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You can't fix a broken heart

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Everything was fine in Nate's life until he showed up and ruined everything.

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…A loud annoying beeping woke me up in the morning. I groaned, Mondays are the worst. I opened my eyes and I realized I didn’t have an alarm clock. It was just my brother being as annoying as ever. I sat up and stretched. The blanket slid down my chest as the cold air hit me. I slept with only boxers on so I was used to the cold air. I quickly went through my closet deciding what to wear. I decided on a plain grey shirt with the words, “Don’t bother me until I’ve had coffee.” Plot twist I don’t drink coffee. I laughed at my own jokes. My brother had already left the house to go walk with his friends.

A loud knock came from the door. I groaned as I walked over and look through the peephole. I saw Jake standing there. Jake and I have been dating for the past 4 months. I opened the door as more cold air traveled inside. He stepped inside and removed his jacket revealing his muscles beneath his tight t-shirt. His light brown hair had been messily made.

“I see you haven’t eaten yet,” He smiled as he eyed the food.

“Ha, it’s all for me! None of it is for you,” I laughed evilly and walked to the table.

He followed me and sat in the chair opposite of mine. His hand reached across and grabbed mine. I looked up into his sparkling eyes and swallowed the food I was eating.

“You are coming to the basketball game right?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course! Without my support, you would lose!” I smiled.

“Yes! I knew I could count on my cheerleader,” he smirked.

I kicked him under the table. Unfortunately, it was true I went to every one of his games and cheered loudly at each one. However, I also had a sport to play. I played football and I have played it since I was 8. I play wide receiver which is one of the people the quarterback passes to if you didn’t know. I love football almost as much as I love Jake. Jake has always been there for me and I don’t remember a time when he was supporting me. We watch each other’s backs and I feel like our relationship could go on forever.

I finished eating quickly and we hurried off to school. The frosty wind whipped against our faces as we trekked towards the prison yard known as school. Jake held my hand the whole way down to school. Everyone at school knew that we were dating especially since Jake was the star quarterback.

“Jathan!” A girl shouted across the yard.

“Maggie! What’s up?” I said trying to be as “chill” as possible.

“Hmm not much except that there’s a new kid coming to our school today,” Maggie jumped up and down.

“How’d you find out?” Jake asked.

“Boy, I am the gossip queen,” she said emphasizing “boy”.

The three of us entered inside and we met up with the over half of our crew, Taylor, Mason, and Micah. Mason and Micah were twins but they had totally different styles. Micah was more of the jock look while Mason was more conservative and went with nice clothes. Taylor was the total opposite of Maggie and was very silent but thoughtful.

“Hey,” Mason and Micah said in synch.

It’s creepy when twins do that. I wish I had a twin so we could scare people like that.

“Hi,” I replied softly.

We stood in a circle while we talked.

“My back is killing me,” Micah groaned.

“Is it because you’re a bottom?” Taylor smirked.

“I am not a freaking bottom,” Micah growled.

“The guys you date are so dominant I’m pretty sure you’re bottom,” Mason laughed.

“See even your straight brother agrees that you’re bottom,” Maggie snickered.

Mason wrapped his arm around Taylor. Taylor leaned up against Mason. The twins looked almost too similar. Their light brown hair and their lightly tanned skin. They were about 5′8" and easily scared off other people.

“Guys, we better go to class,” Micah encouraged.

“Ha, someone is just trying to hide the fact that he takes it,” Mason nudged.

The school day bored on and it was not much happening until after school. Maggie ran up to me with her black hair bouncing up and down.

“THERE IS A NEW KID IN THE CLASS!!” She shouted loud enough for the kids within a mile to hear us.

“Really? Who is it?” I asked desperately.

“Some kid named Cody,” She smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” I asked confused.

“He is definitely gay,” She whispered.

“How can you be so sure?” I wondered.

“I might’ve told him a little bit about you,” She mumbled.

“MAGGIE!” I whisper shouted.

“AGH, I can’t deal with this. I have Football,” I continued.

I stormed off towards the locker room. I entered the locker room quickly and I went to my locker. I saw a boy standing in the same locker row. He had his shirt off and had shoulder padding on. He looked to be in deep thought. The little light provided by the lightbulbs above showed his defined abs. He had a brown hair with a mixture of blonde hair. He noticed that I was there and shook off whatever he was thinking about.

“Hey, I heard you’re the rainbow receiver,” He smiled at me.

“Ha, you must be the person that Maggie talked about,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” He said.

“Well, I’ll see you out there,” I said smiling.

“Yep,” He nodded before putting on the jersey and running out.

I questioned the fact that he was gay as Maggie said. As I walked out onto the field, I saw that there were 3 quarterbacks there rather than the normal 2 that we had. Cody was a quarterback. Hmm, that would make things interesting for Jake. I felt two arms wrap around me. I spun around to see Jake standing there. He looked down at me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I wondered whether Jake would be the star quarterback or Cody.

“Good luck today babe,” He whispered.

“You too,” I whispered back.

We stood chest to chest for quite some time before we went off to our respective areas. Mason played wide receiver as well. That was how we became friends.

“So is that Cody?” He asked in a hushed voice.

“Yeah. He’s ripped.” I laughed quietly.

“I wonder what school he came from,” He said.

“Yeah, I don’t remember seeing him when we played other schools,” I replied.

“Well, let’s go kick the other receivers’ butts!” He joked.

After practice, I stood waiting for Jake to show up. As I waited Cody walked up and he noticed me. He ran over to where I was.

“Hello.” He smiled.

“Hey, How did practice go?” I asked.

“Good, I felt that Jake was being a little aggressive though,” He said.

“Hmm, he’s not a very aggressive person normally,” I said softly.

“Well, I’ll see you later!” He waved but didn’t move further away. He almost leaned for a kiss as our faces were close to one another. He quickly pulled back making me as confused as ever.

I think I might be in love.

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