The Boy from Romania

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Chapter 2: School

“Elisabeth!” Gigi came bounding down the hallway toward me on Monday morning. Her pixie style hair blew back as she ran and those man calves she had developed during band camp were showing. “Hi,” She said breathlessly when she came to a stop in front of me. “Have you seen him yet,” She whispered ominously. I rolled my eyes at her and turned towards my locker.

“No, I haven’t. Hopefully it stays that way. Y’ know the worst part is that he’s actually really cute.” I said. Gigi giggled; I swung my locker open and tossed my book bag in, only keeping a binder with a notebook and a pen out. “Are you ready for our senior year?” I said with a smile.

“Of course! It’s gonna be awesome!” Gigi was a rather energetic girl. Not only was she in marching band, but we also did track together in the spring. “What classes do you have this semester?” She asked.

“I’m taking German III, Statistics, AP US History and Photography. You?”

“Let’s see. I have AP Calculus, Band, AP US History and American Literature. Hey, we’ll have AP History together at least.” She said brightly. I smiled as we began walking into the throng of students. The first day of school was always full of excitement and nervousness, of course, that’s only the first day. Once you get past the first month everyone is back to feeling spiteful towards school.

“Well hopefully you won’t have any classes with the weirdo,” Gigi said snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, yeah. I don’t want to deal with him.” I said. Speaking of the devil, as soon as the words were out of my mouth I spotted Daniel at the end of the hallway walking towards us. “Oh crap, there he is!” I whispered loudly to Gigi.

“What? Where?” She asked looking all around. I pointed to his tall figure down the hall. He was wearing a navy pea coat today with slim fitting black jeans and black converse. “Him? Holy shit you weren’t kidding, weirdo’s hot.” Gigi said rather unceremoniously. I rolled my eyes at her and then dragged her into the nearest classroom. “Hey!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“I’m just going to hide out here until he walks past, I don’t think he saw us.” I said. Gigi gave me a blank look but said nothing, she knew better than that. We stood just next to the door and peered ever so slightly out the window, after a moment I saw Daniel walk past the door not even glancing in our direction. I was in the clear, sort of. Someone cleared their throat from behind us and we whirled around to see one of the physics teachers glaring at us.

“Can I help you ladies with something?” He asked unhappily.

“Oh, sorry Mr. Fritz,” I said with chagrin coloring my cheeks. I grabbed Gigi’s hand and dashed back out into the hall. “That was a close one,” I said with a breath of relief.

“Yeah, but poor Mr. Fritz,” Gigi said. I shrugged and we began to walk again. “I suppose we should get going to our classes,” She said with a sigh, I gave a nod in response. We paused for a moment to do our weird handshake thing and then we were off to begin the school year.

The first half of the day was boring; German was easy as it was mostly in English. I discovered that my Stat teacher was really funny so it seemed like that was going to be a good class. Now I was sitting at a lunch table waiting for Gigi to get her lazy butt there. I looked all around the cafeteria for her copper pixie hair but couldn’t see her, I did, however, see Daniel the weirdo, and he was walking right towards me and the table. Damnit, Gigi, where are you when I need you? Daniel came to a stop at the end of the table next to me. Why did he have to be so attractive? And smell good, I hadn’t noticed it before, but he smelled amazing.

“Hello Luminita,” He said in his deep Romanian accent. “May I sit here?” He asked.

“I’d say no, but I don’t think that you’ll acknowledge that,” I said flatly. Sure enough, he sat right down in the seat across from me. “Saw that coming,” I said to myself.

“So how is your first day today?” He asked. “Mine is good, but my English teacher is very odd.” He continued. Did he think we were friends or something? He couldn’t even remember my actual name!

I took a bite of my turkey sandwich and tried to pretend he wasn’t there. Daniel glanced around him a little bit then took a sip from his thermos, wasn’t he going to eat anything? People were starting to look over at us from the other tables, everyone was curious about the new student I suppose. I just wanted him gone.

“Are you upset about something Luminita? You can tell me,” He said with an earnest expression. I turned towards him and glowered.

“Well for starters, my name isn’t Luminita or whatever, it’s Elisabeth.” I said sternly. “For seconds, I don’t know who you are or what you want. You show up out of nowhere at my house talking down to me like everything is cool when I don’t even know what in the heck is going on. So yes, I am bothered by you,” I ranted.

Daniel gave me a dumbfounded look but said nothing at first. He opened his mouth and was about to speak but then Gigi finally walked over to the table.

“Sorry I’m late Elisa-,” She stopped midsentence when she noticed Daniel sitting across from me. She must have noticed the tension in the air because she followed up with, “Am I interrupting something?”

“No, absolutely not. Please sit down.” I quickly said. Daniel looked a little hurt, but I didn’t pay any mind to that. “Why were you so late?” I asked.

“The band director says one more run through, but he really means 5,” She said while rolling her eyes.

“You guys were outside today already?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I mean we’ve gone through band camp so we don’t really need an orientation day.” Gigi said. Daniel seemed to perk up a little bit at the mention of band.

“You play an instrument?” He asked Gigi. She turned slowly towards him a little surprised. “What instrument do you play?” He asked eagerly.

“Um, the tenor saxophone,” She responded slowly.

“Ah, I play the trumpet,” Daniel said. “I’m hoping to do concert band next semester.” He seemed much more chipper now, and also a little less weird. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s still weird. Gigi smiled at the fact that he was a band nerd just like her. “Perhaps I can watch the marching band practice some time. In Romania I am homeschooled so I can’t do something like that. I mainly study with a private instructor.” Gigi nodded at this with a slight smile, I narrowed my eyes at her and gave a stern look, she noticed and went back to eating her chips in silence.

The three of us sat in a somewhat awkward silence after that. Daniel continued to sip from his thermos while Gigi and I ate our lunches and had idle chit chat here and there. Soon, though, we were saved by the bell and returned to class. Next was AP US History, which we had together.

“Lunch could have gone a little better I suppose,” Gigi murmured.

“Yep,” I said with a curt nod. “Did you notice that he didn’t even eat anything? He just sipped from his thermos the whole time.” I said. Perhaps I was being paranoid, but Dad did say something about vampires at dinner the other night, which was crazy, I know.

“He probably had soup or something in it. Kind of a smart idea actually. You can eat the whole day and the teachers would never notice.” Gigi said a little dumbfounded. I rolled my eyes at her as we entered the classroom to see Daniel sitting there in front of us. His lips twitched up into a smirk and he gestured to the seat next to him. Gigi stopped in her tracks for a moment then rushed for the only other empty seat in the back row. Traitor. I heaved a sigh and trudged over to the desk next to Daniel.

“We meet again Lumi, I mean, Elisabeth.” He said catching himself. His adjustment caught me a little off guard; I figured he wasn’t listening like he hadn’t been before. I sat silently next to him waiting for Mrs. Hanson to start class. How did a Romanian end up in AP US History anyway? “I am sorry if I upset you before,” He said quietly. “I didn’t mean to,” I looked over at him to see him staring down at the desk with a sad look; he glanced up at me out of the corner of his eye. God damn that was cute. Wait, no, snap out of it Elisabeth!

I sighed and said, “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have been so hard on you.” He gave a smile of triumph but I cut him off. “But, you still have a lot of explaining to do,” I added.

“Of course! I will do all the explaining that you want Elisabeth. Just say the word,” Daniel said happily. I couldn’t figure this guy out. He acted like a cocky arrogant butt face, but then was also kind of like an adorable puppy. Not going soft or anything like that I swear. Mrs. Hanson launched into her orientation speech shortly after that so Daniel didn’t have any other chances to talk to me. Then it was off to Photography to finish up the day.

*Gigi1340 is online*

*Elisabest is online*

Gigi1340: So how was the rest of the day? What did you and Daniel talk about?

Elisabest: It was alright. And nothing really. But I think he finally learned my name! A real accomplishment for him I think.

Gigi1340: Lol, that’s good. Are you going to keep talking to him?

Elisabest: Well I think I have to since someone abandoned me in History. :P

Gigi1340: Heheh, sorry about that. I panicked.

Elisabest: I guess I can forgive you. But you have to make it up to me. Daniel invited me over to Riker’s house and I want you to go with me. Ain’t no way in Hell I’m going over there by myself.

Gigi1340: You got it boss. When are you going?

Elisabest: Friday after school. It’s probably going to be super creepy.

Gigi1340: No doubt about that. Let me know when weirdo gives you more details.

Elisabest: Sure thing.

*Elisabest is offline*

*Gigi1340 is offline*

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