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When Fate Takes

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Chapter 2

Onyx James

“We’re going to Vegas,” Bash says towards the end of our meeting.

“We are?”

I study him for a moment because I think he might be making a joke.

He’s not.

Bash has never been the one to go out and party. He’s always has his head where it matters, with the mafia, and now he’s Don.

The Don definitely doesn’t take trips to Vegas for fun.

We’re in our thirties, we can’t just fuck around like we used to.

Maybe fifteen years ago, when we were both soldiers for his fathers Capo’s, but definitely not now.

“Dalia wants to celebrate her twenty first birthday, and the hell I’m sending her on her own with Colby. Those two will get into too much trouble.”

When Bash asked for a good soldier that could watch his younger sister on campus I had offered him Colby Saccone.

Freshly twenty one, but the boy could blend in with the college crowd and fight when needed. The two quickly became friends, so I hear, and Bash tried to take him off her detail last year because of the nonsense they get into.

But the little mafia princess refused to accept anyone else, constantly ditching them to show their ineffectiveness—Bash even tried to get me to watch her before ultimately deciding to have another talk with Colby about appropriate behavior of a bodyguard.

I think Dalia cooled her behavior only then because she really didn’t want to lose him again.

“You could just send her with a hoard of soldiers. No man would step within twenty feet of their direction.”

He gives me a look.

“Have you met my sister?”

Met? No.

Watched her from afar from the last year? Definitely.

Bash had one rule once his sister decided to go to college in Chicago—no one is to touch her or interact with her. She was very off limits.

Dalia is his half sister, she was born when we were teenagers to one of his fathers mistresses, so he’s always been protective of her—and by extension so have I, despite never meeting her.

When she arrived with her French mother over three years ago, Bash didn’t even introduce her to anyone, not even me and I’m his best friend. The minute she turned eighteen, she had a bodyguard, Colby, and from what I could tell, she was happy being away from the mafia world.

I’ve never even talked to her. Well, I did earlier when she ran into me on her way out. She didn’t say anything back at me, she just froze, which I understood.

I’m a tall muscular man. I intimidate everyone. Even the fiery mafia princess.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t watch me wherever I go.

I only had just noticed it a year ago, when she turned twenty. Bash let her go into the club, and because he knew I was going to be there for business, he asked that I just keep an eye on her on my way out.

And my eyes haven’t left her since.

Which means I’ve noticed that she also doesn’t stop watching me. I’ve turned it into a little game, counting how many times our eyes meet, but that is as far as our interactions go. Bash would have my balls if I stepped out of line with her.

“There’s intel that Messina is in Vegas, so it wouldn’t hurt to look around.”

I give him a look, but he just stares me down.

He and I both know that intel is months old. Carlos Messina has definitely moved around since, and if he hasn’t, then he’s an idiot.

Messina was our contractor for armed goods until he turned on us. We lost ten soldiers because of him and now Bash is out for blood.

“It’ll be you, me, and Ian.”

It takes everything in me to not groan out loud.

Ian and I used to be friends, but that was before he stole my girlfriend Emily from me and then I shot him in the arm as revenge. Kind of made things sour between us.

Bash then added to it when he mentioned he was looking to promote one of us to be his Underboss.

Now Ian was looking for anything to use against me.

“When do we leave?” I ask so I can mentally prepare myself to spend time with Ian.

“Noon. Dalia said she and her friends want to lay under the sun. I am also giving Colby the day off so he can be with her.” When I look at him, he shrugs. “Can’t have her be entirely pissed off, it is her birthday after all.”

Whatever the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.

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