Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 27


My volunteering continued for days. Days of continuous kid activities and guitar playing. It has almost become a routine of my daily life. I actually started to like it since JR and I started to get along. He wouldn’t cry and whine anymore. Except he’d give me those puppy eyes that would constantly remind me of my little sister, London.

Speaking of London, she was coming to town next month.

“You’re seriously coming? Why?” I asked. Knowing London, she wouldn’t come to me without a reason.

“Are you plotting that I am coming there for a reason?”

Scratching the back of my head, I thought for an answer. London was not your typical cute little sister. She was a damn wolf underneath a sheep’s skin. She was cute and nice to others, but to me, she’s a devil. Even one bad ass like me, she was way worse. She drag race across the streets of Tokyo. Her group was well known throughout Asian countries.

“Is your boyfriend Miu coming? Cause I’m not letting him come with you” I said over the phone.

“It’s Mizuki and no, he has to take care of the group here in Tokyo.”

As I finish copying the notes on the board, the bell rang. The teacher was shouting over some homework that needed to be done but I was too busy to actually hear about it.

Holding the phone over my shoulder, I told London that I needed to go. “Hey, I’ll call you later. I have to go now”

“Tsk isn’t your free time after school?” she chuckled.

“Well, I have to go to the fost-” Then I stopped. Fuck, she’s going to laugh at me if I said I was going to babysit some little kids.

“Fost what?”

“Er.. um… nothing” I mumbled.

Just then I heard someone call out to me.

“Sarah! Hey sorry I don’t think I can come over with you to the foster home. I have a meeting with the student council” Carly yelled over while leaning on the door.

I facepalmed as soon as London started laughing hysterically. She was constantly laughing and saying ’“Fo-fo fo.. psh fo- hahaha!”

“Okay okay stop it. It’s a foster home. I need to take care of some things.” I whispered since some of my classmates were looking on my way now. There was no way I wanted them to know so I just gave them the finger, which caused them to turn around.

London continued to laugh over the phone for the next 3 minutes while I walked out the classroom and into my locker. I spotted Jessica struggling to pick up her books. Sighing, I decided to help her out.

“London I have to go,” I said then ended the phone call, without letting her tease me anymore.

Today Jessica was in her usual attire. I think it really looked cute on her. Weirdly, I had a thing for her bun and glasses. It was just… simply cute. Reminds me so much of JR. Grinning, I picked up the leftover books and tap it over her head.

“Yo,” I saluted once she looked up at me. She rubbed her eyes for a moment as if surprised seeing me.

“Hey… thanks” she smiled.

“Let me grab that for you m’lady” Swiftly, I took the books from her hands and tucked it under my arms.

“Um… you don’t have to do that. I can hold it” she said while looking at her books in my hands.

“Nah. You’re too clumsy,” I said grinning. She pulled on her glasses and simply smiled again. I haven’t seen her smile so much in a day.

Has something happened to her?, I wondered. So I asked “What’s with you today?... Hmmm.. It seems like you’re in a good mood?”

Then all of a sudden, she frowned. As if in that moment, she actually revealed something that she shouldn’t have.

“Nothing… well um, actually my best friend is coming soon”

“Oh what a coincidence! My little sister is coming too!”

Her head turned towards me “You have a little sister?” she asked surprised.

“Yeah well, her name is London. She’s a year younger than me.” After a while, we continued to walk in silence.

Then she spoke “Ah I see. I uh… I haven’t seen you around”. I raised my eyebrows at her. Hmm, did she actually notice it? For the past days, I’ve been hanging with Carly and just the around the foster house.

All of a sudden a smirk grew on my face. I pinched her sides which caused her squeal. “You missed me didn’t you?~”

“I certainly did not!” she said quickly. I heard her mumble “I’m ticklish there”

“You are?” I asked. My mind thinking to do evil things right now.

“You are what?”

“Ticklish. There” I pointed towards her sides. Her eyes suddenly turned alarmed and soon her pace slowed down.

Dropping the books down, I grabbed her sides and tickled her. She laughed and seeing Jessica laugh was something that made me happy somehow. She struggled to say ‘stop it’ but even then I continued.


“Say mercy” I grinned while pinning her down the lockers. She just looked at me, so I continued. Continued tickling her until she was smiling again.

Then without thinking, I blurted out “You’re actually really pretty when you’re smiling.”

She stopped, and so did I. It was then that she was looking at me, and I was looking at her. I didn’t know what to do at that moment. I wanted to do something. To lean and kiss her but I couldn’t. She was my friend. And to think that I already took advantage of her and her kindness before, I felt pathetic. Like the usual monster, I’ve always been.

So I decided I’d take a break. From these developing feelings. Because I wanted her to be friends with me. Not to be lovers. Because relationships have an ending. I didn’t want it to end like before. I didn’t want to commit to the same mistakes. Just like Nicole. I failed to protect and be with her. So I decided… that I’d be Jessica’s friend. No more or no less.

I needed a day… a week… I needed time, to crush the feelings that I’ve been feeling.

“Take this” I pinched her on the other side. She squeaked. But it sounded more like a grunt. What I did seemed to hurt her. It showed on her face so I got concerned.

“Sorry, did that hurt?”

She rubbed her sides and shook her head. I was about to say more but then Sabrina’s voice came.

“What did you do?!” she was panting when she came. Her eyes shifted towards Jessica. Their eyes met. And I noticed - they were speaking through their eyes. Something happened that I didn’t know, or Sabrina knew something I didn’t know.

“I just tickled her and pinched her on the side,” I said, still unsure why she’d be mad over something like that.

Sabrina glared at me “Well don’t ever do it again. Jessica here is… her body is sensitive so… she’d be in pain if you do that”

“Okay?” My eyes went to Jessica to Sabrina. Something was fishy.

“Anyway, London said she was coming right?”


Sabrina grabbed something from her backpack and handed me a piece of note “These are her instructions, unfortunately.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I yelled while I skim through the piece of note.

To my beloved sissy,

I lied. I’m not coming in a month. I’m coming next week. So please get me in this place because I don’t want to live with you for 3 months. And yes, I’ll be staying there for 3 months. So yeah get me this place I’ve written below the note. If not, then please clean up your apartment or your house. I want a garage for my car by the way. It should’ve been shipped there by today or tomorrow to pick it up. I want it protected, no scratch or whatever. Double check if my baby is damage or else I’ll kill you. Kk, see ya pussy.

“I’m so done with her!” I groaned, punching the locker right next to me. “Ugh!”

“Tough life cousin. But anyways, I have to go cheerleading practice. Bye, Jesse!” She left giving Jessica a wink and blew a kiss, in which I automatically dodged and crushed using my hands.

“Her kisses are deadly,” I said blankly. “If you take it, you’ll be dead”

She gulped. Oh, I think I scared her. I didn’t mean it really. But yeah I’ll be upset if she does. Maybe these feelings are hard to extinguish after all. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

“You got anything to do today?” I asked.

“No why?”

“Then you’ll come with me for today.” I grabbed her hands and made sure I was holding onto it.

So I smiled. Maybe giving it a try was the best. Even if it means, I’m the one who’ll end up getting hurt.


We came to a stop in front of an old two-story building. It simply looked superb due to its design and structure. Beside it was an old abandoned church, that pretty much looked like a haunted house to me. I cringed at its dark aura that was giving off. I held into Sarah’s waist as she put her motorcycle on the park. I didn’t know where we are and what we were doing here but I kept my mouth shut and stopped myself from asking a stupid question.

“JR is going to love you.” Sarah smiled and helped me get off the motorcycle. I made sure to carry my things with me and followed Sarah behind as she started walking towards the entrance.

As soon as the door swung open, a little boy jumped in into Sarah’s arms.

“Sera Sera Sera!” The little kid squealed. I found it cute when he couldn’t pronounce Sarah’s names.

“Yuck, you’re drooling” Sarah took a napkin from her pocket and rubbed it across the little boy’s mouth.

“Up up!” The boy whose name was JR, according to Sarah, lifted his arms towards Sarah and pouted towards her.

Sarah shook her head in response and then pointed towards me “Jessica will take care of you today”

“Huh?” I immediately reacted. There was no way I was going to do that. Jr looked at me then smiled, showing off his cute dimples and chocolate filled teeth.

Before I could protest, Sarah left me behind calling after somebody else and going into another room. What was I suppose to do now? I looked at the little kid, who has now taken a step closer towards me. In reaction, I took a step back.


Another step.

“I.. uh... “ I was shaking my hands no. He kept stepping forwards. But before I could turn the other way and start running, his dirty hands had already clung to me.

“Jerry! Jerry!” He giggled and nuzzled his face above my knees. I heard Sarah laugh across the room while sticking her tongue out to me. I glared at her and touched the boy’s arm, trying to pull him away but he wouldn’t budge.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m getting away from this kid.

Who knew JR could be such a devil?

For the past hour, all he did was chase me and get his icky yucky dirty hands on me. He even blamed me for ruining his precious oh so high leggo blocks building. I was in a rage and wanted to start an argument with the little kid. But Sarah was nice enough to be patient and help JR re-build his lego blocks.

I swear he gets on my nerves. I was never the type to be frustrated over little kids but this boy was just being…. too much.

I sighed and continued ignoring the presence of JR beside me. After a minute or two, I decided to just read a book because Sarah was too busy feeding the other kids. I was glad to see that personality of hers. She really was nice and kind. It’s just too bad she wouldn’t show that to others.

Poking. That’s what happened after reading a paragraph. JR was bugging the hell out of me by poking me constantly. That smirk on his face told me otherwise.

“If you keep frowning like that, it won’t be good for your face,” Sarah said while handing me a plate of cookies. “Care for some sweets?” she winked.

“I wasn’t…”

“JR keep your hands off of mine” I didn’t know if she was talking about the cookies or what, but I still blushed and patted my cheeks a bit.

“Something wrong with your face?” she asked curiously.

‘Probably cause she saw you slapping your face and trying to get rid of your reddening face’, I told myself.

I just shooked my head and thanked her for the cookies.

“So how was JR behaving?” she grinned then started pulling JR’s cheeks.

“He was…” I paused in hesitation. How should I explain this? That he was a devil? That he threw marshmallows at me and made pick them up? That he kept poking me while I was enjoying the first book of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

I don’t think that was the best idea.

“He was okay” Yeah I shrugged after saying that. The boy grinned my response and pretended to like me by actually hugging me.

Sarah burst out laughing “You didn’t have to lie Jessikins. I know JR.”

“That is because you corrupted JR,” a 12-year old looking thin guy said. “Don’t come near those two, please. I don’t get how you can be friends with Sarah. She so corrupted JR”

Raising an eyebrow at Sarah, she just shook her head and denied the boy’s accusation. “Hey, wasn’t my fault”

“JR was a good little kid. Now Sarah made him her own little clone” The boy rolled his eyes and picked up JR when the lady called for the both of them.

“No wonder” I muttered, taking a bite of my cookie.

“Hey!” She stood up and then held out a hand for me “Let’s go. The kids are waiting for us.”

“For what?” I asked.

She grinned and said “You’re singing Jessikins.”


“and I’m not taking a no for an answer” she smirked.

Gladly, after a lot of pleading and begging, I managed to get Sarah to finally get me a chance to get out of this situation.

“Okay. I’m going first then,” she said, grabbing her guitar from around the corner.I exhaled loudly, happy to know I was not going to do something… publicly.

“Then you’ll go after me” she smiled evilly. Oh, they really are the same!

“No! I’m not going to sing. You can’t make me go up there and sing in front of a lot of people. They will all look at me. They’ll stare. Plus I can’t even sing for goodness sakes. The only thing I’m good at is avoiding people, reading books, and being alone. There is no wa-” I stopped once she put her hand over my mouth. But I kept rambling.

“Stop it Jessikins. Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you. Do it for me. Please?” she asked.

I looked at her for long, noticing her beautiful self and managed to nod slowly. “O-okay” I whispered.

“Good. Now come on” she grabbed my hand and together we went.


I laughed inside my head, happy to know that I was finally getting Jessica to be more open to me. This was going to be interesting. I smiled at the kids as I sat down the stool I’ve been sitting on for the past days to give the kids some entertainment, hope, and happiness.

Clearing my throat, I smiled at the girl who watched me, the girl whom I like.

Since the day that we met girl

I’ve never had anyone make me feel this way

And my heart is sure it wants to be with you

It’s weird, having feelings. Although I was unsure of what it is, I wanted to explore.

Wanna give you the whole world ohh

If you make the promise to me, your gonna stay

Without you guiding me, I’m lost and so confused

She was the one who understood me the most. She wasn’t like the others. She was different.

What will it take to show you I’ll be by your side

Girl I got you and I want to give you what you never had

Girl everyday I hope to make you part of my life

Cause you know me and I know you

Girl your love is where it’s at..ohhh

And all I wanted was her to see me, to open up. I wanted to know what was behind that sad face, I wanted to take her pain.

I’m gonna be the love that’s gonna last

And be the one that got your back

Ain’t nothing never that bad

That we will be together

Girl we both made our mistakes

And some we never wished we made

But we’ll be okay if we just stick together

The kids started swaying side by side causing me to stifle a laugh in between. But what made me laugh the most was when Titan winked his way to me and to Jessica. Boy, that dude was smart.

Baby you’re the one I’m waiting for

Because you give me what I needed more

girl its clear that we are meant to be

Together we should be together


And I’m gonna be.

I glared at him, hoping he wouldn’t dare make it so obvious. But Jessica was too busy. She was looking at me, and I looked back smiling.

I’m gonna be the love that’s gonna last

And be the one that got your back

Ain’t nothing never that bad

That we would be together

Girl we both made our mistakes

And some we never wished we made

But we’ll be okay if we just stick together

Only if we did…

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