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Chapter 36

She ran for her daughter’s sake. She had a bad feeling and was very nervous and worried. As soon as passed by alleys, that’s when she heard it. The screams. She ran, faster and faster until her feet felt numb. She didn’t care how she felt incredibly tired. She was too troubled and anxious.

And that’s when she saw it. The boy holding a sharp knife, blood on his shirt, and her daughter endlessly coughing on the ground.

She gasped and when they all turned to look at her, they started to run. But she used her leftover energy and ran faster to catch the boy.

“What have you done?” she screams, tears escaping in her eyes. The boy looked at her, hands shaking, but he didn’t say anything.

When she knew she couldn’t do anything to the boy, she rushed to call the ambulance and police. That’s when the boy came to his senses and pushed the woman away, not before thrusting the blade, just like what he had done to the girl.

He cried and endlessly said, “I’m sorry”. Then he ran away, following his coward friends.

She gasped for air, inserting pressure into her abdomen. She knew how to handle a situation like this but she was feeling too tired and wanted her daughter to be safe. And so she attempted to rise and pushed pressure into the cut. Blood flowed continuously from her stomach. But she bit her lip and dealt with the pain.

When the ambulance did come, the paramedics started to come out along with their equipment. They started their job and began saving lives.

“Help me, please. Help my daughter!” she cried out. A paramedic rushed towards her. They turned her daughter’s body around and started checking her body.

“Please take her” she begged. They nod and took her daughter into the paramedic van, along with the other kids who survived.

Another paramedic came to her and told her she needed to go as well. And so she nodded and got assistant. She was in a separated van, with the other kids whom she recognized from the soccer team.

The man started questioning her about her identity, her relation to the accident, and who the kids were. After she started losing and her vision started to darken. She was tired and didn’t have energy left.

She closed her eyes and silently prayed. She prayed that her daughter would be saved. She prayed that her own family would be saved. And she prayed for the lives of the victims.

And when she concluded her prayer with “Amen”, that’s when the other side of the van started to tip, and her back started to hurt, then there was yelling, and silent after.

The paramedic had collided with another car, killing all of the victims inside due to the hard impact.

“You’re silly” Jesse crossed her arm with one of her eyebrows raised while she looked at her friend.

“Come on, please. You just have to blow it” Leylah smiled and held out the cupcake with a candle on top. The flame was small and the cake was decorated with yellow mini candy stars. It was strawberry flavoured - which was Leylah and Tiffany’s favorite.

“If this is for me then why did you buy a strawberry cupcake?”

Tiffany smiled sheepishly “It’s our favorite.” She then scratched side of her head and reasoned “Plus 2 against 1 so we win”

Leylah nodded, smiling. “Come on, please. You’re leaving soon and I really want to have a good memory with us. I even made Tiffany steal her mommy’s flip phone with a camera”

Jesse burst out laughing to her friends. “You guys are crazy. Alright I’ll blow it”

“Make a wish!” The two said. Jesse rolled her eyes and then blew the single candle

I wish we could see each other again sometime in the future.

She smiled and then bit onto the cupcake, cringing at the taste and colour.

“Ergh. You can have the rest” she said handing it to the two of them. The two dug in quickly finishing the cupcake.

After they were done, they cleaned themselves by sucking on their finger and drinking their bottled water. The three then laid down on the grass, gazing at the beautiful sky. Leylah scooted it in closer to Jesse, and blushed a bit when Jesse looked at her weirdly but Leylah just turned away.

“Hey Jess” Tiffany called.


“What did you wish for?” she asked.

Jesse grinned and answered, “It’s a secret”.

“Ah ok. How long are you staying in Canada?”

“I don’t know” she shrugged.

“I don’t want you to leave” Leylah mumbled.

“It’s not my decision anyway”

They laid on the grass, wind blowing, and their surroundings filled with peace and quiet. No one said anything towards each other. They just watched as each cloud passed by, knowing that the three of them are thinking about each other and what the future would be.


The voice suddenly startled her causing her to stand up. Emmie hovered her body, her face close causing her to shriek and push her best friend away.

“What the fuck Jesse?” Emmie groaned when she fell on the carpeted floor.

“What... Where...” Jessica trailed off when she noticed she was back in her room, inside her house, safe in her bed, and her best friend lying on the ground.

“Are you okay?” she asked, helping her best friend up and yawning.

Emmie stared at her and then asked “Let me ask you that question. Are you okay?”

Jessica felt her face, slapping her cheeks lightly, then felt her arms, down to her body. Nothing was wrong with her physically. But the all of a sudden, she gasped. Her hands went into her mouth and silently she said “Oh my god”

She collapsed down, sitting on her bed and staring blankly at the wall.

Emmie rushed to her friend and asked “What?” continuously.

“I-I...” she paused. “What happened last night?”

She couldn’t recall any of the events except when she danced with Sabrina and talked to Lucas.

Emmie frowned. “You drank alcohol. Talked with Lucas. Went out and almost got yourself killed! Thank god Sarah saw you. She nearly squished you like a bug on the road”

“Oh,” Jessica thought. Now she remembers. But now she felt scared. Scared because of the dream. She didn’t want it to be true. She has convinced herself from the past years that it was all nothing. But now it comes to her senses that it may be.

And so she tugged on Emmie’s arm. “I have to tell you something” she whispered.

Her best friend looked at her weirdly but she returned a serious glare. Emmie knew it was something personal and serious and so she nodded and urged Jessica to continue.

“Promise not to tell anyone?“Jessica childish held up her pinky finger, making Emmie laughed.

They then did the pinky promise before Jessica blurted out “I think I remember now”

“Jesse. Hah~ and I thought I was the first to call you that” Emmie smiled and then hugged her best friend who was now silently sobbing after she ended her story.

Emmie chuckled and then kissed Jessica’s forehead “Didn’t know you were a confident kid once”

Jesse smiled, crying, and playfully hit her best friend’s chest. “Shut up you douche.”

“Ooh nasty words. Now, will you tough up now.” Emmie smirked at her best friend who frowned and got up before she wobbly walked towards the bathroom. Emmie stood up immediately to assist Jesse.

“Hangover sucks,” Jessica mumbled, making the two laughed.

“Now now. Who’s fault was it anyway?” Em chuckled but kept hold of Jessica.

“Oh shut up Em. ”

“Why did you even went out of the gym?” Emmie asked.

Jessica remembered. She went out after seeing Sabrina acted when Carly and Sarah came towards them. She didn’t know whether she felt jealous because Sabrina became unattentive to their dance or whether when their eyes locked towards each other giving unspoken messages. Or maybe she was jealous because Sarah was holding someone else. She couldn’t seem to understand what the actual reason was.

So instead of telling Emmie, she simply answered, “I was just tired.”

“Ah ok”

After the two cleaned up, they went downstairs where Dennis and Caelie had the ‘you’re in trouble’ faces. Kristina and Nat were already seated quietly at the table eating their breakfast.

Once they took their seats, Dennis spoke,“So what happened to Jessica last night?”

Everyone was quiet. Nat looked down feeling guilty, Kristina stopped chewing on her bagel, Emmie felt awkward, and Jessica was just looking around.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault, she thought. In fact, it was hers. She was the one who drank and got drunk.

“Dad” she started. “It was my fault. I’m sorry” she said the all too familiar phrase she’s been saying for the past years.


“No, it’s my fault. I’m really sorry” she said

“I still want to hear the full story,” her father said.

“Can we just... Talk about this some other time? I need to tell you something too” Jessica pleaded Dennis with her eyes. He sighed but nodded.

“Are you feeling better?” Caelie asked. Jessica nodded and started eating after.

When breakfast was over, Jessica went back to her room along with Emmie. The two laid in bed just talking.

“So do you plan on telling them?” Emmie asked, feeling concerned.

Jesse thought about it and then shook her head. “I’m not sure. I’m not the same before”

Emmie grinned and then started tickling Jessica, wanting to lighten up the mood. Jessica yelp and plead her best friend to stop. When Emmie didn’t, Jessica pushed her off and tackled her down the floor.

“Ouch bitch you heavy. Get off!” Emmie struggling just motivated Jessica to keep her down. After they heard the phone rang from Emmie.

She shushed Jessica and said, “Hold on.”

“Hey, Carly!” Emmie grinned. She then pushed her best friend off, making Jessica cross her arms over her.

“Yeah sure. Okay, I’ll meet you after” When she ended the call, Jessica asked, “What was that?”

“Carly and I hang out during the dance. Goddamn, my butt hurts. And uh, were hanging out later. Wanna come?”

She shook her head as an answer “I’m going to have a talk with Dennis.”

“Are you going to tell him about everything?” Em looked at her softly.

Jessica sighed but then nodded after. “I can’t keep everything hidden. I already know the truth. What more can I do? Plus I promised myself that I’d meet them once again. Thank god I had the opportunity”

Em grinned and wiggled her eyebrows “So are you going to be the cool Jesse?”

“Shut up.” she slapped Em’s hands away.

“You’re still a nerd anyway.” Em laughed and so did Jessica.

Jessica talked to her dad. She told her about everything. Nothing was untold and her secrets were out. She also apologized for what happened during the dance. But thankfully, Dennis forgave her and decided to forget about what happened.

Now she walked through the hallways of her school. It was Monday and she barely got any sleep last night considering Emmie forced her to watch another show called Orphan Black. She could feel her cheeks redden when she thought about Cophine.

Today she was excited because finally, she was free of all the lies and the past. But still, she hasn’t forgiven herself. She still felt depressed about her mother’s death. But whatever tomorrow may bring, she’d continue to keep going.

She smiled remembering Sarah’s tattoo. It was her goal to find the reason to why she was still living and whom she wanted to give her life to.

Opening her locker, she threw her unneeded books and supplies. And when she turned around that’s when she saw a familiar blonde.

A grin formed on her face and finally, she rushed closing her locker.

She speed walk down the hallway and caught the blonde off a surprise when she attacked her with a hug.

“Hey Jessi- Woah” Leylah stumbled a few steps back but caught Jessica.

But then her eyes widen when she heard Jessica say “I miss you Lay.”

I walked on the other side and saw magazines and students busily typing into the old computers. And there it was the little dark corner of the library where Sabrina and I first met.

Just then, someone grabbed me from behind causing my heart to jump a little.

Deja vu?

“Wait wait wait. Don’t karate chomp me again!” I heard the person say.

Turning around, I saw Sabrina laughing nervously at me.

“Uh hey,” she says.

I didn’t expect her here.

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