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Chapter 32


“I think you two had enough.” I heard Jessica said. London slapped Jessica’s back while laughing. I don’t get how these two got along when earlier Jessica seemed like she didn’t like her that much.

“These idiots can’t fucking hit that stupid target”

Feeling offended, I turned around along with Carly unexpectedly and said “Excuse me?!” at the same time. Carly looked at me before turning away quickly.

“Why are you guys even here? If you came here to disturb us then that ain’t cool”

“Woah chill woman” London chuckled. “Not my fault Sabrina here wanted to follow you guys”

“Hey! I never said anything” I then gave London ‘the look to shut the hell up’ and mentally gave her the middle finger.

“Psh.” London hopped off the bench she was sitting on and took out a bill from her pocket and then approached the man who was in charge “Mind if I try for 5 shots?” she asked, her accent catching other people’s attention.

“Yes,” The man explained to her how it works. She was nodding her head often, but I was pretty sure she didn’t give a fuck about what he was saying.

Unwrapping a lollipop and placing it in her mouth, she took the toy gun and aimed carefully, looking serious as ever.

“Ditto~” She then hits the target so perfectly, earning a round of applause from the crowd who were curious to watch. She smiled and bowed like a Japanese woman before smirking at us and getting her prize.

But instead of choosing the panda stuff toy, she chose a stuffed toy of Randall Boggs and threw it towards Jessica.

“Sabrina let’s go! I’m tired I need to see my sister” she stretched her arms and yawned. I walked towards them and looked at Carly and Jessica.

“That’s a cute lil monster gift from me. Nice meeting you Jessica.” London smiled. “Oh and have nightmares~”

Jessica looked up and smiled too, now hugging the ugly alien plush toy “Thank you.”

I frowned when Carly grabbed hold of Jessica’s hands. But there was nothing I could do since London had started pulling me away from the two.


“Oh my god. The fudge is that?” Emmie laughed while holding onto her stomach for dear life.

Rolling my eyes, I answered “It’s a lizard”

“Yeah but-” she then laughed again, this time even much harder.

“Okay stop! Sheesh. Sarah’s younger sister, London got it for me”

“Aww, that’s sweet. I thought you hated her though”

Hugging the monster plush, I nodded. “Yeah but that was at first. She really is like Sarah. They’re both hard inside, yet inside they’re like cute little marshmallows”

Emmie gasped. “Are...you...saying.. that..that Sarah is cute?!”

That wasn’t what I meant but just as I was about to protest, Emmie burst out laughing at my blushing face.

“It’s not!”

“Oh my god.” She laughed. And laughed. God knows how much Emmie’s laugh is so annoying. It’s like a laughing maniac.

“Oh, shiz. I’m sorry. It was too funny. I love teasing you. Whew” She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and then... laughed.. again. Ugh.

“Yeah anyway, did you pack yet? You’re coming in like a few more weeks. I’ve already gotten dad’s permission.”

“Hell yeah. I mean.. look” she moved her laptop, allowing me to see her... 3 baggage? The hell.

“You’re not moving in, are you?! Why in the world do you have 3 baggage, Em?!”

“Duh! I brought clothes woman. I need clothes. Like you know how I dress.” she said.

True, Em was like a walking closet everywhere. She’s like your personal portable wardrobe. There was this one time when a girl in our class who got wet over the rain and she was kind enough to lend clothes. Em would always have a gym bag with her. And inside that bag would be the necessities of a girl - from pads to make up, to jeans, to books, to extra bras.... like what the fuck.

“Em fit that all in for one luggage, please. I’m not picking you up next week and carrying all those luggage for you”

“Well duh that’s where your brother comes in and show off his muscles by helping me out”

“Gross. Can you please not?”

Em laughed, “I’m kidding. Anyway, I have to go and do my homework and take Rona for a walk. I’ll see you next week”

“Bye Em”


After I ended the call with Emmie, I decided to go downstairs and fix myself a quick snack. Closing the lid of the laptop, I then hid it under my bed while putting on my slippers and fixing my hair. On my way to the kitchen, I heard a few weird noises in the hallway, making me stop a bit.

‘Oh god. Is there a ghost?’

There was a whimper.

And then I stopped, waiting.

Then there was a ‘shhhh’ sound.

I waited.

And waited.

Then there was nothing. And everything was in silence again.

Shaking my head, I continued towards downstairs and found Nat walking into the house.

“Hey Jess”

“Hi” I awkwardly waved and hurriedly searched for my Chewy chocolate bars into the cupboards. Hurry Hurry. I can feel him about to strike a conversation. And-

“How was your day?” he asks.


“It was um.... good”

“You’re friends with that..girl. Uh, Sarah right?”

I slowly nodded while reaching for 2 Chewy bars.

“And Leylah?”

I once again nodded. I think I was friends with her. After grabbing the Chewys, I started walking back to my room.

“Hmmm.... and that... Sabrina?” I stopped when I heard him ask that. Turning around, I looked at him.

“I..” Then I stopped and thought about it. After a while, I finally gave in and said “I don’t know”

“Alright. I’ll prepare dinner now. You can call Angela and Kristina to come down” he said.


I hurriedly went up and made my way into Kristina’s room. Just as I was about to knock, the door opened revealing a tired looking Angela who was still dressed in her cheerleading uniform.

“Uh...” My eyes traveled down to her body and suspiciously, the hem of her shirt was a bit... up?

“Ha,” she gasped a lung full of air and exhaled, trying to not to seem tired. “Hi”

“Ugh. Is it Nat? Shut the freakin door!” I heard Kristina yell over.

“Um... It’s uh... dinner” I said. I saw Kristina peeked over from the bed, her eyes squinting while she rests under her covers.

“Kris, it’s your sister,” Angela said.

“Oh, shit” I heard Kristina mumble before hurrying to get off to bed, but failing to do so. “We’ll be down in five”

“Right..” Angela waved slowly before quickly shutting the room, causing me to flinch a bit.

That was weird.

The students at the school were getting more and more hyped about the upcoming Winter Dance which was two weeks from now. Hell, I didn’t know what it was but from the event name itself, I knew I wanted nothing to do with it. The last time I heard about dances was when I was in junior high. I didn’t get how middle school students even had time to go dancing when what they could be doing is studying.

“Here’s your book Jessica” Mark handed me the book I asked for, which was called Dead to You. It was a book that I’ve been dying to get hold of. It was a story about a boy named Ethan who was kidnapped at age seven. Now that he’s returned at age sixteen, he faces his own family tearing apart. And the only way to save it was to remember his memories. But something has kept his memory locked in a distant place.

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome.”

“Bye Mark!” He waved goodbye before I exited the library and went to my locker. It was lunch time and I had 15 minutes left until afternoon classes start.

After being in this school for a couple of months, I have now mastered how to open my locker using these so-called locks. After swinging my locker opened, I caught glimpse of a black haired girl skipping towards me. Her fashion stood out in the hallways, causing a few students to turn their heads just to look at her.

“Mitsuketa! (みつけた)” London happily stopped right in front of me. “It means I found you in Japanese. My boyfriend is Japanese if you’re wondering”

“Why are you here?” I suddenly blurted out. I just saw her yesterday. Plus, wasn’t she from abroad?

“Here’s your Winter Dance VIP invitation card. And for your information, even though I’m not a student here, I’m kindly helping Carly and the student council.” she shrugged and then handed me a silver colored card.

“You know the dance is 2 weeks from now right?”

“Yeah. B-but I don’t think I need this”

She cocked her head to the side and asked, “Why?”

“C-cause... it’s not my thing”

“Oh well, that’s too bad. You’re coming anyways”

“Um... I don’t think that’s..your decision”

She grinned and then looked towards at me. Immediately, she rushes in to rest her arm over my shoulders. “Trust me, you’ll have a reason to go”

I looked at her weirdly before she pointed out at something... no someone. Oh, I mean some people.

Leylah waved at me, holding a colored silver hand in her hand, and a camera on the other. She was at least ten meters away from us and was approaching.

I was about to wave back, but not until someone had blocked our view to Leylah - no more than the goofy Sabrina.

“Hey guys, who is going to the dance?” she asks looking at London and I. Leyla had now reached us and looked weirdly at London, Sabrina, and I.

“You guys all hang around each other?” she asked.

“Hmm... kind of” Sabrina replied.

“Anyways, I was about to ask something to you,” Leylah said. Our attention turned to Leylah when she said that. Even Sabrina tuned in, curious about what she was about to ask.

A yawn interrupted her from speaking and we all turned behind London and me, looking at a tired Sarah.

“What the fuck is this bullshit card guys? I don’t want to go. Ugh.” she groaned. “Wait, hold on Jessica. Do you wanna go to me into this? I literally do not want to hang with anyone for this stupid dance. ”

“I-” I was about to say something but- ugh interruptions.

“Hold on. Sabrina, are you going to hook up with a random girl this time? Or are you not going to chicken out and ask you know who” Sarah wiggled her eyebrows at Sabrina.

Sabrina sighed and shook her head “I don’t know. I was actually...” She then looked at me, then once again shook her head “Nevermind.”

“Oh. How awkward I was going to ask Jesse too.” Leylah chuckled nervously. “Maybe, maybe not?”

London snickered “Ah damn~ Told ya so”

And I was left speechless.

Immediately, she ran over and hugged me while continually saying ‘Jessica’. Sometimes I’d ask myself whether she was really mature or just mentally childish. Taking in her attire, she was wearing a red Canada zip front Hoodie with a matching Canada cuffed sweatpants.

“What? I’m Canadian.” she said in a ‘duh’ tone.

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