Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 31


“Because I’m going to confess that I have feelings for you” she whispered and without knowing it, she has lean in to give me a kiss.

It wasn’t like Sarah’s. Hers was quick, like a peck, like it means something. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed silent, even though my heartbeat was beating so quickly from what was happening.

She sighed, unsure of what to do “I’m sorry if that freaked you out. I just had to do it because I need to tell you something”

I nodded, allowing her to continue what she was going to say.

“I admit, I had a crush on you when you came. You literally stand out the crowd. You’re funny too you know” she added in then laughed skeptically.

“I never actually thought I’d like a girl. I mean, I was curious about how Sabrina did it. But I guess you were different.” she continues. Her hand was already resting on top of mine, lightly squeezing it. “You’re just the type of girl I’ve liked”

She then moved her hands away and started playing with her own fingers. She seemed nervous because I could hear her breathing change and the tiredness in her voice seemed like she was in pain.

“You have gained attention. From a lot of us. That’s why I decided...”

She turned her head to look at me once again but this time she was smiling “I decided to give up on you. I’ve come to a realization that you may not be ready for all these things and that maybe, I just have no chance at all.”

“Carly,” I said once I found my voice to say something.

This was all new to me. I had never anyone confess, not once. But here Carly was confessing her feelings? It was all new. I didn’t know whether to believe. I was an average girl, maybe someone even lower.

“Maybe. Maybe we can be friends?” she chuckled.

I didn’t know what to say. I have learned that Carly was a nice person. Too kind of my own. But I didn’t expect that she’d like me.

“Yeah,” I said in a low voice. “I’m sorry”

“Great!” Her smiling face was back again. “Sorry if I startled you earlier.And now, since maybe I can earn the title as your ‘best friend’, I’ll tell you something about me and maybe if you tell me something about, something important, I can tell you what happened between Sabrina and me.”

I then said yes and she started speaking again.

I learned that she was an animal person. She loves animals and she plans on becoming a veterinarian. Her mom runs a restaurant while her dad works as a businessman. She has 2 younger brothers. She was socially active - she has gained great friends and has many connections with teachers and others. Her least favorite thing to do was to go and watch movies and do cliche things. She was adventurous. She loves traveling. Road trips were her kind of thing. Her dream was to travel to South Africa and other Asian countries to help out the poor and help raise money to build schools.

I didn’t know how long we stayed together but I had to admit it was fun. Carly was a very good friend and I can’t help but still feel sad after she has said that she likes me. It’s like I’ve hurt her in some way.

“Did you know the first thing I thought about you when first saw each other was that you were lost and that you couldn’t speak English?” Carly laughed while we walk towards her car.

She told me that it was her fault for keeping me late so it was her payment to bring me back home. Thank god, Caelie understood when I called her. She was so worried.

“I-I... was just cautious. I don’t speak to strangers” I said, timidly.

“Yup, you better not have but you were such a cutie when you just stared at me cluelessly.”

She smiled and opened the door for me. I smiled back and got into her car.

“So I may have forgotten where your house is. Mind being my GPS?” she asked, chuckling.

“Yeah” I then pointed the way back to my house.

Along the way, we continued to talk. Just discussed the upcoming school events, minor things about me, and random stuff she wanted to talk about.

“Here we are,” she said once she stopped the car. “Thank you for everything Jess.”

“I didn’t really do anything”

“No. Thanks just for hearing me out. I know, it may be a bit hard to get over you since you’re irresistible so I hope you’ll forgive me if I ever do something... that will make you uncomfortable”

“It won’t be a problem Carly”

“Alright. Goodnight Jessica”

“Night Carls and thank you for the ride,” I said before stopping out of her car and walking into my house.

The next few weeks were normal. It was weird how after Carly’s confession, she and I grew closer. She was very similar to Emmie and I could relate some of the things she does like school and other music. We’ve become close enough to go on lunch together, have an actual conversation, and even go out on the weekends. And today, she had me dragging my ass into a carnival. Like what the hell?

“Oh god, you gotta be kidding me,” I said, feeling goosebumps as we walked towards the rollercoaster rides. “I’m not getting on to that”

“Aw come on Jessica. Please”


“I’ll buy you ice cream”

“Not a fan of ice cream”

“How dare you” she playfully slapped me. “Ice cream is babe”

“Only you would think of that” I smiled.

“Come just, please. One ride. Why are you scared? she smirked. Biting my lips, I tried not to be obvious. Of course, I was scared. That thing has the 360 thingies. I don’t know what it’s called but it has the spins.


“You so are!”

“Shut up”

“Okay. Then let’s go” she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the long ass line. And maybe after waiting for 15 minutes, we were finally able to get in.

Carly whistled as we approached the guy who was taking the tickets “Hot guy alert”

I shook my head at her while she and I showed our wristbands.

“Think you girls can tame the beast?” he smirked. He was indeed good looking but I’m not even going to say it.

“Oh please that thing is a baby,” Carly said, pointing towards the roller coaster.

“Better not wet your pants then,” the guy said while looking at me. “Have a nice ride”

Hell, I’m going to wet my pants from this.

When we got on, Carly kept snap chatting and telling me how thrilling it was when it goes fast. Carly wanted us to be the last people so we sat way from the back. This way she could enjoy watching the people and feeling that last chill.

“Ugh come on already” she grunted impatiently.

“Oh god I’m scared”

“Oooh now you’re a wimp” she chuckled. “It’ll be fun I assure you”

Just when they announced that it was about to start, someone shouted stop so the controller did. Apparently, there were more people who wanted to go in.


After a while, I heard Carly said “Holy shit.”


“Oh my god”

“What?” I asked again. She nudged me on the arm and pointed towards two girls who were giggling at each other while the guy who was selling tickets scratched his head awkwardly.

“Why must we be in the same place and time as her?” she groaned. The two girls who then sat in the middle of the ride, who thankfully did not notice us, were Sabrina and some other girl.

Feeling quite pissed out at how close she was, I muttered a low “Bitch” while glaring at their way.

“What?” Carly gasped

“N-nothing” I tried covering up a smile.

“Alright everyone, be sure to have your seat belts on and the bars lock. Enjoy the ride everybody” Just then did the ride started moving...

“Holy shit Jessica. You’re so pale” Carly said, helping me get out of my seat. We both turned and saw Sabrina now walking out with the other girl, and that’s when I nearly vomited but thank god the ticket guy was able to hand me something that I puked on.

“That- was... crazy,” I said in between breaths. “Never again” I inhaled and exhaled deeply while the guy helped me over the closest seat and handed me a water bottle.

“Told ya you were going to wet yourself”

“I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I dragged her in here” Carly said while patting my back

continuously. Eventually, that was supposed to help.

“No worries. I just need to catch my breath. I swear to god...”

After 10 minutes, I was finally able to relax.

“You know your face was kind of funny. I took some pics after the ride. You wanna see?” Carly then started to laugh when she showed me her gallery of my “oh my god face”.

I then struggled to reach up for her phone. I’m pretty sure we looked like some crazy teenagers. But as always, being the short me - it was a disadvantage.

“Don’t worry. No one’s going to see it, it’s for my own personal use” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“You’re like Emmie. I’m pretty sure you’ll use that to blackmail me”


Yeah, Carly now knows who Emmie was and we even video chatted once. They were so alike. It was hella scary if these two are going to be together once Em arrives.

“Now come on, we’re going to get you that Ice cream”

Rolling my eyes, I stood up and followed her behind. The carnival was pretty pack today. Apparently, some band was going to perform.

“Ugh, why must they be here?” Carly groaned once again when we stumble upon Sabrina and the other girl. I snickered a bit at her attitude but I knew I was slightly pissed cause I was curious who the girl was.

“Do you still want that ice cream? How about a trade in for some drinks?” she asked.

“Nah, you can get me that,” I said, pointing towards those ‘hit the shit and get this item’. “Now that’s my challenge for you.”

“You’re kidding me,” she said while placing a hand on her hip. “That’s not fair. That thing is hard”

“Oh, I didn’t know you guys were here” a voice startled us. Slowly turning our head, the mysterious girl smirked at us. Suspiciously, Sabrina wasn’t with her anymore.

“Long time no see Carls”

“Ugh, why do you keep calling me that?”

“It’s cause I love you~” the girl singsonged and bluntly gave a flying kiss to Carly.

Carly then rolled her eyes “You should be with your sister, not here London”.

“This is London?” I asked, surprised.

“Yep, that’s me. And who might you be?” she raised an eyebrow at me. An attitude I fairly know.

“Um... Jessica”

“Oh so you’re the one”

“Which one?”

“The one whom Sabrina li- HMPH" A hand covered her mouth all of a sudden. Sabrina laughed awkwardly then said “Woo hoo. What a coincidence guys”

Carly raised an eyebrow at her then folded her arms. “Yeah, what a horrible day it became.”

London then snapped her head at Sabrina “Don’t ever do that bitch”

“Don’t bitch me. I’m telling your sister”

She then rolled her eyes and slowly expected me. “I don’t get it, Sabrina. I mean like she’s just-”

“Anyway, why are you guys here?” Sabrina asked all of a sudden while grabbing London from me.

“Just hanging out,” I said.

“Yeah, and we’re actually on our way,” Carly answered, now dragging me towards the other way.

“Get some of what?”

“They’re probably going to get that cute panda over there. It’s huge. Damn, Sabrina get me one please!” London whined.

I hated her. Rolling my eyes, I followed Carly where she was now paying the man for some shots.

“This is for you- scaredy cat” she smirked.

“In that case, I’ll have some too” Sabrina announced behind us all of a sudden. She smiled at me and handed the man some coins.

“Oooh damn girl, who’s going to get the panda first? Carly vs Sabrina~ ” London grinned. She sure did enjoy what was happening.

I shrugged feeling the tension thicken all of a sudden.

“You know these two are fighting over some dumb ass panda for you” London whispered and then went to pat my head like a confused child.

“Here’s your Winter Dance VIP invitation card. And for your information, even though I’m not a student here, I’m kindly helping Carly and the student council.” she shrugged and then handed me a silver colored card.

“You know the dance is 2 weeks from now right?”

“Yeah. B-but I don’t think I need this”

She cocked her head to the side and asked, “Why?”

“C-cause... it’s not my thing”

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