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Chapter 6


“Fancy meeting you here, Jessica”

Oh my gosh. Someone grab a fan and place it in front my face right now. I feel so hot. I mean really, Sabrina’s face is like so close to mine and I could literally feel my cheeks burning up. I must’ve been staring at her face for a long time, admiring the goddess in front of me. I could finally see her whole face. Not a single blemish or ugly spot marked on her white flawless soft skin. Her sapphire eyes that bore into mine, a smile that brought up her cute dimples, and especially her long golden wavy blonde hair.

We stayed in that position for a long 5 minutes. No words were spoken, except for our long eye staring contest. Soon, my glasses start to slip down. Surprised by Sabrina’s actions, she pushes it up into the bridge of my nose and giggles. I quickly look down on the floor, feeling the redness of my face travel up into my ears. I must’ve looked like a tomato now.

“T-thanks,” I say. I returned my attention back to the book. I tried reading where I left out to try and calm my beating heart but failed when Sabrina decides to sit down beside me.

“What are you reading?” she asks and takes the book. I frown when she starts flipping through the pages. It was a good book and I just lost the page where I was at. I didn’t have time to bookmark it before she took it away.

“It’s called The Fault In Our Stars” I crossed my legs and scooted a bit further, leaning against the bookshelves. She didn’t say anything right after that but just continued flipping through the pages.

After, she gives it back and sad “I don’t get how you enjoyed reading books.”

Not very surprising. I’ve heard that statement many times in my life. People just don’t see how captivating and enchanting each unique stories are. Every time you read, you find yourself trapped in a lucid dream. Each word written on the book controls the imagination going through your head. Whether it feels so real or just a dream, you’d find yourself getting addicted into the feeling. I remember the very first book I’ve read. I was just 2 years old back then. My mom told me that my favorite toys are books. When I was young, I started reading picture books. They were easy. The pictures tell the story. You didn’t have to read anything. Then at elementary, I started reading more. Books with words, short chapter books. At junior high, I finished the very first long chapter book, which was Harry Potter. And now, short or not, I would still read it.

“Jessica” I heard my name being called. Snapping back, I turn my head to the left and met Sabrina’s eyes. I didn’t even notice that she was leaning on me already. When did she get so… close?

“… w-what?” I gulped when I felt her hot breath exhale. Her scent is just so alluring and addicting. Her perfume was a mix Japanese cherry blossom and melon. I inhaled her, savoring the smell.

She was about to open her mouth to speak when we heard ‘THUD’. Sabrina looked at me and then backs away. We both look behind us where the sound came from. A short orange curly haired guy with freckles and green eyes came out in sight. He looked at us, fear and surprised written on his face. He looks like he was either going to puke at this moment or pee into his pants.

Before I could ask whether he was okay, he splutters “I’m sorry! … I didn’t mean to interrupt” then he runs away. He was out of sight before I could even blink.

Sabrina starts to laugh loudly and I look at her confused. What was she laughing about? I mean the guy just practically fell. It’s not something to be laughing at. He could’ve been hurt. Or not, because he just ran away from us.

“Ha Ha Ha… whew oh my gosh. That was hilarious. Did you see that kid? Think he was gonna pee in his pants” She held onto her stomach and continues laughing. Then I saw the librarian coming towards us.

‘Oh my god. I don’t want to get in trouble’

Just when she was right in front of us, Sabrina kept laughing but soon her laughter died down when she notices the old lady dressed in a long black skirt that reached up into her feet glaring at her.

“Ms. Carter! This is the second time you disturbed the library. Quiet down before I kick you out of this library.” I could see her veins and wrinkles so clearly. I think I heard Sabrina muttered bitch or something.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Houston, I’ll be leaving anyways” she stands up and dusted off the invisible dirt from her short shorts and smiles at me “See you later, Jessica”

She waves a goodbye and left, followed by an angry looking librarian.

‘What was that about?’ I thought. I went back to reading my book. ‘Now where was I?’

When lunch was over, I head over to my next class. It was near the gym so I had no problem finding it. As I was walking to my Health class, I spotted the same orange-haired guy earlier who was now being pushed around by a couple of guys.

I hate bullies. Whenever I see them, my body would boil in anger. There’s a reason why I despised them. It all happened years ago, to my old childhood friend. But now, I’m not going to share that story yet.

There were bystanders watching the little scene that was happening right now. The little orange guy was pushed back, hitting the wall. Then the group of guys took his wallet and pulled out a couple of cash before shoving it into their back pockets. The victim did not do anything but accepted the fact that he was about get beat up and no one cares. But nope, I care. Even if I didn’t know him, I know I had to help him out. He reminds me so much of her. Because of her, I learned to do good things.

Before the little orange guy was about to get punched, I pushed my way into the crowds and stopped them by grabbing the guys arms and twisting it around. He winced in pain and cursed loudly. Before he could recover, I grabbed the orange-haired guy out to the nearest door and ran outside. Gladly, the group and the crowd didn’t get a chance to see my face because I’ve covered it up with my bangs. Plus, I had my hair down.

We ducked down one of the cars into the parking lot. The same group came out of the doors. The same guy who was near punching the orange dude was yelling at his comrades, telling them to find us. When they gave up, I stood up and started walking towards the other door while tying up my hair into a messy bun. I stopped when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder.

The same guy whom I saved earlier was panting hard. He looks like a mess. His orange curly hair was everywhere on his face.

“T-thank you… for earlier.”

“No problem” I smile at him and he did the same. Then I walked back into the school building. When I arrived near my health class, I heard a lot of yelling. I opened the door and found that the room was bigger than my other classes and there were more students. I think there were about 150 students right now. The class was about to start in 5 minutes and so far I see no vacant seat.

Then I hear someone yell my name.

“JESSICA!” I looked through the massive crowd of students and found a pair of arms waving in my direction. Leylah was waving at me and then pointed an empty chair in front of her. I made my way to her and noticed that Carly was seating next to me.

“Hey” Carly greets me and smiles. I sat down in my seat and smiles a bit. Leylah started playing with my hair.

“Aw, why did you put your hair up, Jesse?” I slap her hand away before she messes up my messy bun. Funny right? No one messes with my messy bun. I laugh silently at my own joke.

“You’re pretty when you smile” I blush when I look up and noticed that Sabrina was in front of me. I could feel the air thicken when Carly starts to give the glare into Sabrina. Sabrina, on the other hand, just smirked. She walks in front of the guy who was sitting beside me and taps his shoulder. His eyes widen when he sees Sabrina.

‘My oh, my. Is she really that popular? I mean duh, she’s a living model in front of you’

“Hey, do you mind if you give me your seat?” she asks sweetly while giving a seductive smile. Her hands start to travel into his bare arms, giving a soft massage and running it in circular motions. I heard someone yell slut. Following where the voice came from, there stood Nicole.

I sighed. ‘Why must she be in this class to?’

“Shut up Nicole” yelled Leylah, giving her a death glare too.

‘Seriously, what with the death glares? Carly and Sabrina. Now, Leylah and Nicole too?’

Nicole flipped her off, giving the finger and went back towards her group. When my eyes return back to Sabrina, I noticed that she was already sitting beside me. She smiles when she notices me looking at her.

‘Well, that was fast. Where did the dude go?’

I spotted the same guy who was now sharing a seat next to another guy. They were both squished up together, both engrossed in a conversation. Everyone stops talking and moving when a handsome man walks into the class. He ran a hand through his spiky orange hair as he sets down a stack of papers into the front table near the board. He is a fairly tall, lean-built young man with peach skin and brown eyes. He was well built with abs faintly showing through his black sleeveless shirt. He was one sexy man.

There were a couple of whistles and whispers from the girls. A bunch of groans from the boys but a silence from me. Surprisingly, Leylah, Sabrina, and Carly’s faced stayed the same expression as mine.


“Holy shit! Woo-hoo sexy” Nicole yelled while high fiving her group mates. Leylah turned around and glared at their group telling them to shut up. Then she leaned in near me, giving me goosebumps at her closeness.

“I need to talk to you later” she whispers. I nod slowly.

The teacher coughs and gains our full attention once again.

“Good morning class, welcome to your first health class. Today we will be having a teen talk… meaning our discussion will be on female and male parts… and especially a teenager’s favorite topic” he stops and looks at the class.


Everyone yells in excitement and started yelling around and high fiving people, while I groaned to myself.

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