Keep Your Promises by Sabitha Kiritharan

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Chapter Six

Nightmare from point of view of a stranger.

“You make me sick. Do you really think that because of you being a pathetic orphan I would care, and love you? I will never love you Richard Charles. I hate you with so much anger, I want to destroy you, and watch you cry. You deserve what happened in your past and more. I hate you, and always will. You deserve to die” Erin shouts, angrily, her voice echoing around the room.

I shake the memory away. Its horrifying presence fills me. Did I really deserve what happened? Did I really deserve to die? My heart races rapidly like running a marathon.

I collapse on the floor, my fingers tightening. I clutch tightly onto the photo and lay it in the floor. Tears trickling down my face. I thought I would forget her. But I can’t, because I still love her. I try and shake my head away from the memory, and continue crying. I could never throw away this picture, this was the only way I could see her.

See how things had been before. I had been handsome, kind, and clever and had the most beautiful loving girlfriend in the world, and I thought I would remain happy forever. I used to think people were jealous of me. Now I am jealous of young couples who are so in love, and so happy, and would be happy together. That is why I had to stop their happiness. I knew that one second I would never forget her ever, and that she was mine. I would be happy too. I would be happy just as I was before. I would never be sad again.

I would be loved; I would have someone who would miss me if I left, someone who I would leave a mark in. Someone who would share my pain, and sorrow, and share the unhappiness I went through. Then losing the one you love the most is the one thing that you can’t overcome; it will stay in your life forever. I grimaced happily, wiping the tears. I would cry no longer. I would not cry ever again.

I pick up the silver glass pieces from the floor, and throw them in the bin. Suddenly I gasp in shock, as a piece of glass pierces my skin. I go and inspect the damage, there on my middle finger, a cut runs down half way down my finger. I watch the red sparkling crimson blood trickle down from the cut and splashes from the floor. I put my finger in my mouth, and then take it out.

Suddenly the cut heals, the only thing that would suggest that I had been cut, was the little pool of blood. With a wave of my hand, the blood disappears. I pick up the crumpled up photo from the floor, and straighten it. A small tear falls slowly onto the photo and splashes gently, I wipe the tear away from the photo, and open up my drawer. I open it slightly, and shove the photo inside, and then pick the silver ring inside. I hold the silver ring in my hand, and look at it the ring amazed; it is still as beautiful as it was before. The silver band, with six blue crystals on it, a beautiful white diamond right in the middle.

I tuck the ring carefully into my pocket, and walk towards my cellar. The cellar where I have kidnapped the young and beautiful girl. I think carefully, why I really locked her up here. Why was I doing this? I thought to myself. I want others to feel my pain, to feel my sorrow.

For him life has been easy, he had the perfect family, the perfect friends. True reliable friends who were always there with them. They had money, so much money that it was unbelievable. Money that sometimes I had to beg and cry for. They had a constant supply for food, food that sometimes I would have to starve for, get beaten for. A memory runs to my head.

Tears splashing down my cheek. I look at everyone around; they just look at me like a piece of rubbish and smile. That was when the beating began. I curled up in a ball, as kicks and punches came my way. I cried painfully in a ball, wanting to die.

I wipe a tear. I remember that day. I had been beaten till I had scars, blood trickled from me. That stupid fruit seller had beaten me painfully, not even thinking that I was just a poor lonely starving child. He had beaten me grimacing the whole time; his heart must have been made of stone.

He nearly killed me, he broke two of my bones, busted my lip, caused me a nose bleed, given me so many scars, and even cut my head, having me to have twelve painful stitches and all for a apple. I remember I used to cry, watching the children going everywhere with their parents.

I hated seeing parents who loved their children unlike mine, and cared for them. I used to watch when the children grew up, and started to argue with their parents, and wish I had a parent that would argue with me.

I used to think the children were very dumb, they did not realize the importance of their parents. Their parents had loved them, taken care of them, had give them food, and water. Had always been there for them, given them advice, and had shouted at them, but underneath that, their parents had really loved them, a lot. I had always wished for a parent, and never got one. I opened the door, and stepped inside

I was a monster, a cruel horrible terrifying monster that nobody loved, and nobody would ever care for. Nobody loves me. Nobody cares. I was alone. So alone, that it hurts. I am in a lot of pain, and endless agony. I felt like I had cuts everywhere, like I had lots of pains and scars everywhere. Scars that will always remain in my life, scars that scared everybody else. It hurts so much. I don’t like it, being so weak and hated.

But that was exactly how I was feeling like. I was in endless pain and agony. I felt like I was being tormenting, like I was being whipped. Like I could feel all the burns and scars on me, and that I could clearly see the whole which remains in my heart. I feel so fragile, so broken. Like I have been broken into a thousand of tiny pieces. Pieces that nobody could fix and I hated that. I wanted to be brave. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be better than this monster that was inside of me.

I could feel the monster twisty claws clawing inside of me, his laser fire eyes piercing into mine, his slithering snake’s lips slithering at me. I shook my head, and that image disappeared. I could not let the monster win. I could not let that beast inside of me, to destroy me. I was stronger than he was. I was better than he was. I could win. No I couldn’t.

Why? Why did you toy with me? Was I just your toy? I thought you had loved me, what a fool I had been. If you had really not loved me, why did you not tell me? If you told me I would have let you go, even though it would break my heart. I would have done that, because I really love you. You could have just told me. You could just have written me a note. If you wanted to leave me, why did you not tell me? Were you that afraid of me?

Was I such a horrendous terrifying evil villain to you? Did you never think that you could have just told me the truth? Did you ever really consider I had loved you, and that I still love you? Don’t you know how much you mean to me, and that how much you love me. You were my heart, and my soul, and you mean so much to me. You are everything to me, you make me smile, and know you make me cry, and know you have hurt me.

Know you have broken me into tiny little pieces, and know I don’t know if I will ever be fixed. Now I don’t know, if I will ever recover, and that if I will ever smile again. Did you really hate me that much? Did you really think that I hated you? Did you really want to hurt me, by toying around with my heart? Did you really want to make me feel pain and suffering? I should have known that I would never stand a chance with her.

I collapse on the floor, and cry. Tears brimming in my eyes, and trickling gently down my face. I watch it fall, and just sit there cold. Next thing I know is a sharp painful hit on my head. I tried to see my attacker, but all I see is black shiny shoes. When I wake up, my head is throbbing. My head feels really dizzy, like I had just become drunk. I lay on the cold rock hard floor, my wrists tied tightly like it would break with a old tattered rope, bound to a annoying wooden rocking chair, that rocked whenever I moved my wrist, sending me back and forth.

My wrists hurt in pain. Pain. I was in so much pain. I sometimes thought they were bleeding in pain, and still think they are, maybe there is blood right his moment. Maybe red crimson blood trickling down my wrist and splashing gently on the floor. As I tried moving my wrist, trying to get out of here, pain every time I moved, Tears trickle down my face, splashing gently onto the floor. Sweat trickles down my face.

Why me? Who had kidnapped me? This had just felt like when I had kidnapped her. Karma really did work, didn’t it? My tummy churned, and I felt like I was going to vomit. I felt really sick. My tummy felt empty. Dark black bangs surrounded my eyes, my lips felt so dry. I felt so cold, really cold. I shiver in terror. My head feels so full.

I feel so dull, so tired, and so alone. Alone. Terrified, and scared. That was how I was feeling. I feel so much pain, and so cold and alone. I turn my head around, and I see a monster. A monster with twisty branch like arms that twist around my neck and slithering snakes slithering around me, its laser bright eyes hurt my eyes, and pierce into me. I feel so much pain, and it really hurts.

I look around the cold dull grey walls that stare at me. I look around, there are no windows. So there is no air. My mouth feels dry, so that means I have not drank anything, and I am extremely thirsty. I gulp my spit, feeling so bored and tired. My skin feels so cold. The room is extremely cold, below normal body temperature. I shiver in the cold, and feel terror seeping through me.

Who could have kidnapped me? Who dare kidnap me? What did they think of me? I was strong, and warrior. How dare could anybody kidnap me? How dare they? They must have poisoned me or something. How could they even come to my house in the first place? What if I had been kidnapped my horrific terrible monsters? Who would want to kidnap me in the first place? What pain and endless torture had my kidnappers want to torture me with? Pain and endless suffering.

I bet that was what they wanted to torture me with? I close my eyes, and all I could see was that it was snowing. Cold, wet and endless white; it has been snowing all day, as dusk began to descend. I was being hunted. There he was, hunting for me. He was the predator, and I was his prey, and he was hunting me. I could feel his eyes staring into me. I open my eyes, and take a deep breath. All the snow was gone. I could feel footsteps approaching me.

“Who is it? Whoever it is, let me go. You don’t know how I am. I am a dark, dangerous, terror, and I will hurt you, and make you suffer. I will hurt you. Now, let me go. Let me go. If you know what is best.” I shout loudly, anger fuming inside of me.

“You are going to help me; after all you have much use for me.” A voice told me, loudly, its voice echoing around the room.

“What do you need me for? I order you to let me go, now obey me. Let me go. I am not going to help you, you stupid, horrible, mean terrifying nasty threat. You, Let me go now! Now!” I shout valiantly, with a lot of anger.

“Oh, Oh. I can’t do that. I would not obey you, and I will not let you go, for you are too useful for, and I have many uses and things that I want you to do for me, and you will do it for me, and the names stupid, horrible, mean, terrifying, nasty threat. I find those words really true about me, and I find it really nice. You will stay with me for a really long time. I have many things that I want you to do, so many uses so you are indeed very useful to me. I would not let you go.” A thrilling voice snarls at me viciously, sending shivers down my spine. I shiver in fear and terror.

Who could have kidnapped me? What use did this person have? What were they going to use me for? How long did they plan to use me for? Would I ever escape? Will I ever be free again? All these questions swam around my mind, making me think really carefully. I wondered who had kidnapped me, and what their purpose was.

Whatever it was. I knew it was evil, dangerous for me, and life threatening. After all, if it was a good plan. They would not have kidnapped me for any reasons. But seeing as they had kidnapped me, and tied me up and the way they said “You will do it for me” meant that even if I refused, they would make me do it. How would they make me do it? What were they planning, what twisted wretched horrifying terrifying mean plan was this scary, mean, horrible threat planning to do with me?

What were they going to use me for? Nothing good that was what I knew that. I was afraid and scared, all at the same time. A feeling I hated a lot, and had never felt like that before. I bet that was the same feeling Kayla had felt when I had kidnapped her. When I had hurt her, when I had caused her endless pain and countless agony, and I guess I kind of did deserve that.

To be kidnapped by someone who I clearly did not know, and did not know what they were going to be used for. Maybe I would be killed. I gasped in terror, and that sounds terrible. I did not want to die. I wanted to live, to be free. To live my life long and free.

Dying was the last thing on the agenda for me, and I clearly did not want to do that. I hope my kidnapper he or she, depending on their gender would not kill me. I did not know what type of wretched plan they had been planning for me to do. How did my kidnapper know my name? Not everybody knew my actual name.

I fidgeted with my fingers, which were behind my back, my knees hurt as I was on a cold hard floor. I was in pain, and my head still throbbed with pain and agony. They had clearly attacked me, when I was not looking, and in my own pain and misery by something cold, hard and blunt, and strong. Well the kidnapper must have been strong and sneaky to come to my house unnoticed and strong as they must have carried me here, but really sneaky to take my body from my house to wherever I was at the moment.

They must have planned to kidnap me, planned it for months, and did it when they knew I was in pain and agony, and crying to myself. Normally I would be on a watch out, and would clearly notice if someone came to my house. How long had this person been in my house? And why hadn’t I noticed. I was too busy, crying, and feeling upset and angry that Kayla had left me, when I had not noticed a stranger had came to my house?

When did they come? But another question popped up in my head. How many people were there? Were they just the one person who had been talking to me, or did this person has a group who had planned my kidnapped, and kidnapped me? It was a question I did not know, and I was curious to know the answer. But curiosity could get the better end of me, after all it was true that curiosity killed the cat, and I did not want to be killed. Still my curiosity had to be answered.

“Who are you? How many of you are there? Is there just one person or a whole group? Why don’t you stop being cowards and just show yourself to me? Why did you kidnap me? What was this wretched terrifying mean plan that you were going to use me for? When did you come into my house? How long were you in my house? How do you know my full name?” I asked, question after question curiously.

“I would be careful if I were you, curiosity can get you killed. After all wasn’t it a saying. That curiosity killed the cat. You are too much like the cat, and if you were not careful enough your curiosity could get you killed. Who am I? I can be whoever you want me to be; your mother, your father, your enemy, your friend, the devil. But you can call me death or the devil if you want, and you ask me if I work alone or with someone else." the voice speaks out.

I gasp in fear as it sounded as if I had heard the voice before.

"But why would I need somebody else’s help. I don’t need anybody else, why would I anyway? Do you think I am too weak, too dumb, and too puny? Well I am not. I am the smart, strong, sneaky one who had kidnapped you. Only me, there is only one and that is me. I work alone, and I was the one who had kidnapped you. My plan is what I want it to be, and not for you to find out. You should just stay quiet, and not ask too many questions, or it can get you killed. I came to your house, long before I kidnapped you. I could hear you cry in your endless pain and agony. You were a horrible, terrible, mean menacing monster. So why would she love you? You are so dumb, are you not? I know loads about you. I know more about you than you ever do.” The mysterious creepy thrilling voice snarled loudly into the room, its voice echoing around the room.

I gasped in terror; this person knew so much about me. They know everything about me. This person had worked alone, and there voice sent shivers down my spine. They made me feel afraid and scared. A feeling which I detested, and had never felt like before. This person whoever they were could hurt me; this was a fact which I know was true. This person knew my full name, and knew me like a book. This person knew more about me, than I would ever do.

They know what I have done. They know me like an open book. How did they know so much about me? It was like they were there when I was born, and had watched me like a predator and its prey, and now had hunted me down. Whoever this person was. I was sure that I would have to be afraid of them, they were more powerful than me, and they could hurt me. I hated being so weak, but weak is what I was compared to the horrifying, mean, terrifying monster.

They sent shivers down my spine, and I hated it. Whoever this person had planned, they were going to make sure it happened, and they would use me, even if I did not want to do, they would force me.

“Good night. Take a good sleep, tomorrow is a busy day for you and me, a very important day. Keep your strength up. The plan begins tomorrow; tomorrow will be a harsh and dangerous day” The mysterious scary thrilling voice told me, closing the door.

An important day. Oh no, what was going to happen tomorrow? What was this person going to use me for? The plan is beginning tomorrow. Oh no, what was this plan that this person had spoke of? And how did I fit into this terrifying scary plan? What were they going to use me for? Tomorrow was a day I dreaded.

I screamed before I woke up, the nightmare was frightening. I had never experienced a weird nightmare like this before. It must be the nerves, the pressure of finding my niece Darcy. My niece. I still couldn’t believe that I was an auntie; I had another family member out there. A family member who was in danger and needed me to save her. I still didn’t know how that was going to be possible.

When I had made the promise to my sister of finding Darcy, I hadn’t even thought about how hard it would be to find someone. But, now I was confused on what I needed to do next. The vivid nightmare I had felt so real, it felt as if I was in somebody else’s head where I could see everything they saw. I didn’t understand what had happened, but in my nightmare it felt as if I was trapped in somebody’s body. It felt as if I was lost in someone’s mind where I experienced their pain. I felt their pain and desperation, I wanted to find out more about them, find out whose life I had seen in my dream.

I gasp shaking as I stand up abruptly. I felt like I had seen a glimpse of someone’s life. I wanted to discover what these dreams meant, but I had to focus on finding Darcy. My sister depended on me; Emma had trusted me with the important mission of finding Darcy.

I had visited Emma on several occasions where mostly I spoke to her and she listened. Emma was becoming very weak and often slept. When I had met Emma two days ago I had told her about perhaps getting the police involved, but Emma had started to panic and worry. She made me promise to not involve the police. She had pleaded with me and kept saying that nobody else should get involved. Since Emma hadn’t wanted anyone to know, I didn’t let her know that I had told Trey, met her ex Ryan and was now going to speak to Ryan’s brother Aiden. It didn’t make sense why she hadn’t wanted the police to get involved, surely the police could help find Darcy much quicker.

Emma was like any other mother worried about her child, but sometimes I felt as if she wasn’t acting like any other mother. It was like she was afraid of something. Something that had made her be aware of her actions, it felt as if she was keeping a secret. A secret which she was worried about. I didn’t tell anybody about the message which had mysteriously popped on my facebook page warning me about my sister. It had said:

“Don’t trust your sister Emma. She isn’t who she says she is. Her past has now started to catch up to her. Be careful!”

At first I had just assumed it was someone playing a prank, but now I couldn’t help but feel as if perhaps there was some meaning to that message. Yesterday, I had searched for my passport so that I could apply for my provisional driving license, but I hadn’t been able to find anything. I had to go see my sister today and ask her about where my passport was, before I went to see Aiden with the results of the DNA.

I quickly my coat and my handbag before I decided to leave to go see my sister at the hospital. The weather was quite good today; it wasn’t raining for a start which usually cheered up my mood. It was sunny, but it was also quite windy. It didn’t take me too long before I got to the hospital. The hospital had become so familiar to me now, in which I usually recognised the doctors, patients and staff. It took me exactly five minutes to navigate myself around the hospital to see my sister.

My sister looked like the same as she usually did, the hospital wires attached to her wrists and she lay like a broken doll on the bed. I was surprised to see she was awake today; she smiled when she saw me and waved me over. I sat beside her, and brushed her blonde hair affectionately. I was glad to see her awake, it reminded me that there was still some hope for the future. Hope that she would be alright and would soon come back home. It had been a bit lonely at home, all by myself. Usually our house was full of life, with only just two people at home, me and my sister but it never felt lonely.

You would always hear my sister singing and me just being myself at home. But, now our home felt lonelier than ever, I invited Trey at times but I didn’t want to disturb him. Trey was a wonderful friend, but I didn’t want to disturb him by asking him to stay with me at home.

“Hi sis, you okay. Your looking more unwell than me, and I’m the one who’s in hospital,” Emma joked a small smile forming on her lips.

It was true I did look a bit of a mess. The pressure of finding Darcy and knowing my sister was ill had caused me a lot of stress but I wasn’t going to admit that to Emma, since it would just cause her more stress which would be dangerous for her health.

I had to be careful on how I broached the subject of my passport, since I didn’t want Emma to worry. Emma had probably just put it away somewhere for safe keeping. That was just like Emma, to always be careful about her objects and very tidy. Emma was a neat freak; everything about her was neat from her dressing to her room.

She was the complete opposite to me who was just messy freak. I had always been messy; my room was a mess which always annoyed Emma who always complained about how my room resembled a zoo. It was true that my room could be tidier, or tidy in general. Perhaps if my room was tidy then it would be easier for me to find my things when I seemed to occasionally lose them in my room.

“I’m fine, anyways Emma I was looking for my passport and I couldn’t seem to find it. After searching for my passport, I was searching for my birth certificate since I needed either of them but I couldn’t find that as well. Where did you put them?” I asked Emma, who suddenly sat up on the hospital bed.

I noticed that she kept fidgeting her fingers and beads of sweat trickled down her face indicating that she was nervous. But, I didn’t understand why she was nervous. I was just asking her where my passport and my birth certificate were. I wasn’t asking for a million pounds or something though that would have been wonderful.

“Your passport, birth certificate. Why on earth would you need them?” Emma asked biting her lip nervously, looking around the room.

I was still confused why Emma was looking around in a panic; it seemed as if me asking where my passport and birth certificate was made her nervous. Which didn’t make sense at all to me?

“Emma, I’m only asking for my passport and birth certificate. I need them to apply for my provisional driving license.” I said.

“I don’t know,” Emma mumbled, shaking her head in confusion as if she couldn’t understand my question.

“What do you mean that you don’t know?” I demanded wondering what she was meaning.

I didn’t understand how Emma didn’t know where my birth certificate or passport was. She must have been joking to me, but the confused expression on her face seemed to mean that she actually didn’t know.

“You haven’t got one,” Emma blurted out.

“What do you mean I haven’t got one,” I repeated in confusion, stepping closer to Emma.

How on earth could I not have a birth certificate or passport? It was one thing if she had lost it but how could I not have one at all. Everybody had one.

“I mean you probably have one, but I don’t have it. Only your mother would have that,” Emma stated.

It should have probably clicked in when Emma had said that she hadn’t got my birth certificate or passport, but it was only starting to make sense when she said that only my mother had my passport. She said your mother, but we had the same parents, didn’t we?

“What do you mean my mother?” I demanded sternly, wanting to know the answer.

There was no point going back now. Now that she had said that, she had to explain it further. There had to be a reason why she had said that. A reason which I just didn’t understand.

“I meant nothing, I was just confused,” Emma mumbled, looking down.

But, I knew in my heart that she wasn’t confused. She was lying to me; Emma who had told me that I should never lie was now blatantly lying to my face. Now I knew something was wrong, some sort of secret was coming out and I just didn’t know what to react to it.

“Emma, tell me the truth. I know your lying. You’ve always been a terrible liar. What did you mean?” I repeated, put an emphasis on the word truth.

I had always been a curious girl, always wanting to know more and more. Especially when people start to tell you something, but don’t explain it enough in detail. A strand of my brown hair escaped the ponytail and I tucked it behind my ear. I could sense the atmosphere was tense, and I hated the awkward tension. I wanted someone to break the tension, but I just couldn’t.

“You want to know the truth. I can’t tell you, please trust me Scarlett.” Emma said, shaking her head.

“Trust you!” I exclaimed not understanding her.

Why couldn’t she just tell me truth? It was all about secrets when it came to Emma. Whenever I asked her anything personal, she would just tell me that it was a secret and that she would tell me when the time was right. But, the time never seemed to be right for her. I had enough of her keeping secrets. I was her sister, why were there so many secrets around her?

“Please Scarlett, believe me,” Emma pleaded, desperation in her voice.

If this was in any other situation I would have just let it go, but I was getting tired of her secrets. I had every right to know, especially when it seemed to affect my life. I wasn’t a little girl who she had to lie to, I was almost an adult. I could make my own decisions in life. Someone who knew the difference between right and wrong.

“Believe you. I can’t Emma, just tell me the truth. Now!” I shouted angrily, shaking her shoulders.

“I’m not actually your sister Scarlett.” Emma said before taking a deep breath.

“What do you mean?” I said in confusion.

I didn’t understand when she said that she wasn’t my sister; of course Emma was my sister. She had always been my sister; I just couldn’t understand this sudden outburst.

Emma tries to make up a lie, but I can see that even she has had enough of lying; her shoulders drop slightly, as she brushes her hand against mine. But, I don’t hold her hand.

“We kidnapped you. You’re Madeline Winter,” Emma says before breaking into tears.

As soon as Emma says that, it is as if my whole world had stopped. I let out a big breath of air which I hadn’t realized I had been holding. Please tell me this isn’t true. But the silence itself tells me it is. I couldn’t believe this. Who was Emma? Who was I then? It made me wonder if my whole life been a lie this whole time then.

“I’m so sorry,” Emma whispers, tears trickling down her cheeks slowly as she desperately tries to cling to me, but I break the hold of her hand in mine. I suddenly felt so frightened of her.

I stand up, tears brimming in my eyes. Lies. All lies she had done nothing to me but lie. Why so many lies? I had so many questions to ask, but I felt as if no words would come out of my mouth. It was if I was drowning in a sea of lies, and I could do nothing but sink.

I knew Emma had been keeping a secret from me, but I hadn’t thought that the secret would be this huge. Who was she then to kidnap me? It was if in a moment, Emma had become a stranger to me. I choked back tears as I tried to hold the pain in. Turning on my heel to leave, I could hear Emma calling out my name repeatedly in desperation.

All I could say to her was, “I hate you!” I said it quietly, but I knew she could hear that.

I could hear her cry, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to escape this hospital and be as far away from her as possible. I didn’t want to know why she had done this; there was nothing she could explain which could ever be good enough for me. No apologies nothing, I wanted nothing to do with her. Madeline Winter, my name was Madeline.

The one, who I had thought was my whole world, was nothing to me then a kidnapper. I was all alone in the world. I could hear the doctors calling me, but I wanted nothing to do with them. I ran out of the hospital, until I was far enough from that monster that had kidnapped me. I opened my phone out, which that monster had bought for me and wanted to destroy it straight away. But, I needed this phone now; I quickly opened the internet app and started typing in Madeline Winter, before I found a recent article about the disappearance.

Missing Child, still missing

Madeline Winter, daughter of millionaire Richard Winter went missing ten years ago at the age of seven. Madeline was abducted from her school by a woman who claimed to be her mother, but has now been confirmed as a stranger. There has been no further evidence if Madeline is still alive or if is dead. If she was still alive, she would know be celebrating her seventeenth birthday. Richard still believes his daughter is out somewhere and hasn’t given up hope of finding his daughter.

Madeline’s mother Abigail has been in a coma for the last few years after attempting suicide after the loss of her daughter. Richard has two other heirs to his business, his oldest son Brandon who is the next heir to Richard’s massive business and a daughter Alyssa. Police have come up with a sketch of how Madeline would look right now; if you have seen this girl or have any information about her disappearance please call this number.

My eyes froze on the sketch of how Madeline would look now, and even I could say nothing of how similar I looked to the sketching. The same features looked at me from the article, and I quickly put my phone away, but not before searching up my family detail and finding out where they lived. I had a family. I wasn’t an orphan as I thought I was, I had a family. I had a brother, a sister, a mother, a father.

People who were out looking for me. I wanted to do nothing more than go and see them, but I knew it would be stupid to imagine seeing them. They wouldn’t recognise me and wouldn’t want me. I wasn’t this perfect little girl anymore; I was a complete stranger to them. At that moment, I hated Emma more than anything. Just thinking of her made me sick. I couldn’t believe that I had trusted her more than anything. She had kidnapped me for ten years in which she had made me depend on her more than anything.

If I hadn’t asked for my passport and birth certificate then would she have ever told me the truth? I wanted to desperately believe that Emma was good, but after reading the article I had to chuck away that possibility. Even if Emma wasn’t my sister, I couldn’t help but know that it was my responsibility to find Darcy. Darcy wasn’t related to me, but I still had an obligation to unite that girl with her mother. Just because Emma had taken me away from my mother, didn’t mean I was going to take her child away from her.

I wasn’t that cruel, I couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a child. I thought about how much my parents must have been missing me, my mother had tried to commit suicide and it was all Emma’s fault. I hoped that one day I could meet my family and unite with them, but I knew that was just a dream. They wouldn’t want me back and how could I ever be a part of their family.

I remembered the card Ryan had given me, with Adam’s details and I decided to go see him, perhaps he would have the DNA results. I was still thinking about Ryan’s warning of being careful about his brother, I hadn’t understood why he had said that to me, perhaps he was joking about it or perhaps he was serious; whatever it was I would be very careful.

I wouldn’t let myself get hurt or be fooled by anyone. I had my guard up and would never make the mistake of trusting others easily. Aiden’s house was quite far and I had to take a taxi to get there, luckily I had some spending money saved up, and it only took a twenty minute drive. Though the fare had come up to thirty pounds, the driver had taken one look at my distraught appearance and told me that twenty pounds would be enough. I thanked the driver, before standing in front of Aiden’s house.

I didn’t even know much about Aiden, though I assumed Ryan had told his brother about me. The last thing I wanted was to be an unexpected visitor at his house. I slowly made my way to his door before knocking on the door and the clicking on the bell, I tapped my shoe on the pavement as I waited for the door to open.

It was only as I was waiting, did I realize what Emma had said clearly, “we kidnapped you”, who was the we who Emma had meant, at that point of time I had assumed that Emma had been working alone but now I wondered who the “we” had been. It meant that Emma hadn’t been working alone, which made me wonder who else had taken a part in the kidnapping. I should have asked Emma then, but I was too furious and I still am. I should ask her now, but I was still too angry to speak to her. I still couldn’t believe that Emma had kidnapped me. Why me?

As I was in my train of thoughts, the door opened to which a young handsome looking guy was standing in the doorway. If I had thought Ryan was attractive, this guy was god like. He was gorgeous with dark black hair in locks that fell over his beautiful green eyes which looked at me in confusion. He was tall at least a few inches taller than me, and stood there with his hand on his waist. He wore faded blue jeans and a black leather jacket which screamed “bad boy” in my head.

He was your typical bad boy, with tattoos peeking from his wrist. I could see something written in another language, and I wondered what it meant. This guy was stereotypical bad boy who your parents never wanted you to hang around with, they were bad news and anyone talking to them would end up bad. The smell of stale smoke came from him which let me knew he smoked. He looked around at me as if expecting to see somebody else, before he looked at me up and down before he stopped inspecting me.

“Hello. Who are you?” the guy asked me.

I wondered who this guy was and wondered if he was friends with Adam, perhaps this guy was his roommate.

“Hi. My name is Scarlett. I’m here to see your friend Aiden, just tell him that I’m the girl his friend Ryan told him about and he should know,” I said looking down.

I didn’t know what was about him which made me so shy; it was like being around him made me nervous. When I had read about love in novels it often talked about a weird feeling inside of them, but it was the first time I was experiencing this strange feeling.

It wasn’t just the fact that this guy was attractive but it was something about his beautiful green eyes which made me want to stare into them forever. It was something about him which made me feel safe, I felt as I could stare into his eyes forever but I knew that would just be strange. The guy caught me staring at him and then smiled.

I had seen this guy before, not in real life but in a dream. I had this dream a week ago, and this guy was in it.

As I walked quickly in a rush, I accidentally bumped into a handsome looking guy with lovely black hair. He looked at me with curiosity.

“Hi. You must be Scarlett, my brother told me about you. I’m Aiden, please come in,” the guy said, taking a step in.

I walked inside the mansion house, though the house looked small outside it looked massive on the inside. The walls were painted a glossy black which made the house seem very classy. This was Aiden, I blushed at the thought of how stupid I sounded and then walked inside. He wasn’t what I was expecting and that was good I guess. I walked inside following him inside.

“Your Aiden, you’re the forensic scientist, wow. You don’t look how I thought you would look like.” I blurted out before thinking how awkward I had made the situation.

I thought Aiden would say something to me about what I had just said, but he just smiled kindly.

“Well I know I don’t look like the stereotypical forensic scientist, with the white coat, glasses. I’ve had many people tell me how I look different. It’s like the world has come up with this image of all forensic scientists having to look a certain way, and though a few of us do look like that, a lot of us don’t,” Aiden tells me flashing me his perfect smile.

I felt like a little girl who had been caught stealing a candy, this guy made me feel immature and like a child. He was so smart and intelligent. I wasn’t saying this just because he was intelligent, but it was the way he spoke about anything. Aiden was right. I had hated people who stereotyped others but now it was I who had stereotyped how forensic scientist looked like. It was perhaps because usually forensic scientists were portrayed as a geeks but this wasn’t the case. Maybe that was why when I had seen Aiden with his tattoos a not a stereotypical look.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have thought that, it was bad of me. I’m sorry,” I apologised, hoping that he would forgive me.

“It's fine, don’t worry. I used to think forensic scientist had to look a certain way, but that was before I became a forensic scientist and wanted people to see me for who I really am,” Adam answered, turning to face me.

“That’s really inspirational of you. The way you see yourself and the world is amazing. I’ve never met anyone like you before,” I said, wondering what my distraught appearance told him about me.

If I had known that Adam would be like this, and then I would have made sure I looked decent. I didn’t have to look attractive or anything, but the last thing I wanted to do was look like a mess. I calmly smoothed down my shirt, before running my fingers through the tangles in my brown hair.

“Well, I’ve never met anybody like myself either. I think behind every human there is a good and a bad side to each person. For some people we see the devil clearly, while others are just very good at hiding their appearances.” Aiden tells me, looking off into the distant as if he was thinking of something in particular as he told me this.

As Aiden was telling me this all I could think of was Emma. I couldn’t even think of her as my sister. All I could imagine when I thought of her was a woman who had stolen me from my parents. Emma was twenty six years old now; I was seventeen years old so that meant that when Emma had kidnapped me at the age of seven she had been sixteen years old. I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth a girl of sixteen had managed to kidnap me.

She must have had help, but help from who that was the question which I couldn’t help but think about. If my family had been looking for me, and then why they had not been able to find me. Couldn’t they have looked more for me? I couldn’t blame anybody. All these years I had seen Emma as my guardian angel, somebody who would protect and love me. But, really Emma was the devil in disguise that had ruined my life and taken me away from everyone who loved me. It was because of Emma, I had missed growing up with the love of my parents.

The only thing I didn’t understand was why I couldn’t remember, I knew I was seven years old but couldn’t a seven year old me remember my previous life. I remember how controlling Emma had been as I grew up, especially when I was younger, during my teenage years Emma had always been careful about how I used social media. She didn’t like me posting photos of myself, and would always check what I used facebook for, perhaps that was why I Emma had been this worried. It would be because she was scared, not scared of what I used social media for but scared if someone would recognise me. I wished someone had recognised me, maybe then I would have been reunited with my family.

I had missed ten years spending time with them, ten birthdays, ten Christmases, ten long years. There was nothing more that I wanted to do then go and see my family. I wanted them to love me, but it was too late now. I had to unite Darcy with Emma, find who was responsible and make sure they were punished. But, I didn’t know what I was going to do after that. Before discovering the truth, I would have gone back to thinking of going back to my old life.

But, now it was too late. It wasn’t even my life, it was a life I was living but the life that belonged to me was one I had lost ten years ago. That was a life I had lost and would never get back.

“You are right. A lot of people live a life of a facade where they pretend to be someone who they are not. But then when you discover who they truly are, you discover that the monsters you have been afraid of your whole lifetime have been living with you your whole life,” I said thinking about how important my words impacted my life.

I wondered if I had been stupid my whole life thinking that the life I had been living didn’t belong to me. I was Madeline Winter. Madeline, even that name sounded posh and classy. A name I felt didn’t belong to me at all. I wondered if my parents would even want me back. I wouldn’t be the beautiful little girl they had lost, but a grown up woman. They would probably think I was part of some scam and in a way they were right. How could they believe what a random stranger said?

“It seems as if you have experienced some sort of betrayal by someone close to you,” Aiden retorted, taking a step closer to me.

At that moment I wanted to confess the truth to somebody, I wanted to tell someone about the kidnapping, about who I really was. But, I couldn’t. Betrayal, it was a horrible word that hurt so many people. The worst betrayal was one committed by people close to you. A betrayal by somebody you didn’t know was bad, but it was even worse when it was committed by somebody you trust. It made you wonder who you could really trust. It made me feel as if the world was a horrible place, full of bad people.

“I have,” I answered; I didn’t say anything else since I felt that answered all the questions.

The betrayal I experienced had been the worst in the world. I could never forgive her for ruining my life. I couldn’t even think of her as my sister, whenever I thought about her all I could remember was her betrayal. Why had she kidnapped me? Why had she never told me? I knew it wasn’t something you told someone but it hurt knowing she had lied to me. All I could think was if she had lied to me about this, and then what else had she lied to me about.

“I have the DNA results here, it’s in this envelope. Next time you see my brother tell me that he owes me for this,” Aiden says, before walking into the living room and then returning with a sealed brown envelope. He handed the brown envelope to me and I glanced at it briefly before deciding that I would look at it another time.

“Aiden, what are you doing mate,” I heard a deep voice ask out calling from the living room.

I assumed that perhaps his friend was waiting for him and thought that I should leave. I didn’t want to take up too much of Aiden’s time.

“Thank you for everything. It means a lot to me. Bye,” I said turning to leave.

“Aiden, who are you talking to?” a voice asked out sounding familiar.

“Wait mate, I’m coming. I’m just talking to my friend,” Aiden said, turning to see if his mate was coming.

“Don’t make your friend wait for me. I will see you later,” I mumbled turning to leave, wondering if I would see him again.

I didn’t know why but I really wanted to see him. I wanted to talk to him again. I wanted to see him again. It was this strange feeling inside of me that made me want to talk to him.

“I have to see who you’re talking too, who this person is that is more important than me,” I heard a familiar voice call out.

As I reached the doorway, I heard Aiden say bye to me, so I turned around to see his face one more time wondering when I would see him again. Suddenly, another guy walked in, this guy was attractive as well but for some reason he looked so familiar. He was attractive and dressed the complete opposite to Aiden. He was formally dressed, even in a setting like this he seemed to stick out, wearing black trousers and a black coat suit. As our faces met, I saw him look at me with a shocked expression as if he had just seen a ghost.

“Mate, this is my friend...” Aiden began to say, pointing to me, but before he could say anything, the other guy walked right up to me and stared at me. The way he was staring at me made me feel as if something was on my face, I looked down in shyness.

I thought that perhaps this guy had seen me before, but I wasn’t prepared for what came out of his mouth next.

“Madeline,” this guy said ending Aiden’s sentence.

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