here”.

“Ms. Wilson, it’s time!” The old woman approached us, with more children behind her back. Oh god no. Don’t tell me I’m going to take care of them too!


“Apparently, you are to sing to the children,” she said in a matter of fact.

“Um no?” I chuckled nervously then whipped my hair back “There’s no way I’m doing that”

“Oh but Miss Leah said you are too. She had just phoned me earlier saying you are a good singer. The guitar can be found in the corner over there” She pointed out, There was also a piano too. “Pick your instrument, Ms. Wilson. I’ll have the children to sit on the carpet quietly.”

She started organizing the kids, while I stood there shocked. Who is she to order me around.


“Shhhh!” Carly shushed me,

“What?” I growled.

“Oh damn. Roger woke up,” she says pointing to the kid I’m currently holding.

“Oh god no! He’s about to cry Carly. Do something!”

She shook her head, laughing as she went to help the old lady organizing the kids.

And guess what? Roger did wake up and cried very loudly after.

I fucking hate this.

Fuck kids.

Fuck me.

Fuck my life.

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