Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 4


Number of questions asked about me: 37 (which literally felt like 1,000 questions have already been asked)

Number of stares I’ve received during lunch period: 63 (and still counting)

Number of minutes has passed since we sat down: 20 (but to me, it seemed like we have been sitting here forever)

Number of times Kristina tried spooning me: 4

It’s been exactly 20 minutes and 24 seconds and so far I’ve done nothing but stare unbelievably at the people around me. Since we sat down, they did nothing but bombarded me with a whole lot of questions like ‘Where are you from? What’s your favorite music? What’s your hobby?’ And so on. I haven’t even touched my food yet.

Sitting at the popular table is not what I wished. But so far, they’ve done nothing but treated me nicely and welcomed me to the group which I thought was weird cause back to my old school, the popular people were a bitch.

‘Okay seriously, I need to stop swearing.’ But yeah they’ve done nothing but made other student’s life miserable. The jocks bullied the nerds while cheerleaders made fun of the fat girls and called them ugly. I think one guy called Peter committed suicide a week after he came to our school. It was saddening and I don’t know how the teachers had the guts to ignore the situation.

I must have been in deep thoughts when I heard someone calling my name.

“O-oh... What?” I asked. I turned my head around and looked at the person who was calling my name.

The guy looked at me with his brownish-green emerald eyes. He ran a hand through his black shiny hair that was styled into in an untidy manner but somehow it turned out to be a sexy appearance for him cause the girls from another table was stealing glances towards his direction. What was his name again? I think it was Case... no, it’s Jace.

“I asked you if you were going to drink your apple juice,” he said. I blinked a couple of times then finally understood and caught up to what he was saying. I hesitantly pushed the box of juice into his direction.

‘Goodbye, my drink! Oh shut up, you gave it to him. Well, I didn’t want to be mean so yeah. But you’re also starving. Oh, shut it me.’

“Thanks!” Then he happily took it and drank it fully until it was empty. I laughed to myself and didn’t notice that I surprisingly caught everyone’s attention.

‘Oh my gosh. Did I just laugh loud?’ I slowly turned it into an awkward laugh while looking at everyone then coughed, trying to cover up.

When I noticed that no one still spoke, I decided to break the silence.

“W-what?” I asked.

I didn’t get an answer but instead got pinch by Kristina on the cheek.

“You’re such a cutie.” She said while continued pinching my cheeks. I slapped her arm away but failed to do so. When she finally released me, I glared at her but only received an innocent smile.

I turned my attention back to my food and just as I was about to take a bite of my sandwich, I felt someone touched my cheek. Thinking it was Kristina who was doing it again; I didn’t bother looking and slapped the person’s arm away hard. Okay, maybe too hard cause I heard the person said ouch right after. I turned around and saw that it wasn’t Kristina who touched my cheek but someone else.

The girl had long light blonde hair that reached up to her waist and was wearing her cheerleader uniform. She was rubbing her hand and by the look on her face, she looked kind of pissed.

“I’m so sorry,” I said and without thinking, I took her hand and examined it just in case it was bruised or something.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Then when I realized what I was doing, I let go of her hand quickly which caused it to bump the table.

“Shit ouch,” she said.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry” I continued apologizing. I studied her hands once again and she only laughed at me. This time I placed her hand softly back on the table.

“You’re so funny. Don’t worry. It’s fine. ”

“Uhh yea.. umm....”

“Taylor by the way. The name is Taylor” she smiled and pointed her finger towards a blonde guy who looked identical to her “and that’s my twin Tyler. Watch out for him. He can be a jerk and he’s known as a player around here”

Tyler must’ve heard this cause he stopped talking to another girl on the other table next to us and looked our way.

He scoffed and said “Says the one who just broke up with the famous soccer captain”

Taylor looked at him and laughed “Yeah like I just didn’t see you flirting with another slut over there” she said then pointed to the girl he was talking to earlier. The girl looked at Taylor angrily while Taylor just smirked at her.

Tyler looked really pissed right now cause he had his fist curled up into a ball and I could tell that this conversation was stepping up into an argument.

Kristina must’ve noticed my frightened look cause leaned down to me and whispered “Don’t worry about those two. They’re always like that. They’re just so protective of each other. Look at them they’ll start yelling at each anytime soon. 3, 2, 1...”

Just in the cue, the two really did start yelling at each other, throwing away the very harsh word which really no one cared except me. I looked back to each of them as they argue one another.

“You slept with nearly half of the school”

“You went out with a nerd and broke his heart just cause you lost a bet and was told to do so”

“So? Not like I cared”

“So you’re a player too”

They were like a cat and a dog, clawing at each other. The noise they made really bothered me since I really can’t stand noisy places, I decided to sneak out but then Taylor saw me.

“Where are you going?” she asked. Then all of a sudden, everyone on the table was looking me.

“Uh... w-wh..washroom?” I said, not really sure where it is or where I actually am going.

“Do you want me to take you there?” asked Kristina.

“I think I can.. go myself”

“She’s not a kid anymore Krissy. And for a dam second, will you please stop worrying about her and focus on me” says Lucas. The guy who spoke to Kristina earlier when we first arrived.

“No, I don’t give a damn about your flirty jokes and instead pay attention to my little sister.”

“I-I’ll just go. Don’t worry about me.” I said and then left fast, not wanting to hear a response from each of them.

I hurried and went wherever my feet took me. I glanced at my watch and saw that I still had 10 minutes left until lunch was finished. I passed by the hallways, still earning a lot of stares from people but I quickly ignored them. I went up the stairs and went to the third floor. Hopefully, I could find something interesting up there. Surprisingly, when I got up to the third floor, the hallways were a lot quieter than the second and main floor. Then what caught my eye was the sign that says LIBRARY

I quickly hurried off to the library, creating squeaky sounds which caught much attention but I didn’t care since I wanted to get to the library fast. Just as I walked through the large heavy doors of the library, I awed into the sight that made my heart beat into excitement.

Walking into the quiet, still library, a smile happened to find its way into my face as I saw rows of shelves that contained many different kinds of books. The old lady, whose gray hair was cut short and was wearing a very thick glasses looks at me for a second then goes back to what she was doing. The library was like my home. Like a shelter of refuge, warm, abiding, and accepting. I could hear the soft whispers of the students and the occasional hum of the photocopy machine.

I went to the library, searching for books that hooked my interest. Minutes later, I found myself holding 7 books into my hands that were stacked together. As I was walking, I didn’t notice that there was a person in front of me since the books covered my sight and I accidentally bumped into this person. I stumbled backward and the books fell into the floor. The guy fell into his butt was now adjusting his glasses.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“No. I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice you so...umm yeah” I got up and held out my hand to help him get up.

His neatly combed black hair was now messed up because of me. He noticed me looking at his face so he fixed it quickly with his hands. I smiled at him and apologized to him. We just stood there looking at each other, not really knowing what to say.

“What are you going to do about those books? He asked. Then I suddenly forgot about it.

“Oh crap”

I quickly turned around and started picking up the books. He helped me out and thanked him right after.

“I guess I’ll take them out,” I said.

“Do you have your library card?” he asked.

“What library card?”

“I mean your student I.D. They scan your student number. You know.”

Right, I don’t have one cause I’m new.

“Oh. I’m a new student here.”

“Ah, really. Well, I’ll get you one if you come here tomorrow.”

I smiled and nodded.

Before he left, he told me his name. “I’m Mark by the way. It’s nice meeting ya.”

“I’m Jessica” Then I waved goodbye at him.

I continued walking around the library and got near the end of the walls when I suddenly felt someone pulled me into a dark room. I screamed helplessly and kicked out, taking off whomever’s hands were in my mouth. There’s no way I wanted to get rape in a library with a stranger, so with all my strength and all the knowledge that I learned from my uncle about Karate or Kung fu or whatever you call it cause my Uncle is half Chinese and his obsessed with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, I pulled the person’s hand away and pulled the body up and slammed it down the floor, earning a loud grunt from the stranger. Then I opened one eye, hoping that I didn’t kill the person. My eyes widen in shock when I noticed that it wasn’t a stranger that I just hit, it was indeed a goddess.

Her hair was bright yellow almost gold, as the sun brushed it an iridescent glow omitted through the blonde mane, sparkling like a running stream. Flowing golden locks were mirroring the sun rays and I can’t help but stare at her beauty. Her vivid deep blue eyes bore into mine as soon as she noticed me looking at her. She had white creamy soft skin and long slender legs. She was wearing a wild rose sweater top and rowdy denim cutoffs that showed off her beautiful skin. She rubbing her legs and arm, trying to soothe the pain away.

“Ow,” she whined. She looked down to her feet and continued rubbing it. Then I heard someone yelling.


The girl suddenly flinched after hearing the name, then she quickly looked at me and shoved her hands to shut my mouth again before I could ask any more questions.

“Shhhh!” she says while placing pointer finger to her pink lips. She pushed my back, even more, allowing our bodies to be impossibly close to each other, almost touching and I swear I could feel the heat building up with this small touch, I whimpered and closed my eyes, not wanting to get any weird thoughts.

“Sabrina, where are you?” The voice came closer and closer and before it reached our spot, the footsteps turned around going the other way. When it was finally safe, she let go of her hands and exhaled loudly. I didn’t even notice I was holding my breath that long.

She looked around just to check if the voices were gone then looked back at me and raised an eyebrow.

I quickly hid under my bangs and looked down the floor.

“I-I’m..sorry” I mumbled.

“What?” she asked in her angelic voice. Ah, I could listen to it almost every day.

I straightened up and inhaled deeply and exhaled. “I said I’m sorry... about earlier. I just freak- ” I trailed off when I notice her laughing.

“W-w..what’s so funny?” I asked. I don’t really get how any of this was funny.

“Sorry...it’s..just... you look like one of those big nerds when in reality... you can kick some ass”

“Oh” was all I could say. Before I notice, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye at me.

I was left there stunned and felt my cheeks at the sudden warmth. Then the bell rang, reminding me that I still had half of the day to finish. I groaned loudly and made my way to my next class, the gym, Physed.

Okay. That’s it. I officially admit that I’m lost. It’s been 10 minutes since the bell rang and I had no idea where I’m going. I sat down the stairs and let out a loud sigh. Then I notice someone approaching me. It was a familiar blonde hair, except this one was a dirty blonde one. Then I remembered, it was Leylah.

“Lost?” she sing-songed. She took out her hand.

I groaned even louder. “No way in hell. I’ve been walking around for what felt like hours” I said. I just realized I said that aloud when I actually planned it to say it into my head.

Leylah chuckled and said “Come on. We’ll be late for class. We have gym together”

I took her hand and she helped me up. When we reached the gym, we got scolded by the teacher but thankfully Leylah got us away with it by telling the teacher that I was a new student and that I got lost. Which was true, no lies. Throughout the whole class, all I could think of was those crazy blue eyes that haunted me and that stupid blonde hair. I swear even I nearly tripped during the warm-up and what made this class even worse was when I noticed the same golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes walked into class, who wearing her a pair of white t-shirt and showed a hint her beautiful toned abs.

Then just as I was about to turn away, her eyes met mine.

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