Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 29


“Oof!” Sabrina slided in front of me, smiling brightly as usual. “What’s up?”

Not knowing what to do or say, I just stared at her

“Okay~” She then dug into her backpack and took out a pen and small notepad and then asked, “Tell me something you like?”

I don’t think someone would just slide in front of you and ask you a random question right? It’s unusual. I felt somewhat weirded out when someone all of a sudden asks you something.

But not wanting to be rude, I just answered “Stuff”

She frowned, “Yeah stuff I know that, but what kind of stuff?”

“What kind of stuff do you like?” I countered back since I didn’t really want to answer the question.

She then looked thoughtful, as if really asking herself ’What kind of stuff do I like?”

“Well, I like girls for sure. I like surfing and driving. I also like puppies, not dogs. I like that restaurant down in Mid street, they sell delicious burgers there. I like photography, designing houses, playing games, doing se-”

“Cut it out, Sabrina. No one wants to hear what kind of stuff you like” Her friend, Jasmine said. Sabrina stuck her tongue out and shooed her away.

“To summarize that I like a lot of things. Cute things especially, like you.” she grinned. “Now, what do you like?”

“I...” Now to come and think of it, what do I like?

Well, it was pretty obvious that I like books. I mean, I don’t just like it. I love it. I guess Sabrina and I also share the same interest in photography and games. But I very much disagree with liking puppies. They’re still dogs to me, and I hate dogs. I like cats better. Food yeah, I like food. I like ice cream and poutine, I guess. Poutine from Quebec is the best. I’ve got more to list.

But instead, I just said “Just books” and then shrugged.

“What kind?”

Oh. What kind? What am I supposed to say? I read sappy romance books and cry all night cause I’ve got no one to love. Meh.

“Fiction books”

She sighed, and I wonder if she was getting annoyed now or frustrated, which is probably a good thing so that way she’ll leave me alone and let me continue reading ’Where she went’. The book that Carly recommended me before. I found it very realistic in some way. I felt sorry for the main character who got into an accident, especially now that her life before was already perfect. I somewhat felt like the story is telling me something.

Sabrina was about to say something but the bell rang before she could even speak. Morning classes started as usual, but this time I haven’t seen Sarah for almost a week.Usually, around lunchtime, I’d see her eating around the hallways but she was nowhere to be found. I wondered if something happened.

It wasn’t because I missed her. I just missed her presence. But it wasn’t much of a big deal because lately Leylah and Carly had been helping me out, trying to catch up with my assignments and lessons. Dad insisted on inviting them over again, but I kept my mouth shut and decided not to.

After the morning classes, I decided to actually buy lunch ‘from’ the cafeteria. I never bought before because Caelie would always pack me a lunchbox. When I got in into cafeteria, I was surprised to see a long line. Like extremely long.

I sighed, followed by a rumbling sound of my stomach. Oops

10 minutes later... I wasn’t still able to buy my lunch. This time I was really feeling impatient.

I was startled when a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind followed by a tingling whisper in my ears “Guess who?”

Guess fucking who?

Sabrina. Of course

I gulped then responded “S-Sabrina?”

She laughed then went in front of me. “You buying lunch?”

I nodded and then she looked ahead. A couple of minutes, she grabbed my hand and then pulled me along, while she continued to cut through people, saying a bunch of ‘excuse me, coming through’.

I was way embarrassed when a few people turned their heads to look at us. Some even cursed at Sabrina for cutting. But she didn’t care. Angela was the lunch duty lady so it somewhat got us into less trouble.

“Listen here young lady, just because you’re popular and all acting like a queen bitch, don’t ever cut again” she pointed to Sabrina’s face. But she wasn’t paying attention to her.

“Jess, what do you want? I’ll buy it for you” she smiled.

“Uh... I think I can buy... own lunch.” I said.

“No need. I’ll pay it” she insisted.

“I just really want to pay it my own really. Umm... I don’t want to owe you anything”


“Oh cut the crap. There are people behind Sabrina.” Angela looked at me and then smiled “What do you want Jessica?”

“I’ll have those chips,” I said pointing towards the Dorito bag. Ahem. Spicy version.

“Oh no. I’m your sister’s friend so I have to take care of you too. Here have these” she handed me a tray of what she called ‘healthy food’. Yes, healthy because it had all of the food belonging to each food group.

Ugh, vegetables.


“NEXT!” she called.

I didn’t have the chance to pay!

Sabrina then pulled me ‘again’, over the other popular table. “You should come eat with us. I miss you in class you know” she winked

Extreme blush 101.

Yes. It is the other popular table. Most of the seats were occupied by sophomore and junior students. Some of them I recognize from the part, but the rest were strangers to me. I timidly sat beside Sabrina since I am practically a stranger to everyone.

“So this is the Jessica?” one person asked.

The Jessica. What does she mean by ‘the’?

“Yep,” Sabrina said after dipping a french fry into the ketchup sauce “Guys meet Jessica. Jessica, the group” A couple waved and some personally introduced themselves to me.

“She looks like a nerdy to me,” A guy said and then laughed out loud.

“Yeah, totally like a Mike” another one added in. They even laughed louder.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of Mikey” A girl who was wearing a cheerleader uniform said. She dusted off her nails, as if there was dirt and turned to glare at the boys.

“You’re only saying that cause he turned into a pussy.” Another roar of laughter erupted again.

“He’s not like that” she defended.

Mike? Is that the guy from the library or were they talking about something else?

“Whatever.” she stood up and then left, while the boys continued to laugh.

“Don’t mind them. They’re just teasing her cause Mike rejected her. It was funny. I think I’ve seen you talked to him before” Sabrina said.

So it was Mike... wow

Totally going to talk to him. Or not.

We continued eating until afternoon classes came again. During physed, Leylah and I were instructed by the teacher to clean up after the class ends. Sadly, the equipment we were told to carry was heavy.

“Here let me help you,” Leylah noticed that I was struggling to pull the pole off the floor. “I think we should remove the net first so it’s going to be easier”

I volunteered to remove the net and neatly rolled it up so it was easier for them to use the next time. After I helped Leylah, carry the poles and put them aside on the walls. We then carried the badminton rackets into the gym warehouse.

Leylah was nice enough to take me home but Kristina already made me go with her and her friends since they were going shopping. And ‘Oh boy did we have a long day’. Note* sarcasm.


Earlier this morning, I wanted to ask Jessica out if she wanted to go to eat with me this lunch but I lost courage once I saw her and Jace talking as if they were so close together. So instead, I decided to just ask her out some other time when I do have the courage build up again. I was extremely tired after taking care of Sarah over the past days. She was extremely difficult to deal with. And sadly, because of my short-tempered, I was easy to give up on her. So I mostly let my parents handle her. Not because I was a bitch and did not want to help my cousin. But because she’d always shoo me away and blame stuff that wasn’t my fault.

Like last night, she was smoking in my room after I told her not to. My parents decided to take her in temporarily until she fully finishes her rehabilitation this week and probably the next week after.

After school, I was surprised when Carly stopped me by the hallways. Like kaboom, did the heavens finally answered my prayers and have me and Carly finally reunited?

“Hey, how’s Sarah?” she asked hesitantly, not looking at me right in the way.

Well, fuck no my prayers were answered.

“Um.. not so good” I answered truthfully.

“I see. I wanted to know if I could talk to her” she said.


“I just wanted to check up. That’s it” she shrugged.

“Okay. I’ll just... tell her.. when I get home” I said.

She nodded and then left. I sighed, then turned around, going towards my car.


“Someone bailed you out, Wilson.” A police officer said. He unlocked the door and motioned towards the reception desk where Sabrina and her parents were waiting.

“You’re lucky there were CTV cameras to witness what happened,” Sabrina said.

Her mom came over and hugged me “Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you’re okay.”

A police officer then came and talked to Sabrina’s parents privately.

“What you did was unimaginable,” Sabrina said. “What happened to you?”

I stayed silent since I did not know what to say.

After a few hours, they finally let me go and let me stayed at Sabrina’s house.

I was fucked up. My life is fucked up. My body is fucked up. Literally, my every soul is fucked up. I wanted to fucking die.

I was stuck in a house. Yes, Sabrina’s parents... actually the police house arrested me. Not only because they think its good for me to not go outside yet just because they thought I was going to go wild and kill someone. But no, the police said I needed to go to rehabilitation.

Just a few minutes ago, Sabrina looked tired. happily, she handed me a bag of goodies and even told me that Carly wanted to see me. But I answered her no. There was no way I was going to let anyone near me again. Just as Sabrina was fucked up girl, so was I. Way worse.

I groaned in frustration. I was dying to see the sunlight. But too bad it was almost 8 pm. The sun is down soon. I called out for Sabrina a few hours later. But she didn’t answer, so I figured she’s asleep. Then I thought of something. I was so much in need of stress relief and a bar is the greatest solution to my problems.

Near midnight,

I’ve never felt so happy before. I was stress-free as of now. I smoked the last stick of cigarette from my pocket and exhaled it. I loved the feeling of it.

For the past hours, all I did was drink my problems away. I managed to get quickies with a bunch of girls and danced with some. I stumbled across a bunch of party kids and made my way into the kitchen to get more drinks but one girl stopped me.

Her eyes widen in disbelief when she saw me “Sarah! What are you doing here?”

“C-carly~?” I slurred.

She pulled into the corner of the kitchen and took my red cup away. “What the fuck are you doing here Wilson?”

“Wha- are- you... doing here?” I was so drunk I kept hiccuping and grinning like an idiot.

“This is my friend’s party. Were you even invited?”

“I dunno. Just went in. I saw some of the kids from school so why not? It’s not like they kicked me out.” I shrugged. “Why do you plan on kicking me out?”


“See. Then there is no problem.”


“Carly baby” A big ripped guy approached us with a few drinks in his hands “Want some drinks?”

“No thank you” she immediately responded and then turned her attention back to me, completely ignoring the big muscly shrimp.

“You need to get home Sarah. You’re drunk” she said.

I shook my head then continued to pour my own drinks. Just then the muscled dude touched Carly’s arm. She turned to glare at him and pulled her arm away from him. She was pulling me off to go to another place when this time the same guy pulled her again.

“Hey I’m talking to ya Carly babe”

“Let go bro,” she said sternly

“Oh, feisty. I like it”

“I said let go.”

He smirked.

“Ouch, you’re hurting me. Let go I said!” she said much louder that this time I immediately reacted and punched the dude’s face.

“She said let go douche. Don’t be a fuckboy”

He groaned and wiped his nose “The girl here is straight, dude. Get your own girl”

This time, I smirked. “The girl is reserved”

“I heard she has no boyfriend so what’s wrong with hitting?” he asked.

“Exactly. No boyfriends. But-”

This time, due to the alcohol, I quickly swooped Carly closer and grabbed her face and then kissed her. She was shocked. I heard the guy groaned and murmured ‘lesbians’. I grinned, feeling as if I won and then continue kissing Carly.

Because for the first time, I didn’t give a fuck.

“I’ll see ya Jessica” Sabrina smiled.

I smiled back and then walked towards Nat, Jace, and John.

“Please don’t tell me your friends with her” John said.

I didn’t reply. Was I friends with Sabrina? That can’t be. We just talked.

“I’m telling you, Jessica. Sabrina is not a person you’d want to be friends with. Nathaniel, tell your sister that” he said.

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