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Chapter 43

It was Emmie’s birthday party but Jessica was too scared to come out of her room. Just hours ago, her best friend, the birthday girl came knocking on their room, attempting to pull her away from her books. Right after Emmie succeeded, she had herself and Jessica play dress up like a Barbie doll.

“So which one should I wear. The blue or red one?” Emmie twirled herself around in front of the mirror while checking which dress would suit the occasion much better.

Jessica, who paid no attention, just slightly nodded, clearly not hearing what Emmie had just asked.

Her best friend then sighed and approached Jessica who was wrapped in her blanket like a burrito while eating carrot sticks and playing an MMO on her laptop. Unlike Emmie’s attire, Jessica just wore a plain white t-shirt and a cute unicorn pajama which truly belonged to Emmie’s.

“Hello?~ Am I not talking to you?” Emmie then stomped herself towards Jessica and blocked the TV.

“What are you doing?! I’m almost first. Move!” Jessica shooed and pushed Emmie away. But of course, Emmie fought her into it. In the end, Emmie succeeded in turning off her PlayStation while she watched Jessica sulk under her blanket of comfort.

“Please. Let me play” Jessica almost begged. Her newly bought video game was addicting and she couldn’t get her hands off of it.

“Tell me which one is better though. Blue or red?” Emmie asked again, this time showing the dresses in front of Jessica. Her best friend cringed at the sight. Jessica thought that both dresses were equally nice and that it wouldn’t matter which one she would wear. But knowing Emmie, she decided to pick the blue over the red. The only reason was that it would cover more of Emmie’s skin. It was a party after all. She was sure there will be a bit of alcohol too.

Emmie decided to go with the blue one as well. She thought to have her best friend decide for her was the best. After all, Jessica was great at making decisions.

Soon visitors started coming, and Jessica kept herself locked in her bedroom. Emmie was already strolling around, greeting visitors. Nathan kept the small crowd busy while Emmie went to fetch Kristina and Jessica.

“Looking fabulous as always?” Emmie smirked as she welcomed herself inside Kristina’s room. The brown haired girl smiled and then went to greet Emmie with a hug.

“Happy Birthday~~” she squealed. The two embraced each other in full of joy when all of a sudden they heard the door open once again. Kristina let go and peeked aside to see who it was.

“Am I interrupting?” Angela asked looking at the both of them.

“Oh no.” Emmie smiled.

“Hey” Kristina went to greet Angela hug as well but it seemed her friend was a little off since she didn’t felt Angela hug her back as tight as usual.

“Not to be rude, but who is she?” Angela asked when she pulled away. Emmie swayed a bit, feeling awkward all of a sudden.

“She’s Emmie! The one I talked to you about. She’s the birthday girl you know!” Kristina happily introduced. She then pulled Angela towards Emmie.

“Emmie. Angela.” Kristina then looked at Emmie. “Emmie, this is Angela”

Angela didn’t look quite pleased to meet Emmie but she did try to look friendly. After all, she did felt quite jealous after seeing both of them together. It appeared that the two have been hanging out more than she should’ve with Kristina.

Emmie smirked after realizing it. “She truly looked like an angel just as you said, Kris”

Kristina sends her glare then sneakily nudged her on the sides. “Shut up.”

Angela looked between the two confusedly.

“Well then.” Emmie clicked her tongue. “I’ll see you downstairs. I still need to get Sica and greet my visitors. Bye bye~”

She winked and did a little wave with her hand before exiting the room. Kristina smiled as Emmie left but then receive a death glare from Angela. She just shrugged in response, unsure why Angela was acting like that.

Later after Emmie said hello to the group, she went back to Jessica’s room where she found her best friend busily playing again. The bookworm had crawled out of her cocoon blanket to play instead. Emmie silently tiptoed across the room.


Jessica jumped in fright and unknowingly threw the controller, which hit Emmie’s forehead.

“Fuck! That hurt!”

“Em! What the hell” Jessica glared at her best friend, who was now rubbing her forehead. “Give me my controller back”

“What? No, sorry?” Jessica just stared at her blankly. Emmie then grabbed the controller and kept it.

“No more games for you” Emmie threatened.


“Yes? Wait. I can’t hear anything.” Jessica slapped her on the arms and attempted to steal the controller back but Emmie was too quick.

“Emmie! I need to finish my game?”

Her best friend laughed out loud before saying “No game no life?”

“Shut up. I have my books too you know”

“Tsk. Stop sulking and get changed. Your lover is coming soon” Em teased. Jessica confusedly looks at Emmie.

‘What lover?’ she thought. ‘Psh’

“Oh, my bad. I meant your lovers. And don’t give me that look.” Emmie said and then laughed when Jessica denied and looked away to hide her blushing face. She then walked towards Jessica’s closet and took out some of Jessica’s clothes that were hung. Most contained oversize t-shirts or sweaters.

“What in the world is your fashion?” Emmie laid the clothes on the floor and examined them one by one.

Jessica stood up and then hurried to choose whatever clothes she had on the floor that would look appropriate for the occasion. Emmie watched as Jessie took her white t-shirt, that revealed a black lace...

“Oh my god!” Emmie shouted. Jessica ignored her and then quickly changed into a red baseball jersey t-shirt.

“Explain that thing you’re wearing under your shirt”

“Shut up.”

“Why are you wearing such thing?!”

“Caelie gave it to me last month. I haven’t worn it so I tried it.” Jessica said. Emmie was still looking at her in shock. Her best friend was innocent, right? Why is she wearing a lacy black bra then?!

Jessica glared at her best friend. “What? Just cause you think I’m a child, you expect me to wear baby bra’s?”

Emmie burst out laughing. “Oh my god. You’re hilarious. You’re seriously wearing something like that?”

“It’s your party. I can wear whatever I want Em”

Emmie rolled her eyes in response. “Whatever. Let’s go. Everyone is almost here”

The party started an hour after. The house was filled with teenagers. Jessica’s parents stayed for half an hour before they went out to go work. The whole time Jessica stood by Emmie, like a loyal dog next to its owner (in reality, Emmie is just her only shield from large crowds). It seemed as if Emmie knew more about the people in her school instead of her. So instead of her introducing Emmie, she was introduced. There were unfamiliar faces that also came from her school, and it was awkward for her to see them all.

After a while, Jessica separated herself from Emmie, seeing as she was busy being greeted. Many said there ’Happy Birthday’s. Soon after, she found Leylah who was engaged in a conversation with Carly. Carly noticed Jessica and called her to join in the conversation.

“Hey Jessica”

Jessica waved and approached them. “Hi guys”

“Your house is really big” Leylah commented. She looked around to see a bunch of paintings and then said, “These paintings are magnificent.”

Jessica chuckled and nodded. “Caelie painted them. She’s truly talented.”

“Wow really? Damn” Carly gasped as she took interest on one of the drawings that were plastered on the wall. “What about this one?”

“Oh. My dad made that” she said.

“Your dad draws?” Carly asked.


“Do you draw?”

Jessica shyly nods, and then added, “I’m not as talented as them though.”

“Oh, I’m sure you are,” Leylah said. The three conversed more, jumping from topic to topic and getting to know more about each other. While they were busy talking to each other, the birthday girl presents herself in front of them.

“Hey, Carls and Leylah!” Emmie approached them and gave each a kiss on the cheek.

“Happy birthday again~” Carly sang.

“So what are you guys up to?” Em asked, holding a can of Coke in her hands.

Leylah smiled and then rested her arm on Jessica’s neck. “Just teasing my best friend.”

Emmie was taken back but composed herself quickly. Jessica quickly noticed this. She then unwrapped Leylah’s arm and laughed a bit. She knew Emmie was too sensitive when it comes to the ‘best friend’ thing.

“Just what are you teasing Sica about?” Em asked. Oh, Jessica heard it. Emmie just used her nickname.

“I was telling Carly about Jesse and I’s childhood together. “Leylah happily said. “Jesse was so different from before. She changed so much.”

“Oh yeah. Sica was a meanie before but now she’s all shy and cutesy, eh?”

“True! Was Jesse still cold as before? She was secretly nice back then.”

‘Hah~ Only if you knew Leylah.’ Jessica thought. The two went on and on until everyone was called by Kristina for the cutting of the cake. Everyone has gathered around in a circle. Nathan placed a newspaper hat on top of Emmie’s heard in which everyone laughed out. Shortly after everyone was gathered, the doorbell rang. Emmie was the first to get it.

“Come in!”

Everyone’s eyes were on Sarah, who was dressed in her usual black leather attire. She held a guitar while holding onto a child’s hands. Almost everyone looked at her weirdly, as if she got the wrong house.

“Sarah!” Emmie hugged Sarah and then bent down to face the little boy. “Ah you’re so cute” She pinched the boy’s cheeks and kept saying he was cute.

“Come in. Oh and Sarah you’re just on time”

“Oh...” Sarah caught Jessica’s stare. She simply smiled before sending a wink at her direction. Jessica hid behind Leylah, completely feeling embarrassed. Sarah kept hold of the boy’s hand. Everyone was confused as to why she brought a kid to a party. Soon, Sarah found her spot right next to Emmie. Emmie took the boy into her lap.

“Right. Sarah is doing the singing of the happy birthday song” Kristina announced. People clapped and cheered. Sarah smiled and then got her guitar out and started singing. Everyone started singing along.

Happy Birthday Emily Happy Birthday Emily~

After the song ended, confetti were popped and Emmie was the first to start slicing the cake. She then called for Jessica.

“Guys this is Jessica, my best friend, my girl. She’s like my cute lil sister. I’m calling her out cause she deserves the second slice of the cake, after me of course.”

Jessica blushed when Emmie handed her the cake. But what Emmie didn’t expect was when Jessica grabbed the slice of cake in her hands and smashed it into Emmie’s face. Everyone grew silent. Then after, the whole group erupted into a loud laughter. Emmie was too shocked at least, and a minute after, a cake fight was started.

Sarah laughed along. Even Jackson was having too much fun. But of course, she stuck to babysitting him. She had to stop Jackson from picking up the cake from the floor and eating them. Her mother would surely rage if she ever heard that her son was eating cakes from dirty floors. Sarah wanted to approach Jessica and have fun too but Jackson was her responsibility. Nicole was still knocked out in her apartment. She wanted to come so much to the party to see Jessica but she didn’t expect to have Jackson as her responsibility. After all, she just can’t leave a child unattended. Now, she was just like a person sitting on the sidelines, watching people have fun.

‘Number 3 reason why to hate kids - responsibility’, she thought.

“Aunt Sarah! Can we go to the pool there? Look there are people swimming! I wanna swim too” Jackson kept tugging Sarah’s hands that she got too annoyed quickly.

“No. This is not our house” Sarah told Jackson. Right away, the little boy pouted and kept asking Sarah if he could play in the pool.



“Please!” Jackson whined but Sarah took her ‘no’ seriously. The boy whimpered and crossed his arms, being a stubborn child.

“I can watch him over for you if you want,” a voice said behind. Sarah turned to see Jessica approaching, who was already covered in cake.

Jackson cheered happily and went to hug Jessica tightly. “Can we? Can we?” he asked.

Sarah looked at Jessica and Jackson. The boy immediately like Jessica and she was quite jealous of the attention Jessica gave him. She was now tryna clean Jackson up by fixing his hair and straightening out his clothes.

“Fine but I’ll go with you,” Sarah said finally. The two stood up and held Jackson’s hands as they went out to go the outdoor pool. There were some people swimming, but not a lot. Carly and Leylah were there too, chilling by the side while talking to some people.

Jackson hurried to get in, being followed by the two girls. Sarah watched Jackson like a hawk, just in case something happens to him. Thank god she brought some. Nicole always brings extra clothes whenever she and Jackson go out. She says “he always sweats”. For once, Sarah felt relief for that.

Jessica played with Jackson along the side, but she didn’t bother going into the pool. The reason? She can’t swim. No one knew except Emmie. She thinks it’s embarrassing not to be able to swim. Even Jackson can swim!

“Say, who is Jackson by the way?” Jessica asked. She was curious as well.

“My son.” Sarah blankly replied. Jessica widened her eyes after hearing it. But Sarah just laughed and shook her head.

“I’m kidding. Just some boy I picked up in the street”

“That’s not nice.”

“Kidding sheesh.”

From afar, Jessica and Sarah all of a sudden heard someone calling Jessica’s name. Emmie came into view waving, but also another person was behind her. Sabrina walked as gracefully as ever, catching the most attention of the people outside with her swimsuit. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun, similar to Jessica’s. And what Jessica made sweat, even more, was when Sabrina looked at her and smiled brightly. She felt her thump at a familiar rhythm and quickening speed. And when they got in front of them, she noticed that Emmie was to wearing a swimsuit.

“You guys wanna join in the pool instead?” Sabrina asked smiling.

Sarah shrugged, not quietly interested, as her eyes fall upon Jackson the whole time.

“Jessica?” Sabrina asked hopefully.


“I think she could use some swimming lesson from a pro like you Sab” Emmie said, winking at Jessica’s direction.

“Huh? Wait-”

“Don’t worry Sica. Sabrina is a swimmer. She participates in the competition. She’s a real gold I tell ya”

“You don’t have to say it like that Emily” Sabrina laughed.

She then reached out her arms towards Jessica. “What do you say, Jessikins?”

“Uh...I- um..” Jessica looked at Jackson and Sarah, then back to Sabrina.

“I’ll hang out with these two” Carly said approaching. “Leylah wants to join the pool anyway. I’ll join after”

“Great” Sabrina wasted no time to pull Jessica up.

“But first... We need to find you a swimsuit” Emmie said, now grinning as she follows her best friend being dragged on by the queen.

Just then, Sarah, who was now wearing a similar revealing swim suit approached us. “I’d like to compete. Plus Jackson here wants to get in the pool already”

“We cant play two on two with a kid you know” Sabrina stated.

“Oh no. I didn’t know you’d think of him as my partner. Carly will be with me”

Sabrina stood up. “She’s here?”

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