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Chapter 9


‘Holy fudge’

I’ve never ever cursed so much in my life until I came here in Colorado. I bet if my uncle hears me cussing, he would have scolded me for long hours. But hey, I can’t help it can I? Just watching Sabrina run in front of me with her sweat practically dripping down on her neck and watching her hips move gives me the chill.


I gotta stop doing that, seriously. And I need to stop being a pervert. Purposely slowing down yourself and get behind a hot chick so you could just check her ass, I mean self, out is a sin. I wonder when my mind started doing all of these things. Emmie would’ve sure laughed at me.

“Woah Jes-” I wasn’t paying attention to anything and just let my mind wander which was totally not a good idea because Sabrina had stopped and I didn’t, so I bumped into her. She almost fell but was glad she took hold of my hand, in which I never knew how or when I held it out to her. Weird. My body really does function by itself

“I’m so sorry,” I said while pulling her up.

Sabrina smiled and told me it was no biggie. We decided to take a break since we’ve been running for the past 20 minutes and we were both panting hard like a dog.

Sitting down on the cold hard floor by myself, I decided not to take the risk of sitting beside her. Who knew what might my body do this time?

But no, looking at the corner of my eye, Sabrina approaches and sits down beside me, our shoulders nearly touching. I looked straight down to where my classmates were in order to distract myself from her and held my hand to my chest - I could feel my heart beating fast.

It’s been days since I started attending this stupid high school and I could already see the changes on me, which I do not like at all. First, I’ve started cursing out a lot. Second, what happened to low profile and not talking to people? Third, why do they even try so hard to befriend me? I’m practically a nerd outside but a bookaholic inside. Wait, is that even a word? Oh well.

“I don’t get the difference and it’s unfair. We were just 10 minutes late.” Sabrina said.

I look over at her and watched as she was taking her shirt off. My eyes traveled up and down her marvelous body but were disappointed when there was clothing underneath.

‘Wai- Oh my, I shouldn’t be watching. God, I’m such a creep and a pervert now’

I immediately snapped my head back straight, looking at the crowd of students below again. But my eyes betrayed me. They kept glancing over my shoulder to see Sabrina in her white sleeveless that showed off her perfect skin. I decided not to get distracted so I went into my bag and searched for my water bottle. Minutes of searching passed and my hand couldn’t take hold of my water bottle.

‘Where did it go? Oh crap, I must’ve forgotten it’ I sighed and decided to give up on it.

“Here, you can have some” Sabrina held out her pink water bottle. Pfft, so girly. I looked at her suspiciously, why is she being nice to someone like me?

“What? It’s not poisoned or anything. Here just take it” She threw me the water bottle and thank god I was able to catch it. I opened the lid and drank it till it was empty because I was so thirsty. When I finished, I gave it back to her. But then when I looked at her, she has that smirk on her face again.

“Huh?” This time she shook her head but I did notice that grin in her face. Oh, it must be that. I blushed hard, then she started laughing.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I-I..” I was stuttering hard. Gah, I hate this.

“You finally get it, huh?”

“I- I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry again... I didn’t mean to finish it, I’m going to buy you a new one.” I stood up immediately and grabbed my wallet from my bag. She had that look of surprise and then confusion.

“Oh” her mouth formed that ‘O’ shape.

“I’ll be back”. I said, turning down the stairs. I mean, why the disappointment? Isn’t that what she wanted. Whatever.

“Fuck” I muttered. Here I am again, cursing at things that I don’t like to happen. I’ve placed my 2 dollars into the machine and it won’t give me the damn water bottle.

Out of frustration, I kicked the vending machine hard. Of course, that was really stupid cause now my foot hurts.

“Ugh dammit!” I held onto my foot while jumping, trying to contain my balance from falling. Then all of a sudden I heard someone giggle behind me.

A girl who was a bit taller than me winked at me when I turned around. She has long black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Her hair contained with dark brown highlights.

“Need help with that?” she asked in a British accent. She moved closer beside me and kneeled down in front of the vending machine. She was wearing a Frida Kahlo Muscle Tee and Zip-Cuff Jodhpur Pants that hugged her long legs. She stood up after and tapped her Lace-Up Buckled Combat Boots and looked at my way.

A familiar smirk like Sabrina’s grew in her face. “Watch this”

Using her combat boots, she kicked the vending machine hard that it shook and a loud “BOOM” echoed through the empty hallways. I jumped a bit, startled by the sound. Then I heard a ‘clunck’ sound and about 3 cans came out of the vending machine.

‘Woah I only paid for one’

“You bought 3?” she asked while getting the cans from the vending machine.

“Umm. N-no... just 1” A smile grew on her face as she gave me 2 cans in my hand.

“I get to keep the other one because I helped you out. Oh, and by the way, my name is Sarah. I’m a new student here and I have no idea where to go so if you could help me out?” she held out her hand. A handshake?

She immediately pulled back her hand when she noticed that I was just staring at it “Oh sorry, it’s just common in our country to do handshakes when we greet someone”

She lightly scratched the back of her neck and laughed nervously “Anyway. I’m going to start again. Um Hey,” she held a brofist in front of me. Again, I looked at her quietly.

“Uhh no?” this time she kept her hands in her pocket and just shrugged it off. “Whatever”

Then, I burst out laughing. I couldn’t handle it, I mean this girl... I thought she was some kind of tough, don’t-get-in-my-way kind. She pouted at me and then punched my arm lightly

“Stop laughing! It’s not even funny. Ugh, and here I thought you were one quiet decent girl I could talk to”

After she said that, I immediately shut up. As in clamped my mouth with both of my hands. It was now her turn to laugh.

“Anyway, I believe this is the gym?” she asked me while peeking into one of the small windows in the door.

“Yeah. We have class right now.” I said quietly.

“Cool! Now you will introduce me as your friend to the teacher so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for being late” she started dragging my hand and opened the door.

When the door slammed shut loudly behind us, all of our classmates turned into our way. Me, still being dragged on by this stunning beautiful model like girl tried to snatch my hand away but she wouldn’t let me. I sighed as we came in front of the teacher.

“YOU! New student! And what the hell Francis did I tell you? When did you sneak out? YOU TWO UP THERE... NOW! No excuses, your grades for today are 0.” The teacher yelled at us. He was even more frustrated than yesterday. This side of him really is scary. Now I know why John warned me about him one day.

I sighed and dragged Sarah, who looked shocked and confuse, back upstairs.

“What a bitch!” I heard her say.


As soon as we got upstairs, I was met by a girl, who was wearing a pair of short shorts with a white sleeveless that was covered by sweat whose arms were crossed and was throwing a pair of daggers into my way... wait more like to Sarah’s way.

I lifted a brow and followed where Sabrina’s eyes were. They were digging holes into Sarah’s. On the other hand Sarah looked confused but then she replaced that by a grin on her face.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Sarah, umm... her friend” Sarah greeted, holding out her hand to her like what she did to me earlier. She turned my way and looked at me.

I whispered at her “I-It’s Jessica”

Sarah nodded and looked back at Sabrina again, whose eyebrows were raised. But then after, she took Sarah’s hand and shook it... quiet hardly cause I saw Sarah’s face winced in pain but she quickly covered it up.

“Oh Hello cousin. Nice to see you back” Sabrina smiled. They both held their eyes at each other and I could feel the same tension as Sabrina’s and Carly’s. I just hoped I was wrong.

Woah. Cousin, what?

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