Keep Your Promises by Sabitha Kiritharan

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Three months later...

I can’t believe it’s taken me three months to discover the truth. The cold harsh truth which my sister would never find out. I had kept my promise, but now I wondered if finding out the truth had caused more pain and anguish to others. It was scary for me to just thing how my life had been built up on lies. Everyone had lied to me. There was nobody who had been completely honest to me. My sister had wanted her secrets to die with her, but now because of me her secrets wouldn’t die. These secrets would only die with me, and I was now on a path of destruction. A path which could either bring me relief or lead me to my death. When I had first made the promise, I had never thought about what it would lead me to. The secrets I had discovered would remain with me, but the truth would one day have to come to light. Nothing can ever be buried for long, not even deadly secrets and bodies. Bodies that remained hidden until one day they too would be discovered. At first my aim was to find Darcy, but I had never thought to do that I would have to find the truth. Darcy lives with me now. Though she’s all alone just like me. She is usually a happy bubbly little girl, always smiling not knowing the truth that her mother would never return. But, sometimes I see a hint of the pain left from her being kidnapped. Sometimes she would say the most unusual thing, which would make me wonder how much she really knew.

I’m her guardian now, with nobody else to claim her, legally I was the only one who could take her in or she would be taken into care. But, that was the last thing I wanted, Darcy remained the only piece of my sister I had left. Seeing a part of my sister in her, made me cry hysterically knowing that I had some part in the blame. Why did this have to happen to me? Once I had discovered the truth, I knew my life would never be the same. There was no way I could live a life full of lies. It was bad enough knowing that my life wasn’t truly the life I was living. Mistakes had been made. There was nobody I could fully blame. I couldn’t blame my sister, no matter what she had done she was still my sister, or that was how I wanted to believe. The truth about my sister was something I told no one, I didn’t want to tarnish her name or ruin her reputation. Emma should always be known as a good, kind caring wonderful big sister of me, the facade she had lived her life through shouldn’t ever be tarnished. If I couldn’t blame her, then who could I truly blame? I could blame myself, I could blame numerous others who had a played a part, but what was the point. The one I truly could blame was him. The same guy who I had trusted and confided in. He stood there now several meters away from me, his hands shoved in his pockets. A blank expression plastered on his face. I had once thought of him as my saviour, my friend. But, now all I could see was a cruel demon in disguise. All the love and trust I had for him vanished.

I knew I would never be able to see him in the same way again. Not now, not ever, especially after knowing the truth. As my eyes locked onto him, a small smile fell on his lips as he attempted to try and maintain his good boy image. To everybody else he was this good angelic boy, who could never harm a fly, but what he had done was more than hurt a fly. He had killed and I knew he wasn’t afraid to do that again.

He had committed a crime. No matter how hard he tried to hide his crime it could only be hidden for a while. One day all the secrets you kept buried would have to be come out and when it did it would shock everyone. Everyone kept lies; I’m not going to hide the fact that in my life I have kept many lies. But there was none as horrible as these. Now in my heart I had many secrets that didn’t belong to me, secrets that I had discovered when I was on my journey trying to find my niece. At that start of my journey I hadn’t known what to expect, I didn’t know that I would stumble upon many lies. The secrets that I carried with me wouldn’t be buried with me because I knew he had to face the truth. I knew what he did, no matter how much he lied to me that he was innocent. All I wanted to know was the reason for his actions. How could he betray me? I had loved him in my own way but more than that I trusted him. I shared all my secrets with him, in him I found a companion someone who would help me in my journey. But all along he had been waiting for me, praying for my despair and plotting my demise. I didn’t understand how I could have been so stupid for trusting him. All along there were signs that he wasn’t who he said he was, now that I think clearly I can clearly see that he wasn’t true to himself or to me. He might have had reasons for doing what he did but why didn’t he tell me. Even when he was drowning in his problems why didn’t he tell me, did he think that I wouldn’t help him? I hated him no that was a lie I didn’t hate him not really. As much as I wanted to hate him a part of me still loved him, still missed him.

In his eyes I saw light and darkness both contrasted one another. I saw the good and bad side of him. We could easily end this; he could easily go to prison for his crimes and then it would all be over. But I knew him too well; I knew he wouldn’t go to prison. He was too stubborn and head strong to accept his defeat, even know he couldn’t see the faults he had done. He still felt that he was correct, that he had done nothing wrong. Why couldn’t he see what he had done? I wanted to help him but how? I could only confront him and that was what I was doing now. I should have confronted him as soon as I found out the truth, but I had given him some time to sort out his mistakes to tell me. But, it seemed that he would never sort out his mistakes and deal his issues. I knew he had problems, he had been through a lot gone through a lot of pain and misery but that didn’t mean that his actions were correct.

I had come prepared today for anything, I had a gun though I had never fired it before and was scared to even touch it. It was a type of protection for me just in case he had come to hurt me. His previous attempts had failed at trying to hurt me and thankfully I had managed to overcome his attempts mostly unharmed. A few bruises and pains had come out of the attempts to hurt me. I had never thought he would be someone who could hurt me; I had many suspects before of who could have hurt me. But, I hadn’t thought of him, he had been with me all this time, not hiding his crime but plain in sight. But, I had been too foolish to see the true nature of him.

“Why?” I asked, wondering what I had done to deserve this.

I knew he had a gun, I could see it poking through his jacket that was why I had come prepared. When I had first discovered the truth, I had tried to lie and pretend to myself that all wasn’t how as it seemed. There had to be another way out of this. It just couldn’t be true. But, soon I discovered that the cold hard truth was true, and as painful as it was I would have to accept it. Accepting it hadn’t been easy but there was no way that I could lie to myself much longer. He was the devil who would continue to hurt and destroy peoples’ lives, and I would have to stop him. It was because of me that things had come this far, but I would have to end the game which had been started.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, nearing me.

His sweet melodic voice which used to sound like music to my ears, now sounded demonic. He hadn’t answered my question and I knew he wouldn’t. When I had called him to meet him I hadn’t told him why I had wanted to meet up, but soon he would know. I had to confront the demons who had waited so long for me. I wanted to go back to a world full of lies. A world where there was no pain, no sadness, no deaths. I wanted to beg him to stop-but I knew there was no use. We both stared at each other, knowing that this was how it had to end. I knew it had to end now. Suddenly, the sounds of bullets firing could be heard.

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