Keep Your Promises by Sabitha Kiritharan

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Chapter Five

I read the newspaper, and gasp when I read about a school trip gone bad. About a group of twenty one students were killed, or apparently twenty one. There were only twenty bodies though found in the fire. Nobody knows how the fire started, or how it spread so quickly. I wipe a tear, thinking about the students getting killed, on how much pain and suffering they must have been through, on how they all must have screamed, and cried for somebody to save them.

By the time, the fire brigades came, it was far too late. They were dead. I shove the newspaper on the table, and then think. How on earth could someone kill someone? I grab my cup of tea, and start sipping on it, feelings its burning taste scarring my mouth. My eyes scatter around, until they land on the green coat still in its plastic bag, not being contaminated. I would have to get a move on, if I was going to find Darcy, and I will. I knew that, I have made a promise, and a promise is something I keep. Also, I will have to find Darcy. She’s my niece, my family, and I knew I have to find her. I stand up abruptly, and button my blue coat up. I notice Trey walking in; he looks at me curiously, when he sees I am putting my coat on.

“Where are you going?” Trey asks me.

“I need to find somebody to examine the coat, for fingerprints and DNA, and I only know one person.” I say.

“Who?” Trey interrupts.

“I have to go see Ryan Emma boyfriend, his brother Adam works as a forensic scientist’s thing, if anyone can help me, it has to be him.” I answer Trey’s question.

“But Ryan, he’s bad, he has been so horrible to Emma, and he’s the reason she had Darcy. How can you go to him, knowing he can be dangerous? I mean he could kill you, he’s dangerous, and he’s evil. How can I let you go?” Trey tells me, trying to knock some sense into me.

Sadly, once I have made a decision, nobody can stop me from making the decision. You guess, you can call me stubborn; I call myself decided, and set in stone. If I want to do something, I do it, which can be a good trait or a bad one, especially if I was in danger because of it. I knew all Trey wants to do is protect me, after all my parents were killed, and so Trey looks after me like I am his little sister. This can be kind of sweet sometimes. I mean it seems like he is clingy, however, I know he only does this for the best of me, and because he looks out for me, and only wants to protect me.

I loved Trey. But, even Trey couldn’t stop me doing something, once I have decided to do it. I mean Trey was my best friend, like my big brother, and I loved him very much, and no, not in a loving couple way. But, more like in a brother, sibling love. I knew Trey knew I was stubborn, and I know he knows that once I have made my mind up, then nobody can change my decision, and I mean nobody.

Not Emma, Trey, my friends, not even if God came and told me, or if the devil came and told me, if I did this, and then I would end up in hell. Sometimes, I know the decisions I have made in my life, are not the very best, and I do regret them now, weeks, months later.

But, inside I feel proud, happy knowing that what I did is what my heart told me to do. It’s better to be true to yourself, and do something, and then see later maybe it wasn’t the best thing you should do in that moment, but still feel like at least you did what your heart told you, than to do something which you know your heart didn’t want you to do, and then later even if the consequence is good, feel bitter, and know you shouldn’t have done this, it isn’t what you would want to do.

“I will go Trey, you know once I have made my decision, nobody can change me, and I will be fine.” I tell Trey.

“But, what if something happens to you, what will I do then Scarbear? You mean so much to me; you are my little monkey, my little sister. How can I let you go to a mad psycho house all by yourself?” Trey tells me.

“I don’t think he’s a mad psycho, though he could be crazy, and you are like my brother Trey. I know you love me, and care for me, but I will be fine.” I say to him reassuringly.

“But, what if something bad happens to you, I can’t live with myself then.” Trey argues.

“Trey, nothing will happen to me. I will be alright, after all I am a big girl, and I am as tough as nails. I will be fine.” I tell Trey.

“But then what kind of brother will I be if I be, if I let my little sister go to some crazy guy house.” Trey tells me.

“The best brother Trey and I know you understand. Please, I will be fine.” I answer Trey.

Trey nods his head, knowing he is defeated. I reach for the green coat in the plastic bag, and turn the door open, to be welcomed by a breeze of cold wind. I take out the diary in my pocket; it is Emma’s diary, but I know that Ryan number, and address will be written here. I mean it has to be, I skip the pages, till I see Ryan address.

What a coincidence, those he only lives in a ten minutes walking distance. I begin my walk towards Ryan house. I see many people on the street; an elderly woman is walking slowly, a massive bag in her hand. I go towards her. The woman hair is a shade of silver and white, and I notice her back is bent, and she walks cowering, her eyes looking down. She looks like she needs help. Maybe I should help her, after all if this was my grandma or something. I would have definitely helped her, and so this lady was probably the same age my grandma would be, if she didn’t die in her sleep.

“Madam, do you need some help?” I ask kindly.

“No. I do not need meddling kids like you, pretending you want to help me, and then running off with my bag. I know what you people are like. Leave me alone!” the woman shouts, walking off.

“Okay then.” I murmur to myself.

Suddenly my phone rings, I thought it was Trey so I answered the phone call.

"Hello," I said into the phone call, wondering what Trey had called me for.

There was no reply, except for heavy breathing. I noticed that it was from an unknown number and wondered who it was.

"Stay away, Don't look for Darcy or you'll die," a unknown man's voice spoke out through the phone.

Before I could reply the call ended, trying to stop the fear that crawled into me, I shoved my phone back into my pocket wondering who it was. There was somebody who didn't want me to find Darcy and had just threatened me. I would find out whose number this was. Someone had just threatened me, though I knew I could die I knew I had to find Darcy.

I continue walking, till I reach number four. I check the lane, trouble lane. Yes, this was the address which was scribbled next to Ryan name in her diary, besides a drawing of a heart. My sister was really smitten with him, wasn’t she?

I look at the door which is painted red. I push the gates open, and step inside. I ring the door bell, and then wait patiently. I hear someone shout coming, and then murmur something, the door opens, and I see a tall kind of good looking in a cute way guy who is just wearing a pair of trousers, his chest bare. He gasps when he sees it’s a girl, and then hurries off, and then comes back in wearing a vest. His face is a lovely shade of pink, and he looks at me awkwardly, his hands crossing his chest, as he leans on the door.

“Sorry about that, thought you were those stupid people advertising stuff, even though I tell them that I really do not want their useless and pointless stuff, and I know they need some stupid weak people to buy them. But I am not stupid, and I know that for sure, that more than half of the stuff they sell don’t work, or are just pointless. Do they take me for a moron? " the guy says to himself, before continuing his speech, "I may not be the brightest bulb in the world, but I have common sense you know. I mean I am not just brilliant good looks too you know. I am also sorry for telling you all about myself, and I am sorry for the incident with me appearing, you know shirtless thing. I normally just stay shirtless in my house, because anybody rarely comes in, and especially not beautiful girls like you.” Ryan says, smiling at me warmly, winking at me friendly.

Was this really the mad crazy psycho Trey had warned me about? I mean he didn’t appear to be crazy or mad. I mean he appears to be quite nice, actually. I mean he has a lovely smile, and a nice body. So I can imagine why my sister Emma was taken with him. I mean he is quite handsome, with lovely black hair in waves, and bright blue eyes which are looking at me, and he was quite tall, at least five foot eleven, maybe six foot I guessed. So he was pretty tall, but not a lanky tall, but a good height for a guy, he wore glasses nice black ones, which brought out his eye more, and he smiles when he sees me looking at him.

“Like what you see?” Ryan asks smirking like a Cheshire cat.

“Yes. I mean no, I mean I am sorry for looking at you. It’s just that, you are Ryan right?” I ask for confirmation, looking at him, while I cock my head to the side, inspecting Ryan, as I waited for him to confirm that he was Ryan.

I mean he looked exactly how Emma my sister had described Ryan. Emma had said tall, handsome, nice hair, beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile, and nice personality. It really did seem like it was him. It would totally be awkward if this wasn’t Ryan but somebody else like his brother. I always know that Ryan was good looking.

After all, my sister goes on and on about him, but knows I know he is good looking. He is good looking, handsome even I guess. But not my type, and not the sexy looking or cute looking I preferred. I wondered if this was the wrong door, and was the wrong house, and then wondered if maybe I had read the address wrong. I checked Emma diary again, and confirmed that this was indeed the right address. Maybe Emma had written it down for another Ryan.

Not her boyfriend Ryan, but another guy, and this guy could also be called Ryan, but maybe he was in the same work as Emma was. After all, Emma works as a nurse in a hospital, maybe he was like a doctor, a colleague of Emma. That would be really weird and awkward, if I was talking to the wrong Ryan, it would be awkward for me and him. I look down at my shoes, and then back at Ryan.

“Yes. I am the only Ryan living in this residence.” Ryan confirms at me, nodding his head in confirmation.

“I’m Scarlett. Are you Emma boyfriend?” I ask curiously at him.

“Yes, I am actually Emma fiancé, we were going to get married in a couple of months, but I haven’t talked to Emma for a couple of days. I have phoned her, but he hasn’t replied. I have just assumed she is busy.” Ryan tells me.

What! Emma engaged to him. The guy who got her pregnant, but also gave her a beautiful young daughter. How could Emma want to marry him?

“Do you know about Darcy? Your daughter? ” I ask curiously.

“I know very little detail. A few detail which I have learned over the years. I mean Emma told me very little. Your sister Emma hid Darcy away from me, like I was going to hurt her. I would never hurt Darcy, or Emma. I love them both very much. Even though, I know they both must hate me so much, and I deserve that. After everything I did, I don’t know why they don’t throw a brick at my head. What I know if that Darcy is mine, and Emma daughter. A daughter which was formed because of love. Love, is a very powerful thing, you know.” Ryan states.

“A daughter which was formed because you raped her. She didn’t just have the baby you know.” I mumble back.

“But, still it was her doing that caused her to have a child.” Ryan says,

“You know it does take two people to tango, and two people to create a life.” I say, nodding my head, knowing what I said was correct.

I mean did Ryan think I was a stupid child or something. I was seventeen for goodness sake; we only have like a five year age gap. It didn’t allow him to think I was a child, just because I was younger than him. I was still smart you know, he treats me just like my sister Emma does, like a kid. I sometimes wonder if Emma thinks I am six, I am not seven, but seventeen, practically on the verge of being an adult.

Well, I am an adult. It didn’t matter to me, if the law says you have to be eighteen to be an adult, for me I was already an adult, and I acted like one, and I wished that people would treat me like one too. It really frustrates me, when grown up treat you like kids, even when you are definitely not, and you keep reminding them that you are not a child, but are an adult. But, they ignore that, and keep saying you will always be a kid to them, and still act like one. I wanted to be treated like an adult, and I loved acting like an adult.

But, also I loved acting like a kid too, it was fun being a kid too, doing whatever you want, being free and spirited. I guess I was a child, and an adult. Both at the same time, they were both fun, and adventurous, but different. I mean I do want to be treated like an adult, be respected, be looked upon, not be forgotten, and this was my opportunity. If I found Darcy, and I know I will, and then I will be treated like an adult, and be looked upon.

But also being a child was fun, you could be free spirited, and never grow up. Sometimes I wish I could just go to never land, and be there, where it is always fun and bubbly. I mean I sometimes wish I could be treated as an adult, while other times I want to be treated like a kid. It was like they both had their advantages, and disadvantages which I know could be good or bad. I didn’t want Ryan to treat me like a child too. I mean I hated being treated like I was lower than them. I look at Ryan in the smile, and smile confidently.

“It was an accident, I didn’t mean that, and we are totally in love with one each other. Darcy just makes us stronger.” Ryan states saying it clearly and confidently, like it were a fact, smiling warmly.

“Do you know that Darcy is kidnapped, has been for the last two months? I mean don’t you care that your daughter has been kidnapped for so long. I mean aren’t you going to do anything about it. Aren’t you going to try and find Darcy?” I state at Ryan.

“Yes I do know. Who are you anyway? How do you know so much about me and Darcy? Are you some reporter? Who are you? And why are you talking to me? I mean if you are the media, or someone trying to find scoops, I would tell you to just get lost. I already have more than enough problems in my life, and not without counting you. I do have better things to do.” Ryan asks questions after questions, as he begins to close the door.

“Wait!” I exclaim, stopping Ryan from closing the door.

“Why should I not close the door?” Ryan questions impatiently.

“Answer please. I am quite a patient person. But at the moment, you are kind of testing my patient.” Ryan tells me, smiling at me friendly.

“I’m Scarlett. Emma sister.” I say.

“Oh, please do come in.” Ryan tells me friendly, beckoning me to come inside.

“Um. I” I begin to say, feeling very nervous, and feeling awkward at the same time.

A little fear resides in my heart, not knowing if it was safe for me to go inside his house. I mean, what if he was a criminal, or a murderer, and he kept bodies in his house, or what if he was a serial killer, and was planning to plunge a knife into me. Was it safe for me to go inside his house? I really didn’t want to go. I had a feeling, the kind of thoughts that told me that he wasn’t dangerous. But, my thoughts and feelings were not the best to depend on. Especially, my emotions, and what I believed could be, most awkward and dangerous thoughts.

After all, didn’t Trey tell me this guy could be a psychopath? What if he was indeed a psychopath? I mean, I didn’t know what kind of guy my sister would date. I mean, my sister had dated pretty scary and weird guys in the past. I remember a couple of years ago, a geeky looking guy, who was seriously weird. He would talk to himself, and speak about aliens, and keep repeating that the world was going to end, and that the aliens would invade the planet, and kill all the humans, and eat their brains.

Trust me that was one freaky dude, who I did not want to see ever again. I mean, most of the time, my instincts were something, which had a way of getting me into trouble, and into danger. But, this time, my instinct was true. The guy was freaky, and then there was the gay guy. He was nice, and stuff, but he only dated my sister, to nick a few personal items.

Then there was a guy, his name was Romeo, he was sweet and stuff, and he loved reciting plays, and sang beautifully like a bird. He loved reciting sonnets, and plays, and was like a drama queen, he was nice and stuff, but he kind of had a crush on me. Hey! Don’t blame me, it wasn’t my fault he had a crush on me, well later on my sister broke up with him, when she found him with her best friend, now enemy, and then there was the guy, who looked just like Johnny Deep, and I am not lying.

He was a player, lasted for a week, had someone else, and then there was the tall one. He was a tall guy, bald, and had more hair in his ear, and moustache, then needed. He was scary, all large, with muscles, very scary; his voice was like a growling bear, very terrifying, and deep, with so many tattoos on his arm, and multiple piercing that clung on his ears. He looked like a thug, a criminal. It didn’t help that he smoked a lot, in mine and Emma house, clouding the house with smoke. I once told him that the smoke was damaging in my lungs, and I didn’t want him to smoke. He just told me to shove off, and that he didn’t care.

He was a total loser, and with a capital L. He was so tough, and always drinking. He would knock at our house in the middle of a night, in such a drunken state, that it scared me. He slurred, and swore, and vomited in our house. Also, he always brought his gym equipment with him, equipment he said that would give him more muscles, such an idiot. He was so fierce; I actually did wonder what my sister had seen in him, he reminded me of a frightening beast, a vicious monster that was what he was. It seemed like the nightmare was over, without him in the house.

But, everyday he would come to our house, with his creepy eyes, one normal, while the other was plastic. He would always say he lost it in a battle, and his face was covered with scars. I was so happy, when he was arrested. He had killed someone with who had apparently annoyed him so much. I remember when the police came, knocking on our door, telling us about the good news.

My sister was distraught, she couldn’t believe he would do this, she believed he was good. My sister cried, while I smiled with happiness. I felt sadness for the poor man he had killed, but relief, like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders, knowing that he would not return ever, and was there for the rest of his life, trapped behind bars, where he belonged, and hopefully would remain there, and died there. My sister had been distraught, her poor fragile heart could not cope with the fact that her boyfriend had been a killer, and only months later, did she realize the truth.

After that, was the fiancé who had ran away on his wedding day. What a loser? I mean how someone could not marry my beautiful, kind and lovely sister. Apparently, the guy did not love her, and was in love with someone else, and he waited till his wedding day to confess. How could someone run away on their wedding day? Did they not know how much pain, and the consequences for the actions?

He, could at least told us before, months, days, weeks before my sister had fallen in love with him. I know, it crushed my sister a lot, and it broke my heart knowing what had happened to my sister, watching her cry in pain, knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do. I couldn’t find the guy; I couldn’t force him into marrying my sister. I was powerless. I believe that even know years after that, my sister still thinks about me, wondering why he left my sister. That was something I had wondered too, who was better than my sister. Was she prettier? Richer?

I bet she was a horrible little brat, who probably didn’t even love him. I know that for a fact, because months later, the runaway fiancé came back, and wanted to marry my sister. But it was too late; it wasn’t like he could fix the whole he had caused to my sister. I mean the damage was done.

So, I had a reason for not wanting to go into my sister fiancé house. I mean, I didn’t know him at all. What if he was dangerous? I tap my shoes nervously, looking around cautiously.

“You don’t have to be afraid you know?” Ryan tells me, coughing laughter.

You don’t have to be afraid, that is what all creepy sinister guys say, trying to lure you in, before cackling an evil laugh, and then attacking you, or unleashing his sinister dark voodoo magic, or attacking me with a knife. I have watched enough movies to know that. I mean, it could happen in real life. I mean, it wasn’t just in programmes, or horror movies, that an evil wacko would come out of nowhere, and began attacking you. I mean, this guy could be seriously wacky in the head, was it really safe for me to follow him?

Could I trust this guy? I mean, this guy could be seriously an evil lunatic, wanting to kill me. I look onto the streets, I see an elderly woman with grey hair, look at me curiously, she smiles at me, showing off her toothless mouth, before hobbling off. Weird lady, or what, I think. I look into his house, thinking carefully. After all, I wasn’t just a helpless child. I knew martial arts, and if this guy pulled out anything, or tried attacking me, or hurting me, I could always just kick him in the balls.

A number one tip, when being attacked by a guy, hit them in the one place where you know you will make an impact. I mean, attacking them anywhere else, wouldn’t make a serious enough impact, and wouldn’t hurt them enough, to leave a mark or a scar. I was seriously very strong, and tough. Always, had been a strong and powerful girl. I mean, it was me, who had primary school, had broken a guy two tooth, just because he wanted to kiss me. I mean, it wasn’t my fault.

I thought the dude was trying to attack me, and then there was the guy who I had kicked in the nuts, because he was trying to force himself on me, stupid pervert the guy was, one kick was all it took. One powerful strong kick, in the right area, and he had to be taken to hospital, and he lay there wounded, his body, and his ego. I hear he is still at his house, too scared to come out. Won’t come out apparently, too scared and afraid.

But, he deserved it, it was his punishment. Now, he will think twice, before he tries to kiss a girl or force himself upon a girl. I mean, did he just think girls were weak, and feeble, or pity worthy, and that him a male were stronger, and tougher than we women were. I bet I proved him right; I wouldn’t let any guy look stronger than me. I mean, we were just as equal as them, or even possibly stronger.

I mean, you hear in magazines, and television, the dead gorgeous, skinny, pretty actress, and models, which had covered their face with so much makeup, that they could possibly join the circus, as a clown, and they would appear by looking very weak, and feeble, and talk in a high pitchy girly voice, purring slightly like a cat, and then winking in a way, which was supposed to be a flirty way, a way which they believed would make them look more irresistible, and beautiful. Just, to catch the attention of the opposite gender.

I hated it for a fact, how it was always the female who had to catch the males’ attention. Girls, females who had to appear beautiful, flirty, shy, just to attract the male attention, while males just walked around, doing whatever they wanted, and wanted us females to go to them, and fall in love with them. So, I had a reason for not wanting to take a step inside his house. I mean, what if he were like the other horrible guys, who were very mean, and dirt bags, who deserve a slap in the face, and treated all girls like dirt. I mean in my life, I had enough of players, and dirty slouches, and think there good looking players, too many of them had been in my past life.

They all treated the girls the same; like pity things, broke them apart, treated them like pieces of toys that they could just mess around with, like we weren’t worth anything, and were only there to impress them, and our only goal was to be there slaves. I hated guys like that, guys like that could only mean one thing. Trouble. If Ryan was like that, the first thing he would expect to get, is a kick in the balls, and then a karate kick, after all, the martial lessons I had done, would have to be used one day, or another.

Probably sooner or later, I would guess. I smiled at Ryan warmly, ready to attack him if needed. I mean, it wouldn’t be my fault, if he tried anything, and then ended up in hospital, and then my sister couldn’t blame me for sending her fiancé to hospital, if he deserved it, and then he would deserve it.

“I’m not afraid. Why should I be afraid?” I asked Ryan, questioning him further, peering at him closely, and inspecting him for any details.

Any details which could make him appear to be a druggie, or a thug, or a villain. Nothing so far, though he did have a tiny scar, near the left of his eye. Maybe, he got that from a drug fight, or a knife crime, or maybe he just cut himself by accidently, using a pair of scissors. Probably the later, I mean, my sister wouldn’t date a thug, or a criminal. Would she? I mean, my sister did have creepy, and weird boyfriends, who sometimes could be dangerous, but Ryan didn’t seem like them.

“Why should you be afraid?” Ryan repeats my question, cocking his head to the side, and staring at me.

I thought carefully, about the question. What did I have to be afraid of? I mean, what could possibly be scary about Ryan. Unless, he was a criminal, a thug, a villain, a murderer who kept bodies in his house, or a serial killer. Which I didn’t think he was? I mean, he didn’t look like one any way.

He was wearing a pair of nice looking jeans, which did not give anything wear, and a nice clear vest, no blood stains anywhere, which could lead to a doubt that he was a serial killer, nothing about him fit the profile or a murdered either, no hand in his pockets, which could be seen as something dangerous in his pockets, or no hands behind his back, which could mean, he had a knife behind his back, and was arching his way to kill me, and all along wanted me dead.

“I mean, there is nothing that I should be afraid of you, is there?” I ask Ryan carefully.

“I don’t know, if you should be afraid of me, or what.” Ryan states, cackling an evil laugh, before coughing violently, before staring at me, and trying to keep a straight face but failing, and then bursting into erupting laughs. I laughed, finding it funny, how Ryan couldn’t even do a proper scary evil villain laugh, and seemed like a unicorn laughing.

“Well, I don’t think you are scary or anything. I mean, you don’t look frightening or anything, and you are terrible at the evil laugher thing, it totally isn’t your thing.” I laugh.

“Well, I guess. I wouldn’t make the best evil villain.” Ryan admits.

“I’m afraid not, sorry to let you know.” I answer.

“And here I was, trying to scare you away from me. After all, I am going to audition for a scary movie, and wanted the part of the crazy evil wacko, who kidnaps people, and tears them apart.” Ryan mumbles to me.

“Crazy evil wacko is seriously not your thing.” I tell Ryan.

“Then, what is?” Ryan asks.

“A bunny.” I say.

“A bunny, you mean a dangerous evil bunny.” Ryan tells me.

“No, a happy, girly, weak bunny.” I correct Ryan, gesturing to him, and then smiling happily.

“A happy, girly, weak bunny.” Ryan scoffs out.

“Yeah, why don’t you think it would suit someone like you?” I tell Ryan.

“Someone like me, and it totally wouldn’t suit me.” Ryan tells me, shaking his head at me disapprovingly.

“Then what would suit someone like you.” I ask Ryan, wondering what he would say.

A bunny was seriously the first thing which popped up in my head, when Ryan had asked me what I thought of him. I was going to say a puppy, but then I thought wouldn’t puppy, sound a lot better though, and it did. I mean, Ryan didn’t exactly look like a bunny. I mean for the first instance, he didn’t have two floppy long ears, or a weird shaped nose, or hop repeatedly, or didn’t even consistently eat carrots or anything. It was just, that for some reason or another, he did somehow remind me of a rabbit, maybe because he was cute, and adorable, but not in a hot gorgeous way, but in a rabbit kind of cute way.

“I don’t know something which is clearly not a rabbit. I mean, I don’t even like carrots, and I don’t hop, and I am not very small.” Ryan tells me.

“A giraffe then.” I say.

“A giraffe!” Ryan exclaims in a surprised tone.

“Yeah, why not? A giraffe, I mean, it would be the perfect thing for you.” I tell Ryan.

“I am not a giraffe all right, what makes you even think I could be a giraffe?” Ryan asks.

“You are tall, like a giraffe.” I say.

“So are many people, and they are not all giraffes, are they?” Ryan tells me.

“Fine, a bear.” I say.

“A bear, why am I not surprised, after first a rabbit, then a giraffe, now a bear. Where do you come with all these random animals?” Ryan asks me, looking at me with interest.

“I don’t know, in my head I guess. I just thought you looked like an animal, and I think a bear suits you the best. I guess.” I tell Ryan.

“And how do I look like a bear, I mean look at me, and then a bear, we are totally two different things, and species. How can I even look like a bear?” Ryan questions me.

“Well, you’re both big, tall, and well you both appear to be friendly, and nice, and adorable.” I say, smiling.

“Well, as you said adorable, I will agree. I thought you would say a hot, gorgeous actor, or model.” Ryan laughs.

“In your dreams.” I say, popping Ryan dream.

“Well come in.” Ryan beckons me, into his house, smiling at me, flashing me a movie star wink.

I smile back at him, and then walk into his house. I mean, what harm could really come to me? I mean Ryan was as friendly as a bear, could appear dangerous, and harmful, but was a real softie on the inside, and after all he seemed nice, and kind, and I trusted my sister to pick a brilliant guy to have a child with, and then choose to be her fiancé. I trusted my sister, more than anything in the whole world. So, I would kind of have to trust her, on her choice of boys which she dated. I mean, yes, my sister has dated some bad boys, boys which I myself would never date, but I could trust her, that for once, her choice of boys was good.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. So what do you think of my house? It may not be the best house ever, but it’s something which I feel the safest in, a place which I can go in, and feel like nobody can hurt me in. My own treasure, my home. I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.” Ryan tells me.

I look around, my mouth open. The house is beautiful, with silver chandeliers that shine like diamonds, and beautiful portraits of Darcy, Emma and Ryan. The sign on the wall reads “Home sweet Home”. I take my shoes off, and walk in my black socks, following Ryan, who leads me inside his beautiful home.

We walk towards the living room, where two sofas stand one for two people, the other for three people. I take a seat on the one for three people, and look at the pretty cushions which are sequined with sparkling diamonds. The television shows the Simpsons, and I see the brown stand. I stand up, and look at the stand, where there are photographs of Darcy, when she was little, and when she’s four, and other photographs of Emma, and Ryan, and the three of them as a family.

I feel someone piercing stares at my neck, and I turn around to see Ryan looking at me curiously. I turn to look at Ryan, who smiles at me friendly, he watches what I am looking, and wipes a tear that trickles down his face. I watch Ryan hold his hand together, before walking towards me, and then taking a photo of himself, a smiling Emma and a beautiful Darcy hugging her mother and father. The picture looks like it was taken about a year ago; they all look so happy, and delighted to be one another. The background looks like it was taken in a fair, where they must have all gone as a family without me.

“We took this about eight months ago, when we all went to the fair. We were all so happy then, we didn’t know Emma would have cancer, or Darcy would be kidnapped. We were just a couple and their child and we were so happy. We didn’t know what the future held for us. I would do anything to go back to that day, anything. Our life was going so good then.” Ryan mumbles to himself, looking at the photo curiously, like he was trying to go back to then.

“I’m so sorry Ryan, but you didn’t know what the future would hold for you guys. Darcy will be found soon, and Emma will get better soon, and then you can be your happy family again. Life will be how it is soon.” I tell Ryan, wishing for it to be true.

“I do love Emma loads, and I love Darcy too. I was heartbroken, when I found out Darcy was kidnapped, and I haven’t stopped looking. I know how much pain and misery Emma must be feeling, and she must blame herself, just like how I do, even though you know it wasn’t our fault. Tell Emma to be strong, and that Darcy will be found soon.” Ryan tells me.

“I know she will Ryan, and I keep telling Emma that. But, she is afraid. A parents love, I must understand. She is very worried about Darcy, and panic over what could have happened to her.” I tell Ryan.

“I understand Emma, I too feel the same pain, all I can do is that whoever kidnapped Darcy will not hurt her, and return to us soon. So, Scarlett why did you come to visit me?” Ryan asks.

“Why, can’t I just come to see you?” I question Ryan back, asking him curiously, smiling friendly at him.

“Of course you can. You’re my fiancé sister, Emma only sister. Of course you can come here to see me. It’s just that you have never come here before to see me, or visit me or anything. That was why I was quite curious and wondering why you came here. You have the right to come here, after all it was like this was Emma’s house too, so it’s like your house too, please come whenever you want.” Ryan tells me, flashing me a wink.

“I need someone to go through this coat which belongs to Darcy, and look for fingerprints, and I know your brother Adam works as a forensic scientist thing, and I need your brother to go through this DNA, and look for fingerprints, it would really help me if your brother could find any clues.” I tell Ryan, handing him the plastic bag which sealed Darcy coat inside.

“Of course, my brother is at work now, so I can’t give it to him now, but I will make sure to give it to him, and I will make sure he sends it to your house. I’ll ask Emma for your address so its fine and I am sure he will get the results soon.” Ryan tells me, patting me lightly on the bag, before handing me a card.

“What is this card for?” I ask Ryan.

“It’s a card which you have to show my brother before he gives you his data, just for security reasons.” Ryan replies.

“I understand, thank you so much for your help.” I said, turning to leave.

“Be careful around my brother,” Ryan mumbles quietly, but not quiet enough.

I pause in my track turning to see if Ryan was still standing there. But he had gone back into his house, I saw him wave at me before he shut the door. He really was quite peculiar, if he was like this, and then how his brother would be like.

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