Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl)

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Chapter 5

The day has finally come to an end. Whew. How I longed for the bell rang, and when it did, I jumped out of my seat and fast walked to my locker. I passed by numerous crowd of students who were now in their lockers quickly grabbing their stuff so they can get out of school. I heard someone screamed “Finally! School is done for today, we’re free.”

Oh. How I so agree with you. Sadly, it’s only the first day.

I might be the nerdy girl who hid behind her glasses and strikes A+ in all of her classes but for your information, I am different. I hate school. I hate being around a lot of people and be the center of attraction. I hate how the teachers plead me to help them out with occasional events. I hate how you have to go through 7 hours of learning. I hate how the foods in the cafeteria taste gross and disgusting. Man, I even think that it’s hospital food or prison food. I just hate it.

The only thing I love is books. People view me as the kid who likes to read educational books. But they wrong. My body appearance might not scream the girl who likes to read romance, but in reality, it’s true. I find myself stuck in a dream world of romance because I know that no one will ever notice a girl like me. Someone who’s not girly and only wears big baggy sweaters, a bookworm, and worst, a nerd.

Before I reached my locker, I saw an unfamiliar figure who was leaning against it. The person’s shoulder was broad, so I thought that it must’ve been a guy.

“Great” I muttered to myself.

There’s no way I’m talking to another person. The incident that happened this morning is enough to teach me a lesson. I took another walk around the hallways, hoping that the next time I came back the person would be gone. But nope, I was wrong. The hallways were empty and the same guy was still leaning in my locker. I sighed as I made my way down to my locker.

Just get this over with Jess.

As I got closer, I noticed that this person wasn’t a stranger. In fact, it was Jace. His black hair and brownish-greenish eyes is what I first noticed. He was wearing a white hoodie with golden trousers and a pair of black sneakers. As soon as he noticed me, he waved and smiled.

“Hey” Jace moved his body back a bit so that I could access my locker.

“Uh Hi… and thanks” I started twisting the lock but it wouldn’t budge open. These locks are ugh. I hate them too.

Jace laughed while I struggle to open my locker.

“Need help?” he asked. I nodded and stepped back. I told him my locker combination and watched him as he swiftly turns the lock and boom! It opened.

Teach me that magic!

“Thanks” I took the books that I needed so I could catch with some work and shoved them into my backpack. When I had everything I needed, I closed the locker and faced Jace. I had no idea why he was here so I asked.

“Umm.. do..do you need anything?”

He looked up a bit and hesitated before pointing his index finger up as he whispered yell “Ah!”

“Oh I came to ask you if you wanted a ride at home since Kristina and Nathan are still at their practice,” he said.

I examined his face for a moment, wondering if I should or not. But I already knew my answer. Stay undercover, don’t grab attention, and especially do not make friends with the popular. I know they’re not mean or bullies, but if I stayed with them, I knew that I would not only be receiving death glares. I’d probably get pulled in to the janitor’s closet and get beat up until I get killed. Plus, I’ve only known this guy for a day. I don’t even know him!

“Uhh.. no..i-it’s okay. I’ll just ask my dad to pick me up. Sorry”

“Oh, are you sure? I mean, you know it’s a free ride. Don’t wanna waste gas and bother your dad. Plus, I know where you live.”

I shook my head, not really wanting to disappoint him no longer. Plus, he wouldn’t want to hear my reason.

“It’s okay. My dad is already coming. I called him earlier” I lied.

He ran a hand through his hair and just smiled. “Alright then. I guess I’ll see ya tomorrow”

I nodded then started walking away when he turned around to go to the opposite way. But before I reached through the doors, I heard him running towards and yelling my name.

“I-I forgot,” he said tiredly. “Here’s my number.” He gave me a small yellow sticky which I accepted and shoved it into my sweater. Then he said bye again and left.

Well, that was weird… and useless. My phone is broken.

I sighed and searched for a payphone and nearby. It took me 20 minutes to find one and it was 2 streets away from the school. It was near a gas station and a convenient store. I dialed dad’s phone number and it took 2 rings before he answered.

“Hello?” he said as he picked up.

“Dad, can you pick me up?”

“Okay. Where are you?”

I looked around, searching for a street name but couldn’t find one so I just told him that I was near the school and was at a gas station.

“Wait there. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Okay. Thanks, dad. Bye” I hanged up and placed the phone back into its place and sat on the cement floor, playing with my fingers as I wait for my father’s arrival. Three minutes have passed by and I got tired of waiting so I took out the book that I was currently reading. It’s called “Cut” by Patricia McCormick. Now I know I’ve told you before that I’ve always been reading a romance book, but this one was different. It’s about a 15-year old girl who deals with problems every time. As the title states, she cuts herself to numb herself so that she wouldn’t feel any pain. Her parents tried to help her but it was useless. Even her own therapist couldn’t get anything from her. She just…wouldn’t talk. Sadly, this book is saddening. I could feel myself being the main character and be stepping into her place made me realize that everyone deals with something.That’s why you don’t judge people by their appearance.

See in my old school, the people who bully the weak kids don’t realize that their only making their life worst. They’re provoking them to feel helpless, useless, and incapable which mostly leads to suicidal. That’s suicide is more common on teenagers. The news proves it all.

I was so lost in the book and thinking about the real life that I didn’t notice some girl was asking something I couldn’t make out.

Ok, you know how it goes Jessica. Don’t talk to strangers.

I tried to keep cool ignoring the person since I didn’t want to get in any trouble.

“Excuse me” the girl repeats. Again. What like the 3rd time?

I sighed and pulled up my hoodie and combed my bangs with my hand, hoping that it would cover my eyes. My identity.

“Yes?” I asked looking up a bit. I couldn’t really see the person’s face either since my bangs were in the way so I just ignored it.

“Do you have a phone I could use? My phone’s gone dead and I need to call my parents or they’ll get worried if they noticed that I won’t be home for the next 30 minutes.”

“I’m sorry. I-I..” Let’s see. Should I tell her the truth and how my phone fell into the toilet? Which will probably make her laugh at me, or just lie. Hmm...

“My phone broke” I answered. It’s the truth! But I just didn’t give her any more details about how it broke.

“Oh,” she said disappointingly. She was about to leave when I called out “wait!” I didn’t want this girl to be walking home alone, knowing that it was going to get darker soon. What if her house was far away and it would take her hours to walk? What if someone tries to kidnap her and ra- .. do things without her consent? What if —

Wait. Why do I even care? It’s just a stranger.

“Umm..yeah?” she asked while looking down at my hand that was gripping her wrist, keeping her from walking away. I blushed and mumbled a sorry.

“Uh... Sorry. I just.. never mind. Here, use this.” I said taking out my wallet and giving her a few coins. “There’s a payphone inside the store. You better call your parents before they worry.”

“Oh. Thanks!” she said, smiling. If only I could see her face better. Hmmm…

We were startled when there was a loud honk behind us. Looking behind her, I saw a Blue Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. Wow. Damn car. Who knew my dad could afford such expensive things like this? I heard the stranger in front of me gasp as she too stared at the beauty in front of us. My dad came out of the car wearing a black suit and sunglasses. His black hair was messed up a little in the back. Probably because of the wind since the car was convertible.

“Nice ride” I heard her say.

Dad approached us and greeted the girl as well. “Well hello there. Are you Jessica’s friend?”

Friend. Ugh, the last thing I wanted to have.

The girl smiled a little and said “Um… not really sir. I was just asking her some favor. But your daughter seems to be nice”

“Thank you. She got it from me” he said winking, looking past her to look at me. I groaned and stood up. No funny business but I hate it when my dad embarrasses me.

“Dad, let’s go,” I said walking past them.

“Okay. Thank you again umm…”

“Carly sir. My name is Carly” she said. I continued walking towards the car but I heard what she said. Carly, huh. Dad bid a farewell to the girl after lending him his phone to call her parents.

As he got in and sat in the driver’s seat, which was very comfortable because it was leather, he said “She’s a nice girl. I wonder what school she goes to”

I shrugged, not really wanting to expand this conversation since it is labeled as “Friends” to me. Plus, I was so tired, I must’ve dozed off. Soon, I felt someone shook my shoulder and I just respond with a groan.

“Jess, we’re home” I heard a voice say.

I lazily opened my eyes and saw dad smiling. He took my bag and binder while I get off the car. As soon as the door opened on our house, Caelie welcomed me with a bone-crushing hug.

Uh… okay? Awks

Was I supposed to hug back or what? I mean, she is my new mom but I still haven’t gotten used to her so I just stood there not really doing anything until she pulled back.

“Welcome back dear. How’s school?” she asks while we walk towards the living room. An all-too-familiar question that my mother used to ask me whenever I get home and now… Caelie’s doing too. I sighed as the memory of her comes up again.

“What’s wrong?” asks Caelie. She rested her hand into my shoulder while looking at me. I shook my head and just smiled a little.

“Nothing. Just tired” I answered.

“Oh okay. Well, rest for now. I’ll wake you up when it’s dinner time” I nod and grabbed my stuff to my room. I was really so tired that I didn’t even bother changing. I just jumped into the bed and slept.


I must’ve been running for about an hour and a half trying to run away from this psycho bitch. Well, let’s just say I played with him. Confessed my fake love and broke his heart into pieces. Well, we were never official but he thinks we are. And now, this good-looking quarterback of the football team has turned into a psycho bitch. He’s been screaming my name so loud that it irritates me. But still, I was enjoying the game.

Gladly I was on the track and cheerleading team, cause if not I would’ve been dead earlier. Soon, I didn’t realize that the place where I’ve always been hiding was being occupied by a stranger. I recognized that it was a girl just by observing her back. I’m merely good at observing people since I’ve been with a lot of males and females. I heard Dexter slow down as the librarian scold him for running and yelling at the library, which caused me to laugh inside my head. Immediately, I grabbed along the girl with me into a dark area. But unexpectedly, she grabs my arm and flips me over causing me to fall on my back hard.

Ouch. Fuck!

I groaned loudly when the pain shoots inside my body.


Whoever the hell this person, I will make her pay. Yes, I’ll probably beat the crap out of her or embarrass her in front of her friends, or even worse, turn the whole school against her. Yep! I have that power. But as soon as I looked up to the person who just kicked my ass, I notice her eyes getting almost teary-eyed. I couldn’t really see what she looks like except her eyes and her clothes. It was too dark to see.

What the hell? You’re the one who just firkin did ‘this’ to me and you have the guts to cry.

Nope. She didn’t cry. I was kidding. She just stood there, her eyes widen in shock as soon as she realized that it was me. But just by looking at her, her eyes seemed filled with sadness and curiosity. Then I felt my legs starting to hurt even more, so I rubbed small circles around it. I could feel her eyes staring at me and I smirked.

“SABRINA!” I flinched when I heard Dexter calling my name. I have completely forgotten about him.

I quickly got up and placed a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t make any noise. I pushed her against the wall so we would become more invisible through the walls. Her breathing stopped and I could tell that she was nervous. Then I heard a small whimper, probably coming out of her mouth. I raised an eyebrow as I stare at her. I could smell her scent — mixed vanilla and lavender, my favorites.

“Sabrina, where are you?” The steps became nearer and nearer. Then there was silence for about 15 seconds until I heard the steps retreat back towards the opposite way. When it was finally safe to call it ‘safe’, I pulled my hand back and noticed that my palms got moistened a bit. I checked the area to see if Dexter was gone.

She ducks away from my body and starts to fix her bangs and looked down into the floor.

She mumbles something that my I couldn’t hear so I asked her “What?”

“I said I’m sorry… about earlier. I just freak-” I finally remembered what happened earlier and started laughing when a girl like her could kick an ass. Not just anyone’s ass. But me. Sabrina Carter, one of the popular. I bet he could even kick Tyler’s butt!

“W-w… what’s so funny?” she asks. Confused written all over her face.

“Sorry… it’s just… you look like one of those big nerds when in reality… you can kick some ass” I said in between laughs.

The bell rang signaling us to go back to classes. I gave her kiss on the cheeks and smiled brightly before leaving her looking stunned.

She’s an interesting girl.


I woke up and noticed that I had just slept for 3 hours. It was now 6:47 pm and I thought if dinner was about to start anytime soon. So, I figured I might as well check it out. Grabbing a pair of PJs and a Disney Frozen T-shirt, I quickly changed into the bathroom. After I left my room and headed downstairs. As soon as I got downstairs, I was met by the smell of roasted chicken. It smelt so good that I heard my tummy grumbled. Glancing through the kitchen, I saw Caelie cooking happily while the radio was on. I didn’t want to disturb her, plus helping her would be unnecessary since I haven’t cook once in my life. Yep! My cooking skill is Z-E-R-O.

Walking around the big house, I suddenly remembered the library that caught my eye when I first arrived here. I walked in quietly and my jaw hung open in awe cause this must have been one of the biggest libraries I’ve ever encountered with. I smiled and noticed that all of the books that were stacked here were my favorites or were part of my NEED TO BUY book list. I squealed like a little girl as I started looking around and grabbing books that I wanted to read first.

“Let’s see…All My Puny Sorrows, The Rosie Project, The Storied Life Of A.j. Fikry and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” I said to myself as I looked at the books that I’ve chosen. This will be good enough to finish in one week.

I head over the small black leather sofa that was facing a fireplace and sat down. An hour must have passed when I started reading ‘The Rosie Project’, while also listening to music. I was almost halfway when I felt a body crush on my back. Of course, also for the second, under any circumstances this happens to you the only that you would do is scream or shriek, which I did.

“Aaaah!” I screamed. I was about to do the same thing I did to the girl I met at school. Speaking of the girl, I never knew her name. Wait! That’s not important right now. What’s important is-

“Little sister!” Kristina screams too while giving my back hug. Again. Seriously, my body hurts like crazy already because of physed. We ran and did workouts.

“Ohmygosh! I really can’t believe it. I have a new little sister” she says still hugging me. I took her hands off from my waist and gave her a blank look. Then both of our head snapped towards the door when Nathan walked in looking all sweaty. Gross.

“Come on Kris. Don’t give the poor girl a hard time. See how much she hates you right now?” he snickered and pointed at my blank emotionless face. Yep. Keep it together Jess.

Kristina gave me a sad look before pouting like a little kid and crossing her arms. Then she glared at Nathan “She does not hate me” she says proudly, her chest up in pride.

“Ew don’t do that man. You have no boobs” says Nathan who had a disgusted face. Kristina gasps and looked at her brother and her chest. Then she charged through Nathan, who escaped earlier. I laughed since it was so funny. I heard Nathan yelled “Dinner’s ready. Jessica come down… Oh shi-“

“Kids do not swear” I heard dad say.

“But Kristina’s chasing me. She’s gonna kill me” Nathan explains trying to sound like the victim. I walked into the dining room to see that they have all seated down and the only spot left was beside Kristina. She patted the seat next to her. I sat down, thanking her for listening to the arguments again.

“So, why is Kristina chasing you Nathan?” questions Caelie as she gets up and passed the food to my dad.

“Well…” he scratches his head and laughs quietly. On the other hand, Kristina was glaring at him while stabbing her fork down to her empty plate.

“He called her flat,” I say flatly before taking a spoonful of rice so just in case they say something to me, I would have an excuse that I’m munching,

Dad bursts out laughing, whom Nathan followed right after and soon I found myself laughing quietly as well.

“I am not flat!” Kristina defends herself. Caelie was just… acting normal, eating her food quietly while nodding.

“You’re growing,” says Caelie.

“Mother!” Kristina looks at Caelie, giving her the eyes that say ‘Help me out, will ya?’

“Kristina’s not flat. She’s just… average?” It came out more of a question when Caelie said it, which caused us to laugh even louder. I didn’t expect that my first family dinner here will be great and I’m thankful to have a family like this.

“So, how’s first day?” asks Kristina who looked at me. I stopped for a moment and thought about the events that occurred today. It went to bumping into angry ugly David, meeting friendly Leylah, eating with the popular, and meeting a beautiful girl. To conclude, it went okay. Normal.

“Okay,” I replied. Kristina just nods.

“Made any new friends?” asks dad. I shook my head no while munching on spaghetti. The rest of the dinner went well. Kristina formally introduced herself to me and so did Nathan. Apparently, Nathan is the captain of the basketball team while Kristina is the head cheerleader. They both excel in academics and had hobbies that include going outside, which I hated. They also asked about Ontario and how was living there. I basically explained the basic things, not really wanting to get on detailed. After dinner, I helped Caelie and Kristina clean up, then went to bed at exactly 9 PM after saying goodnight to everyone.

Morning came and here I am, patiently sitting on the dining table waiting for Caelie to finish making breakfast. Nat had left earlier again as usual for a basketball practice, dad left early too, but Kristina was still upstairs asleep. Minutes later, Kristina came down the stairs with a morning hair. She yawned and stretches, giving her a good view of her bare flat stomach. I quickly look away before she notices me looking at her but it was too late when she captured my gaze. She smiles and skipped a few steps on the stairs and ran towards my direction.

“Good Morning little sister” she waves and sits down next to me. I nod while chewing on my sandwich. Don’t want to speak while chewing, you know. It’s gross.

Caelie came back with more food while Kristina helped herself up. Caelie dismissed herself, telling us that she needed to go to work and we both said goodbye to her. We continued to eat in silence, not an awkward one though until Kristina spoke.

“Oh. By the way, we have to leave early too” she says. I just nod, not really knowing why we have to. It was still 7:45 and classes don’t start until 9.

“We have a meeting with the cheerleaders and I don’t think no one will take you to school if I leave early” she continued.

“Okay,” I said when I finished eating my breakfast. I took all of the plates that needed to be washed and quickly washed them. After, I went up the stairs to get ready for school. I made my way to the bathroom and took a long shower. When I finished it was already 8 AM.

“Jessica, we’re leaving in 15 minutes!” yelled Kristina.


I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair so I just let it stayed down like that. My light brown hair flowed down into my back like waves. Opening up my drawers, I took a plain gray slouchy marled knit tee and black jeans. I went to the mirror to comb my hair and fixed my bangs. When I was finally finished and prepared, I went down the stairs and met up with Kristina on her white 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. Her car was wow. I think I took my time drooling over her car because she had to snap me out of it.

“Fancy, huh. Dennis gave it to me last year.” She said while opening the door for me. I smiled and thanked her and hopped into the black leather seat.

‘Man was it comfortable!’ Kristina went to the driver side, started the car, and off we went to school.

When we arrived at school, Kristina and I went to the gym. This time I paid more attention to where we were going so that I wouldn’t get lost again. A group of girls in cheerleading uniforms came into view as we approach the gym doors. One girl with a familiar long dark brown hair waved at us as soon as she saw Kristina. She ran and hugged Kristina and locked arms with her.

‘Don’t jump to conclusions Jess’

“Who’s the new girl?” she asks while eyeing me up and down. I looked away and held into my books tighter into my chest. Kristina rested one shoulder on me and smiled at the girl.

“Jane. This is Jesse, my - ”

“Oh my gosh. You have a girlfriend” Jane screamed. I frowned at that idea. I don’t want any more false rumors spreading about my love for the Francis siblings. Because of Jane, the attention of all the cheerleaders was now into us. I looked over at Kristina but she just pinched my cheeks that were now red, probably due to the embarrassment and the given attention of the cheerleaders into us.

“N-no... I’m Jessica. “I introduced myself while stuttering over my words since I rarely introduce myself. “Kristina is my sister.”

Jane looked at Kristina with an eyebrow raised. “Explain”

“Remember when I told you that Dennis’s daughter is coming into Colorado? Here she is, Jessica Francis.” She pointed towards me while I just let out a small smile. The cheerleaders face looked a bit surprised. Jane looked... happy.

“Oh my gosh, she is such a cutie though. I thought she was a new recruit.” Jane giggled and hugged me tightly.

Jane was way taller than me. She’s near 6 foot while I stood around 5′4 ft. Unlike my pale skin, she was tanned. Her arms were long and so were her legs. She had these chestnut brown eyes that twinkled every time she smiled. Their uniform colors were white, red, and gray.

One brunette cheerleader came up into Kristina, breaking our conversation and completely ignoring our presence. She had this serious look and just by judging by her face, she looked like she was the manager or something. She was holding onto a pen and some papers in her hands.

“Sabrina didn’t come again. What are we going to do about this captain? This is the 3rd time she ditched practice. Our formation is not looking so good without her.” the brunette girl said.

The name clicked into me right after she said, Sabrina.


Hmmm... sounds familiar.

Oh my god. It’s that girl!

Kristina had her hand tapping into her chin, thinking. Then she said “Forget about her for a while. When I see her, I’ll talk to her. For now, the coach is waiting for us. The meeting will start in 5 minutes” she looks to watch and some cheerleaders started grabbing their bags and carried it on their shoulders.

Jane let go of me and went to join the group as well. She gave me one last hug and winked when she saw my confused face.

Weird, I thought

Kristina laughed “Man, she’s weird”

Oh, you just read my mind.


“Well, I have to go the meeting. Umm... you can go to the library if you want or just wander around the school.”

I stared outside and saw a familiar black haired guy coming towards us. “Or you could hang out with Jace.”


“Hey!” Jace walk-waved as he hurried towards us. There was another guy with him. They were both wearing the same jersey that Nathan was wearing when I first met him, except there were different numbers written into them. Beside him was a guy with dark brown hair and the same brownish-green eyes as Jace.

“Well, I gotta go guys. Jace, I’m leaving my little sister to you. Bye!” she left and ran towards the direction where the cheerleaders went.

There was a long awkward silence.

“Uhm. Hi” I smiled. Jace’s face brightened up and said “Hey”

I both notice them sweating and looking tired so I offered them a water bottle. They both gladly accepted and drank it fully until it was finished.

“By the way, this is my brother. John” John offered a handshake and I took it. “Jessica”

For some reason, I feel more comfortable hanging with Jace. He seemed to be very nice and really tries hard to be friends with me.

“Sorry, I’m a little shy. My little brother here is more mature than I am” John gestured towards Jace. They both slapped each other’s arm and I laughed at their weirdness.

“Anyway, we’re just heading towards the gym to do some shots. You wanna come?” asks John.

“Actually, she has to come since Kristina entrusted me with her. Now come on Jesse” Jace grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the gym while I try to struggle to get away from his grip. John pushes me into the back and laughs at my stubbornness. When we got inside, John ran to get a basketball while Jace and I placed our stuff on the bench.

“So you play any sports?” asked Jace while he slipped on a new pair of a t-shirt. I turned around quickly and heard him chuckle behind me.

“I used to. Not anymore.” I answered. I’m surprised I didn’t stutter.

On my junior high years, I played basketball, volleyball, and tennis. However, I stopped playing after my mother’s death. I was shocked and felt depressed during those times that I didn’t have time for sports. I used to be more outgoing and athletic years ago but everything just came to a stop. I won lots of competitions and tournaments in basketball and volleyball. However, tennis was my thing.

Honestly, I didn’t like getting all sweaty and being under the sun for too long so after I quit playing sports, I focused on ice-skating. It was a great time to free myself from problems. It gives me the time to think and relax.

John called the both of us, getting our attention. We hurriedly went to him and started warming up by shooting some hoops. I knew how to play basketball and I was pretty good back then, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t know if my skills stayed the same. I focused on the ball and into the hoop. Shooting absently, it went in.

“Wow. Didn’t know you could shoot” Jace smirked while rolling the ball into his index finger. I didn’t know if that was sarcasm or a compliment so I just shrugged. After a couple more shots, John decided that we played a game.

“Okay, so the game is called 21. It begins with one player shooting the ball from a significant distance. This shot must hit the rim but cannot go through the basket. If either of these violations occurs, the ball must be re-shot. Once the ball is legally shot, all players then fight over the rebound. ” Jace explained. He continued on telling us that the game is won by the player who accumulates exactly 21 points. If a player goes over the winning points, then their score is reduced to 11 points. So then if you don’t want that to happen, you can miss a free throw intentionally but it must hit the rim. If it does not, the player must shoot again. If the score is tied at 19. A player must first reach 21, then score 2 additional points.

When I was finally able to understand the rules, we started playing.

“Holy shit, you’re good!” exclaimed Jace. He was panting hard. We all are. I didn’t bother changing before playing and now I was sweating as hell. This is why I hated playing sports. My topping is soaked wet and I felt so dirty.

“Ha..Ha...I... Ugh. That was tiring” I said while panting. John looked passed out on the floor. He was breathing heavy as well. We laid down on the floor until our breathing went back to normal.

“I can lend you a t-shirt if you want. Here, it’s brand new. The changing room is over there. You can take a shower if you want.” John tosses me a black shirt. I thanked him and hurried into the girl’s changing room. I got into one of the shower stalls and quickly showered. When I finished I changed into the black shirt and my black jeans.

I went out of the changing room and saw John and Jace talking and laughing. I approached them and chatted for a while until I left, saying that I had to get to class. Ten minutes left before classes would start so I hurried to my locker.

On my way to my locker, I heard someone call me. I didn’t know if I was the one being called because all I heard was “Hey you!” I stopped fast-walking when I felt a hand gripped into my wrist. When I turned around, I met a brunette girl.

‘Ugh, what is it with these beautiful girls approaching me’

“Y-yes?” I asked while looking into her eyes.

“Jessica, right? It’s me, Carly. I met you yesterday near the gas station” she said while smiling. I looked at her hands where it gripped my wrist. She noticed me looking down and quickly removed it, muttering a few sorry.

Carly. Carly Oh that Carly. The girl from yesterday. Yeah, I finally remember her.

“Oh h-hey,” I said.

“I heard you were new here... and you look really shy... and quiet” Carly steps closer, studying my face with an amused look. I gulped when she was really close. I didn’t know what to do at this moment but just stare at her. I gripped my backpack, coming up with something that I should say to break the silence.

All of sudden, someone bumped behind Carly, causing her to fall almost on me but with my fast reflex, I managed to catch her. For a small body like me, she was quite heavy. I helped her up while she turned her head around to see who it was that bumped on her. Following where her eyes were glaring at were the familiar blue eyes that I always get lost too.

“Oops, sorry” Sabrina smirks while she whips her hair on the back. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing the same uniform that I’ve seen on the cheerleaders earlier.

“What do you want Sabrina?” Carly’s voice was cold ice and she and Sabrina were shooting daggers at each other.

“Oh, nothing. Just walking towards my locker you know.” She said sweetly. “But you got in the way”

Carly and Sabrina continued to stare at each other. I swear I must’ve felt a sudden chill around the area and I could see electric sparks of anger towards each other. Carly lets out a big sigh and moves me over, giving Sabrina space.

“Here. Now continue where you were going” Carly gestured Sabrina her way into her locker, which I also noticed was near my locker.

Sabrina smiles brightly and continues walking but stops when she turned around to meet my eyes. My body froze and I swear my heart was beating fast.

“Oh! Hey again. Sabrina is the name” she offers a hand for me to shake but my palms were sweating so I just let my hands stayed where they were.

I avoided her eyes and said “J-Jessica”. Looking over at Carly, she looked quite pissed and angry, probably because Sabrina was still here.

“Well I must get going before someone explodes here. Nice to meet you Jessica” she smiles and walks away, waving her hand towards me while I stayed frozen in my spot. The bell rang and I just remembered I still had to go get my books in my locker so I bid goodbye to Carly.

“See you later Jessica and thanks for yesterday”

I didn’t know why she had to thank me. It was a normal thing to do. Plus, it’s not like I gave her a ride at home. I just gave her a few coins. I left and ran to my lockers, grabbing my notebooks and pens. I hurried into my next class which was chemistry, on the third floor.

I arrived at my first class and noticed that most of the seats were taken already. Then I noticed Leylah waving over me, patting a seat next to hers. I smiled a bit and sat next to her.

“Thank you” I whispered. She just nods and smiles. Minutes later, a group of kids came in and started yelling. They started having conversations about how lame this class was and how the teacher looks like a dork. One girl, in particular, sat on the teacher’s desk and started doodling on the books. This class was madness, just what are they doing?

Placing my notebooks on my desk, I started writing some random formulas. I love physics and everything about motion gets me pumped up in excitement.

Fg =Gm1m2/d2. Gravitational.

In modern physics, gravitation is a general theory of relativity created by the famously known Einstein. It asserts that the phenomenon of gravitation is a consequence of the curvature of spacetime.

Oh, I love Physics so much.

Just then, someone all of a sudden grabbed my notebook. Looking up, I saw the same girl who was sitting on the teacher’s table earlier. She had caramel-colored eyes and long soft black hair. She looks so innocent but at the same time evil by the way she was looking at me right now.

“What’s this trash? Guys look at this” She threw my notebook over a group of guys who were wearing black and had a few piercings and tattoos on their body.

“Nicole. Give that back to her” Leylah stood up from her seat and gave Nicole a serious look. Nicole just looks at her and scoffs.

“No!” Nicole shakes her head and catches my notebook when a guy in ripped jeans threw it in our direction.

“Nicole” said Leylah more loudly. All of the students in the class were now looking at them. This scene was almost identical with Sabrina’s and Carly. Leylah wasted on time but snatched the notebook from Nicole’s hand swiftly and gave it to me. I quickly shoved the notebook back into my backpack and sat down. A teacher walks in and started yelling at the students, telling them to get back at their seats. Before Nicole left, she kicks my table and laughs.

“I’m sorry about her. She can be a bitch.” Leylah sits down as well and takes out a textbook from her backpack. Then, she scoots her desk near mine and offered to share her textbook with me.

When lunch came in, I decided to go up to the library after I eat. I had to go meet a kid named Mark. He promised me to get me a library card so that I can take books out anytime I want. I saw him sitting on the couch reading a book called ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’.

I sat next to him and laughed. “Really? You’re reading that book?” I snatched the book from his hands while he shot me a look. I remembered reading this book when I was grade 5. It was pretty stupid.

“What? It’s good.” He defends and takes the book back. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Library card, remember?” He closes his book and smiles.

“Right, I almost forgot. Let’s go!” We both stand up and make our way to the counter desk. He started talking to the librarian telling her that I needed a library card. She asks for my schedule, name, student number, and such. Fifteen minutes later, I had my name on a library card.

“Holy crap this is so cool” The card was shiny and glossy and that’s what get me happy. I love shiny things. Mark laughs as we both sat down in the chairs. We started talking, starting with greetings. Our conversation was mostly about books, suggesting titles and compliments an author’s work. Soon, Mark left because he was a library assistant and he had a job to do. I was left alone so I decided to look for books to take out. I came back to the same spot where Sabrina and I met. One book caught my eye before she grabbed me into a dark area. I searched and searched until I found it. It was called ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

It was a tending popular book and I was lucky enough to get a pair in my hands. I happily took it and sat down on the floor. I started reading, getting my mind lost in the book while an adventure starts in my head. Who knows how many minutes has passed? Then I felt a hot breath near my ears which caused me to jumped and flinch. I turned around


“Fancy meeting you here, Jessica”

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“You’re pretty when you smile” I blush when I look up and noticed that Sabrina was in front of me. I could feel the air thicken when Carly starts to give the glare into Sabrina. Sabrina, on the other hand, just smirked. She walks in front of the guy who was sitting beside me and taps his shoulder. His eyes widen when he sees Sabrina.

‘My oh my. Is she really that popular? I mean duh, she’s a living model in front of you’

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