Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 48


“Aw look at you struggling to open that chocolate bar.” She laughed. Well, excuse me for having short nails. “Here give me that.”

She grabbed the box from me and tore it open successfully. I became excited seeing the square shaped chocolates inside. Wanting to grab one, I held out my hand but she pulled the box away immediately.

I frowned. She smiled, taking one piece and taking a bite of it. The caramel spread as she pulled her hand while holding the half of the chocolate away. I stared at her, probably looking like a puppy, wanting a piece.

“Can I please have some?” I pouted, then did a little experiment with one of Emmie’s tricks - that is bashfully blinking rapidly. I probably looked stupid.

Sabrina looked at me, weirdly maybe, then smirked. She then placed the other half of the chocolate in front of my mouth. “Open up. Choo choo train...”

I rolled my eyes at her and was about to grab the chocolate with my hands instead, but she swiftly pulled back. ”Nuh. Uh.”

“Oh come on,” I whined. Give me the damn chocolate. Food is the love you know.

“Come on open up.”

“Nope.” I shook my head stubbornly. I just wanted to eat it normally.

“How am I going to get you to open up if you don’t even open your mouth for me?” I heard her mumble.

“What?” I asked.

“I totally did not mean it the wrong way.” She put her hands up as if not to blame herself.

“Huh?” I was confused.

“God, you’re so clueless Jessica. It almost hurts you know.” She said.


“Can I just please feed you for once? Feel special, I never say please.”

I sighed and gave in. “Fine. Just one.”

Her eyes brighten up as she nodded vigorously. I chuckled at her childish behavior. It was embarrassing when she did the choo-choo train sound. When it came close, I opened my mouth, waiting for the chocolate. Then I felt her shoot it in. But before she could even draw her finger back, I bit hard.

“Ouch!” She yelped in pain, pulling her finger back safely near her chest while blowing to it.

“Oops. My bad.” I laughed. Suck it up sucker.

She glared playfully and said. “That hurt.”

“Does it really?” I didn’t bite that hard.

“Yes. And it’s all your fault.” She said, blaming it on me. She continuously blows on it, trying to lessen the pain. She was making me guilty.

“Let me see.” I approached her and grabbed her hands. She smiled, waving her pinky as if to say ‘Hi’

“I don’t see anything,” I said after expecting it. It’s not like it was red or bleeding.

“Your saliva that’s coating it is whats stopping the pain.” She pointed.

"Ew.” I wiped the saliva off from her finger using my hands. “What the hell you dirty.”

Her face came closer, then she whispered. “If you want, you can help me get cleaned.”

“Okay. Hallelujah! Holy water please.” I gave up. She was so like Emmie. No wonder they got along real fast. I was getting embarrassed. Slapping my cheeks, I glared at her hard.

“I was kidding. Now come treat my boo.” She reminded.

“The hell you want a band-aid or something?” I asked.

"Perro Perro“. She said. What?

“It means lick it.” She pointed her finger at me.

Jesus Christ, help me.

“No. Gross.” I refused.

“Come on.” She urged. “It’s hurting you know.”

“I will not- No!” I said when she started giving me those looks. Yes, those eyes that would make you say ‘Yes’. The one that Emmie uses on me every single time.

Then she brought her hands closer to my mouth. And suddenly the atmosphere changed when she came closer, looking at me intently. Then out of nowhere, I came to grab her hands. She looked at me, perhaps curious what I was going to do. But my body decided to move on its own.

When you come face to face with a chic in front of you, you know you’ll never want that to let go. That was Emmie’s advice of course.

So when those blue orbs looked at my own, and when she tilted her head like a child, looking at you curiously, she had to know what was the unexpected. Just as they say, “Expect the unexpected.” But neither Sabrina nor I knew what to expect. That was when I unknowingly pulled her towards me to kiss her fully on the lips. It lasted for a great three second before I pulled back.

Sabrina looked at me with wide eyes, shocked from what I had just done. “Did you just-"

Not wanting her to embarrass me more, I had gotten onto her lap, then kissed her once again.

Her hands locked around my waist as she continued to do her magic. I felt her hands on both sides of my face as her tongue sneakily opened my mouth. It was unexpected. Probably the number one list I’d never thought I’d do to someone. Ever. I have initiated and somehow found ourselves on the couch, doing god knows whatever you call it.

I gasped, my hands automatically finding their way to grab hold of something. Anything, to keep me from falling. My right hand was the only thing that was keeping me up. It was an awkward position. I couldn’t move nor breathe properly either. Sabrina was cruel and merciless. Her tongue swept the roof of my mouth, tickling me, at the same time me suppressing the embarrassing sounds beneath my throat. I had no idea what I was doing. And I had no idea what was happening either. The only thing I was certain of was I was feeling good.

Feeling my energy drain out, I pulled away quickly to catch my breath.

“Wait.” I heard her say. I looked at her waiting, for whatever she wanted to say because I knew well that my mouth wouldn’t function the same as before. She looked straight to my eyes, just as she did earlier, then once again we were back to it. It was like an automatic pull.

This time I was laying down the couch as she sat on my stomach, hovering my face, kissing me. Her lips were soft as ever and I felt incredibly good. She clasped one of my hands with hers while turning her head to match my own.

I was inexperienced. The word ‘kissing’ wasn’t in my dictionary. Yet Sabrina was the first ever to define that well for me. Her lips moved in a poetic motion. It wasn’t haiku, limerick, or a sonnet. The way her lips move was a free verse. There was no rhyme, no similar motions. Her kisses had no set meter, no structure, no limitations - they were all natural. She was a natural.

My hands came to wrap around her neck, bringing her impossibly closer. Her face rested against my neck, slowly leaving small kisses until she came face to face against my chest. Then suddenly, like a bucket of ice-cold water poured upon me, I pushed her. Sabrina was shocked. Too shocked by what happened at least. She pulled back fast, hitting the end of the couch.

It all happened way too fast. All I could remember was me giving her presents, then eating chocolates that were on the table, talking, her flirting, then out of the blue, me jumping on her. I didn’t know whether I was thinking straight anymore either.

“I uh...” she started, avoiding my eyes. Her cheeks redden when she saw me struggling to sot up. I sat up, looking down at my hands, not knowing what to say either. I was sure I was blushing, perhaps much redder than hers. I mean, what the actual fudge happened?

The fuck she staring all of a sudden. Why the fuck did she have to smell good? God, I’m so confused. What the fuck did I just really do?

Then it got awkward. We were on two opposite sides of the couch, not saying anything. Perhaps we were thinking and reflecting on what had just happened.

“I’m sorry,” I said finally. I was still trying to get my brain to process what she did to me, and what I did earlier. I had kissed her at first. Though I knew well not to put the blame on her. Maybe, we just got carried away. Just maybe.

The doorbell then rang making both of us jump. It took me a minute to finally get up and open the door. Dennis smiled, coming back from work.

It was the 25th. Christmas Day.

I was awake, sitting in my bed. Usually, at this time, kids would be waking up early, running down the stairs to grab their presents. But I was never excited for holidays. I didn’t know why.

Emmie was asleep, as usual. Her hair all over the place while hugging the shit out of my hotdog pillow. She laid there looking lifeless, small snores coming out of her mouth. She was the reason why I was awake. I could practically feel and hear her breathing on me.

Then suddenly, I felt the nerve to attack. I grabbed a nearby pillow and hit her effortlessly.

“JesuーJessica!” She bolted right up and dodged herself from my attacks. “I’m awake. I’m awake! Oh my god”

I looked at her blankly, not saying anything.

“What time is it?” she asked, yawning and laying back down. I pinched her on the leg, causing her to sit back up straight again. She growled looking at me.

“Get up” Caelie is going to flip if we’re not downstairs for breakfast,” I told her. Which was quite true. I learned that Caelie was strict when it comes to eating together. We can’t eat together unless everyone is on the table. Unless of course, that person is out of the house.

“Ugh. Why?” I heard her complain. Emmie took her time, fixing her bed hair while I folded the used blankets then placed them on top of the pillows.

We went downstairs to meet the rest of the fam, already sitting down in front of the dining table. Nat had his head down, eyes closed looking tired while Kristina texted away on her phone. Dad came out of the washroom, his hair now combed neatly to the side, and then sat on the far end of the table.

“Good morning.” They said one at a time. Emmie quickly stole the next seat to Kristina and looked over to her shoulders, sneakily looking at what Kristina was doing. I sat on the opposite, facing my dad.

“Merry Christmas my dear children,” Caelie says coming out from the kitchen, delivering food to the dining table.

Emmie looked up excitedly, clapping her hands as she followed where the food was going.

“Awe my favorite.” She said referring to the newly cooked sausages.

She was the first to grabbed one using her fork. “And it’s hella soft and hot too.”

“Ok Em, seriously?” I heard Nat say. Emmie simply giggled then stuck her tongue out at him.

“Okay, guys no fighting. It’s Christmas and I’m sure you’re all excited and whatever but you have to eat first.” Dennis says, not looking up from the brochure he was reading.

I glanced at all of them then shook my head. After, I got bored doing nothing so I decided to help Caelie.

“Hey,” I said once I entered the kitchen. She was surprised to see me there. I would too, cause hell knows I can’t cook shit.

“Do you need help?” I offered. She smiled as she continued to stir the fried eggs in the pan then gestured towards the cupboard.

“You can just get some plates hun.”

I nodded, doing exactly what she told me to. When everything was finally set and prepared, Caelie came back to finally take her seat beside Nat and near my dad.

“This will be our first Christmas ever with Jessica,” she said excitedly. Yeah well, cool.

“Bet you have an idea what I already got you,” Emmie smirks, already hogging all the sausages to herself. “Damn this is so good.” She added, biting down on a sausage.

Kristina slapped her on the arm and nudged her hard on the sides. Thank god.

“Emily we’re glad to have you here with us,” Caelie informed.

Emmie winked, then joked. “Yeah. I came here for Jesse’s present for me. I’m guessing she got me a tho-”

“Em.” God, when will she shut the hell up?

“What? I got you undergarments. I’m sure Dennis won’t mind if I got you some lingerie.” She shrugged. I wanted to slap her right there.

“So long as she ain’t seeing anyone yet. Anyone who does come near her will have to face me.” Dad said, sounding like a proud father suddenly.

Well, shit prickly pickle. I was just making out with someone on your couch yesterday dad. I’m sorry.

“Actually” Emmie started. Oh my god. “There’s thisー”

Then Kristina coughed. Hard. “Can we just eat please?”

“Fine. Bummer.” She finally shut up.

I was surely going to hit her later.


“Jingle bells jingle bells~” Jackson sang while playing with his new plane toy. We had a mini party earlier, inside my apartment, with Sarah and Jackson. I didn’t imagine spending my Christmas with them but I thought it was fun and nice seeing Jackson all happy.

Chip bags were all over the floor. Jackson continued to munch on his Doritos, then paused to watch his SpongeBob in the television from time to time.

Shaking my head, I went near the entrance and grabbed my coat. It was already lunchtime and I had promised to come to Sabrina’s house later to get some ‘holiday fun’ with my aunt and uncle.

“Nick, I’m going,” I yelled. She simply waved a spatula from the corner of the kitchen to shoo me off.

“Jackson where’s my goodbye kiss?” I said looking at him. He happily stopped whatever he was doing and skipped to me, kissing me on my cheek. Well, guess who’s in good terms with me after giving me his gift?

“Bye bye.” He said, not bothering to look at me anymore. He was too occupied with his new toy.

Well whatever, I was off to see Sabby.

I drove to her house while listening to some R&B songs. Nicole hated it. Sometimes she’d sneak her CD in and put the volume on max to scare the fuck out of me. It was annoying.

I walked into their house, not bothering to knock or what so ever since their door was always open. When do they ever lock anyways?

“Ding a ling some balls. Bitches I’m here.” I called out. Sabrina came running up from the basement, wearing a sweater that I was sure wasn’t her style.

“The hell are you wearing?” I asked, taking the PS4 remote controller from her hands as she grabbed snacks from their cabinet.

“A sweater. Duh” She laughed.

“So where are your parents?” I asked, opening their refrigerator. Hmmm, food.
“Oh god pudding yes.”

“Probably still having sex upstairs,” she said nonchalantly.

“Ugh. Really? Why am I even here then?”

She turned and looked at me excitedly. “Help me set up my new TV!”


We rushed down the stairs and saw a big box that had the huge ‘SMART TV’ printed on it. It was Sony. Sabrina and I carried it off carefully out of the box, slowly placing it on her carpeted floor. It took us nearly an hour to get everything set, including her home theater stereos.

We found ourselves, laying down the carpet, watching Netflix. We talked about nothing in particular, just pointing out things in the movie and laughing about it. Sabrina might be a bitch sometimes but she was the closest person I had when her aunt took me in. She was definitely spoiled barbie best when she was a kid. Sometimes I called her a blonde bimbo and she would cry and tattletale with her mom. She was just annoying as she was today. But in all honesty, I was thankful. Despite the fact she might actually like Jessica, I still had the heart to give her a present.

“Here,” I said, taking out a wrapped square box from inside my jacket. “Merry fucking Christmas cousin.”

“Aw. And I thought you hated me.” She grabbed and opened it immediately, taking a CD out in the process. “What is this?”

“A copy of my mix tape,” I smirked.

“You shit head.” She laughed, hitting me. Blonde bimbo.

Christmas with Sabrina and her parents was fun. By the end of the night, we were all wasted. I wanted to not drink so I could go home but nope, Sabrina had lured me in on her Grand Vin de chateau Latour. It was a wine. Although it wasn’t enough to actually get me drunk or intoxicated, her parents insist I sleepover. But we still have to get up, later on, to see Emmie fly off.

So now I was sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing the new fluffy pajamas that her mom had given me. It was pink and god I hated it.

“I’m bored. Wake me up in an hour so we could get to the airport early” I said, kicking my feet up, watching her undress to change into her jeans.

Damn abs bro.

“Like what you see?” She smirked, showing off her body. Then she twirled around like a magical Disney princess. I wanted to puke.

“God don’t do that, you bimbo.”

She stopped to glare at me, then gave me the middle finger afterward. “Shut up hoe.”

“So... You like Jessica too?” I asked, starting an actual decent conversation.

“Hmm...” She hummed. “Maybe. She’s too cute you know.”

“I know I know.” I nodded.

“You?” she asked, climbing up the bed right beside me. “You said you liked her too?”

I shook my head. “God no. I love her.”

“Man how fucking complicated.”

“You’re complicated. Our life is complicated.” I said, finally laying down the bed.

She turned to face me and grinned. “Is this the part where we give up on the person we like and just kiss?”

“God you disgusting prick,” I said laughing. “Go to sleep. This is the only day I’ll be nice to you.”

“Fine give me your pillows then.”

“Over my dead body Barbie.”


Emmie’s was being an asshole even when we’re at the airport, waiting for her departure. The whole family and friends were here too, including Sabrina and Sarah of course. Surprisingly, they were both civilized to one another and actually laughing together. But god was she annoying.

Emmie sat beside me. On my left side were Sarah and Sabrina watching something on a phone, laughing from time to time. I wanted to sit far away from those two but thankfully Sabrina was acting normally around me.

“Jessica look,” Sarah said, showing something on her phone. Suddenly, I saw my face on camera and she took that moment to capture a picture of me. “Bingo!”

I glared at them. “Delete that mofo.”

Kristina gasped. “Did you just say mofo?” She laughed.

“Emmie taught me that,” I said. Which was true of course.

“Tsk tsk.” Sabrina chuckled. “I’m glad Emmie is your best friend.”

“Gosh, guys, please. Don’t taint my Jessica.” Leylah said approaching us. She handed me an ice cap and I mumbled a thank you to her.

“Where’s ours?” Emmie butted in.

“My Jessica?” We heard Sarah and Sabrina ask at the same time. Then all heads turned to look at their way. They immediately shut up.

“Buy your own.” Leylah casually said to Emmie then smiled at Sarah and Sabrina. She then pulled me up from my seat, then sat on it, pulling me back down to sit on her lap, and wrapping her arms around me.

“Jesus please.” Emmie shook her head laughing. “Take care of Jessica for me, peeps.”

“I’m on it.” Sarah proudly said.

“I’m the sister here hello?” Kristina waved her hand.

There were only 10 minutes left. Emmie stood up, grabbing both of her luggage. Then one by one she hugged all of them, thanking them for the short memories.

Lastly, it was my turn. Emmie isolated me from everyone else, near the entrance where she was supposed to enter into.

She hugged me tightly, wrapping her hands around my neck. “I’ll miss you so much.”

I tightened my grip on her back, already crying from the way she’s saying her goodbye.

“Come visit me sometime, kay?” I heard her voice crack. God, finally she has the heart. Maybe she’s just too shy crying in front of the group.

“Of course.” I nodded.

“And when you do, bring your girl with you.”

I nod once again. “I love you, Emmie.”

“Love you too.”

Then she waved goodbye to everyone. But Kristina ran, stopping her for a moment, and hugged her once again.

“Bye boobs,” Emmie yelled.

And she never failed to embarrass me once again.

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“What are you doing?” I asked, watching Sabrina smile at me, while shaking her head. Then she held up her phone at me only to see myself sleeping comfortably.

“You were so cute I had to take a picture.” she grinned.

I felt my cheeks heat up. “Delete that!”

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