Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 41



I groaned and send a quick glare at Adrian. He simply smirked and lit up his cigarette before putting it in his mouth and inhaling its dangerous contents.

After, a cloud of smoke air came out. “You’re such a chicken”

“Shut up” I scowled at him and stood up before grabbing a stick from my box.

“You told her you lover her...and then what?” Then he started mimicking me. ”Oh, Jessica. I love you."

My fist curled in annoyance while I control my short-tempered self. I can feel my veins popping out of my forehead and neck.

“And then..what did you say again? Oh yeah! As a friend. " He burst out laughing, finding my sudden forward movement funny. I wouldn’t blame him. Hell, I can take out Nicole’s gang, but I can’t even tell Jessica how I feel.

“It’s because I love you! I fucking love you okay?!” I blurted involuntarily. Her eyes widen in shock. Afraid of what she’ll say, I quickly rephrased what I meant.

“You’re my friend. I’m sorry. I just felt jealous that... Sabrina. I mean. Uh” I rambled through my words. Jessica looked confused for a while before she shook her head and came over to give me a hug.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve-”

“No!” I quickly said. “I’m just a jealous friend. I mean, I only want your attention, you know” I smiled and gently patted her back. She pulled away and blushed a little.

“I love you too. Thank you...for being my friend” She smiled and then brought our hands together, squeezing it , bringing the warmth back into it. I quickly looked away, embarrassed that my face felt the sudden heat.

“Yeah yeah come on. You owe me some alone time after school okay?” I said, smiling. She nodded as we both walked back to school.

We had lunch together. It was fun but my brain kept getting distracted. I was such a scaredy-cat. I watched as Jessica bit into her egg and bacon sandwich. She was too occupied with it, that I wanted her attention again. Smirking, I leap up and stole a bite.

Her eyes widen in surprise. “Hey!” Then she slapped my arm, making me laugh. The continuous playful atmosphere continued on until I suddenly became serious.

“So... why was Sabrina there?” I asked curiously.

Suddenly, she became flustered and mumbled “I- I don’t know”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Hmmm... more importantly, why did she kiss you?”

She looked at me and shook her head, “I don’t know”

I wanted to know. I wanted an answer. Could Sabrina be playing with her innocence? Jessica was a kind person and I wouldn’t dare let anyone hurt her.

“Be careful with my cousin. You may have heard the rumors about her. And it’s true. I’m telling you this for your own sake. My cousin is a player. And the player will always be a player. Don’t fall for her charms, because it’s a skill she learned from being heartbroken. She will toy you if you’re not cautious” I warned her. She nodded and gently smiled back.

I gripped the soda can, almost crushing it, then after I once asked again, “Did you kiss her back?... More importantly, did you like it?”

She was once surprised again by my questions. But before she could respond to it, the lunch bell had rung and I never heard her answer from it.

“Aarrggh! Fuck this!” I scratched my head furiously as I recall what happened. I was so mad at myself. But I wasn’t going to give up. What made me angrier was when I passed by Sabrina and she gave me a sudden smirk. Could she possibly be challenging me?

“That bitch will taste her own medicine one day”

When work was done, I cleaned up and headed to Jessica’s house. She was already outside waiting when I got there. Her hair was on her usual hair bun. A black and white square graphic sweatshirt protected her from the cold. And she was wearing simple black jeans, that matched her white and black Adidas shoes.

“Well, you looked stylish today. More on the dark side as always”

“All my clothes are dark” She got in behind me and wore the helmet I gave her. As I revved up the engine, I heard her ask. “Where are we going?”

I smirked and turned around to clip her helmet securely. “Hold on tight okay? We’re going kart racing”

When we got to our destination, a man who was once my customer greeted me. Because if his nicely done tattoo, he gave me free tickets. Jessica didn’t know anything about it, so I had to give her a full explanation of what we were going to do.

“Go-karts are kinda like bumper cars, except they’re not meant to be bumped. It’s like driving mini cars and using it to race” I explained in my own knowledge. She’d probably get it since it Q my simplest version of explaining it. It’s not like I knew everything about kart racing. I just race that’s all. “Get it?”

Jessica looked up and then said. “So basically, it’s a form of racing in a small four-wheel vehicle known as a go-kart, which is that thing right there” she pointed towards a go-kart and then started explaining about each part. The fuck?

She then continued, “And this race we are about to enter is a sprint type. Since there several types of kart racing format - sprint, endurance, speedway which is also known as dirt racing, and probably some more that I’m not known of. I assumed that this is a sprint one considering it has a wide range of corners. Looking at the track, I’m guessing it’s less than one mile. And that for our age, we are of the senior class and the fastest we can go is up to 70mph on sprint tracks.”

After she was finished, my jaw was just literally hanging. Like how did she know all of that? “Okay. What the fuck?”

She smiled sheepishly and then said “I’m sorry. I read a magazine awhile ago and it explained about kart racing”

“I thought you’re a bookworm. Not a magazineworm” I said, shaking my head. She chuckled and after we got our equipment each of our go-cart. We were on a track for a test try and to do quick practices. I was kind of worried about Jessica, but after she got settled, she was the first to flew off while I sat on my own watching her go off.

Wasting no time, I stepped on it and increased my speed, immediately catching up with her where she effortlessly did her turns smoothly and fast. “Damn girl”

There weren’t a lot of people on the track so I had a good one on one battle with Jessica. I gave her a thumbs up when our carts were aligned with each other. She simply looked my way quickly then accelerated faster than before.

“Girl you’re on fire. ”

It was officially a race when she picked up speed one more time, both of us going maximum.She mocked me when she slowed down a bit and gave me a thumbs up. Not wanting to get distracted, I speed off and in the end. I lost. Who knew how she could drive like that.

“How in the world?” was the first thing I said when I got off and removed my helmet. She simply shrugged and fan herself after.

“It’s so hot. This suit is like trapping all the warmth inside” She complained.

“Seriously. How the hell did you do that?!” I was completely taken back.

“Well, I like driving. Um... It may not be that similar but I do like racing” she shyly smiled.

“You drive?”


“You race?” I asked.

“Only in video games.” she chuckled.

“What else can you do?”

“Read a book”

I rolled my eyes at her and gave her a quick flick on the forehead. She pouted and after we moved onto the real track to race some more. After 2 hours, we were overly exhausted and crashed down a 24/7 McDonalds restaurant. I didn’t have the energy left to order, so Jessica went to do it. Not wanting her to pay, I urged her to take my card.

“What do you want?” she asked, holding on to my card and playing with it.

“A McFlurry,” I said, resting my head on the table. I feel like I was punched several times. I didn’t even run but I was just really worn out after school, work, and kart racing.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. Get yourself anything”

She mumbled an okay and then went off to order. After she came back holding two McFlurry.

“That’s it?” I asked her the same question she asked me earlier.

“Yeah.” she nodded. “I like Oreos. It’s not like I’m copying you, I swear”

“Yeah right. We could’ve shared. I can’t finish this medium one. Save money, live better” I said, chuckling.

“Sorry. I’ll pay you back.”

I shook my head. “Don’t worry. I was just kidding. So... didn’t know you were into speed. How about snowboarding next time?”

“Snowboarding?” she asks. I nodded.

“We can go to Vail Mountain Resort or Aspen. They have skiing, snowboarding, and a lot of winter activities. We can do this winter break” I said.

She stopped and then looked at me “Sure” After the phone rang. She simply apologized before answering it. “Hello?”

“Oh hey, dad.”

I took a scoop of my McFlurry, feeling disappointed that there was less Oreos now.

“I’m with Sarah and yes I’ll come home soon.” I frowned. Time went by too fast, I didn’t want her to leave yet.

“Okay I’ll ask her.” she smiled and ended the phone call.

“Emmie’s birthday is tomorrow by the way. Do you want to come?”

“Emmie?” I asked. Who was that person?

“Oh, she’s my best friend. She came here to visit me. Um... I was just thinking that it may be a good time to meet her. I’m not so sure if you already met her.”

Just then I remember overhearing Carly talking to a person name Emily on her phone days ago. Maybe it was that person.

“Sure. What time will it be?”

“After school of course. Everyone’s going” she said.


She nodded. Was Sabrina included too? I hope not.


“Emmie get off!” I yelled at her. She was on top of me trying to steal my McNuggets.

“These chicks need to be saved! They’re not meant to be eaten” she said, attempting to reach for the box.

“Oh my god, they’re dead and already cooked. Just cause you had a pet chicks you’re acting like this!” I said, trying to roll her body off of me.

“No. I’m just hungry really” she grinned and then swapped the box off of my hands.


“Now come on. It’s my birthday tomorrow, let me have this”

“Fine but you’re not getting your present” I scoffed and crossed my arms at her. She was just about to plop a nugget in her mouth, but stop midway when she heard me. Suddenly she tackled me down the bed and started tickling me.

“What diiiid youuu get mee?” she asked.

I laughed and tried prying her hands off of me. “Get off Emmie!”

“Jessica, tell me!”

“It’s a surprise dumbass”

She stopped and then gasped. “I will wash your mouth with holy water Jessica. How dare you cursed in front of me.”

“Bitch” I mumbled.

“Kristina!” she yelled on top of her lungs. I suddenly shut her up when I covered her mouth with my hands. All I could hear were muffled words. “Can-. borrow. umph..b-bleach?”

“Shut up sheesh. Alright, I’ll give you a clue” I said. She stopped talking and then looked at me, her eyes almost pleading. “I’ll let go and tell you. Just shut up”

She nodded eagerly. Just as I moved my hand away, she bit one of my fingers and dropped all of the contents of the McNuggets box in her mouth.

“How unladylike!” I yelled and hit her with a pillow, causing a nugget or two to fall off.

“My nurgurs!” she muffled. “Jigs! Ma- Jigs”

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full” I told her. She reached for the nugget on the floor and wiped it in her shirt, and then plopped it in her mouth again.


“My nurgurs” she said chewing.


“Yummy nugurs”

“Nugurs?” I laughed out loud. She was making no sense. I was grossed out by the pieces of nuggets in her mouth. I kept hitting her with a pillow while she runs away in an attempt to block the pillows.

After, pieces of nuggets fell in my carpeted floor. “EMMIE!”

“Oh nu. My nurgia”

“Pick that up Emily right now,” I said, crossing my arms and pointing to the chewed nuggets on the floor.

“Nurgets” she said picking it up. ” You waste my nurugets”

“Stop. Chew. Swallow” She simply gave me a peace sign and walked away to get some water.

After that horrifying nugget experience, we both played monopoly with our Canadian money, except this time using real money. Since the Canadian bills looked very much like the monopoly money, we decided to use it. It was also our own kind of monopoly, and our maximum was a hundred dollars only. It was real, so kind of like gambling.

“Aha! You’re paying me 5 dollars” Emmie grinned. I glared at her before throwing a five dollar bill on her face.

Shortly after, I won my five dollar bill back “Aha!”

Throughout the game, Emmie was humming out a song and when she won 20 dollars, she sang “Bitch better have money!”

After my move, I won my 20 dollars back plus after she owed my Doritos, then I sang “Or nah” which made Emmie growl.

“Shawty, I don’t mind if you got yo money back, cause I’m earning twice of that” Emmie danced.

Twenty minutes later, I won another 20 dollars bill, making me fist pump in the air. “I earned it~,” I said, waving the bills in front of her face.

“Whatever. Let’s go watch a movie. What do you have?” she asks, grabbing my laptop and opening the movies folder. “ooh~ Need For Speed.”

“That’s an old movie,” I said, sitting beside her.

“Yeah but I haven’t watched it. I don’t go to movies anymore now that you moved away,” she said. I smiled and patted her head.

“Let’s just watch Furious 7. It’s so much better.” I told her.

“Okay.” She played the movie, and half the movie, I started to get tired and my eyes suddenly felt heavy.

I rested my head on Emmie’s shoulder. She was so into the movie, commenting on the fancy cars and especially Paul Walker.

“Woah what is that red supercar?” she asks.

“The Lykan Hypersport” I mumbled, almost half asleep. “Limited of only 7 examples made by the first Arab supercar company. The car itself can go up to 245 mph. The cool thing about it is that there’s diamond-encrusted into its led lights - 420 of them, totaling 15 carats, mounted on a titanium accent piece.”

“What the fuck? You car expert” she laughed and looked over at me. “Go to sleep Jessikins. Goodnight”

“Nighty night”


I was at the convenience store buying my usual midnight snack - chips and a soda drink. It was unhealthy but I loved it. I was staring at the chips section and was debating whether to get ketchup chips, Fritos, or Lays.

“Hmm...” I rubbed my chin while thinking. Ketchup chips were just plain ketchup flavor. Fritos was corn and Lays were potato chips.

“Ugh” I was about to reach for the last Fritos chips when a kid suddenly grabbed it.

“Hey!” The kid stopped and looked at me curiously. “Those are mine!” I said. The kid cocked his head sideways and said. “We can share”

“No those are mine. I was going to pick that”

“My mom said first comes first serve.” The kid said.

“Well, your mom is a bitch. She shouldn’t say that. That’s purely selfish. Now give it to me,” I demanded.

The kid pouted and walked towards me slowly while holding the Fritos chips. I smirked in victory but just as I was about to grab it, the kid went pass me and stick out his tongue.

“Slowpokes are losers.” The kid smirked and ran away.

“What the actual fuck?” I ran towards where the kid went and saw him zigzagging down the aisles.

“You little bitch. Ugh, this is why I hate kids” I ran after the short devil, feeling exhausted after I ran around the store plenty of times. Shortly after, I got him cornered up in the fridge.

“Give it to me” I glared at the devil. The curly boy looked around, searching for an escape. Just then his eyes twinkled as if he found a way to break free.

“Oh no, you ain’t escaping child. Give the chips to me first” I said stubbornly. The kid then looked at me and not a minute after, it started crying. The hell?

“M-mommy” It cried.

“Dude stop. Just give me the damn chips” I groaned.

Then after, I felt a sudden chill down my spine when I felt someone’s hands rested on my neck, holding tightly to it.

“Jackson, go to the cashier and give this. I’ll take care of this for a while” The kid nodded and took the five dollar bill from the person behind me.

“Shit” I mumbled. The person then kicked my knee behind, causing me to fall, but the person caught me and grabbed me by my collar. The familiar hazel eyes looked at me in anger. But she managed to smirk while I struggled to let out her name.


“Oh yeah, I invited someone important too!”

“Is it the son of the neighbor whom you always talk about?” It was too obvious. She may have a crush on him. Maybe.

“Nope. Some friend I made when I first came” Emmie then turned to face me while I gave her a questioning look and then smiled.

“It’s Sabrina.”

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