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Chapter 33


“Where are you?” I said over the phone, tippy-toeing while looking up towards the crowded people, trying to find a familiar brown haired crazy head.

“Oh my god” Emmie laughed over the phone. I then heard a crashing sound on her line, causing me to panic.


More rustling sounds were heard and a silent ‘sorry’ was heard. “Haa~ I bumped over some dude. Goddamn, this airport is huge. I think I may be lost” she said.

“You’re kidding. I’m over Dunkin Donuts. Do you know or see where that is?” I asked. It’s been two hours since I’ve arrived at the airport and Emmie was taking longer to get here. Forty-five minutes have already passed since her plane landed and she was still nowhere in sight.

“No. Can you like give me hints or something? Oh, wait-” I heard her squealing over something, making me roll my eyes. Something must’ve caught her eye. “I see TCBY!”

“Oh my god. How in the world did you get around B Gates?” I shook my head in disbelief and started walking. “I’m at A Em. Your plane should’ve been in the A! Jesus Christ.”

“Wai- ugh. Sorry sheesh. I’m going to hang up for awhile, I’m next in line” I heard her giggle after I groaned. She hangs up before I could even reply which made me roll my eyes once again. At last, I’ve found her, standing nearby TCBY while she continues to eat not even giving a single fuck to the people who were looking at her all Canadian attire. I swear Em was a weird one sometimes.

“What’s with the outfit?” I asked as I approached her.

Immediately, she ran over and hugged me while continually saying ‘Jessica’. Sometimes I’d ask myself whether she was really mature or just mentally childish. Taking in her attire, she was wearing a red Canada zip front Hoodie with a matching Canada cuffed sweatpants.

“What? I’m Canadian.” she said in a ‘duh’ tone.

“You’re kidding!” I said pointing at her two luggage bags.

“You said two!”

“Yeah but not two big ones!”

“Oooh~ big ones” she winked and laughed after I slapped her for her dirty thoughts. She held out a peace sign and even had the nerve to add “Two. For you and me?”

“Oh my god. Can you not?” I said, feeling embarrassed. “Come on let’s go.”

“Where is the brother?” she asked while pulling one luggage. The other, I carried.

“He’s not here. I only brought myself. You should be glad I even called a cab for you or else we’d be walking while pulling your stuff along.”

“Yeah but that’s totally normal” she claimed.

“I missed a school day to pick you up. No one is able to give me a ride. Well I didn’t ask so yeah but still, I don’t have a car” I said.

“Wow. It’s.... crowded” she said once we exited the airport.

“Of course it’s crowded. We’re still at the airport. Now that I think of it, I haven’t even once explored Colorado”

She clapped her hands and squealed. “Oh my god we should tour around! Just the two of us. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t trust myself with you. Dear god, you always get lost. Anyway come on, the cab is waiting”

We hurried towards the cab and had the man put the Em’s baggage inside the trunk. During the ride, Emmie couldn’t contain her excitement. I had asked the driver to tour around the city on what’s famous and interesting places to visit.

“Wow that’s so tall,” I said, as I looked upon a building on what’s known as the Republic Plaza.

“Yes it is the tallest building here in Denver,” said the taxi driver. We continued to drive around the city until it got late, around 4 pm. That’s when I told the driver to take us home. When we got to my place, Emmie was the first to get out of the cab and ogle at our house.

“Welcome to the Francis residence,” I said, opening my arms wide. Yeah right.

“This is insane. Holy shit”

The man smiled and helped me take Emmie’s stuff out of the trunk. She didn’t even bother helping us. She just continued to stare. That’s when I saw Caelie come out of the entrance and waved over at us. Nathan came out as well and jogged towards us. He passed by Emmie and smiled and then came over to us.

“Here. I’ll help you with that” he said as he took both of Emmie’s suitcases and bring them back inside the house.

“Holy shit. He’s hot” Emmie’s eyes widening. “Did you see his biceps? I swear.”

“Come on.”

Caelie was calling us to come in and as expected she welcomed Emmie into the house. “It’s nice to meet Jessica’s friend. I’m Caelie.”

“Hi. You can call me Emily” Em said and then shook Caelie’s hands.

“Come on you two. You must be tired from the flight. Nathan had taken your stuff upstairs inside Jessica’s room. You two can rest while I make dinner” Caelie said. She smiled once again before going into the kitchen.

“Your house is so huge” Em whispered at me. “Where’s your dad?”

“He’s around here”

When we turned to the corner, Dennis and Kristina were busy watching a basketball that they didn’t notice our presence until Emmie coughed. Both heads turned towards us and dad quickly stood up from his seat and welcomed Emmie as well.

“Ah! Emily” he said opening his arms and embracing Emily. “It’s finally nice to meet you in person.”

“Likewise sir”

“Please call me Dennis”

She nodded and then looked at Kristina “Hello”

“Kristina.” She smiled and then commented on Emmie’s attire “Nice outfit. Very... canadian.. ” she then laughed.

“I like to stand out”

“I’m thinking we’re getting along very well. I can feel it” Kristina chuckled. “Alrighty, girls. Get rest. I need to help mom” We both waved goodbye and headed upstairs afterward.

Emmie was the first to open the door to my room and as expected, she was as shocked as I was when I first woke up in this room.

“No way. This is....” She first walked over the walls where our pictures hang together. She then smiled, taking one of the pictures in her hand and said “Aw. This is cute. We’re so cute. Just kidding I’m cute”

“You always say that” I rolled my eyes at her. My eyes never get tired of rolling whenever it comes to Emmie.

“You have a freakin flat screen television. Oh my god, do you have Netflix?” She asked as she searched for the TV remote control.

Scratching my head, I approached her, “Uh no. I only played video games there.” Yep. That was when I played with Sabrina. After I got addicted and started playing more. I even bought headphones to play with people online. But I was more into the racing games. I don’t know why but I grew interested in cars. It was so weird of me.

“Game of Thrones, Bloodline, House of Cards... hmmm... ooh! Orange is the New Black” she pointed towards the screen where it showed a preview picture of women wearing orange jail suits?

“I’m not gay I swear but this one is hella good. And Jesse, this is something you should watch”

“Is there a book version instead?”

She shook her head “No no no. Watching is better I swear.” She then jumped in my bed, followed by removing her socks. “Ruby Rose is so hot!”

Plopping down the bed next to her, I continued to watch her as she scrolls down the episodes and picked the latest one. “Look Jesse”

Eventually, my eyes started to feel sluggish and I grew tired so instead of watching with Emmie, I curled up next to her and closed my eyes “I’m gonna sleep.”

“Aw come on Jesse watch with me”

“You should be tired jerk”

“I am... I should be but come on I didn’t have Netflix back home,” she said.

“I’m going to sleep.”


I was tryna crack my neck because I felt uncomfortable when London decided to pop by my locker again. She was grinning once again. “Well good morning”

“Hi” I shyly smiled. She held out a silver card for me and said “My sister told me to give this to you.let me quote what she told me this morning”

She then imitated her sister’s voice and said in a deeper voice “Give this to Jessica and tell her that I’m sorry if I haven’t been hanging with her. Here’s me making up for it. Give her the chocolates. Don’t you dare fucking eat it or I swear”

London laughed out loud and then took out a box of chocolates from her backpack and handed me a box of chocolates. There was a cute sticker that said, “Good Morning” and a smiley face underneath it.

I smiled, feeling special somewhat and then coughed, remembering London was still here.

“Isn’t she sweet? Awee” London cringed. “Ugh, I’ll never get used to this” She shook her head. “Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll see ya later alligator~”

I decided to leave all of the unnecessary things I didn’t need for the class inside my locker. But just as I was about to open it, a silver card slipped out and fell into the floor. This time there was a nice cursive writing saying it was from Leylah.

‘No way’

“Jesus Christ” I mumbled. I didn’t have time to read what was inside those letters because soon the bell rang and I had to call Emmie before going to class. She said she was okay being home alone with Caelie.

During class, Leylah showed up late but when she saw me, she smiled and whispered ‘Hey’ when she sat in her seat, right beside me.

“Did you get the card?” she whispered.

I nodded.

“So have you decided?”

I turned my head to her.

“I mean if you want to go the dance with me?” she asked, her eyes filled with hope. I couldn’t resist or couldn’t even say no. On instinct, my head just automatically nodded before my head could even function. I had trouble saying ‘no’ to people.

She smiled brightly and then turned her head back to the front, now paying attention to the teacher.

‘Stupid’ I mentally said to myself. What about Sarah?

When morning classes were over, Kristina had me sit beside her over the popular table. Of course, I was able to be with her friends again, who were mostly seniors. I noticed that Angela was sitting beside Kristina while I sat in between Kristina and Taylor. John and Jace were having an arm wrestle while the rest of the group were talking about the dance.

“So who are you guys going with?” The rude bitch face guy who was called Lucas.

Taylor rested her arms on Jace’s neck “With my best friend of course. I have no target for this year.”

Tyler shrugged while the rest had already plans.

“Kristina, will you go to the dance with me?” Lucas smoothly asked. Just then Kristina and Angela laughed together, and soon the rest of the group laughed.

“When are you going to give up?” Nathaniel asked. “My sister clearly do not like you.”

“Oh shut up. Bitch I’m famous.”

“You ain’t Beyonce” Taylor inserted in.

“So are you so shut up. So? I’m waiting for an answer?”

“Sorry but I can’t.” Kristina politely rejected the Lucas guy. “Besides I have someone in mind that I may ask out”

“Oh! I know” Angela chimed in.

Kristina wiggled her eyebrows at her “You do?”

“Yep,” Angela nodded. Her eyes then searched throughout the cafeteria and then pointed towards someone. “That girl” she whispered.

Kristina frowned and shook her head “Victoria? That’s my brother’s date.” she chuckled.


“Who are you going with?” Tyler asked Angela.

“My dick of a boyfriend. Kendrick of course” she shrugged and then continued eating her food. The rest of the conversation drifted off, from gossip to Taylor Swift, to whatever the heck was trending.

Three days.

Yes, three days until the Winter Dance.

What has been happening for the past days?

Shopping. Boys. Girls. School gossip.

I feel like I was about to die of exhaustion again. It’s been hours. Jesus Christ, we’ve been at the mall since 9 AM. The two clicked as expected. Kristina and Emmie had the same interest and passion when it comes to clothing and passion. They made me wear things that I surely did not dream of wearing.

The Winter Dance was a big talk at school. I haven’t heard who Sabrina was going with but what I’m sure of was that I was going with Leylah. She was really excited and happy, but I felt like I wasn’t really into it. I guess the reason was that I hated parties and dancing. Hell, I could not dance. Not even fucking Gangnam style. That shit was legit.

“Come on Jesse. Get your butt up and try this on” Emmie said, showing me another dress that was black on top and translucent white on the bottom. There was no straps. Hell no. It was meant to hug your boobs too. No way was I going to wear something like that.

“Hell no!” I said shaking my head at her and the dress. But before I get out of the store, Emmie was already pushing me into the change room.

She had unbelievably and unashamedly stripped me down into my underclothing and forcedly made me wore the dress. It surprisingly fit me but the amount of skin being exposed made me feel self-conscious and insecure.

“You’re so rocking this party.” She said as she finished zipping the zipper up on the back. She then turned my body around looked at me.

“Holy shit.” she burst out laughing while I glared at her. “I’m so sorry. But...” she laughed more. “This is so not you. But it’s a good change for once.”

“Ha-ha. Shut up and get me off this thing” I said. It was too uncomfortable. I don’t think I could even breathe properly.

“It’s tomorrow now is it?”

I nodded. I heard my phone vibrated so I picked it up and open a message from Sarah.

I hate you for not going with me. Now I’m stuck with London!!! D; I’ll see you tomorrow night though. Have a dance with me at least

I chuckled and replied back London is fun. You should at least hang with your younger sister. And sure. I’d love to have a dance with you.

“Goddam Jessica,” Emmie said, peeking over my shoulder. Quickly, I shut my phone screen off. “Damn girls chasing ya.”

“She’s just a friend,” I said.

“Yeah right. Anyway, come on let’s get this check out. Kristina is probably waiting for us already”

It was late when we got home and Caelie was so excited seeing what we bought. She made us wear the dresses and took pictures of Kristina, Emmie, and I together. Nat laughed at Kristina while dad complimented us.

“You guys will look lovely tomorrow” Caelie commented. Yes, did I say that Emmie was going to tag along with us? She wanted to meet Kristina’s friends along with Sarah, Leylah, Carly, and Sabrina.

“I’m so excited” Emmie squealed. She and Kristina continued to chat about how they couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. These two were partners for tomorrow night’s Winter Dance and it was funny seeing as they’ve become friends so fast. I was just glad that they got along.

“You really look like your mother. I’m sure she would’ve been happy to see you all grown up” he said.

I smiled sadly but nodded. “Yeah. Thanks, dad. For everything”

He hugged me and together we had a family photo, including Emmie of course. She already included herself in the family anyway.

“Who’s that?” Sarah whispered in my ear.

“Emmie. She’s a friend from Ontario. I think I told you about her before” I said. After I called Emmie over and introduced her to Sarah. She was a bit stunned at Sarah. Of course, Sarah had to cockily introduce herself.

“Well hello. I’m Sarah, your replacement” she smirked.

Emmie’s eyebrows frowned but she took in the challenge, not daring her title as a best friend to be taken away “Hi. I’m Emily. Just... the original” she smirked back.

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