Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 47


“Sarah!” Jackson kicked me under the table and demanded, “Hand me the spaghetti!”

I looked up at my phone then to the small boy in front of me. I had just texted Jessica saying I was canceling our trip. Is he fucking serious?

“Are you shitting me?” Suddenly, I felt someone smack me on the back of my head.

“Language.” Nicole hissed.

Is she fucking serious?

“Are you really shi-” I was cut off by the demon.

“Language,” Jackson shouted.

“Oh my god. I am- You know what I’m so done.” I put my hands up in surrender and passed my plate to Jackson. He happily ate my leftovers, while Nicole takes my seat instead. These two were just too much.

I went to the couch and lazily lifted my feet up the table.

“Feet off.” I heard Nicole say.

“Excuse me?” I turned my head to look at her. “This is my house.”

“Aunt Sarah, you said this is an apartment.” Jackson corrected me with his smart mouth.

“Shut up Jack,” I said.

“I cleaned your dirty apartment while you and Jackson were gone out partying who knows where.” Nicole glared at me.

I was just not going to start my day with arguments. Ever since they started living in my apartment. And yes, it has become official. Well, I made it official myself since I wanted them safe, away from gangs and what so ever. Knowing Jackson, I just wanted them away from any possible danger.

“Okay, I’m sorry fine. You win!” I dismissed.

Putting on Mean Girls on Netflix, I mumbled to myself, “Women.”

I decided to ignore the two for a while, focusing on the show. Shortly after, I found myself laughing and making comments during the movie. The show was dumb but it was funny. I heard Nicole yelling at Jackson to get in the tub to shower but he wouldn’t. I was sure she was going to call for my help later on. It was funny how she used to refuse me the whole time, but now she was the one asking.

“Sarah!” she called.

“I’m watching,” I yelled over, opening a Lay chips and popping some to my mouth. I was not going to get up.

I am a lazy woman.

“Sarah!” she yelled again.

“Ugh,” I grumbled, finally getting up before she comes over and rants again. I walked into the bathroom and found Jackson crying already.

“I don’t want to get in the water!” He screamed at us.

“Don’t be a pussy,” I told him. Of course, I earned a smack from that.

“What?! I meant a cat. Sheesh. Get in boy.” I ordered. He shook his head stubbornly and crossed his arms.

“No need to be shy. I know you have a wing-wong down there.” I said.

Nicole glared at me. “Sarah! Oh my god shut your dirty mouth.”

I turned to look at her then winked. “Kiss me then.”

She pushed me, making me almost fall, then walked out of the bathroom making sure to slam the door. Jackson was also surprised.

“Is mommy mad?” he asked.

I chuckled. “Yeah cause you won’t get in the tub. Now come on.”

He looked at the door then to me, then back to the door again. “Is mommy coming back?”

“Not until you shower first.” I crouched down then said. “Lift your arms.”

He sighed then lifted his arms so I could remove his shirt and the rest of his clothing. I help him get in the tub then made sure to clean him through and through.

“Aunt Sarah.”

“Yes?” I squeezed the shampoo container, hoping there was still some.

“Do I get to sleep here again?” He asked looking at me.

“Close your eyes.” He did and I washed his head in the process. “Yes. You can sleep here anytime you want.”


“Mhm.” I nod.

“Can I decorate your room? I want lots and lots of those glow in the night stars on the ceiling.” He said excitingly.

“Yeah yeah.” I ruffled his hair then washed the shampoo off. “Just make sure to behave. And when you’re not a scaredy cat anymore, you can start sleeping in the other room.”

He pouted. “I want to.”

“Oooh, are you sure? You’re not afraid of ghosts?” I teased. I was finally done and was just drying him off with a towel.

“No. I’m a big boy.” Then he made a Superman pose, trying to make his chest bigger. I laughed and then wrapped himself in the towel.

“There’s going to be a ghost, then you’re going to cry and wish you can sleep back on my bed,” I said.

“No. I just don’t want to hear you and mom doing the nasty.” He said, walking out of the bathroom, his towel falling off.

Butt naked.

But Jesus.

How in the world did he even know?

“Kids these days.” I shook my head, laughing.


“Merry Christmas!” They all shouted, popping their own confetti and throwing cake to one another. It was exactly 12 on the 25th of December and we had decided to have our own mini party, along with Kat, Nat, and Emmie.

Hugging my own pillow, I sneakily slid my finger on the icing on the cake and ate it. “Yum”

“Ha! You cheater, you can’t have any you naughty kid.” Emmie knocked the pillow off, leaving me defenseless. She hugged me from behind and stole a small amount of icing like what I had done earlier. Only this time, she decided to play dirty and wiped the icing on the back of my neck.

Feeling the small shiver crawl up my spine, I pushed her off. “Emmie!... Jesus Christ.” I reached for a napkin and wiped the icing off while hearing them laughed at my expression. “So not funny.”

“Oooh. You just wished it was someone else who put that icing on you, Jesse.” Emmie winked.

“Okay bye. I don’t want to hear any of this.” Nat said, dismissing himself. I would too, love to leave the room, away from Emmie’s teasing. Unfortunately, I was in my room already. Kristina chuckles, sprinkling more cake onto the both of us.

“Oi! Stop wasting food.” Emmie playfully tried biting Kristina’s finger. I laughed at the both of them. But what Emmie did not expect was when I sliced a piece of cake and smashed it on her face.

To say shock was an understatement, Emmie and Kristina were truly surprised by my actions. I was too shocked by what I did. I guess that’s what happens when you caught yourself enjoying. It was pure silence before Kristina let out a hysterical laugh.

“Ha.... ha?” I faked laughed when Emmie turned to look at me. Her jaw hung open in surprise.


That was the cue to get away. I stood up from my spot and ran away from her. Kristina watched us in amusement. We were like little kids running around in circles playing tag. And to say that I was actually having fun. I missed the times spend together with Emmie when we used to be Junior high.

Jumping into the bed, I took a pillow, which was hers, and started hitting her when she came closer. Meanwhile, while she laughed, I used my foot to trip her, making her fall into the bed. Of course, along with the cake in her face.

Just when Emmie was about to pull my legs to make me fall, Caelie unexpectedly opens the door, catching all of our attention. “Girls go to sleep now. I know you’re all excited but it’s bedtime.”

“Bummer,” Emmie mumbled. I nudged her on the foot, making her say ‘Ouch’.

“Okay.. mo-” I closed my mouth. “Ma’am.” This time I felt Emmie nudged me on my knee.

“I mean, Caelie!” I corrected myself.

I heard Kristina snicker looking at Caelie. But Caelie simply smiled and called Kristina to go back to her room. Then suddenly, I was alone with Emmie once again.

“That was not cool. You rude mother fucker.” Emmie said once they left. “You say, mom. Okay? M-O-M.”

I rolled my eyes and sat beside her. “Okay mom” I mimicked her voice.

“No seriously. You’ll hurt the woman’s feelings. Tsk” Emmie shakes her head. I was just not ready to say it in front of them. I know I have said it once before and it came out unexpectedly but then again, who knows when I’ll get comfortable.

“I’m working on it.” I smiled apologetically, then took a cloth from one of the drawers and motioned Emmie to come closer.

She obliged and pouted. “You are so not nice you know.”

I chuckled. “I know I can be a barbie sometimes.”

“The right word is ‘bitch’.” She corrected me. “B-I-C-T-H.”

“You spelled-” I was about to correct her when she held her finger up to stop me.

“That was from a vine by the way. That woman did not know how to spell and I know you’re too smart for that.”

“Okay geez. Stop moving. I can’t wipe your face properly.” I said, scrubbing the cloth on her cheeks. “I wish this cloth can remove your dirtiness too,” I added, moving the cloth over to her lips and removing the excess icing on the corner of her mouth.

“Well excuse me. But that cloth ain’t pure. If you want me holy, you gotta dip it in holy water.” She said, now playing with the end of my hair. “Can I rub my eyes now. It’s itchy”

“No. Where the hell do you get holy water?” I laughed.


“What?” I asked confused. She looked at me surprised as if to say ‘seriously?’

“You do not know what a pussy is?” She gasped. “Oh my god. And you’re gay!”

I looked at her dully for a moment before replying, “I’m not.”

“You can’t deny it. It’s radiating off of you,” she said in a matter of fact.

“And in what way?” I challenged.

“I mean, looked at your yard. You attracted more cats than me. Unfair.” She said. Then I remembered she was talking about the app that she downloaded on my phone. I laughed, shaking my head at her.

“That doesn’t make gay.”

“Sabrina does,” she stated while scratching her neck. I stopped for a moment then looked at Emmie, who was now smiling devilishly.

When I didn’t say anything, she asked. “Do you like her?”

I dropped the towel and mumbled, “I don’t know.”

“It’s okay. I know you haven’t moved on from me.” She joked while fluttering her eyes rapidly.

I smacked her arm. “Ha-ha. So funny”

“So which one do you really like? Is it that Sarah girl or her?” She asked once again.

“I... don’t know.” I sighed. I looked down at my hands then thought of it. I had really had no idea what my real feelings are nor what they say. For all I know, they’re both different. I feel differently about them but I did not know which one is what I wanted. Emmie picked up the towel from the bed and wiped the remaining icing on her face then hugged me out of the blue.

When she pulled back, she simply smiled. And just when I thought she was about to drop the topic, she asked another question that literally made me feel uneasy.

“So what happened when Sabrina came over? She looked like she was rushing or whatever.”

“Oh my god.” I brought my hands up to my face, feeling my face redden, and suddenly remembering what had happened in the morning. To say my actions were sudden and unexpected, I literally had no idea what did me to do that.

Then as if Emmie had guessed right, she gasped. “Oh my god! Don’t tell me you rejected her already!”

“No!” I said suddenly.

“Oh, so you’re not rejecting her?” Emmie asked happily.

“No! I mean- Jesus Christ! Can we please not talk about this?” I pleaded. But hell no, Emmie was the one to pursue. She tugged and grabbed, trying to keep from not sleeping. I tried. I tried pushing her off and doing anything to drop the topic but hell Nah, she was one persistent woman.

“Drop it!”

“No! I want to know!” She insisted.

“How about you tell me what that smoochy smoochy was in the car with Kristina?” I glared.

“Oh.” Then she stopped. “Oh my god.” She mimicked my expression earlier. “I swear I’m not gay for your sister. There is an explanation for that. Please”

I grinned wanting more information. “Spill then.”

She looked at me for a moment before pulling the covers up and moving away.

“Aw Emmie!” I came closer and wrapped one arm on her waist. “Come on tell me”

“Now you’re being persistent.” I heard her say.

“I’m telling your mom you’re gay,” I whispered in her ears. That made her swing her arm, hitting my face in the process, to remove the covers. “This is not fair. You know my mom would whip me literally. She’s literally walking on every step of our priest.”


“Can you then please tell me what happened with Sabrina then?” she asked. It was a give and take.

I sighed and gave in. “Fine.”

“On the count of 3?”

I nodded.


I nod once again.


“2” She held out a peace sign.


“Kristina wanted to make Angela jealous,” she said.

“I kissed Sabrina” I blurted out.

Emmie’s eyes widened. “Holy fucking Jesus Satan-”

I shut her up by bringing my hand over her mouth and suddenly wished I disappeared at this moment.

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“So... You like Jessica too?” I asked, starting an actual decent conversation.

“Hmm...” She hummed. “Maybe. She’s too cute you know.”

“I know I know.” I nodded.

“You?” she asked, climbing up the bed right beside me. “You said you liked her too?”

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