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Chapter 3


After my never-ending tour with my brother, he dropped me off to my first class and asked me for my phone number. I had told him that I accidentally dropped my phone on the toilet so that calling or texting me would not work. He was laughing hysterically after telling him the story and I was deeply embarrassed.

I sat down in the farthest seat in the back row of my Biology class. It was only my first day yet I already felt sick. I could already feel and hear the stares and whispers around even if my head was down on the table. So far, the only topic that the people have been talking about is the rumors about me being together with my brother. Like seriously? What the heck!

I let out a heavy sigh as I stared out into the window, looking at the back parking lot of the school. A group of people were hanging out smoking and chatting. Some leaned on cars and I wonder ‘How can they get away with this?’ It seems that my question was all of a sudden answered when an angry looking teacher came out and started yelling at them to get to class. I was laughing at my head and someone accidentally hit my desk, causing me to tip a bit forward. Then an unfamiliar voice spoke.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I turned my head around only to meet a pair of dark brown eyes. They were so mesmerizing that I somewhat got lost in them. I stared at her for a moment and noticed how beautiful this girl was. She had light-tanned skin and dirty blonde hair. Her pink lips were turned into a smile so you were able to see her perfect set of white teeth. She was wearing a white baggy t-shirt that had the number 88 in the front with black border stripes. In the bottom was a pair of black short shorts that exposed her long legs. This girl was stunningly beautiful.

I gulped and moved my gaze up into her eyes.

“Y-yeah” I assured her and then returned my focus back to the board, trying to ignore the presence of this girl. She must be part of the popular group so I knew that I had to stay away from people like her. The last thing I wanted to do was be part of ‘them’, which is highly impossible.

Then I felt someone hold onto my arm which made me return my attention to the girl earlier.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

I studied her face, searching if she was only faking to be friendly with me but I only I found that she was actually concerned about myself.

I forced a smile and nodded.

Both of our attentions were turned into the young professor that just walked into the class. He looked like he was around the mid-20s and he was wearing a white polo sleeve with black pants. When his eyes met the crows, all of the chattings died down and all of the students focused their eyes on the teacher, then he began his lecture.

My name wasn’t called during the attendance so I quickly sneaked into the teacher’s desk and told him that I was a new student and that my name wasn’t called. He asked for my schedule and I gave it right away.

“Hmm… Jessica Francis. Ah! Right, you must be the new student. Thank you for letting me know.” he said, then he offered his hands as a greeting to me and I gladly shook it.

“Thank you, sir”

“You may call me Mr. Marnoch and if you need anything don’t be shy to ask me,” he said.

Then his eyes wandered to the crowd and he motioned someone to come at him. I turned around and saw that the girl whom I talked earlier was approaching into our direction. She smiled and stood beside me.

“Jessica, this is Leylah” he pointed to her then continued “and Leylah, this is Jessica. She’s a new student here and I want you to help her catch up”

‘Oh great! Just as how I planned on ignoring and not associating with the popular people’

I was about to open my mouth and protest but Leylah cut me in “I’ll be glad on doing so.”

Then she turned her body towards me and smiled brightly once again before returning to her seat. I followed her back and then sat down in my seat to listen to the teacher’s lesson.

All through the class, Leylah has tried talking to me but I mainly paid attention to the lectures, making sure that my high school year would be successful once I graduate but somehow she still made her way into me. When the bell rang signaling me to the next class, I ran out to the door but was grabbed, someone. It was Leylah.

“Uhh...umm. W-what a-are you doing?” I asked

“Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m kidnapping you or something but since Mr. M told me to take care of you I might as well ask what your next class is so that I could take you there?” she said,

I handed her my time schedule instead of talking. She took it and her smile seemed to stretch more when she found out that she had 5 classes with me.

“Cool you have 5 classes with me. Oh and oh my god! You’re taking grade 12 math already? Aren’t you a sophomore? Man, you must be smart.”

Instead of bragging about how smart I actually am, I just stood there and said nothing. I was still staring at her, admiring the beauty in front of me until she snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hey. Anyways, I’ll just take you there. It’s on the second floor. Let’s go!” She grabbed my hand and led me to my next class. We passed by many people and classes. Their eyes were locked on me and Leylah, and the fact that she was holding my hand. When we reached my class, she gave me a quick hug and then left. I was still standing near the door after she has done. It was kind of surprising why someone you had just met would do that. I held my cheek and went into my classroom, looking for a seat to take.

Nathaniel immediately recognizes me as I walked in and he gestured me to come at his seat.

“What are you doing here? Do you want me to take you to your class?” he asked.

Then there were whispers again. Yes. Again. This time it was false rumors about me dating Nathaniel and cheating on him with Leylah.

I sighed and plopped myself into an empty seat near a girl, completely ignoring my brother and the class. An old woman came in holding a pile of textbooks into her hand and then started attendance once again. I noticed Nathaniel was still glancing over my direction, probably worried that I was lost and was in the wrong class. Not until the woman called for my name, which also surprised all my classmate.

“Jessica Francis!” the old woman yelled. I slowly raised my hand up which only brought a lot of attention. This time there were more whispers and gasps.

It wasn’t the fact that the rumors had totally died down about me being together with my brother Nathaniel, but in fact, things got more complicated. Instead of finally thinking that Nathaniel was my brother… they actually thought that I was married to him!

’Ugh! Can’t this day get any worse?!”

I heard a sudden giggle behind me and I actually turned around trying to find out where that cute angelic sound came from.

When I met her eyes, she immediately stopped herself from giggling by putting her hand over her mouth. Her facial expression immediately changed when I looked at her intently. The girl had long ash grey blond that matches with her emerald green eyes. Her skin was light brown and she had the body a celebrity. She was slim and was wearing a white crochet breeze racerback tank with a short eyelet skater skirt that went with it. She had thin eyeliner applied to her eyes and light mascara, allowing her beauty to stand out more.

“I’m sorry” she apologized. I blinked a few times then turned my head back into the teacher’s direction without replying to her.

Nathaniel shooed the person beside me and scooted his seat closer. “I can’t believe you’re in this class”

I shrugged and said “Yeah”

Through the whole class, I immediately catch up to teacher’s lecture and even helped out Nathaniel. When classes ended, I rushed to my History class. I was the first one to arrive and since I wanted to catch up fast, I asked the teacher for the textbook and told her my name so that she didn’t have to call me. I dashed myself into an empty seat that she pointed at me and started reading about America in the world wars, which explained the role of the nation’s presidents as well as its ordinary men and women and the effect of these international events on shaping the nation.

Students have already filled the seats and the teacher motioned them to shut up. Gladly, she didn’t have to make me introduce myself. Once attendance was finished, she announced that there would be a group assignment.

‘I hate group assignments! I don’t want to work with people’ I screamed in my head.

“This assignment would consist of 4 people. Each one will take a role in helping out finishing this activity. You are to discuss and talk. Feel free to choose your own partners”

Students have started yelling and moving around the class, trying to find their friends so that they could form a group while I froze in my seat watching them run around like a bunch of dogs. I might as well get them to group up so that I could be the last one and have this activity done will all my by myself. Well, that’s what I thought.

All groups have been formed except for the last one. The group only consists of 3 people. One of them looked really familiar. A 5’8" ft brunette girl was wandering head around trying to look for one more person. I sat father down in my seat trying to avoid her eyes but unfortunately, she caught me. She was already approaching me, walking like she was in a fashion show. This made me turn around and watch her ocean blue eyes sparkle into mine and her long legs that moved simultaneously, back and forth. I didn’t even notice that she was already in front of me.

“Hey, care to join our group? It looks like you’re the only one left and we needed one more” she said. Her group members followed her and one of them spoke up.

The black haired girl twirled around her curls and then pointed her fingers up and said: “Yeah, come on!” She then looked at me with her dark brown eyes and greeted me “I’m April by the way!”

“Josephine,” said the other girl who was texting on her phone.

Lastly, the brunette girl smiled brightly and introduced herself. “I’m Kristina”

Kristina? Woah! No way. Is she my sister… or a different Kristina? Then I remembered! Yes, she’s the one. The teacher addressed her as Kristina Jane Francis during the attendance.

I let out a small smile and said “I’m Jessica”

The girl who was texting, Josephine, looked up to me and eyed me up and down. “Jessica? You don’t seem familiar, are you new here?” she asked. April raised an eyebrow who also turned her attention to me away from the paper.

I nodded and said nothing more than that.

“Hmm... I see! Oh, you must be the rumored girl who’s dating Kristina’s brother” April said while wiggling her eyebrows to me.

Oh yeah! The rumor about me dating my brother Nathaniel. Ugh! Kristina shot her a look, which made me realize that she was actually Nathaniel’s brother who happened to be my new stepsister.

“No. I am not dating my brother Nat.” I informed. The words slipped out from my mouth all of a sudden and before I realize Kristina and her friends were already looking at me with mixed expressions. One looked surprised, the others were confused.

“What do you mean?” asked Josephine.

Now that I already spilled it, might as well end it. I sighed and said “My name is Jessica Francis and I am her new younger sister. Their mother married my dad. Here” I handed her my timetable and they all looked at it. Their faces looked shocked. Kristina looked back at me and then a sheepy grinned formed into her face.

All of a sudden, she ran up to me and squeezed me tight into a big bear hug. As in BIG HUG. I couldn’t breathe so I tried punching her back which was totally useless, but gladly Josephine saved me. She pulled away Kristina and I coughed trying to regain my breathing back normally.

“You nearly killed your sister,” said Josephine. But Kristina didn’t listen to her, she went back to hugging me but this time there was less force.

“OH, MY GOD! You are so cute. I can’t believe I finally have a sister!” she exclaimed.

“Y-yeah. N-nice mee..meeting ya. I think we sh..should get back to the assignment” I reminded her.

Then she whispered an “Oh” and released me from her grip. We didn’t even get to start the assignment cause all the time Kristina was hugging and touching me while Josephine kept texting and April who was chatting with a guy.

When the bell rang for lunch, Kristina grabbed me out of the class. We reached the cafeteria and she continued dragging me along to a table filled with students. Then she stopped, trying to catch our breaths while people who were sitting down at the table staring at us. One guy, who had shiny black hair and was eating his sandwich spoke up.

“Hey, Kris. Do you finally swing that way? Who’s this chick?” He laughed and was followed by the rest of the group. Kristina laughed too but shook her head no.

”Where’s Nathaniel?” Kristina asked.

A blonde girl, whose hair was tied up into a ponytail pointed her index finger into my brother who was already approaching us with a tray in his hands.

“Nat! Guess who this is?” she asked excitedly. She was literally jumping up and down in excitement and I find it amusing to have a bright sister like her.

Nathaniel laughed while placing his tray down on the table.

“K, I already know who she is. She’s Jessica….”

Then he started chewing on a sandwich. It seemed like Kristina thought that he didn’t get what she was trying to say so she opened her mouth but was only cut off by our brother again.

“Guys, this Jessica. Our new little sister,” he informed the group.

Great, I just realized that this was the ‘popular table’

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