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Chapter 7

Sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The three topics that we’ve gone through so far, and now the teacher is discussing female body. We’ve talked about the face, the body, and now we’re talking about down there. Yeah you know, the V-word. This must’ve been the worst class ever I’ve attended.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Sabrina whose face looks very entertained to this topic, along with other guys. Carly and Leylah, on the other hand, are being mature and staying neutral unlike me whose face is as red as a tomato. To be honest, I’ve never had the ‘talk’. Mainly, because my father or mother wasn’t really there to teach me about it. Another thing is that I refused to talk about embarrassing things. But I do know some ‘things’ when I encounter some erotic scenes while reading a book.

“So as you can see. Both male and female parts have similarities. If you take a look here” He points to where the core of the female’s genital, right in the middle. Oh my god. Some kids started laughing while the teacher just smiles. He started talking about the types of fluids that come out there. Of course, the first thing that came out was s e x fluid or c u m. One of the guys started laughing so hard and started imitating a woman who’s about to get an orgasm.

“Oh yeah… Yes, it’s coming!!” screams one guy in a black shirt and ripped jeans. He was one of Nicole’s group mates. Nicole was laughing her ass off while she starts helping out the guy do their ‘thing’.

“LIVE S E X GUYS. WHOOO!” someone yelled on the front row. The teacher wasn’t even stopping it. But for sure, this thing that’s happening right now is affecting me. My face burned with embarrassment for I’ve never ever seen things like this. Soon, Nicole and the guy were in a make out position, eating off their faces as they make moaning and slurping sounds. I had to close my ears with my hands to prevent myself from hearing them.

Someone gently rubs my back and I flinched. Turning around, I see Leylah with a sad face but still smiling. She mouths “I’m sorry” and just rested her head on my back.

“Don’t mind those idiots there.” She says.

“Mhhm. Kay”. Not really. I am so not okay. I want to get out of here fast.

“Can… Can I just rest here? My head hurts all of a sudden. I nod in reply and turned my attention back to the front. For a moment, I thought Carly was looking at me, or Leylah. But I wasn’t sure. Her attention was in the front as well.

“Okay, guys cut it. Do that outside!” Finally, the teacher does something. Kids started going back to their seats, whining about how that was so not cool to break in the heat of the moment. When everyone finally had settled down, the teacher walked near the door and turned off the lights. All of a sudden a picture of a naked man and a woman shows up on the projector. That just ignited the bomb, because everyone started whistling, yelling, and screaming. This seriously is something.

“Shut up class. We will be learning every inch of their body. We’ve talked about it but now it’s time to show”. Good thing these pictures weren’t real people. I feel the weight come off from my back and turned to see Leylah smiling at me. I smiled back.

“The s e x organs, which scientists call the genitalia or genitals, are the parts of the body that allow sexual reproduction. They are also for urination, to remove waste products from the body.” The teacher starts the lesson. I swear everyone was so into this topic.

“The genitals are the main parts of the human body that make men and women different. Some parts of the genitals are outside the body, while other parts are inside. In a man, his external genitals are the boy part and the scrotum.” The teacher points to the male genital and every girl and boy went loud.

“That thing is small!” one girl shrieked and shook her head laughing, which was then followed by the class.

The teacher tells her to shut up and continues with this lesson. “Inside his body, the testicles produce sperm and a substance called testosterone which makes a person grow into a man and to feel like a man. Other glands produce a fluid called s e m e n.”

“…where we cum after our ladies had sucked our shits out of us.” Someone continued. Again, the bomb exploded.

“These people are so immature” I heard Carly whisper. Yeap, totally agree with that. On the other hand, Sabrina looked so bored. Not until the teacher started talking about the women’s body part.

The teacher explained the part of a woman’s genitals that is outside her body is called the vulva. Inside her body are the V-word, which holds the boy part during sexual intercourse; the uterus, where the baby is born; the ovaries, which produce ova and a substance called estrogen which makes a person, grow into a woman and to feel like a woman; and the Fallopian tubes, which connect the ovaries to the uterus.

Like a spark of a light, Sabrina came back to her senses and started grinning when she sees the woman’s genital.

“I can make ’em Vs come hard and fast,” says the guy who was making out with Nicole earlier. Nicole nods in agreement while some gave him a high five.

Just then Sabrina started laughing. “Oh, poor Colen. How many women have you f*cked?”

Sabrina tapped into her chin as if thinking “Oh right. It was only Nicole and that girl with herpes, right? Well tell you, boy, I can make a girl’s dream come true.”

The class started laughing while some girls started blushing furiously. What the hell is happening? The boy called Colen looked at Sabrina angrily while Nicole just smirks.

“When was the last time you ate a pussy Sabrina?” someone asked. Now I’m even more confused. Isn’t that cannibalism? Who the hell would eat a… my thought was interrupted when I heard a burst of laughter.

Carly and Leylah started laughing hard, while Sabrina looks at me in disbelief.

“Oh ..my god. That was so freaking funny, Jess. Good one. Good one” Leylah keeps laughing, along with Carly. I just looked at them like a dumb deer. What’s happening? Did I say something wrong?

When Carly finally stopped, she explained: “What that dude meant was when the last time Sabrina fucked a girl was.” Realization hit me and I started blushing in embarrassment. That was deeply not cool. But this means she plays both sides? I never really met anyone like that before. This extremely is making me uncomfortable.

Sabrina answers my questions when she said “I’m bisexual. But I play mostly on the girl team.” She winks at me and I buried my head lower into the table. I just noticed she ignored the question that was asked earlier and just sits there quietly. The teacher went on with more information that just led me into the world of real-life teenagers.


I can’t help to take my eyes off of her. Ever since yesterday, I couldn’t take my mind off her. She was nice, but it seemed like she was trying to push everyone away from her. It’s like she only wanted to be by herself. During health class, I stole a few glances at Jessica. I smiled every time her face would turn red when the teacher would say something embarrassing.

Also, I never thought she was that pure, innocent, and … funny. She was literally trying hard not to stare at Colen and Nicole’s intense make out. But what made me laugh was when she asked herself loudly what another guy asked Sabrina. Eventually, Leylah and I were able to hear herself ask “Isn’t that Cannibalism?” she whispers.

My stomach hurt after laughing for 5 minutes. Leylah was getting teary-eyed and so was I. The look on Sabrina’s face was totally shocking. I never thought Jessica would be this funny and entertaining. I love her innocence.

“What that dude meant was when the last time Sabrina fucked a girl was,” I explained. She mouthed an O as she finally realized what it meant and started blushing again. She tried hiding it but it was too obvious, even Sab noticed.

Sabrina smirked and said “I’m bisexual. But I play mostly on the girl team.” Then she winks at Jessica, whose red face turned darker. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but feel jealous.

She and I had a huge history behind us. But it’s not like we were together. In fact, she was my ex-best friend. My thoughts flew away as the teacher went back with his lesson.

3 years ago.

“Sabby, I’m serious. I-I… I think I like him” I told her.

Sabrina and I were only 13 years old back then. During our junior high years, I met this guy named Glen. He was the school’s best musician and singer. I fell in love with him when he played my favorite song with his band. It was only 3 months since we met, but I felt myself falling at Glen. He was scintillating, funny, conscientious, and convivial.

We got closer when a teacher assigned us as partners for a science project. I didn’t he had a huge passion for space as well. That got us stuck into this night dreamy world. We would talk about anything relating to space —planets, stars, asteroids, comets, space flights, and many more.

After our science project was finished, we received 100% full marks onto it. Then, what I didn’t expect was when Glen took me out high in the mountains near the outside city. We took his telescope and gazed under the blankets of stars. It was beyond magical and beautiful. They were like diamonds up in heaven. During that day we talked and laughed. Then, after a long silence, he unexpectedly kissed me. That was when I ran away to Sabrina’s house.

I had told her everything that happened. We both argued about it while she looked at me with wide eyes.

“You what?!” she yelled, her hands running through her hair in frustration. “Please tell me you two are not together”

I shook my head “No. I told you I ran away. I took the bus to get here”.

She motioned me to sit next beside her so I did. There was pure silence between us until she spoke.

“You shouldn’t”.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Don’t be with him. He..he’s not good for you.” She sighed and stood up walking towards the door, opening it halfway. Then she turned around, a tear escaping her eye. “Just please don’t.”

The next week we didn’t speak to one another. I spend time with Glen and we both got together. It was one of the best moments of my life. During that time Sabby kept warning me about him again and again. It was getting annoying so I ignored her that whole week. A month has passed; Gale and I were still doing okay, just a few misunderstandings and arguments. Sabby stopped trying after 2 weeks of being ignored.

One day, my Physed class had just finished and we headed towards the changing room to change. The girls discussed how Mrs. Boyd was being so strict with us that she had to make us run for 20 minutes straight. After I headed towards my English class with Ms. Duncan. She was a very nice teacher, that’s why I did well in her class. I checked my phone for Glen’s messages but there was none. Usually, he’d text me every break for each class. Weird I thought.

Halfway through the class, I asked the teacher if I could go to the washroom. Taking the hall pass with me, since no one is allowed to be in the hallways during classes, I sprinted towards the girl’s bathroom. The one near the English class was locked. I didn’t want to go upstairs. Luckily, a custodian was walking by so I called after him and asked if he could open the washroom. When he opened the door, I realized that that was when the world was coming down to me.

In front of me were Sabby and Glen in a full make out positions. They were almost half naked. When they heard the door burst open, I caught a guilty looking boyfriend with an angry, smirking best friend. She was right. I was going to hurt. Before they could say anything, I went off away. Away from that room. Away from them. Far away from those memories. That was the last time I talked to Sabby.

Until this year. When Jessica came.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder, bringing me back to the real world. I turned around and met Sabrina’s eyes. What the hell does she want from me? Great, right after I had just remembered the past.

“What do you want?!” I asked loudly, slapping her arms away from my shoulders where it rested for a couple of seconds.

She sighed then pointed towards a yellow sticky note that was sitting on my desk. I raised an eyebrow at her. Don’t tell me that’s her sorry letter after all these years.

“You were daydreaming, so Jessica just left a note. She was asking you if you were fine since you weren’t paying attention to her. Leylah also asked if you were okay.” She said.

“Why do you even care? I mean… why even bother telling me this? All you do is take the important people away from me!” I spotted at her.

I ignored for a moment as I open the note.

It read ‘We were told to be partners for a Health assignment, but you were kind of spacing out. –Jessica’

I smiled at the note, then someone cleared their throat obnoxiously. I grabbed my backpack and swung it into my arms before walking out of the doors.

But before I could take another step out the door, Sabrina yanked me back to the empty classroom and stared intently at my eyes.

“What do you want this time?”

She didn’t answer for a moment; she just stared at me for another minute until she said


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