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Chapter 45

The two girls hurried to Jessica. But it was Sabrina who had first scooped up Jessica by her arms. Surprisingly, she was light. Almost as if she were carrying a child.


Sarah had told Carly to call Kristina and Emmie.

She then crouched down to check on Jessica.

After glancing a for a second or two at Sabrina who looked more panic, she then told her to move aside.

“I’m going to do CPR on her” she calmly says. Sabrina then snapped in her direction and glared.

“I’ll do it. It was my fault”

“Just move. Please!” Sarah almost said irritably.

Jessica was unconscious and there was no point fighting around the bushes.

“Fuck it you two!” Emmie yelled, already red and angry. She brushed past the two and told them to move. Her best friend was unconscious and here they are bickering like little kids.

“She isn’t breathing. One of you be on hold to call for an emergency, ” she said staring at both of them. She then quickly got on and placed her mouth on Jessica’s. A quick 5 rescue breaths since she knew Jessica needed the oxygen.

Then after she checked for her pulse. This is what she hated. It was hard to check if there was one. But either way, she had already started on her chest compression. Two more rescue breaths and another set of chest compression. She went on for this, 2:30:2:30. After a while, Jessica had moved. And almost pushed Emmie when she tried for another rescue breath.

“Oh my god. Jesse!” Emmie said almost happily when Jessica opened her eyes. She sensed that Jessica was about to get up so she went over to her side and helped her out. Sabrina was about to help out when Nathaniel came running to Jessica’s other side.

“Shit. You scared me.” he said, while holding over his chest.

“I feel drained. My feet hurt” Jessica complained.

“Did you lose balance or something?”

“Something like that”. Jessica quickly glanced over the two, Sarah and Sabrina. She wanted to talk to them, but she felt her headache so she just continued to walk, without looking back anymore.

“How are you feeling?” Leylah asks, taking a seat next to Jessica. After hearing the ruckus earlier, she wanted to go help but then thought she’ll probably just be in the way.

She placed a cup of tea in front of Jessica who then smiled in return.

“Just tired. I feel like my energy has been drained up.” Jessica took a sip and quickly, she felt the warmness spread around her body. Green tea was her favorite.

Leylah chuckled. “Yeah, you were never a swimmer. Remember when we insisted going to the public pool near the park when we were kids?”

Jessica paused. She tried recalling but no memories were brought up to her. So she shook her head and told Leylah “Tell me about it”

“I knew there was something on why you didn’t want to go in even though it was only up until our chest. When one girl looked like she was drowning, you quickly told an adult. You looked terrified and scared. But in the end, that girl was just playing and you kinda bitched about her”

“What did I say?” Jesse asked, curious about her childhood memories.

“You said ‘Stop playing. I wish you'd drown for real now’” Leylah laughed after while Jessica looked down in embarrassment. She would no way in hell would say that to someone else.

“I can’t believe you said that,” Emmie says joining the conversation. She sat to the opposite, in front of Leylah and Jessica. Kristina came after but then frowned when there were no other seats.

“Ugh. This is why there should be four chairs in a roundtable” she grumbled.

Emmie chuckled and patted her lap. “Come sit on daddy’s lap” She then winked at Kristina who quickly gave a mortified look. Even Jessica was shocked to hear that from her. Emmie was just full of surprises every time. Emmie laughed at their horrified look.

“Okay chill. I’m joking. You’re no fun people” she sighed.

“What the hell was that about?” Leylah almost fell, laughing.

“I figured Kristina liked the kinky stuff. I mean she does read ero-”

“Okay stop.” Kris said, playfully punching Emmie’s shoulder. There was a tint of redness creeping up in her cheeks. It surely would be embarrassing for someone to hear that.

“Anyway, my dear best friend, how are you feeling?” Emmie yawned, then looked at Jesse.

“I’m... Fine” Jesse shrugged. Emmie then returned a knowing look.

“I’m great” Jesse replied sarcastically while rolling her eyes at her best friend.

Shortly after they continued on with a conversation, keeping them busy from thinking about the event that happened a while ago.

Sarah found herself approaching them, a frown planted on her face.

“Hey,” she said, sounding tired. The four looked up at her, but then greeted her back afterward.

“I’m sorry about earlier. It was really stupid.” Sarah fidgeted, then looked at Jessica in the eyes, before looking away. “I’m just... Sorry”

Jesse shook her head and then smiled. “It’s not your fault. I was stupid” Then she let out a chuckle to ease the mood. But still, somewhat, Emmie was still disappointed about them.

“Anyways, I also came to say that I’m leaving cause Nicole called sounding pissed,” she says, scratching the back of her head, then tucking her hands into her pockets.

Shortly after the incident, her phone rang in her pocket. It was an unknown caller. But right after she answered the phone, she was met with a string profanities coming from Nicole herself. Demanding that she return her son as soon as possible. When Sarah had hung up, she went to search for Jackson. The little guy was found sleeping on a sofa inside. She figured she’d tell Jessica and the others that they were about to leave before they disappear.

“Thank you for coming,” Emmie said afterward. She smiled and teased Sarah a bit when she waved her off.

“You’re so rude,” Jessica mumbled.

Emmie just stuck her tongue out then stood up to hug a sleepy Jackson.

“Morning you cutie patuttie~” she cooed. Jackson yawned then rested his head on Emmie’s arm. Emmie giggled in happiness then carried little Jackson. She has always adored little kids.

Emmie then handed Jackson to Sarah who then thanked her afterward. Jessica helped Sarah carry her things outside towards her car. And by things, they were actually leftover foods. Emmie insisted that Nicole have some.

Jessica quickly opened the side door for Sarah. Sarah thanked her and then made sure that Jackson was tucked safely into his seat.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

Jessica smiled. “No problem. I’m glad you came.”

Sarah stared. And Jessica got a little bit uncomfortable because of the silence.

“Um... ”

“Can I get a hug?” Sarah asked.

“A hug?”

She nodded.

“Er... Okay”

Both were too shy and didn’t know how to start. So Jessica opened her arms and Sarah chuckled but then hugged her. She felt Jessica’s embrace similar to Jackson’s little arms. And to feel her warmth on her body, she felt extremely happy. Even if it was only the time where their hearts could almost touch together by a simple embrace, Sarah truly cherished it.

“I’m sorry again” Sarah breathes out.

“It’s okay. I was clumsy” Jessica chuckled. She then unconsciously hugged Sarah tighter when a breeze of cold air came.

Sarah smiled. “Just let you know, I’ll make sure I’ll save next time.”

Those words surprised Jessica so much that she felt her heart flutter. There was actually someone for her.

“Thank you. Thank you very much”


My heart leaped in fear when I watched Jessica fall and come back up. My own body automatically reached for her. But I nearly had forgotten that Sabrina was there too. And I was furious when she had caught her. But my fear did not end when Jessica laid unconscious as Sabrina set her down carefully. She too was scared as I am. I watched Sabrina panicked, almost confused what to do. She didn’t know whether to call for help. And so she did what a usual person would do.

She shook Jessica’s body and kept telling her to wake up. She was stupid. Knowing that Jessica had fallen and drowned, she should’ve known what to do afterward.

I approached them quickly and told Sabrina to move. But she just glared and did not do anything.

I sighed. Time was running. “I’m going to do CPR on her”

“I’ll do it. It was my fault” she stubbornly said. What did she know?

“Just move. Please!”

She stared before moving aside. But it was too late for Emmie had already come. She cursed under her breathe and shoved Sabrina and I away, before she did a CPR on her. I was mad and furious because I was unable to help. Mostly because I bothered fighting over my cousin. It was so stupid that I quickly stepped away and watched Emmie as she saves her own best friend. I knew well why she was furious. What I had done was such a disappointing act. Of course, Sabrina had always been stupid.

I guess we were cousins after all.

When Jessica woke up, I sighed in relief. I wanted to talk to her. Ask her how she feels and to make sure she’s feeling okay. But I knew I had to stay away especially when Emmie had to give us the look. And so I had looked away without saying anything.

When they disappeared, I turned to look at my cousin. But I was surprised when I found her staring blankly at the pool, her head hung low as if the whole incident actually affected her.

I sighed and sat down next to her.

“Do you actually care?” I asked.

“It was my fault,” she says quietly. I looked to the side, wanting to see her, but she had shielded her face with her hair.

“Do you actually like her?” I asked again.

Then I heard her a sniffle.

“Are you... crying?”

“I’m so sorry” she chuckled.

“What?” I was confused.

“It’s... I just remembered Maddison.” I asked, now concerned. Sabrina wouldn’t cry. I never once saw her. The last time I saw her cry was when I felt for London. We were real buddies and to see her cry, was like seeing a revolution.

“Who’s Maddison?” I had never heard of the name.

“She’s someone special?” I ask.

Sabrina wiped her tears and used the water from the pool to wash her face.

“Okay ew. Why the hell do you that? Who knows if someone peed their earlier?", I said disgustedly.

She just rolled her eyes at me.

“So who is she?”

Sabrina stood up. “Someone special”. Then she left, leaving me all confused.

Who was Maddison? The name was really familiar but I couldn’t recall who the girl was. I went through the names of Sabrina’s exes and the list of girls whom she had played with. There was no Maddison. The only closest name to that was Maddy, which she only dated for twp weeks.

I then saw my sweater across the pool lit up and figured that someone was calling on my phone. I rushed to get it and quickly answered.


“Sarah where the fuck are you? Where is Jackson? Oh my god.. I swear”, Nicole started to rumble nonsense.

“Damn woman. Chill your tits. Jackson is with me.”

“Where are you?!” she asked, yelling over the phone. I had to roll my eyes and keep my phone at least a ruler away from my ear.

“We’re at Jessica’s house. Don’t worry we’re gonna go home”

“Right now!”

“Okay okay. Sheesh. Chill. Are you on your bloody period?”

Instead of answering, she just hung up.

I found Jessica, along with Leylah, Emmie, and her sister Kristina inside talking. I was happy to know that she was okay now but I still felt angry at my own self. Emmie stopped talking once she saw me.


That caught their attention. “I’m sorry about earlier. It was really stupid.”

I tried not to sound nervous but I had probably been too obvious when I fidgeted.

“I’m just... Sorry”

I was happy. So happy. I was on the way back to the apartment and I felt too giddy when Jessica had embraced me. When we arrived, I carefully carried Jackson, making sure that he would not wake up then locked the car doors afterward.

I was humming a song while walking up the stairs when I heard a door slam open.


Nicole held a bottle with one hand then walked towards me. She was surely drunk. Where in the world did she find alcohol?

“My babies are finally here”

She smiled and then gave me a peck and then touched Jackson’s face.

“Woah when didn’t I tell you to chill your tits when we were on the phone?” I pointed towards her shirt, where her nipples looked like it was trying to escape from the fabric.

Nicole looked down and then mumbled “Perv”

“I’m not a pervert when I had already seen your tits. Now go back there cause fuck why are you even drunk?”

“I was lonely~” she clung to me when we got inside my apartment. I brushed her off, not minding when she fell into the sofa.

I made sure to tuck Jackson on the bed before dealing with another person. I felt like I’m a mother of two children. And surely, I did not like this new responsibility. But I knew well that I had to keep my promise.

I closed the door to my room quietly and found Nicole already sleeping on the floor. I carried her and also tucked her right next to Jackson. After, I got changed and lay down on the other side, before closing the light and putting a blanket on top of us.


The party was over. But that did not mean everything was done. We had cleaning up to do. The Francis’ number one rule on parties was to clean up right away. And that’s what we were doing at exactly 2 o’clock in the morning. I had a broom in my hand while Nat vacuumed the carpeted areas. There were still people left though. I assumed they’re here for a sleepover.

I sighed then felt a presence behind me all of a sudden. Turning around, I saw Sabrina holding a Windex glass cleaner and a cloth.

I laughed, crushing her to look at me.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing. I just never expected you to be cleaning.” I said.

“Emmie ordered me too.” she rolled her eyes.

“Why would she do that?” I asked.

“It’s because earlier- actually never mind.” she waved it off.


“Anyways how are you feeling?” she smiles.

“Er um..good? You?” I shrugged. I wasn’t sure if she was up for a how are you conversation at 2 in the morning.

“Good. Now that I’ve confirmed by you that you are feeling well”

I smiled. “Thanks”

“CHEAT” we heard someone shouted. We turned to see Emmie, Angela, and Kristina playing cards while drinking. Apparently, they were ‘I’m not cleaning shit’ group.

“Are you sure?” Kristina smirked, challenging. I knew she cheated because she was bluffing and you could see her hands almost shaking.

“Of course you did. Actually are!” Emmie corrected herself then wiggled her eyebrows, looking between Kristina and Angela. Angela didn’t seem to mind because she was too drunk to care who was winning or who was cheating.

“It’s not cheating if we’re not together” Kristina mumbled. Okay, now I was unsure if they’re talking about the game.

“What?” Angela asks.


“But still... You cheated. On the game” Emmie turned the card over and Kristina grunt. She collected the pile of cards.

“Bitch” Kristina says.

“Oooh I am, I know” Emmie proudly agreed.

Those two were idiots.

Sabrina laughed. “Those three are hilarious”

“Yeah reminds me of you too,” someone said. Carly removed the apron and then tossed it aside. “Way too familiar, aren’t I right Jessica?”


“Just kidding~ Anyway Imma go home cause I’m tired. See ya cuties tomorrow” she hugged me and then looked at Sabrina, before going to Emmie and hugging her as well.

After we cleaned up, Nat and his buddies slept in the basement. I was waking Sabrina off outside. It was cold and we were both shivering. I wondered why she only had brought a sweater when she knew the country’s weather better than me.

“Thanks for walking me here” She smiled, making me blush. She probably couldn’t tell cause the cold had already reddened my cheek earlier so it was unnoticeable.

“Thanks for coming too.”

“Hey umm... I’m sorry too. Sarah had probably apologized as well. But I’m gonna say my part.” she chuckled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m good.” I then took off my beanie and placed it on top of her head. “Don’t get sick”

She was surprised by my actions. “Oh. Um, yeah uh... Thank you.”

I chuckled and nodded.

“Alright. Peace out.” She winked, before going inside her car.

By the time I had gone back inside, I felt like my energy was purely drained out. And so I dragged myself to my room and found my best friend asleep half naked almost. I didn’t care, and so I jumped and snuggled to feel her warmth.

It was a good day. Happy birthday Emmie.

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