The Boy from Romania

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Chapter 20: The Vieru's

I had been kidnapped, I didn’t know by who or why. One second I was on my bed IM-ing Gigi, and then the next someone was jumping out of my closet at me. Before I could scream they had a cloth pressed against my mouth and nose and I passed out.

I was slung over my captor’s shoulder like a child when I came to. Unfortunately, I had no idea where we were since they were running at a blinding speed. Vampire. Was the only thing I thought before blacking out again.

The next time I woke up I was laying in the backseat of a car with windows tinted so dark I still couldn’t see where we were, or where we were going. I reached a tentative hand up to my neck and felt the skin under my fingertips. Still smooth. I let out a sigh of relief and fell out of consciousness once more. I was so tired.

The third and final time I came to I appeared to be on an airplane speeding over the Atlantic. I sat up quickly and instantly regretted that decision. My head spun as my blood equalized itself and my limbs still felt very stiff and cramped. I was the only one in the luxurious cabin space, seated in a plush leather chair.

Am I in a private jet? I tried to stand and walk around the cabin only to find that I couldn’t move my feet, or my hands for that matter. Glancing down I realized that my feet were tied together at the ankles and my wrists were tied behind my back. “What the hell?” I mumbled. I struggled against my bonds, but it was no use, the knots were expertly tied.

I froze in my struggles when I heard murmuring coming from the cockpit; I had to strain my ears to hear it.

“Put the plane on auto and let’s go check on her.” A masculine voice said. My eyes widened, there was more than one? “It’s been a few hours, she should definitely be awake by now.”

“Relax, Sebastian,” A more feminine voice said. “I can already smell her adrenaline, she is awake. You go check on her,” The woman said. “I need to stay at the controls.”

The door to the cockpit opened and out stepped this beautiful 20 something man. His hair was almost the same color as mine, he had his bangs long but it was shorter in the back. His eyes on the other hand were green and contrasted against his pale skin. The man, Sebastian I assumed, was tall like Daniel, but not as broad. His eyes met and held mine, but instead of scowling or frowning, his eyes crinkled into a grin.

“Cousin Luminita!” He exclaimed happily and was in front of me in an instant. Sebastian quickly had the knots untied from my wrists and ankles and then whisked me into a bear hug. What the heck was going on? Didn’t these vampires kidnap me?

“Um, what?” I squeaked out.

“Oh, sorry, too tight?” He set me back down on my feet and continued to smile at me. “I do apologize for tying you up as we did. We figured it would be safer for you if you could not wiggle around.” Sebastian said. Why didn’t he have a Romanian accent? This vampire had more of a British accent.

“So, wait, I’m super confused right now, just give me a second.” I sat back into the plush chair and stared up at him. “So, you,” I pointed to him. “are my cousin?” Sebastian nodded. “Then that means…” I trailed off as realization sunk in. “You’re a Vieru?!” Sebastian nodded again with a wide smile. “And who’s in the cockpit?”

“My twin sister Alexandra, she is also your cousin.” He said. “We are about to fly into some cloud systems so she had to stay at the controls.” I felt kind of dumbfounded. If what Sebastian was saying was true, then that meant I had more family out there! Of course I was more than happy with Mom and Dad, but the prospect of meeting my blood relatives was exciting.

“But, wait.” I stopped. “Why did you kidnap me? I mean, you jumped out of my closet in the middle of the night and knocked me out, and now we’re somewhere over the Atlantic going I don’t even know where. What’s going on?” I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I wanted Daniel there with me, at least he could protect me against other vampires better than I could myself.

“Sebastian!” Alexandra yelled.

“Yes, yes, I smell it.” He said. “Luminita, please try to calm down.” He said in a soothing voice. “We are not here to hurt you, we are taking you to England.” What? Why there? I didn’t want to go there! I had a really important test on Monday.

“How did you even find me, I thought only the Florescu’s knew where I was.” My chest constricted when I thought of Daniel. I wonder when he would notice me gone. “Why are you taking me to England?” I demanded as fiercely as I could.

“We were trying to protect you, Luminita. We were hoping to get to you before the Florescu’s got to you, obviously that didn’t happen. You reek of him.” Sebastian spat out the last bit. Seemed like there were some hard feelings there. “We’ve always known where you were. Our parents tracked you to Austria with the maid, but by the time we got there your parents had already adopted you so we couldn’t take you with us.”

“Okay,” I said slowly trying to process this. “Why England then? Don’t you live in Romania?” Sebastian shook his head no. “You live in England?”

“Yes. The fire happened when Alex and I were still small, only about 6 or 7, after the fire our parents decided it would be safer for us if we moved away from Romania, away from the Florescu’s. Anymore we only return to Romania a few times a year, mainly for council meetings.”

“Your parents? My aunt and uncle?” Sebastian nodded.

“Yes, your uncle Octavian Vieru and aunt Silvia Vieru. They can’t wait to meet you when we get to Cambridge.” He said. Sebastian turned when the cockpit door swung open and Alexandra walked out. Just the way she walked, she looked like the one that should be ruling, not me.

She was almost an exact copy of Sebastian, green eyes, pale skin, tall and slight, and long auburn hair pulled back into a French braid. Her eyes were fierce.

“Nice of you to join us, Alex,” Sebastian said coolly. “She has a lot of questions.”

“Of course she does, Sebastian.” She rolled her eyes at him. “She was raised with humans for 17 years and then had a vampire show up on her doorstep. I would be confused too.” Alexandra turned to me and gave me a small smile. “I’m sorry we couldn’t get to you sooner, we thought the Florescu’s would wait until you were actually 18 to approach you. We were wrong.” She gave me a small hug and another smile. “It’s good to finally meet you, cousin Luminita.”

“It’s nice to meet you guys too. I never knew that I had cousins and an aunt and uncle! Or at least Vieru relatives.” I said. “I just wish I had known all of this to begin with. Before Daniel showed up I had always assumed that I was Austrian.” The plane gave a bit of a jump and Alex disappeared back into the cockpit in an instant.

“We’ll be landing in England within a few hours, you should try and get some rest, Luminita.” Sebastian said with a smile. “We’ll be in the cockpit if you need anything.” Sebastian disappeared into the cockpit as well and I was left alone in the cabin. The thought of meeting other Vieru’s was exciting, but I didn’t have a problem with Daniel. Frankly, I didn’t think I needed protecting from him, I trusted him. Did they really take me just because there’s bad blood between the Vieru’s and Florescu’s?

I collapsed onto the nearest chair and curled into a ball. I trusted Daniel, but I wasn’t sure if I could trust the Vieru’s yet. I wanted to stay awake until we landed, but I was still so tired, I passed out again.

I dreamt of Daniel as I slept. I dreamt we were cuddled up together on that bronze colored couch in his living room. He would lean over and kiss my head and nuzzle against my neck. “Luminita,” He would murmur into my ear. The end of my dream was him kissing my neck and then plunging his fangs into my throat.

“Daniel!” I woke with a start and coated in a sheen of sweat. “Oh, it was only a dream,” I whispered to myself. Letting out a sigh I sat up and found myself in an unfamiliar bed. Had I really slept for the rest of the flight and then the trip here? I stood up from the bed slowly trying to get my bearings. Did someone change my clothes? Instead of my own pajamas from home I was wearing a silky night gown the color of cherry blossoms. Awkward.

Walking over to the large window in the room, I threw open the curtains and was greeted with the University of Cambridge’s sprawling campus. I was really in England. And today I was 18. Oh, my God; my parents, Gigi and Daniel! “What time is it?” I mumbled to myself. The clock on the wall said 12:15 PM so it was still only 8:15 back home in Avery, they probably didn’t even know I was gone yet. “I wanted to spend my birthday with my friends and family…” I murmured. Why did vampires have to keep popping up and ruining my plans?

There was a soft knock on my door and Alexandra stepped in quietly. “Oh, you’re awake.” She said. She was carrying a tray with toast, butter, jelly and orange juice on it and suddenly my stomach let out a rather loud growl. “I suppose you’re hungry.” She chuckled. Alexandra set the tray down on the night stand next to the bed and came to stand next to me in front of the window. “This must a lot for you to take in. I told my parents that we should approach you like normal people before doing anything drastic. They didn’t listen.” It was silent for a few minutes with the two of us staring out the window together. “Your parents knew everything, you know?” Now this was a surprise.

“What?” I was so confused.

“Your parents know everything about the arranged marriage between you and Daniel. When you were still a baby my parents went to Avery and met with yours. Mother and Father showed them our copy of the contract and explained everything to them. You are the only one that wasn’t expecting Daniel’s arrival, another thing that I find is cruel to you. We should have reached out to you sooner and told you about your heritage ourselves instead of you hearing it from a Florescu.” Alexandra explained everything painfully slow. “They’ve always known that this day would come.” No wonder they didn’t freak out more at first. “You should eat, come downstairs when you’re ready, there are clothes in the closet for you.”

Alexandra left the room quietly and then I was alone again. I just wanted to go home.

I ate my breakfast slowly, savoring each bite of jellied toast and each sip of orange juice, it was delicious. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until I started eating. What I really wanted was to call home and let Mom and Dad know that I was okay. Then they could at least let Gigi and Daniel know. I wonder what Daniel would do when he found out where I was and with whom I was.

After I finished my breakfast I walked to the closet to find some suitable clothes, I definitely wasn’t going downstairs in this flimsy nightgown. I found a pair of dark jeans that looked about my size and a violet long-sleeve shirt and pulled them on. Grabbing the empty breakfast tray I opened the door and headed downstairs to meet my aunt Silvia and uncle Octavian.

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