Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 42


“Nicole I’m choking” I gripped her hand and tried prying it away but she simply added more pressure, making me gasp in pain.

In a flash, she had pinned me against the cold glass and hissed “Don’t ever go near Jackson.”

“Heh?” I raised an eyebrow at her. She then shook her head and said “I’m serious”

“Oh hi, kiddo” I attempted to wave while getting choked.


Nicole suddenly let’s go and glared at me before bending down to check if her... Jackson was okay.

“Mom here’s the change.” The kid gave the coins to Nicole and then smiled. Then he looked at me and asked, “Mom do you know her?”

“Yeah,” I said

“No” she countered.

“Huh?” The kid looked at Nicole and me, unsure who was telling the truth.

“Dude I’m the one who talked to you on the phone,” I said chuckling. Nicole then swiftly nudged me on my ribs behind hard, where Jackson wouldn’t notice much.

I coughed and bit my lip. “Fuck”

Nicole turned and pinched me on my legs. “Stop cursing in front of..”

“FUC-” she pinched me harder on the leg this time. “Fucklacious”

The kid simply looked at me curiously while Nicole slapped my arms.

“What?! It’s a word. Dude it literally is the same as delicious except this time you’re using the word fu-” I stopped when Nicole turned around and started walking away.

“Let’s go, Jackson. That girl is crazy. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about”

Jackson nodded agreeing with her mom.

“Are you serious? You can’t leave me here. Hey, my chips!” I yelled. I followed after them, walking close behind. I was gonna play follow the leader for a while. Not because it was funny, but surely because I wanted to know where they’re currently staying. Nicole was my responsibility since he died. I can’t possibly turn my back on them now. Even though the little devil was annoying as fuck, I’d have to deal with it.

Nicole turned and gave me a death glare plenty of times and murmuring ‘Go away’. Even Jackson turned to look at me. But the kid simply giggled at Nicole’s fuming face. When Nicole wasn’t looking but Jackson was, I’d make funny faces and copy Nicole being angry, which made Jackson giggle loudly. After a few blocks, they stopped.

“What do you think you’re doing, dumbass?” Nicole turned and walked over, meters away from Jackson so he wouldn’t hear.

“Woah! I’m simply walking home” I said innocently. “Besides it’s not like you don’t know me”

I smirked which caused Nicole to grit her teeth. I could tell that she was seriously frustrated by my actions and wanted to beat me to death already. But noticing how her kid is around, she can’t do anything about it. And I was going to take full advantage of that.

Nicole gave me a little push before walking back to Jackson. I jogged next to Jackson and then started a conversation, not minding lucifer next to him.

“Yo kid.”

“Hello,” he waved. “You’re mommy’s friend.”

“Well...” I looked at Nicole who was scowling already. “Of course. Your mom and I are great friends! Say, boy, you want to eat? Chips are bad for you. They’re junk food”

“But...” The little boy looked at the chips and then frowned.

“Says the one who was buying it earlier” I heard Nicole mumbled.

“I’ll feed you lots at my house,” I told Jackson. He smiled brightly and then tugged on Nicole’s shirt.

“Mommy can I go?” he asked. Nicole immediately said no, turning her face the other way. She then hiccuped, making me laugh silently.

“I have lots of chocolate” I whispered.

“Mom” It whined. He then surprised me by wrapping his little yucky chip stained hands around my waist. “I wanna go.”

“Jackson do not go near that girl” Nicole warned and then pulled her son back.

“Mommy, what’s your friend’s name?”

“Behold” I pointed to myself. “The amazing cool, Sarah Wilson!” I proudly introduced my hands on my hips. Jackson laughed at my silliness. “Not funny kid”

“Mommy, can I go to Aunt Sarah’s place?” Jackson asked.

My eyes widen on what I heard. “A-aunt? I’m too young to be called aunt. Change it you fool” I told the little kid.



“Aunt Sarah!”

“That’s the same thing!” I stated, almost whining like him earlier.

“Old hag” he mumbled, then snickered quietly.

“You bit-” Suddenly I felt someone kicked me in my knees making me fall and grunt. “Yeow...Ouch”

I turned to see Nicole, whose foot was painfully crushing my legs while her expression held the ‘pissed-off’ face.′

“Get off” I groaned. She smirked, putting me more pressure on my legs as I yelp in pain.

“I’ll stomp you into mush before you could say anything else.”

“Woah Aunt Sarah is surely strong. When mama drinks those bottles, Uncle Tanner would run away all of a sudden.” Jackson watched in amusement.

“Ouch. What do you mean? What bottle?” I asked the kid who was then distracted by a stray cat walking nearby.

“Hm...I’m not sure but momma gets weird after she drinks it. Now that I remember, she finished one bottle inside the store”.

Oh crap. Was it alcohol or something else.

Nicole raised her eyebrow, her face flushed and eyes glassy. “What? I can’t hear your pathetic whimpering. Now come on. Don’t be afraid. Let it all out”

Then she laughed. Evilly might I say? Yikes! What a sadist.

“H-hey... What the hell are you doing?”

She then smirked.

Who knew I’d end up carrying Nicole behind me? Groaning in my head, I continued to walk while holding Jackson’s hand.

“Aunt Sarah, can I get a piggy ride too?” He pleads.

“No” I answered sternly. No way was I going to carry 2 people at the same time. He pouted and then looked down, making me guilty all of a sudden but I paid no attention.

Jackson continued to sulk until I walked them back to my apartment. It was great to have privacy again. I couldn’t stand staying at Sabrina’s house. It was too weird and I felt uncomfortable.

“We’re here. You’ll sleep for tonight.” I said. Jackson nodded and followed me until we got to my floor.

“Can you fish my keys in my pocket? I can’t get it cause I’m holding your mom.” Which was very awkward. It was the second time I held her butt.

I yelp when a sudden hand held my butt. “Where the hell are your hands going you Satan?”

“But you told me to get the keys. I felt them in your back pockets” He answered innocently.

“Ugh. Give it then.” I was insanely annoyed by now and just wanted to sleep. When we got inside, I first walked to the room and laid Nicole now by the bed. After I instructed Jackson to go sleep beside her right away. It was nearly midnight and kids are supposedly going to bed early.

But no.

“Aunt Sarah, can I watch TV with you?” He asked, peeking from the door frame by the darkness.

“No, go to sleep. Right now”

He bit his cheeks and said “Boo. You’re like my mom. No fun.”



I then glared at him. “Jackson”


“I swear to god....” I was about to stand up when he just stuck his tongue out and giggled when I attempted to throw a pillow from the sofa at his face, but instead missed. Kids were such a pain.


11:30 PM

I watched the clock as the hands slowly made ticking sounds while it moved. It was dark in my room but I was still awake, reading from my phone. At times like this, where I’m unable to have a physical book to read, I rely on my gadgets. Truthfully, it was a pain. Though reading is supposedly ‘easier’ from a gadget, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. My fingers ache for pages to turn. Instead, I had to scroll. The unfamiliar touch of the screen was not pleasant for me.

“Guuuuh” I turned the screen off, then glanced at my nearby clock.

11:48 PM

I yawned then moved to the bed to search for a comfortable position. I hated how my legs would hurt when it wasn’t active for long. Emmie was fast asleep. I turned to face her - she hugged my human size hot dog pillow while shamelessly drooling on it. Eck, guess she can take that back to Ontario too.

After unintentionally creeping or should I say watching Emmie sleep, I got up and then stretched.

11:57 PM

It came faster than I thought. Standing up, I walked over to the closet and opened it. Grabbing the items I needed, I lazily walked back to the bed and got prepared.

11:59 PM. And the minute countdown started.

I grinned, already confetti popper by my hands.

I counted inside my hand, wanting to jump already on Emmie

And when the clock struck midnight.

“EMMIIILYYY...AAAAAA” Then popped the confetti.

Emmie bolted up right away, looking at her surroundings in panic while saying “It’s time...It’s time.”

“Eh? What are you talking about? It’s your birthday” I said

“Jessica... I heard it. The wolves.” Emmie then hugged her knees close.

“The hell? You watch too many werewolves, Emmie. Wake up” I said then gently tapped her face plenty of times

“Oh. ” She then looked down after coming into her sense, and finally let out a dry laugh.

“Happy Birthday!” I smiled.

“Jessica I can see your boobs. Bottom-up your first 3 buttons” Emmie said yawning.

“Wah!” Turning around, I held close on my shirt while blushing.

Emmie smirked and then hugged me out of the blue “Haa~~ my cute lil bestie.” She then patted my head and then gasped.

“Jessica. No way...is that...” Her eyes widened when I brought her the first three volumes of her favorite visual novel.

“Ermagawdd” She took it from me and inspected each book. I was glad that she really liked my present.

“Aww your note. Jessica! How cute”

“Shut up.”

“C’mere you punk” Before I could reply, she already pulled me into a tight hug. We both laughed, while she patted my head as if I was a child. “Thank you Jessikins!”

“Yeah yeah”

After she pulled back, she glared at me. “How dare you wake me up from my sleep though?”

“Well, it’s your birthday. It’s a reasonable reason” I said.

“Usually I’d murder someone who wakes me up but today is an exception so...and I can’t believe you woke me up at midnight just for this,” she said, shaking her head.

I let out an exaggerated gasp “Are you saying my gift was not important?”

“W-well... No..but”

That hit her.

“Are you saying the day when you were born was not important?”

“Like I said no but...”

I played the innocent child and moved away a bit as if hurt by her own words.

“A-are..you saying that...I waited for nothing?”

“Jessica no. I meant. I’m sorry. Ha...ha...You know I love you”


“Oh my god. You’re pouting. Such power can melt my heart and make me shed a few tears. Forgive me” Emmie said pointing to my face.

Then I heard her mumbling “Must find a camera”

I watch as she moves around the bed while trying to find her phone. Then after she found it, she snapped a picture of me.

“The hell are you doing?” I asked her as she began typing furiously on her phone.

“Nothing. Just saving this picture in my gallery and on my dropbox. Gotta save it to my Google drive and hard drive as well. Then I’ll have it developed and stash it in my collection of Jessica pics back home in Ontario.” she said biting her nails.

“What the hell? You have photos of me?!” I asked, almost yelling. I attempted to grab her phone but she wouldn’t let go.

“Shit. My secret is out. I’m so sorry!”

“Why the hell would you even do that?” I kicked her leg and tried wrestling her on the bed.

“Pictures are memories.”

“Yeah, but saving it in many places is creepy. Delete them!”



Just as I was so close to reaching it, the door to our room flew open, revealing a tired looking Kristina.

“Shut up you two”

“Okay,” Emmie says. I just apologized and watched Kristina stumbling in the dark hallway. She didn’t even close the door.

“By the way, who did you invite to your birthday party?” I asked Emmie. We have finally calmed down, and now just looking up at the ceiling.


“Huh? Everyone?”


“Who’s everyone?”

“Hmm...let’s see your group, Leylah, some of the cheerleaders like Angela, the twins, Carly, uh...and Sarah.” Emmie said.

“Oh. Okay. That’s a lot”

“Sorry I’m friendlier than you” she joked. I just slapped her on the arms while she laughed.

“Oh yeah, I invited someone important too!”

“Is it the son of the neighbor whom you always talk about?” It was too obvious. She may have a crush on him. Maybe.

“Nope. Some friend I made when I first came” Emmie then turned to face me while I gave her a questioning look and then smiled.

“It’s Sabrina”

Today was Emmie’s birthday but somehow the day looked like as if it was just another regular day. It was 10 AM when I woke up. I expected Emmie to be awake already but no, she was still sleeping. I figured I’d wake her up since it was her birthday and that she needed to do something fun. This was her last week after all. When winter break ends, she’d be flying back home to Ontario.

“Emmie wake up” I shook her arms but instead she slapped it away and told me to go away.


“I’m sleepy. Shoo”

Thank god I knew her weakness. I got up and walked towards the window. After stretching for a few, I opened the curtain causing the light to hit her in the face. She immediately pulled up her covers and started complaining.

“My eyes... My eyes. Close the curtains, Jessica!”

“No. Get up already. We’re going to go shopping for some souvenirs so you have something to bring home.” I told her.

An evil plan came into my mind when I walked by the end of the bed and pulled her feet, causing half of her body to fall of the ground.

“Ouch.” She whimpered in pain while scratching her bum. “That hurt”

“Go shower. I’m just gonna tell Dennis that we’re going to go out. Plus we need to hang out alone once in awhile” I said, now rummaging through my dresser to find some decent clothes.

I heard her gasp. “I can’t believe you just said that. Not once in my life have I heard you invite me out. Especially alone. ”

“Shut up. It’s your birthday after all” I mumbled.

“Operation shopping with Jessica alone start. ” she raised her fist and them jogged to the bathroom. What a weirdo.

After cleaning up the bed and cleaning the room, I heard Emmie call for me. “Jessica! Can you get me a towel? I forgot”

“Eh? Again? You always forget to bring one” I sighed and then grabbed a towel.

“The door is open by the way.” I walked into the bathroom, not minding her showering in the middle of the process. You see I’m completely ok and comfortable knowing it was Emmie. Such topics aren’t as hard to talk about it, unlike others. And Em is like my sister.

“Hurry up, I need to shower too,” I said, then poured an alcohol-free mouthwash in my cup.

While I was brushing, the glass doors that was in between Emmie and I opened up. In instinct, I closed my eyes and yelled at her.

“Yo wanna bath with me instead,” she asked.

“The hell are you doing?”

“Uh showering?”

“I know but ugh. I don’t wanna see you naked. Ew go back in there”

“You saw me naked before though” she reasoned.

“That was years ago and we were kids! It’s different now” I groaned and then tried pushing her back while my eyes closed.

“What’s different now?” she asked. “Oh! You don’t wanna anyone to see your grown body Jessica. How innocent” she smirked.

And she so reminded me of someone causing me to blush. Instead of answering, which will probably result in her teasing me more, I just slammed the glass doors, earning a whine from her.

“I’m tired,” I whined. “Emmie let’s take a break”

“Huh? But it was your idea to go shopping. It hasn’t been an hour and you’re tired already”

“Well I have low stamina so I’m sorry” I complained.

“Then better start exercising and getting your stamina to increase. You’ll need it in the future” she said.

“Huh? That doesn’t make any sense. And for what reason do we need stamina for? It’s not like I plan on becoming an Olympian.”

We walked into random shops. The mall was awfully crowded because it was a weekend and Christmas was soon. There was a lot of Christmas related items and it was hard to look for something to buy. I only had an amount of money I planned to spend but not even an hour later, it already went past it when Emmie made me buy a graphics tablet. There goes my money down the drain.

“Stamina is very important for us. You should know the reason why it’s important. Now, where is my smart best friend who’s known for being a book lover?”

I groaned.

“Now explain why stamina is important. Oh, wait hold on” she grabbed her phone from her purse and then opened the screen. “Goog- I mean...Jessica, why is stamina important?”

She laughed while I groaned. “I’m not Siri or Google and it’s not funny. Stamina is only important especially to those people who are involved in sports. It refers to the physical or mental ability to remain active for long periods of time.”

“Uh-huh. Very true” she agreed. We walked into a random store that caught her attention and then roams around the area.

“Finally a chair!” I ran and sat into it. I wanted to lay down but there were customers and I was too embarrassed to do it.

“Woah cute stuff they have here.“I heard Emmie say.

“Yeah yeah. Go walk around”

She nodded and went the opposite way. I was thinking of looking around too but I was too tired to function. Just then one of the doors in the dressing room opened up, causing me to widen my eyes and my jaw almost hanging down the ground. It was no other else than an old friend.



“Eberhardt?” I asked.


“Gabby” I quickly hugged him not caring whether I was tired or not. Gabriel was an old friend of Emmie and I. He hugged me back. Just then, I heard Emmie gasp from behind.

“How dare you...”

Emmie and Gabby were always rivals but I loved both of them.

“Emilia.” he smirked.

“Don’t go near my Jesse. Who knows where your filthy hands are going?” Emmie held me protectively from Gabby. Then I felt this familiar tension between them causing me to giggle. The two looked at me weirdly but in the end they up laughing with me.

“Anyway what are you doing in Colorado? You moved to Germany a long time ago.”

“Why is it bad to see my old friends?”

“Nope. We miss you. But it was cool running to you again” I said.

“Ah nice kid as ever. No wonder I had a crush on you before” he said causing Emmie to spill out the water she was drinking.


“Don’t worry. I’m out on a date.” he winked.


“Well, we just met this morning. It’s not like it’s serious. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be ditching me later on. Isn’t it nice? If she’s a player then that’s hilarious cause she’s tryna seduce another player” Gabby smiled. Yikes, I never knew he was one.

“How cruel. I wonder who’ll ditch who first. But I bet she already ditched you.” Emmie laughed.

“Actually no, she went to get drinks for us. Oh wait there she is.” He waved to someone. Someone to familiar. Someone almost everyone knew.

“Hey Sabrina. Meet my friends”

Sabrina was shock.

Emmie was twice.

I wasn’t. But two things were proven.

One, Sabrina was really a player.

Two, I’m mad, confused, but in the end - it was always Sabrina that brings these emotions to my heart.

Pulling Emmie’s hands with me, I ran out of the door, ignoring why I was feeling angry all of a sudden.

“You guys wanna join in the pool instead?” Sabrina asked smiling.

Sarah shrugged, not quietly interested, as her eyes fall upon Jackson the whole time.

“Jessica?” Sabrina asked hopefully.


“I think she could use some swimming lesson from a pro like you Sab” Emmie said, winking at Jessica’s direction.

“Huh? Wait-”

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