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Chapter 34


It was a Friday night. 6:00 ’o clock to be exact. There was nothing else to do but to wait. My hair was done, so were my eyes, nails, and thing that needed a touch up was fixed. I was already in my dress and was just waiting for Kristina and Emmie to get out. Leylah had called earlier saying she was going to wait for me by the front doors.

Hearing my phone buzz, I unlocked my phone and opened a picture message from Sarah.

Having fun messing with my sister’s attire. Look

I laughed at London’s picture. She was messing with Sarah’s hair and laughing at her sister’s reaction. Sarah was in a black lace dress, and I had to admit that she really looked hot with it. The dress faintly showed off her arm tattoos, which was very appealing.

Kristina’s laugh boomed through the other side of the door, followed up by Emmie’s.

“Gosh hurry up Emily” I heard Kristina say. After a minute or two, the two came out with a matching blue dress of their choice. It wasn’t identical but they were both blue.

“Jessica looks stunning,” Kristina said, making me blush. “Aw, so cute”

“Now come on. I want to meet your partner tonight” Emmie was too excited. She wanted to meet everyone. I can already tell that she was going to meet friends so easily. She just had the outgoing and fun atmosphere around her.

“Are you guys ready?” Nat came out of his room, wearing a tuxedo. His hair neatly combed, looking very much like a younger version of Alex Pettyfer.

“Oh my god. Your brother is so hot” Emmie nudged Kristina’s side while ogling at our brother.

“Oh shut up. He’s a jerk”

“I heard that”

We followed Nat downstairs and greeted Caelie and dad. They were both surprised at our outfits and looks.

“Now remember you all stay safe tonight,” Dennis said in a fatherly voice. We all nodded and waved goodbye as we exited the house and continued to follow Nathaniel in the garage where his black Maserati Ghibli was.

“Hot damn” Emmie lingered her hand on the black luxury car, feeling excited all over again. “This is a babe”

“My babe” Nat smirked at her. “Now come on ladies. We have a party to attend”

It didn’t take long until we were walking towards the entrance of the school and passing through the crowded students. Everyone was wearing something formal. Well at least some tried. One of Nicole’s mates were wearing jeans but at least they wore a polo shirt and long sleeves. Their clothing was all black though.

Speaking of Nicole, I haven’t seen her for the past weeks. I mean, has something happened to her?

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I saw a glorious beauty of three ladies standing by the entrance. Leylah’s hair was styled into a bow braid. Her dress was a simple yet elegant looking. Beside her was Carly, who was talking to her delicately. Carly was dressed in a shiny navy skirt with a white top. Her hair was just naturally down, but still, she stood out of the crowd.

We approached them and Leylah beamed once she saw my face. Carly too was even surprised at how I look.

“Oh my god” Carly said

“I know right. Ha~ ” Kristina dramatically sighed. “Oh this is Emmie by the way” she introduced Emily to both of the girls but Leylah didn’t pay much attention to her because she was too busy staring at me.

Emmie coughed, now gaining Leylah’s attention and smiled “You must be Leylah”

“Y-yes... Yeah. You are?” Leylah asks.

“Emily. I’m Jessica’s best friend. From Ontario”

“Ah welcome to U.S. Or Colorado to be exact”

Emmie nodded “Yeah it’s a wonderful place.”

After the introductions were over, an announcement was made telling all of the students to start to make their way in the gym because it was about to start. Leylah had held my hand along the way to keep the group so that way I wouldn’t get separated from the crowd, and I was a bit thankful for that.

The school hallways were surprisingly decorated. The walls weren’t dull but instead, it held vibrant colorful posters that were made by the juniors. The lights in the hallways then started to dim as we got closer to the gym. There was then a big crowd by the entrance where the teachers took attendance of the students who were coming in.

Loud music was started as we walked in the gymnasium. Welcomed by the weird looking teachers, they guided us where to sit. There was a long table for the usual group to sit in. We then saw the usual people - Jace, John, Taylor, Tyler, Lucas, and the others. Jace and John were matching inversely. It was a black and white matching color, along with the Tyler and Taylor twins. Taylor wore a black dress while Jace wore a black suit. The black and black pairs.

“Hey guys” Lucas welcomed us to the table. But I noticed something was off about him. I don’t know but it his eyes told me something different. His movements were a bit sluggish and his eyes were a bit red.

Nat quickly grabbed Lucas and pulled him along beside the walls. He was saying something but I my ears caught some words such as ‘someone’, ‘alcohol’, and ‘inside the school’. I grew scared at the mention of alcohol. But it might’ve been impossible seeing as there are teachers inside the building.

“He is so high” I heard Tyler say. He chuckled but it seemed that no one must’ve been attending to him.

Someone taps me on the shoulder, catching my attention.

“Are you okay?” Leylah asked. She took out a chair for me to sit and I gladly accepted.

“Yeah. Thanks”

She nodded. “You really um... look beautiful” she shyly smiled, making me blush a bit.

“T-thanks. I... I like yours”

“The Winter Dance is held for students every winter year. It’s a traditional thing, just for students to have fun. It’s pretty much similar to a Christmas dance or whatever. You know” she said and continued “You can dance with anyone you like, no matter how many times. It’s just that the person whom you chose to be partner with is the person whom you’ll dance with on the main event of the night”

“Ah. Do I have...to dance?” I asked.

“Of course silly” she laughed. I frowned. I knew it wasn’t bad, I just felt like I didn’t want to because I was terrible at these kinds of things. Who knew if I ended up embarrassing myself?

“But I’m not going to force you Jesse. I just want a dance from you that’s it. It’s okay if you don’t feel like it” she assured.

I shook my head, now feeling bad. I’ve agreed to come with her to the dance so I should at least fulfill my role as her partner.

“I’m just not experienced”

“Then I’ll be willing to teach you” she smiled. After she said I felt comfortable with whatever was going to happen later on. Leylah made me feel comfortable. We continued to talk, jumping from topic to topic. She was very easy to talk to. She didn’t judge what you like or whatever. She was open-minded, and that was something I like about her.

It wasn’t long until the gymnasium was filled with students. The teachers had a hard time trying to organize them but some were too hard to manage. Their outfits varied from classic to hipster, to formal. But what surprised me, even more, was when the gym door opened to reveal two glorious girls.

The cousins of course. Fucking Carters and Wilson.

Shoulder by shoulder they walked in as if they owned the place.Sarah was casually talking to Sabrina and together they walked in, followed by the stares of many other students, mostly guys. Sarah’s hairstyle matched Sabrina’s - a waterfall braid on the back. It was so hipster but their dresses were tremendous.

London followed behind like a child, her dress simpler than theirs. It was very casual like. Sabrina’s blonde hair matched her short gold sweetheart sequin cocktail dress.It shined very brightly, which caught a lot of people’s attention including the group.

“Wow” I heard someone say in our group. Mhm. The two walked towards a different table, sitting beside their friends.

“Damn hot girl” Tyler yelled. Sabrina gave him the middle finger, but they both laughed.

“I’m gonna bang your momma Tyler” Sabrina yelled back. The group laughed out loud, so did the other group. Sabrina then stopped when her eyes met mine.

I smiled and waved awkwardly a bit before turning around quickly. Somehow I could feel my face heating up whenever she looks at me.

“Uff” I was rubbing my cheeks together trying to stop my face from turning red. Leylah just looked at me weirdly but giggled cutely anyway.

‘Ugh’ I mentally groaned. ‘Breath in. Breath out’. I said in my mind while doing it.

Just as I turned my head around, I was startled by Sarah’s presence.

“Holy shit,” I said out loud, causing me to look shocked, so was Sarah’s face. She laughed out loud after catching me from swearing.

“I really love your dress. Jessie looking sexy~” she teased. “Didn’t you were such a bad girl too” she winked.

“Shut up,” I mumbled. I scooted farther, getting much closer to Kristina who scolded me by her eyes after swearing. Sarah forced herself beside me trying to fit in, causing Emmie to fall on the other side.

“Ow. Give us some space” she yelled over.

“Who’s that?” Sarah whispered in my ear.

“Emmie. She’s a friend from Ontario. I think I told you about her before” I said. After I called Emmie over and introduced her to Sarah. She was a bit stunned at Sarah. Of course, Sarah had to cockily introduce herself.

“Well hello. I’m Sarah, your replacement” she smirked.

Emmie’s eyebrows frowned but she took in the challenge, not daring her title as a best friend to be taken away “Hi. I’m Emily. Just..the original” she smirked back.

Oh, the atmosphere has changed. Sarah just laughed out loud but still shook Emmie’s hands. “Chill bro. Just a friend”

The two were about to say more but the event decided to start once the principal walked up to the stage and announced how he was excited about tonight’s winter dance. During the speech, Sarah sneakily went back to her table. I can’t really much say anything but the speech was hella boring. Most of the students tried to pay attention but our table was just not into it.

Lucas was making rude side comments while Tyler agreed to it. Kristina was too occupied talking about who knows what with Emmie. Leylah and I made small talks and laughed about other people’s outfits and sense of fashion. But most of the time we were giggling about what kind of food they might’ve. Cause hell, we were both hungry.

After the never-ending speech, the students were now allowed to grab some food and drinks from the table. Everyone rushed in to get food. But since Leylah and I were the closest, we were able to get most of the food first.

We laughed and rush back to the table. They had different kind of sweets like Glissade chocolate pudding, Fresh mint chip frozen yogurt, Breton Buckwheat cake, Strawberry Rhubarb crumble and many more. But my favorite was the chocolate-mint bars.

“There are so many good ones”

I nodded while biting into my chocolate mint bar “Delicious” I said in a mouthful. Hah~ the satisfaction face.

“You are so cute when you’re eating” Leylah commented and giggled. She took a piece of Tiramisu, an Italian sponge cake soaked in coffee.

“When does the dance starts?” I asked.

“Right after this. It won’t be until like half an hour or so... I think” she said.

We continued eating until I felt full and tired. Emmie had the nerve to bring a fucking Ziploc bag and store some inside her purse. Like what the fuck. I swear she brings anything anywhere. Kristina just looked at her amusedly. I thought she was gonna scold her for doing that but no - instead she helped Emmie take more. The two were unbelievable.

“What the fuck” Leylah laughed at the two.

“Shh,” Emmie shushed, now closing her purse and making sure it won’t get crushed or anything.

After a while, we saw Angela approaching the table with some guy whom she was holding hands with, which I assumed was her boyfriend.

“Oh I didn’t know he was black” I heard Emmie say. Kristina slapped her on the shoulder and told her to shut up.

“I’m not being racist. I just said what was obvious sheesh”

“Hey guys” she waved to all of us and then stopped to look at me “Wow Jessica. You look so hot tonight”


The guy didn’t seem too excited about Angela. But it was nice of her to come over to say hi to Kristina and the other people in the group. She then noticed Emmie and asked “I’ve never seen you around”

Emmie smiled “I’m Emmie. Just a friend”

“She’s Jessica’s friend from Ontario. ” Kristina added in.

“Ah. It’s nice to meet you” Angela smiled back. Her boyfriend then whispered something to Angela’s ear which caused her frown. But seeing as she didn’t want to argue in front of us, she just forced a smile and told us that they had to go see some other people too.

“That was kind of... ” Emmie trailed off. “Never mind”

It was kind of an awkward encounter but it soon vanished when the principal now announced that the dance was about to start and that everyone was welcomed to the dance floor. As soon as the music started, Leylah grinned at me.

Pouting, I took her hands and together we both walked towards the dance floor. I saw Sarah and Sabrina getting up, so did London. A lot of students came into the dance floor, dancing and synchronizing to the beat.

Leylah was in front of me, warming up with simple movements. Looking over at my side, Sarah was actually enjoying goofing off with her sister. Emmie and Kristina were already in the middle of the dance floor, god knows what kind of dance they’re experimenting on. Idiots.

“Come on,” she said and then held both of my hands. “Just relax” she laughed.

“There’s just too many people,” I said nervously, now feeling cold because of the dress didn’t cover much of my shoulders.

“Just think of them as.... minions” she chuckled

“Minions?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, you know the movie. Despicable Me?”

I shook my head.

“What?! But that movie is so cute. And you’re cute so you can be a minion” she said, laughing.

“I’m not a minion” I mumbled.

All of a sudden an arm rested on my shoulders, causing Leylah and me to stop.

“She can be my minion. Right?” Sabrina winked.

“Jessica?” I heard her whisper.

You and I. Learning to speak. With kisses on cheeks


“Some girl is staring at us. Or to you. Look” she tapped me and I turned to see Emmie grinning. Then what she did after was embarrassing, she brought her hands together and made them kissing, while she mouthed ′Awww′.

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