Keep Your Promises by Sabitha Kiritharan

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Chapter Three

I was feeling alone, and needed serious help on my case, and I knew of only one person, I could go to Trey. He had been my best friend since primary school, when he had saw me alone, and we had gotten so close, over our likes for chocolate, food, and our dislikes for Ashley. That made us even more closely. I saw Trey, he was walking towards me with brown hair and shiny green sparkling eyes, and he smiles when he sees me, and run towards me, and gives me a warm big hug.

To everybody else, who didn’t know us, Trey and I would seem like a couple hugging each other, but we knew the truth. Trey was gay, and it was so cool, having a gay best friend. It was so cool, having a gay best friend. I didn’t really mind, as long as Trey was happy, and he was, that was all that matters to me.

Our friendship was special, and having a gay best was cool. It allows us to go shopping together, and well paint our nails, well I paint my nails, and Trey would check out the cute guy there, and then we would go shopping together, and we would buy clothes, check out guys together, and rate them out of ten; one that he was a jerk, or not our time, ten meaning he’s perfect, lets kidnap him. Well, we wouldn’t really kidnap anyone, well I wouldn’t. Maybe Trey would, after all Trey always said that it would be fun, and cool.

Trey has had one boyfriend before his name was Ashlee, and no not Ashley from our year group, Ashlee as in seventeen year old guitarist who plays in Trey band the forgotten souls. It was Trey, Ashlee, an nineteen year old guy called James who plays the guitar, fifteen year old Leo, who plays the other guitar, but he also sings, and the lead singer Rocky, he was an seventeen year old heartthrob with spiky blue hair, and he would always wear a ring on his pinkie. Trey said that he could be gay, not that Trey seemed to mind.

“How are you my beautiful best friend Scar bear?” Trey calls to me, calling me by my nickname, which he enjoys to call me by.

“I’m fine, Trey love,” I call to Trey, calling him by his loving nickname, which I and his grandmother would call him.

“You know I hate that name,” Trey tells me, messing up my hair.

I mess with Trey's hair, knowing that his hair means the whole world to him.

“Well, you will always be my Trey love,” I state to Trey, pouting at him affectionately.

“Well, yes. I guess I am that adorable, its hard isn’t it. I know you want me Scarlett, I am after all too resistible, and handsome, but you can’t keep your claws on me, I’m into guys my beautiful.” Trey tells me.

“Number one, I don’t want you, Trey, I love you, but as my friend, and you’re handsome, but not my type sorry,” I tell Trey, patting his shoulder affectionately.

“So who is more your type, is it the new boy in your class, Damien or something.” Trey begins to say.

“Damon, and no he is not my type either. Though he did show Ashley, which proves that he is quite a cool guy, but no I don’t like him Trey, don’t you know I have better taste than that, and if I did like him, wouldn’t I tell you.” I lie to Trey, biting my lip nervously.

“Oh, well if you ever want a boyfriend, Leo would do. I mean he has a massive crush on you and adores you loads, and he really is a nice guy.” Trey tells me.

“Well, Leo is younger than me,” I answer back.

“Only like a year and age doesn’t matter. It is the people who are in a relationship which matter in a relationship. The right kind of people and true strong love is all it is needed in a relationship. Also, plenty of trust is also needed. I mean in a relationship, you need to be able to know that your partner trusts you, and that you also trust them.” Trey tells me.

“Whatever love guru, I need your help, and I know you’re the only one, who is able to help me because you’re the only one I trust,” I tell Trey.

“What do you want know Scar bear. I hope it isn’t breaking into Damon house, and stealing his clothes or something.” Trey says, giggling at me.

“No, that’s disgusting. No way. No, this is something a lot more serious.” I say, with a stern face.

“Why are you looking so stern? And what could be serious or something?” Trey asks curiously.

“I need for both of us to go to the park,” I tell Trey.

“Why the park? I mean it is a lovely summer’s day, and I know there will be loads of fit guys working out.” Trey tells me, smiling happily, clicking his fingers together annoyingly.

“No, I don’t mean that we go to the park, just to look at the fit guys working out, but that would be an added bonus.” I tell Trey, shaking my head.

“Then what reason?” Trey asks me.

I fill Trey in, about my sister, and her battling cancer, as she lays there on the hospital bed motionless. I mention also about Darcy, and her been kidnapping. Last of all, I tell Trey about the promise I had given to Emma, the promise that I will find Darcy, and save her unharmed, and Emma would fight the battle of cancer, and win.

When I finish telling Trey that what has happened in my life, I look into his sparkling shiny green eyes, which are filled up with tears, tears gently trickle down his beautiful face, and Trey catches me watching, and wipes them gently, trying to smile.

I pat Trey affectionately on the shoulder, and I gasp suddenly as Trey hugs me tightly, I feel something wet on my shoulder, and I know that Trey is crying. Trey has always been the more emotional one of the group, he sobs hysterically on my shoulders, and I feel extremely discomfort, as I feel the pain of being squashed, not a nice feeling. Suddenly, Trey lets go off me, and looks at me with love.

“Oh Scarbear, you are my beautiful, strong brave Scarbear, how you must be feeling? I totally understand how you are feeling and the pain you go through, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Trey asks me, looking into my eyes.

I know that Trey understands, after all it was only two years ago, before his loving mother was killed, in a car accident, and then Trey’s dad, had left and found a younger glamorous stunning model, who he was currently married to. I knew he knows how I feel, because I can still remember how upset, and distraught he had been feeling, I know how much he cried himself to sleep, and how he always looks at his mother picture, and cries every day.

This was why I didn’t want Trey to know, at least Emma and Darcy were alive, I know that, and soon they both will be safe, and healthy, it wasn’t like they were dead or something, they both were still alive, and that brings me a ray of hope, hope that I would find them, and that they were both safe, hope which keeps my heart beating, and keeps me strong, and leads me to my victory.

Hope was a thing I held on like a balloon string, not wanting to let it go, it was so precious, I could not let it go, my life depends on it, and everybody else’s around me. Hope, and knowing what the risks were, but knowing the risks were all worth if I could save Darcy, and save Emma life, both, even if it meant risking my own.

“It doesn’t matter, come on let’s go!” I say, grabbing Trey for comfort, we walk to the park, which Emma had told me was the place where Darcy had been kidnapped.

It was so weird knowing that it looks just like a normal park, with normal people around. Mothers, with kids, the elderly enjoying the time out to get fresh air, teenagers all hip and cool, swaging through the park, and lovely merry couples, with their eyes on one another, strolling through the park, enjoying the view, and only seeing one another.

This made me feel scared. I wondered if one of them was the kidnapper, or if they were there when Darcy had been kidnapped. I wonder how Emma must have been feeling, when she came to the park that day. I bet she was happy, feeling though life was good for her, she came to spend time with her daughter, and enjoy the beautiful day. I look up, but use my hand to block away the radiant sun shining brightly above me.

Terror terrorizes me, knowing that how helpless and scared my sister must have felt. She must have been so lonely, and afraid, not knowing what to do. All she knew, was that her ray of sunshine, had been snatched away from her, she must have felt so upset, so frightened, and I was not there to help her. I will find Darcy Emma, don’t worry, I will. I take the photo which Emma, had taken off Darcy earlier on that day. I notice Darcy is wearing a beautiful green coat, with the letter D sown on it in red. If only I could find a clue, something which could lead me on in the case, something which I could use, to help find Darcy. There had to be something somewhere.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Trey asks me, curiously, looking around confused.

“We are going to find something, just evidence, maybe the coat Darcy wore, or her shoe, or even her hair ribbon, or hair. Something, which we can use as evidence, evidence that Darcy was kidnapped here, or that she was alive, or something which we could use to get fingerprints, or sample off.” I tell Trey.

“Okay. You really are smart Scarlett. Let’s go looking.” Trey tells me.

“I am smart,” I state as a fact.

“But, it has been so long, don’t you think the police have checked already, and the cleaners, and everybody else must have removed the evidence.” Trey tells me.

“There is always a little piece of evidence, even police forget, evidence that which nobody has noticed, or not taken any notice off, and the cleaners, don’t come here, for six months.” I tell Trey.

“That is good then, it’s good you have researched everything. Ok, we will go looking to find evidence.” Trey tells me, running off, in the other direction.

I begin searching through the park. I ask many people around, if they were there the day Darcy had been kidnapped, many of them said no. I gasp in relief, when an old woman tells me she was there, and had seen a guy kidnap her, but didn’t see his face, only that he was tall. I thanked the woman, at least knowing the kidnapper was a guy, a tall guy, there were many tall guys, but this at least helps me know that the kidnapper was in fact a tall guy.

“Look! Scar bear, look what I found, this is so cool. Come here!” Trey exclaims loudly.

I follow Trey voice, and I find him on the other side of the park, pointing at something with excitement. I wonder, what it is, and run towards him. I see that what Trey is gesturing to is a green coat, like the coat Darcy had wore. The strange thing about the coat was that it was wrapped in a plastic bag like somebody wanted us to find it. I see Trey about to touch it.

“Stop!” I exclaim loudly, stopping Trey from touching the coat, he didn’t know what his fingerprints could do to the case, it was evidence for goodness sake, didn’t he watch CSI, or something, and evidence could lead to the culprit.

“What is it?” Trey asks, sounding alarmed.

“This is evidence Trey; your fingerprints could mess with the evidence, and make you the culprit. Haven’t you watched CSI or something, where they show that evidence usually leads to the culprit?” I tell Trey, shaking my head at him.

“No, grandma doesn’t allow me to, she tells me CSI is bad, and dangerous, and shows a lot of gory, blood scenes. She only allows me to watch happy stuffy, or usually Ugly Betty, which grandma has recorded, she loves it.” Trey answers.

“That’s cool, but this is evident, let me take it carefully,” I tell Trey, taking out a pair of gloves before picking it up.

I slip on the plastic gloves, and then gently, take the green coat, and smile when I see it has the letter D sown on it. It felt as if someone had deliberately placed it here for us to find, but why would someone do that.

“You came prepared for it, didn’t you?” Trey tells me, gesturing to the plastic gloves.

“Yes I did, that was good wasn’t it. I am lucky of watching all those CSI shows, and seeing how they take the evidence, and keep it sealed, and shut, away from getting contaminated.” I tell Trey.

“So, what are you going to do with the coat now?” Trey asks me curiously.

“We are going to go to the police, and give them this evidence, and then they can reopen the case, and find the culprit or culprits,” I tell Trey.

“So, you think there is more than one person.” Trey tells me.

“Yes, and the police will have to reopen it,” I answer back.

“But, what if the police don’t, and tell us the case is just closed.” Trey points out.

“We’ll see, and then we’ll decide,” I tell Trey.

We run to the nearest police station, we step outside the police station, the burly black gates loom over us, trying to wrap us around, and I hear screams and shouting on.

“I have never been in a police station,” Trey mumbles to me.

“It’s not like, I come here either, it’s not like this is my home, and I have been here or something,” I reply.

I take Trey hand, and we walk inside, hand in hand, for comfort. I watch the police officer; stare at us, with his brown eyes. The guy, must be in his thirties, with twig legs, and a burly moustache, he catches me looking at his moustache, and then smoothes it consciously.

“What do you kids want? You guys better not waste my time.” The police officer points out, and I read his name tag as Joseph Warden.

“Mr. Warden.” I begin to say.

“Officer Joseph.” Mr. Warden points out.

“Officer Joseph, we are here for the case of Darcy, the case was filed by Emma,” I say.

“Oh yes, that case. It’s been two months, we have looked for the girl, but like normal kidnapping case, we tried but we couldn’t find her.” Officer Joseph says.

“But, we found evidence, Darcy coat,” I say, gesturing to the coat.

“It’s been two months, and how are you involved in this case?” Officer Joseph asks me, leaning closer to me.

“The girl kidnapped Darcy; she’s my niece, and Emma my sister,” I say confidently.

“Oh, I was wondering why none of her family came. Where’s Emma?” Officer Joseph asks.

“In the hospital,” I say, my throat aching with pain.

“What happened to her? What a lovely woman? I hope she gets better.” Officer Joseph told me.

“She is in the hospital, fighting cancer,” I say, and feel reassured when Trey rubs my hand.

“Oh, it’s always the lovely, nice, kind ones that are given all the terrible diseases. She was such a lovely woman as well, so kind, polite, beautiful too. All those terrorists, and even people have long lives, and it’s the good people who are given the deadly diseases.” Officer Joseph tells me.

“I know, tell me about it,” I say.

“It’s okay Scarlett, Emma will be okay,” Trey tells me.

“Who are you? Her boyfriend?” Officer Joseph says, gesturing at me and Trey holding hands.

“I’m Trey, her best friend, and even though she is beautiful, she is not more type. I prefer someone who is manlier.” Trey says, embarrassed.

“Oh!” Officer Joseph says, feeling very embarrassed and awkward.

“Yeah. But I’m fine, don’t sweat it.” Trey says happily.

“Well, I agree with your friend Scarlett. I am sure Emma will be okay.” Officer Joseph tells me.

“So, you can take the evidence, and reopen the case!” I say, building up hope, and beginning to smile.

“I’m sorry Scarlett, but the case has been closed, for too long now.” Officer Joseph tells me.

“But, it’s not fair. I have evidence, you can find the culprit.” I say, disagreeing with the officer.

They had to reopen the case. I have evidence, evidence which could lead them to find the culprit; they had to take me seriously. I wasn’t going to be treated like a poor, young, weak girl no more. I was a brave, strong woman, who wanted to be noticed.

“I’m sorry Scarlett. But, we can’t deal with this anymore. We have been given by high people to stop this case, and we have to.” Officer Joseph tells me.

“So, what should I do?” I say feeling confused.

“Even though, I can’t be involved in this. I know that without our police force help, you can find the culprit.” Officer Joseph tells me, kindly.

“Ok, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” I say, turning around.

“Good luck, I wish you the best of luck, I believe in you Scarlett.” Officer Joseph tells me.

Trey leans towards me, and I see he wants to ask me something.

“What is it, Trey?” I ask, knowing he wants to ask me something, and unless he asks me, he won’t stop thinking about it.

“So what are you going to do now, that the police force won’t help us? Will you give up?” Trey asks me.

“Trey, am I someone who gives up?” I question Trey, knowing the answer.

I was a person who never gives up, even when the world is tough, and I know that my chance of losing is high, and my chance of winning is slim. I still try my best, knowing that is all I can give. I will try my best, and I will do everything in my power to save Darcy. I know I can save Darcy. I just know I can, it isn’t like I can see the future or something, but I have a strong feeling. A feeling which tells me, that if I be strong, brave and remain with hope, and then I will find Darcy. After all, I have made a promise to Emma, and I always keep my promises. It didn’t matter to me, what the promise was, all that matters to me, is keeping my promise. Breaking a promise, to me was a sin.

After all, you shouldn’t promise something, which you know you can’t keep. And you can make anything seem possible, after a lot of hard work. Determination, courage, hopes, bravery is some of the things I know I would keep to save Darcy, and the good thing for me was that, I was full of those entire things. I know I could find her, and I have just set my life in stone, into finding Darcy, my little niece.

She’s somebody else in the world, which I have left. Somebody who is my own flesh and blood, somebody I love, and w will be loved by. I was a person who have been isolated my whole life; I never had someone else except my sister, and Trey to love, and be cared for by. But, now I have Darcy, my sisters’ daughter, someone who I could play with, and love, and care for.

“No, but what will we do?” Trey asks me.

“We will solve the case together, without anyone’s help,” I say smiling.

I love it when Trey says the word we. I know that Trey will stick with me no matter what. He always have, since we were little, we have gone through everything together; he was like a big brother to me. He was like a big brother to me who I love very much, and love teasing him. Trey would always be there for me, that was his personality. He was trustworthy, smart, kind, clever, friendly, and happy, a person you could trust with the whole world, and know he will keep it safe. We were going to find Darcy together, me and Trey against the whole world. It did not matter what the problems are, but we would go through, all the problems, and dangers; we could get through it together.

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