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Chapter 8


“What do you want this time?” she asked while crossing her arms as she leaned back at the wall. I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful eyes. I’ve always admired them since we were kids.

Without even realizing, I told her “You.”

Her eyes widen for a bit then let out a nervous laugh. She gave me those glares that she’s been giving me for the past years. Back then since junior high, I helplessly fell in love with my best friend. But without my luck, she fell in love with a boy. She would always talk about him every time we have sleepovers. Her eyes would glint in excitement and then blush whenever she complimented Glen.

During those years, I felt hurt. Especially during that last sleepover we had. She told she likes him, and that he might like her as well. I didn’t like hearing her say that. It shattered my heart. So I did whatever I had to do in order to keep her away from him. But it didn’t work. She ignored my warnings and basically me, her best friend for 2 weeks. I gave up soon and came up with a plan. One day, Glen was walking on the hallways looking angry and furious about something. I seduced him. That ended with us making out and getting caught by a crying Carly. It was very hard not to avoid her during the last junior year and into high school. We eventually became enemies. She was nice, I was not. I became a player because of these feelings.

“What kind of joke is this, Sab? I don’t have enough time. I need to get to my next class” she looked at her watch and sighed.

I love the sound of her voice, her smell, and everything about her. Later on, I found myself leaning even closer just to get a better view of her appearance and smell her fragrant. When she turned her head around, we were only inches apart. Her eyes widen in shock and pushed me away very hard, I nearly hit the table.

“What the fuck are you doing? Don’t get me involve with your dirty games Sabrina.” She yelled and then left the room, leaving me alone.

“I… I just wanted to say sorry… and that I love you” I whispered in particular. I ran a hand through my blonde hair and headed towards my next class, which is the gym.

‘Great, now I get to see her again’ I rolled my eyes and then thought about getting late for my next class. I turned around and went outside the school doors and took out my camera.


We were changing inside the change room. It was kind of awkward for me. Everyone was literally taking all of their clothes out, not minding whether someone was looking or not. Most of the girls were there except one in particular.

‘Speaking of Sabrina, I haven’t seen her yet.’ Someone barged into the door loudly and every girl shrieked. I had to close my ears with my hands to prevent my ears from bleeding. Girl screams are the worst.

A very looking pissed Carly came in, not even bothering that she forced her way towards some girls… and me, towards the empty bench. I nearly fell when her shoulder bumped my back. She didn’t apologize or anything. Instead, she just sat there in one of the benches and placed her hands on her head while letting out a loud grunt. Everyone looked at her for a moment and then went back to whatever they were doing.

As for me, I was still holding onto one of the bench armrest, the one I used to prevent myself from falling.

“Hey, are you okay?” I turned around say Leylah who was in the process of taking off her shirt and shorts. I stare at her flat stomach once they became visible in my eyes and up to her red bra. When her shirt was finally off, I quickly looked away; afraid that she might catch me looking.

“Y-yeah” I quickly straighten myself and sat down on the bench. I stared at the opposite wall in front of me, where Carly was sitting at. She still hadn’t move and still had her hands in her head.

“What’s wrong with her?” asked Leylah who followed where my eyes where. I shrugged. Some girls had already gone out and there were only about 7 people left changing, including me, Carly, and Leylah.

Leylah had finished pulling her black shorts and then asked “And… why aren’t you changed yet?”

“Oh” was all I said. “I… I don’t like changing around people” I admitted. Leylah slowly nodded her head, understanding what I meant.

“I see. By the way, um…” she paused then threw her jeans and shirt into her gym bag and continued “Never mind. I’ll just see you after school at your locker. Remember, I needed to tell you something”.

She smiled then left. I didn’t even notice it was only Carly and me that was in the change room still. What now? Do I start changing? Changing with someone was never my thing. Even if I were best friends with that person.

I didn’t want to get changed. Carly was still here, and I was still self-conscious about my body. No one had ever seen my body, even a small part of my skin except for my parents (during my childhood times) and my dog.

‘Speaking of Rona, my puppy who was back in Ontario. I miss her’

She was my only best friend, even if she wasn’t human. My uncle got her for me for my 12th birthday. We were never in good terms in the beginning. But then she fell in love with me when I started giving her more treats. I laughed inside my head remembering the good past. I spoiled Rona too much. I wonder if Uncle Wills was taking good care of her.

For a moment I let myself drift into the good memories with my family and relatives in Ontario. From the part where we were still a family, to my 5th birthday party, and to make lots of friends on my elementary and junior years. But then I frowned when I remembered my mother’s death. I had just announced them that I had gotten into the school’s soccer team. The next month, I found out my mother had gotten into an accident. That was the most horrible past I had.

Someone broke into my thoughts when Carly cleared her throat loudly. She was kneeling in front of me, only wearing a bra and a pair of blue shorts. I blushed when I looked down into her cleavage. They were quite round and big.

“Are you okay?” she asked. I hadn’t bothered looking up since my eyes were still stuck down there while traveling around her stomach.


“O-oh… what?” I finally said. I was sure my face was as red as Leylah’s bra.

“You were a bit quiet earlier and I was afraid I might have scared you or something” she laughed for a bit but still smiling. She stood up and sat next to me. I was ten times more nervous than earlier.

I didn’t say anything, I just stayed silent.

“I’m sorry earlier. I was a bit moody.” she held her hands together while looking down at the floor. I noticed her eyebrows move as if she was confused and angry at the same time.

“It’s okay” I whispered. Her eyes lit up and smiled even wider at me. I like that. She’s happier now than earlier.

For some reason, I had the courage to speak up “Why were you like that?” I asked. She looked at me confusedly for a while. Then I continued “I… I mean.. you were kind off earlier as well during health class. Is there something wrong?”

She looked at me, not saying anything. Then a smile appeared on her face, maybe a smirk.

“Wow” was all she said while gasping.

“… W-what?” I asked nervously. Was I butting in too much? Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t have said that. We’re not even friends.

“… I-I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to butt into your problems. Forget I asked”

She laughed and then scooted so her bare shoulders were slightly touching mine.

“It’s okay. It’s just… Sabrina, that’s it.” She sighed then her face returned the same earlier. Her frown was deeper this time.

“Well, I don’t know what has happened between you two. I don’t even know if you’re friends or enemies or something but problems will never be solved if you two never talk about. Someone has got to take the step… I mean both have to. If you want to get into good terms again, then I suggest you talk to her. I’m not saying you’re at fault. I don’t even know what your problem is or you and her fighting about. All I noticed is that you two are not on good terms since this morning”

Okay, did I just say that? Since when did I become caring? When have I had the courage to talk to someone or encourage them to do something? No. This is so not me. I saw her open her mouth before closing it again. I laugh. For the first time, I laughed publicly at someone. It was real. Then a real smile came after that.

I don’t what’s been happening to me these days but I was kind of glad to be making friends again. Or something like that.

Before she could say something, I grabbed my bag and started walking towards the stalls.

“Where are you going?” she yelled. I stopped then turned around and saw her smiling again.

I blush a bit, still seeing her in a bra and shorts. “… I’m kind of not comfortable changing with someone.” Then I opened one of the stalls and changed.

I didn’t hear anything after that. I was standing over there in front of the toilet, particularly looking at nothing. There was silence, so I thought Carly must’ve left after fully changing. I let a few minutes pass, knowing that I was late already since the bell rang (the one that beeped when warm-ups start). After, I started changing.

I had removed my sweater and t-shirt and was only in my black bra. I was in the process of removing my black jeans, which were already halfway below my legs when the door at my stall suddenly opened. I had screamed, like one of the girls earlier when a very shocked Sabrina stood in front of me and yelled


I had forgotten to lock the door earlier and now here I am grabbing whatever I could find to hide my body from Sabrina. She just stood there, while I held tight into my sweater, which was covering my upper body. My legs were exposed though and I noticed Sabrina’s eyes traveled down there. I felt embarrassed and my cheeks burned red.

“Umm…” I said awkwardly, trying to get her attention.

“Oh,” she said while her eyes were still glued to my legs, just like what I had been doing earlier at Carly.

Then I heard her mutter “Shit” again, and then quickly slammed the door closed in front of my face.

‘Okay?’ I thought.

“I’m so fucking sorry” she yelled and then I heard her bag being thrown into the floor because I heard a loud ‘Thump’.

I quickly finished changing, not wanting to get another person to burst open inside my stall. When I walked out, I saw Sabrina applying lotion to her legs. She was like one of those girls in commercials where they advertised the lotion by applying it in their legs slowly and smoothly. Her hands went down near her feet and then slowly went up into her legs. I licked my lips as I watched her repeat the same process again until she looked at me and noticed that I was looking at her.

Quickly I hid my face from her and walked out of the doors, not bothering to look back where temptation was slowly eating me out alive.

‘What is going with me?’ I thought. Since when did I become attracted to people? Especially women. I had just realized that today, I gawked over 3 girls. And their names are Leylah, Carly, and Sabrina.

“Francis you’re late!” yelled the angry looking teacher who was shooting daggers at me. All students look at me. Some looked at me with sympathy, while some laughed or stayed quiet. Soon I heard a door being closed.

“And you too Carter. I cannot believe this! You’ve been always late this week. What am I going to do with you?!” the teacher looked angrier earlier. Sabrina stood beside me and smirked.

“Well maybe if you’re class had something better to do then I wouldn’t be bored as hell,” she said. My eyes widen in shock. Wow, I never thought she was this bad. Not only was she bad to my heart, but also the teachers.

The teacher’s hand curled up into a fist, clearly showing that he was angry. “YOU TWO. GO UP THERE AND DO LAPS FOR ME FOR THE REST OF THE CLASS” He pointed towards the upper gym, which was the second floor.

Sabrina grabbed my hand then walked towards the upper gym, along with me following her back while still blushing. Her hands felt soft, like feathers. I like it. Wait, what am I saying?

‘Great. I’ve never ever got in trouble before. Man, this girl was trouble for me’.

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